10 Reasons To Visit Vienna

Vienna also known as the ‘The City of Music’ is Austria’s capital and largest city. Vienna is the liveliest of all cities, a center of history and culture whether it’s the language, fashion or the music that echoes in the streets, Vienna has a way of changing the life of a person who visits it.
Vienna is ranked as one of the most popular tourist destination of all times, but why is Vienna a must-go destination? Here are 10 tempting reasons to pack your bags and visit Vienna!

1. Architecture:

The architecture of Vienna is something that is admired by every tourist that visits the city. The essential feature of the design of buildings includes elements of history and represents a culture that is solely associated with the city itself. Not to forget many modern buildings that have emerged during the past few decades are a sign that the architecture in Vienna is flourishing! Marvels such as the Haas house and the Gasometer will leave the visitor in admiration.


2.    Music:

Music is deeply embedded in Viennese culture; the very reflection of music can be seen in the history of Vienna. Many of the great classical musicians lived in Vienna including Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn and Strauss. To catch a glimpse of the musical heritage of Vienna it is a must that the tourist visits Haus Der Musik and witness to some of the finest music in THE WORLD!

3.    A Food Lovers paradise

Who doesn’t love good food? Vienna certainly does! Viennese take a lot of pride in their cuisine and why shouldn’t they? The food in Vienna is something that everyone needs to try.

4. Art Museums:

A Food Lovers paradise

Art carries a lot of significance in Vienna not just in the present age but Vienna’s history is built upon art. There are more than a HUNDRED art museums in Vienna. The most popular ones include Leopold Museum, Museumsquartier and KunstHausWien. The Leopold museum features one of the largest collections of paintings in the world and these paintings reflect major ideas of Austrian philosophy.

5. Theatre and Opera Houses:

Art Museums:

Theatre is a form of art that is immensely appreciated by the Viennese as it can been seen that there are numerous world famous theatres present in the vicinity, a few popular ones are The Burgtheater and The Volkstheater Wien. Also there is an English theatre which is a major tourist attraction known as the Vienna English Theatre. So, you don’t need to learn German in order to enjoy the theatre in Vienna!

Vienna is also home to a number of opera houses; make sure you spend an evening in one of the most popular opera house in the world, The Staatsoper. It truly is an experience that will change your perception about opera itself!

6. Sports

Vienesse are sports fanatics! The entire city embraces all types of sports; Vienna is home to one of the best football clubs of Austria called the FK Austria Wien. This football club has a lot of supporters in the city and the season the only topic Viennese can talk about is football. Other sports like Rugby, Ice hockey and Volleyball are quite popular as well. Not to forget the tennis tournament, Vienna Open is a must for all sports lovers.


7.   Schönbrunn Palace:

Ever wondered about the Glory of Austrian Empire? Well if you did then Schönbrunn Palace is a must for you. Even if you have no clue about the Austrian Empire the Schönbrunn Palace would still make any observer marvel at not only the architecture but the vast gardens surrounding the palace. This palace is considered as one of the most important historical monuments of Austria.

8.   Midnights in Vienna:

Are you a Night Owl just like me? Perfect! Nights in Vienna are simply mesmerizing. From Cafes to pubs and nightclubs this city has everything. Imagine spending the evening in an opera house and then having a few beers in a local pub! There are literally countless fun ways to spend the night in Vienna!

Don’t forget the amazing skyline of the city; it even looks better at night!

9.   The Ball Season:

If you decide to visit Vienna to celebrate New Year’s Eve then you have just hit the jackpot. January and February are the months of ball dancing in the city of waltz! This old tradition of the city dates back to centuries and has a special place in Vienna. While some people dance to the traditional waltz music other dancers prefer contemporary beats. Bottom line, dancing is for everyone!

10.  St Stephen’s Cathedral:

It’s always great to visit religious places especially when a lot of history is associated with it. St Stephen’s Cathedral is the most important church of the Vienna as it is the seat of Archbishop of Vienna. Even if you’re not a religious person this church is a must-go place as it exhibits Gothic architecture and it was constructed in the 12th century!

11.  Viennese Cafés:

You might be wondering why a café would be a reason to visit Vienna. Well, believe me, it is! The thing that makes a Viennese cafe so incredibly attractive is the lifestyle of the residents of Vienna. You’ll find cafes in every corner of the city serving coffee and delicious pastries! Indeed Viennese cafes are deeply connected with the city itself.
All the reasons mentioned above have one thing in common and that is the amount of diversity the Viennese culture represents and the best part is that the people of this city are friendly and company of them in a Viennese café is an experience that anyone would relish.

Ok Ok, so that was 11, now you can see why you should pack your bags and head to Vienna. No matter your background & Preferences, Vienna has something for you! So what are you waiting for?