Dream London: 10 Irresistible Reasons to Visit London Now
London, England’s Vibrant Capital. A city where history and tradition greets you at every corner, where modern lifestyle meets thousand-year-old history. Where Royal legacy still continues, where international Businesses bloom. There is hardly any Europe trip, that excludes London or any flight that does not halt at London’s Airports!
London is ranked as one of the most popular tourist destination of all times, but why visit London? Here are top 10 Irresistible reasons to pack your bags and visit London.

1. Historic Architecture
You will find the most iconic Landmarks, Historic Museums & Art Galleries. Whether you are a History-Geek or not, these wonders will keep you occupied! London’s History is Hundreds of Years old if not Thousands.
Hop onto Red Bus to explore these Glorious sights. To name a few, Global Travel Icon -The Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Tower Bridge, Tower of London, and Hampton Court Palace. After all, London has earned the title “City of Arcades”

2.    Art Paradise

London is undoubtedly Global Art Centre, from Glamorous Art galleries to Inspiring Street art, From Music to Painting, London has a place for it all.  There are hundreds of Art Galleries in London, some of them being completely free.

While Street- Art may be an offence, in East London you can discover Ever- changing, Inspiring Street- Art. Don’t blame me if you end up spending hours gazing at these Masterpieces!

Don’t, Do not, Do not forget to Visit Madame Tussaud’s Museum and all your favourite Stars!

3.    The Royal Legacy

England is one of the very few countries to continue its Glorious ‘Monarchy’ or ‘King- Ruled- system’ in co- existence with Democracy. British call it “Constitutional Monarchy” that means Royalty and Democracy combined. Despite the Queen having very little political influence, Royal family is still official Ruler of the country.

In London, you can Visit Royal Buckingham palace and Closely Enjoy Royal life, the experience is no lesser than time travel.  You will be amazed at how much people of London love their Queen!

4.    The Weather

You have probably heard of people complaining about London’s Weather.  I have also come across some quotes “London Weather Forecast Tonight: Dark.” And “From a brit’s perspective, there is no need to carry an Umbrella. Because no matter what you do London’s weather will always Surprise you.”

But despite all the arguments, London’s Weather is the best reason to Visit London.  How? Due to technological advancements we all have become so predictive, we all have forgotten to live without fears and worries.  Thanks to London’s Weather, you will start to enjoy little things in your life Again.

5.    Celebrated Theatres

London is home to many world – famous theatres.  All of major plays and Best shows definitely make a halt in London. You can easily find Standup Comedy shows, live concerts or West End Musical Nights. Like many other Londoners, you can enjoy Plays, Opera and Dramas to spend your evening. Be sure to book your tickets in Advance.

If this does not appeal you then, keep in mind, “Most of the British Actors started their career from London- Theatres”. So you might just find the next Hollywood Superstar!

6.    Spectacular skyline

London Skyline is truly mind- blowing. Head over to London- Eye and experience the marvellous panoramic view of London. Experience Sublime Blend between Historic and Modern Architecture. If the rate of current Infrastructural Development Continues, London will soon become a Global High- rise Icon.

7.    River Thames

Awarded ‘Heart of London’, River Thames is what holds London together.  Cruise trip of the city or Romantic candlelit Dinners are best enjoyed with Thames! You can also enjoy boat tours to little Venice and Camden Lock.

The fresh green waters of the River Thames will give you the most recognisable Memories.

8.    Rich & Diverse Community

British people are not known to be Super- Friendly with Tourists, but not Londoners. London has one of the highest Cultural and Ethnic Diversity. More than 300 languages are spoken here.  Over 40% of its population is not native. Despite these differences, London celebrates them all. All of the major religions and Festivals are celebrated with Delight. Be it Christmas or Ramadan.

This Rich & Diverse Community ensures that there is always something good to eat! From street foods to luxurious Restaurants, London has it all.  No wonder why London is gourmand’s Nirvana!

Another noteworthy thing about its community is ‘Cabbies’, Cab drivers have to pass a rigorous test about London’s History, so no tourist shall ever require a Map. Cabbies are supremely knowledgeable and will answer your questions faster than Google!

9.    Nightlife

Nothing Compares to London’s Nightlife. From Classic pubs to Gay Clubs, From Beer Bars to Packed theatres, London is indeed a Night Owls’ Heaven. There are Countless Fun ways to spend a night in London.

My ideal Night- Plan would be enjoying a show followed by a cocktail or 2 in Piccadilly Circus!

10.    Sports

Like England Like London! Almost all English and British Love Sports, London is no Different.  Due to the rich diversity in London’s Population, you can find countless ‘Sports Seasons’. In June it is Wimbledon Season, football Seasons last for a month or two and each year there are more than one World- Championships, be it Boxing or swimming or Olympics. London loves it all! Londoners are crazy for Cricket, during Ashes Series, ‘War- Like Tension’ can be felt in every Corner of London!

Make sure you are not supporting the opposite team and you will have a great time in London. You might even make new friends in Local Restaurants!

11.    Business Opportunities

Known as “City of Thousand Trades” London is one of the oldest Business Hubs in Europe.  Wonderful architecture and Excellent connectivity provide lucrative opportunities for Commerce. Clear & Reassuring government policies attract thousands of new businesses to London.  Job opportunities for Expats are also very attractive.

If you are not in the Mood of Making Money, then how about spending Some?  For Shoppers, there is no place better  than London. Forget your Online shopping, Find stunning deals on Streets of Oxford. Your inner Shopaholic will love London. Find the best in class items, may it be Clothing or Electronics.

London is titled “City of Dreams”, and like dreams, there are Million more Reasons to visit London, At least once in your lifetime.

Ok Ok, so that was 11, now you can see why you should pack your bags and head to London. No matter your background & Preferences, London has something for you! So what are you waiting for?