10 Heavenly Destinations Just Like Paris

So you have Wander lusted across inimitable streets of Paris, And you are fascinated with Fabulous Architecture, Scenic Art Galleries, Diverse Culture, Pleasant Heritage and Charm of Paris and have decided to title ‘Heaven on Earth’ to this Fabled French Capital. Then this Post was just written for you! Here we take a look at 10 Heavenly Destinations which are not Paris.
Read till the End for a Surprise!

Stockholm, Sweden (picture below)

Carefully placed Beautiful Buildings, Broad Clear skies, Crystal Clear Water spread throughout the Islands And home to ancient Vikings, meet Stockholm,Sweden. A place so blissful and pleasant that will leave you wondering “ Is this it? Is this Heaven? “ and that without a drop of Exaggeration.
If you are impressed by Paris, then give Stockholm a Visit! This City is filled with Festivals and Celebrations, Weather is always Lovely, Community is Diverse in Culture and Welcoming, Architecture and Civic facilities are at its finest. And has hundreds of Tourist spots!

Amsterdam, Netherland (picture below)

Like Paris Amsterdam is known for its world-class art galleries and iconic architecture. Van Gogh Museum, Rijks museum serve as jewels in this beautiful city. The colourful building, vast network of canals and Diverse community makes Amsterdam perfect Paris-Like Destination.
If you thought Paris was cheerful, than Various Celebrations in Amsterdam will certainly blow your mind.

Prague, Czech (picture below)

It history is influenced by both east and the west, Fairytale- Like Towers and  Beautiful structure of Farrago Bridge has gained Prague its title ‘Crossroads of Europe’. Prague has been Heart to travellers and traders from the 9th to 19th Century.  This charming city enchants people from all over the world. Despite  its Glory and Splendour, Prague is Extremely Budget Friendly.

Scenic Attractions, Artistic Architecture and History make this city Jewel of Eastern Europe and Third on my Paris- Like destination list.

Florence, Italy (picture below)

Birthplace of Italian Renaissance, a preeminent city of Europe for 250 years and home to Great Artists like Michelangelo and Dante, Florence is Truly Crown of Italy.  The city is best experienced on foot, Streets are filled with Lustrous History, Heritage, Beauty, and Poise. Countless artistic statues, sculptures,churches, Bridges with Sublime views and Glorious Places add to Magnificence and Beauty. Florence is where the Italian and European cultures meet.

Being a hot tourist spot, Florence also has many commercial Buildings, Streets are packed with Cafes, small Restaurants, Many Designer Shops, and boutiques.  If you are searching for A Perfect Sister- City of Paris, then Florence is the Place to Go.

Melbourne, Australia (picture below)

Truly Paris is Unmatched, both in History and Architecture. It is almost impossible to beat Paris for Leisure Travel, But Melbourne,Australia gives a similar experience. Granted, that Melbourne doesn’t have Long History like Paris, but it has emerged as Shopper’s Paradise. Amazing City planning and Magnificent Design has made  Melbourne Business Hub of Australia. Due to this Business Bloom, Waves of Immigration from Europe, Greece, Turkey, Vietnam and Indonesia has made its culture diverse and Vivid.

Melbourne is Hauled with international brands and Boutiques. Nightlife & Clubs in Melbourne are even Better than Paris Counterparts.  Melbourne can be your Paris, For Leisure travel, Shopping and Street Food.

Vienna, Austria (picture below)

If Melbourne is Paris for Business than Vienna is definitely Paris for art .Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn and the Walts wizard composed their famous melodies Here. Art is embedded in Architecture & Monuments.   Buildings are Carefully designed to take you back to Royal Era. Elegantly  made Centers and Cafes are perfect to take a stroll in the city. Imperial Palaces and Stately Streets make Vienna Biggest rival of Paris.

Vienna is also very famous for its MUMOK museum of Modern Art, which definitely outshines some of the best museums in Paris.

Quebec City, Canada (picture below)

Capital of Quebec Province, Canada. Quebec city is one of the most undermined cities of Canada, the Town holds great Heritage and Cultural Diversity. So much so that it was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The majority of the Population Speaks French and was settled as Part of French Colony. Quebec’s Design is greatly influenced by French and European Architecture. It is no wonder that Even today Quebec feels part of France rather than Canada.

This small town has most vibrant Restaurants, Shopping streets and Glamorous Wildlife. Splendid Gothic Churches will take you back in time.

Seville, Spain (picture below)

“We all have that one sibling that is nothing like us, and I have 3! ”Well, Seville is that Sister of Paris. They are nothing alike, the food, streets, architecture, Art, History, Culture everything is different. But both Paris and Seville Share one common thing, Romance!

Despite its Andalusian Culture and Flamenco Music, Seville has the same Passion and sensuality that made Paris Romance Capital of the world.  If you have explored Paris or Want a different Experience, then you must Visit Seville. You will have the same pleasure and joy while steering in Seville Boulevards and Streets as Paris!

Buenos Aires, Argentina (picture below)

Officially Buenos Aires has been titled as “ Paris of south America.” Argentina’s Vibrant capital is indeed another Paris-Like Destination. There is a striking similarity between Paris and Buenos Aires , Mainly in Nightlife and Mouthwatering Steak Houses along with Major French Fashion Brands .

Montreal, Canada (picture below)

Another Wonderful Canadian city, famous for its Post- Industrial French Settlements and Preeminent Architecture, is perfect Sister- City of Paris. Like Paris, Romance is in the air, Lifestyle becomes more youthful and trendier further you move inside.

Besides the most well preserved Historic city, Montreal is also a gourmand’s Paradise. Delicious Parisian feasts will Leave you craving for more. Smoked meat, Poutine, and Bagels are among the Specialities.  You will also Find Many French style cafes and Restaurants on Montreal Streets.

Another Paris?

If all these do not appeal to you, then how about visiting Paris instead?  No not French Paris, Chinese Paris! China has created a whole Paris Like City for tourists, with a detailed Replica of Eiffel tower and all other Popular Squares as well.  If you are looking for a less Crowded Paris, then China is your Next Destination. And it is almost impossible  to tell the difference Between French Paris and Chinese Paris!
There are many other destinations which are quite similar to Paris, But nothing like Paris! If you are interested in Visiting Paris, then check my Paris Guide Page.