10 reasons to visit China

We’re halfway through Summer, and you know what that means. That’s the time when people take vacations with their family, friends and other loved ones. Some will take to the tropics, some will go to the beach, some to the mountains but if you want to explore some rich history and culture, I have just the thing. Hailing from the far east, we have a country that is nothing short of a super power, China. Here are 10 reasons to visit China for your vacation.

china reason

The Great Wall of China:

Starting from something China is famous all over the world, so much so the thing itself has China in it. I’m talking about one of the wonders of the world, the Great Wall of China. The magnificent wall goes on for more than 6000 kilometres from the fortresses of Jiayuguan in the west. The average height of the wall is 6 to 8 meters but is found to be rising as high at 16 meters in places.

The Forbidden City and the Imperial Palace, Beijing:

Next up we have China’s largest and most important building, the Forbidden City. Not a city itself, as its other name is the Imperial Palace. It is located in the heart of Beijing and is a must-see. Started during the Yuan Dynasty between 1271-1368 originally, but the majority of what we see was built during the years 1406 to 1420. It covers some 720,000 square meters and is surrounded by a 10-meter high wall with watchtowers and a wide moat.

Beijing great wall of china

Terracotta Army:

Discovered on the outskirts of Xi’an in the 1970s by the farmers as they were digging wells, thus undoubtedly China’s most important archaeological find. The army consists over 8000 life size warriors, some 520 horses and more than 100 chariots along with numerous other non-military characters dating around the time of 280 BC. Though some of these pieces were severely damaged due to the passage of time, many of the statuses have been re-assembled. Yu can witness the army at Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s Mausoleum Site Park.

The Summer Palace:

After an easy commute of 15 km from Beijing, the sumptuous Imperial Summer Palace is set in the middle of more than 700 acres of beautiful parkland. The palace was built in 1153, it also features a large lake which was added in the 14th century. Highlights include the magnificent Hall of Well-being and Longevity (Renshou Dian) with its throne, and the beautiful Great Theatre, a private three-story structure built in 1891 to satisfy the imperial family’s love of opera.

Terracotta Army

Cruise the Li river:

Take a break from all the exploring and take some time to go on a boat cruise and just relax. Welcome to the town of Guilin, in the northeast corner of Guangxi. The town boasts some of China’s most beautiful countryside and is famous for the crystal-clear rivers. For many years this scenery has been an inspiration for poets and artists and has been the subject of countless fairy tales and legends. These days it is filled with tourists wanting to see the splendour of nature up close.

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding:

Who doesn’t love Pandas? The bamboo eating white and black fluffballs of happiness is one of the best things in the world. And no trip to China can ever be complete without a panda experience. The best place to see them in a close approximation to their natural habitat is at the excellent Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in Chengdu, located in the province of Sichuan. Here at this place, you will have the chance to witness as many as 80 pandas go about their day, foraging and playing in the park-like setting the facility has.

Li river

The Yangtze River and the Three Gorges:

The Yangtze river is known as the ‘Long River’ in China, and for good reason. The river runs more than 6,000 km, which makes it the longest and most important river in China and the 3rd longest in the world. It flows from Tibet in the west to Shanghai in the east through eight more provinces. While its immense length ensures the river can be visited at numerous points in China, by far the most popular for tourists is the beautiful Three Gorges – Qutang, Wu, and Xiling – a 200-kilometer stretch between the towns of Fengjie and Yichang.

The Classical Gardens of Suzhou:

Considered to be on the most important historic gardens and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Classical Gardens of Suzhou are a must-see for any tourist visiting the country. Located in the historic of Suzhou in Jiangsu province, these gardens were established in the 11th century at the time when the city was experiencing growth. These gardens were the 270 or more gardens planted there.

The Classical Gardens of Suzhou

The Potala Palace:

And another palace on our list, located in the town of Lhasa, Tibet. This palace was constructed as a fortress and residence for the Dalai Lama, it was for hundreds of year a centre of political and religious power and contains many of the religion’s most sacred artefacts. There are vast halls devoted to the teachings of the religion, and elaborate tombs (known as stupas) of a number of Dalai Lamas.

The Bund:

Due to the result of remarkable city planning and preservation, the Zhongshan Lu or more commonly known as the Bund, you can now enjoy Shanghai’s splendid riverside promenade. This wide pedestrian walkway will make you forget that you are bang-smack in the middle of China’s largest city, Shanghai. It is famous for its European feel and is popular of 52 preserved English and French influenced buildings, many o which are restaurants, cafes, stores and galleries. For the best views of the Bund, visit the 468-meter Oriental Pearl Tower on the opposite bank of the Huangpu Jiang River.

Potala Palace

And with that, you’re all set. You now know enough to have a great time in China, of course, you can explore more if you have the time. But this will get you started in any case. Any reasons you can think of? Add your reasons in the comments below.