10 Reasons To Visit Thailand

The most visited country in South Asia is Thailand which is truly a marvelous place to visit. The subtropical beaches, thousands of year’s old Buddha statues and its exotic cuisine are just a few reasons to visit this mystical land. It is true that Thailand has been a major tourist destination for decades and it continues to be so, during last year alone a staggering 29 million tourists visited Thailand.

Thailand is ranked as one of the most popular tourist destination of all times, but why is Thailand a must-go destination? Here are 10 tempting reasons to pack your bags and visit Thailand!

1. The City of Bangkok:

Before we move towards the cultural and traditional side of Thailand let us shed some light on the city of Bangkok which is definitely a huge attraction for tourists. A symbol of Thailand’s progress, Bangkok offers a wide variety of fun-filled activities. From museums to festivals and the amazing sights of Thai architecture, visiting the city of Bangkok just might be a great way to get you familiarized with the country itself.

Bangkok city in thailand

2. The Grand Palace

Located in the heart of the country’s capital the Grand Palace constitutes a variety of buildings that depict Thailand’s religious and cultural factors. The Grand Palace was the residence of Kings of Siam and just a glance of this amazing structure is absolutely amazing! Another worth mentioning structure is the Temple of Emerald Buddha, situated within the walls of the Palace the Buddhist temple is a great religious symbol.

grand palace in thailand

3. Wildlife:

The national symbol of Thailand is the Thai Elephant, and it is considered as the most alluring creature in Thailand and an enchanting source for the tourists. The beguiling elephant rides are the reason of why tourists flock the many parks of Thailand! The Mountains and the waterfalls together combine to give a sensational experience to the tourists.

thailand wildlife

4. A Food Lovers Paradise:

If you are a seafood lover then you are at the right place, Thai cuisines are enriched with sensational food and spice. One of the most mouthwatering platters is Thai Style Sea Shrimp which is the most delicious appetizer, enriched and good for health too. Coupled up with delicate spices it gives you the best blend of Thai taste. This is something you just cannot miss.

thailand food

5. The Ghost Festival

Thailand is known as the mother of festivals, these festivals are a great source of entertainment and leisure for the locals as well as foreigners. The most popular and significant festival is called the Ghost festival is also known as Phi Tha Khon. This is the festival that contains teams and the members play games wearing masks made of coconut, Husk, and Rice. The main idea of this festival lies in the deep religious significance which relates to the Buddha and his travel of enlightenment.

thailand festival

6. The Beaches of Thailand:

People say that the beauty lies within the eyes; here we are talking about Thai Beaches and Islands, how the alluring and mesmerizing scenes catch the heart. A typical beach in Thailand will have the essential characteristic of being picturesque, exotic and calm. The most beautiful Island is Ko Tao the land truly depicts the picture of heaven and is a great place for tourists where they can have all kind of amusements scuba diving, surfing and a variety of watersports. The Beach club is the best place to spend a vacation where one can have a poolside villa and a balcony with a beautiful view outside.

thailand beach

7. Religious Significance:

Buddhism is the dominant religion in Thailand and this fact makes Thailand an important place for Buddhists from all over the world. Many temples are thousands of years old and sculptures of Buddha can be found in the country. The culture of Thailand has quite embedded with religious significance hence many religious sites play a crucial role in tourism, Wat Phra Kew, and Wat Arun are the two holiest sites in Thailand.

thailand temples

8. Sports in Thailand

In every country, sports are the main part of significance. Thai sports are most intriguing and this has been passed on from generation to generation. According to their tradition, the most played sport is known as Muay Thai which relates to (The Art of Eight Limbs) It has this name because of its nature in this game one has punch, elbow, kick and knee strikes one has to use their (Eight points of contact).This sport contains thrilling sensations as the fights are vicious and wrathful as in the process one has to loose and the other is considered as a winner. Anyone who has a keen interest in sports can be entertained.

mauy thai in thailand

9. Melodic Music of Thailand

If you are Music lover then Thailand is the right place for you. The Music here has harmony within itself and their Genres includes pop, rock, cultural, spiritual and Techno .The melodious voice of music can make your day better and it will make you feel like love is in the air. Thai system of anatomy and the instruments are classified into four groups plucking, Bowing, striking and blowing. Thai classical music is the most intriguing as it represents the dancing of the Thailand’s Legendary Dragons.  There is the symbolic touch in the winds of exotic and breathtaking sounds. If somebody visits Thailand then Music should not be missed at any cost.

10. Nightlife in Thailand

Eye-catching nights in Thailand where the other countries sleep Thailand awakes striking colorful an exotic breeze that people love to accompany. Anybody can cherish themselves if they visit Thailand. The amazing nightlife makes them feel alive once again with Intriguing lively bars and colorful nightclubs. The night never sleeps in Thailand.

thailand nightlife

11. Islands in Thailand

If you are looking for a vacation and you are thinking to visit Thailand what else would be better than a majestic island?  The most beautiful Island in Thailand is the Surin Islands. These Islands depict nature and are known as the symbol of natural beauty. In the water is more majestic, while this Island has a home full of different species and more than 90 species of mystical birds are found there. What else can be more stimulating other than an exotic blue sea and a house nearby?

thailand islands

Ok, Ok, so that was 11, now you can see why you should pack your bags and head to Thailand. No matter your background & Preferences, Thailand has something for you! So what are you waiting for?

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