10 Things to do in Prague in less than 24 hours that will

Prague is a rich, historical and culture-laden city. During World War Two it managed to avoid much of the bombing and now the city lies testament to a Europe of old. Don’t think that Prague is stuffy. Not at all! The old and new meet in wonderful ways and if you have less than 24 hours then you will be left longing to return and wondering how many days in Prague you will need on your next visit! However, if less than 24 hours is all you have then you must keep your focus and prioritise. Enjoy reading my list of “10 Tantalising things to do in Prague in less than 24 hours” and do let me know your thoughts in the comments!

#1 Take A Sunrise Walk over Charles Bridge

In the early morning, the oldest bridge in Prague takes you on a journey back in time, in a romantically historic way that only Prague does best. The views from the bridge to the surrounding historical buildings and to the river will leave you lingering and wishing for more time in Prague.

If you happen to be in Prague between November 26th and December 23rd you can also return to the bridge at 4 pm where you can see the lamplighter lighting the lamps in the traditional way (or plan for more sleep and see the bridge at 4 pm only!).

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#2 Pop into Café Ebel for a quick breakfast to start the day

The quiet and cosy Café Ebel opens at 8 am (8.30am on the weekends) and is located on Retezova Street a short walk from Charles Bridge.  You can enjoy a strong 100% Arabica coffee to get you going again after your early start, along with a tasty, simple breakfast.

#3 Wander Through the Old Town

From the Café Ebel take a walk through the Old Town of Prague, winding streets lead to the Old Town Square where you can see the Gothic tower (Orlog) and its Astronomical Clock. The Old Town Square has pretty much remained unchanged for 500-600 years and walking across the cobbles is a wonderful glimpse back in time. Every hour on the hour the clock chimes and the twelve apostles appear. After marvellously timing your arrival to hear and see the chiming clock wander on through the old town to Church of Our Lady before Týn (Chrám Matky Boží před Týnem). This church can only be described as breath-taking in its appearance and scale. Absolutely must not be missed! After the church head further North through the old town to the Old Jewish Museum and Cemetry which offers a grounding contrast to the grandeur of the Church of Our Lady before Týn.

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#4 Skip Over the Bridge to Sprawling Prague Castle

This fascinating castle gets the prize for being the largest ancient castle in the world. Amongst other places of interest; within the castle is the intriguing gothic “St Vitus Cathedral” replete with grimacing gargoyles. The massive complex of Prague Castle will try to suck your time, by absorbing you into seeing a variety of fascinating features and sites within the site. Prague Castle is a must but it can eat up your limited time due to its beauty, be strict with yourself, focus on what interests you most.

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#5 You Must be Starving by Now: GET SOME LUNCH… nom

If you had a simple breakfast then now is the time to really go for it. You have walked a lot and you deserve something special. Not far from the Castle you can find the Krčma “U sedmi Švábů” located on the Jánský vršek 241/14 Street. Now listen up … This restaurant is historically themed with a Czech menu and has Medieval Style entertainment! I can’t really think of a better way to enjoy some lunch while in Prague. After all, you didn’t go to Prague to eat Italian!

#6 Rest Your Eyes in Some Green Space

To the South of Prague Castle is a sprawling 22-hectare garden where you can have a stroll, and enjoy giving your eyes some “down time” from looking at buildings (albeit spectacular ones). If you are visiting in warm weather you can have a walk around and enjoy sitting on the grass or on some benches to enjoy the views. Personally, I always enjoy visiting Gardens in cities as they are often excellent places to get an insight into local life… You will always find locals enjoying the city gardens.

#7 Soak up some Art at the Jiri Svestka Gallery

After enjoying the Kinsky Garden head back across the river a bit further South to the Jiri Svestka Gallery which is an interesting privately-owned Art Gallery. Exhibitions feature modern art from Czech Artists along with international artists. Visiting this small Gallery is a great way to quickly introduce yourself to the modern and cosmopolitan side of Prague.

#8 Indulge Yourself with some Shopping at Na Prikope

Na Prikope is the most expensive street in Europe. For all those shop-a-holics out there spending some time shopping at Na Prikope is a must! For those of you on a budget, some window shopping is a must! A short bus ride (B) from the Jiri Svestka Gallery it is easy to reach. Interesting that despite the streets modern shopping feel the street itself is one of the oldest in Prague!

#9 Feast on Traditional Czech Food with Locals at Lokál Dlouhááá

Lokal Dlourhaaa is an affordable and popular restaurant to enjoy a good hearty meal, rest up your feet after a long day, sip a beer, people watch and taste authentic Czech food. What more could you ask for!

#10 Let Your Hair Down at the Roxy (or take in some Opera darrrling)

If you still have energy left, after dinner and some time to revitalise from a long day discovering the wonders of Prague; the night invites you to party. The Roxy is just around the corner from the Lokal Dlouhaaa and offers hardcore dance music. If party hard is not your thing, you are still ideally located to visit Municipal House to enjoy the opera or some classical music. Who said you just have to party to enjoy an evening in Prague?

A Memorable 24 hours (or less) Awaits you in Prague… now you just need your ticket

I hope my list has left you wondering; not “what to do in Prague in less than 24 hours” (I think I have got that sorted), rather “when can I get an opportunity to go back for longer ?”.

Please do leave your comments below. Have you ever been to Prague? Which was your favourite spot? Did it make my list? Did I miss somewhere you love? Why do you love that place particularly?


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