Nomadic Excursions on Budget: 7 Places to Travel on a Serious Budget

“There is a couple who has travelled the world under a thousand dollars.”

Who doesn’t like to travel? To relax from Stress full Work-lives To Explore new places, new culture? To roam around without a worry? But often times these Excursions leave a serious Dent in your Bank Account. And No one should spend a fortune just to satisfy their deepest Nomadic Desires!

In this guide, we have made a list of 7 Amazing Places to Travel on a Budget.  Which, without compromising your Travel Experience, will also keep your bank account, Steady! The only cost barrier for you would be Flight-tickets, But if you have Travel Mile Points Waiting on your card, then you are all set for an Outstanding Journey.  Once you get to these places, you no longer have to worry about money! At some places, you can live a lavish Life for just under$25 per Day!!

budget Travel

Tourist Attractions:

1. Vietnam
Decades after American war, Vietnam is once again, emerging as a popular travel destination. Sublime countryside, Blissful Beaches, Diverse Culture & Beautiful forests make it your perfect Getaway When we said your dollar is going a long way, we were not kidding! With just a couple of bucks, you can enjoy the Best Luxurious Cuisine!
Currency:  Vietnamese Dong
Conversion Rate:  1$ = 22311 VND!

Major Attractions: Visit Nha Trang Seaside Resort Town, and explore crystal Clear ocean & clean sand. Explore the immense network of historical Chu chi Tunnels. Enjoy a boat ride in peaceful Mekong Delta. Enjoy Windsurfing, Kitesurfing and amazing panoramic Sunset view in Mui Ne. Lose yourself between endless rice Terraces of Sa Pa. Spend a day or two in the largest island of Vietnam PHU Quoc. Enjoy fishing in Venice of Vietnam, Hoi An. Explore historical Hanoi Lake & Thein Mu Pagoda. And finally Relax in “Bay of Dragons”, Ha long Bay.

Vietnam travel on a budget

2. India
‘Jewel of Asia’, India, a country famous for its rich Culture and Heritage is now becoming one of the most popular Travel destinations. Especially Between Budget-Backpackers. Along with its Heritage, and Historic Attractions, there are more than a few reasons to Visit India. One being, ease of communication, India has more English speakers than UK! Whether you want to explore History, Get close to Nature, Relax on Islands, Experience Spiritual Enlightenment or Party alongside Beaches, India has you covered!
Currency:  Indian Rupees
Conversion Rate:  1$ = 68 INR

Major Attractions:  Being such a vast country, it is advisable to cover specific parts of India, rather than rushing from end to end.
Discover Unique Kerala Backwaters.  Explore Royal Lake Palace.  Find Spirituality in 7th century Virupaksha Temple. Enjoy Sunburn Music Festival & glorious Night parties of Goa.  Spot Tigers in Kanha National Park. Visit 16th century Golden temple. Explore the pink city of India, Jaisalmer.  Explore ancient Ajanta Caves which dates to 2nd century B.C.  Finally, cross of Taj Mahal from your 7-Wonders wish-list!

taj mahal on a budget

3. Thailand
There is a Reason Why Thailand is known as ‘Land of Smiles’. Its rich culture, Out of the world scenic islands, Delicious Thai cuisine, and amazing Community makes it a dream destination for many. You can explore Glorious wildlife, enjoy Adventure sports, or Enjoy Magnificent Night-life.   Thailand is perfect for weekend trips & Outings, to get out of your regular lives.  And it’s Budget Friendly too!
Currency:  Thai Baht
Conversion Rate:  1$ = 35 Baht

Major Attractions: Explore busy streets of Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Railay beach, the most popular tourist beach in Thailand.  Spend a day is Ko phi phi islands also know a Monkey Beach. Explore the rich heritage in The grand palace, Bangkok.  Shop in Busy Sunday streets of Chiang Mai. Explore beautiful landscapes of pai.  Enjoy trekking and camping in Khao Yai national park.  Get a glimpse of ancient thai glory in the historic city of Ayutthaya.  Enjoy breakfast in floating Markets of Thailand. You  can find fresh and Delicious Traditional  Thai food in these Floating Markets.

white-temple in Thailand on a budget

4. Cuba
Cuba is quickly replacing its historic image, with its global relations warming, Cuba has become traveler’s paradise. Playful & Party culture of Cuba makes perfect weekend Summer Destination. There are many carnivals held throughout the summer, perfect for Family Vacation! If you have a very tight budget and you don’t want to travel too far, then Cuba is at your rescue!
Currency:  Cuban Peso  or CUP
Conversion Rate:  1$ = 26.5 CUP

Major Attractions: Explore vast coastline of Cuba, Visit Colonial cities of Cuba. Spend a day in Word heritage site of Havana.  Dive into ice-blue waters at Varadero Beach.  Explore tradition in the town of Trinidad, explore Plaza mayor and the church of holy.  Enjoy distance from the world in isolated Cayo coco Beach.  Dive into the rich culture of Cuba at Santa Clara.

travel cuba on a budget

5. Prague, Czech
Most of the countries in this list are out of Europe that is because Europe is expensive. Right? Not actually, Countries in the Eastern Europe are relatively cheaper than Western counterparts. Same applies to Prague, Czech Republic. It has remained the cheapest capital city of whole Europe till today! For just a few Czech crowns, you can have the most luxurious dining experience. The city is very beautiful, Artistic Architecture will give you pleasant Leisure-travelling experience.
Currency:  Czech Republic Koruna
Conversion Rate:  1$ = 24.1 CRK

Major Attractions: Prague is called “City of thousand Spires” due to its 11 century old Architecture & Scenic Buildings.  Explore the famous Prague castle.  Enjoy the scenic sunset from Charles bridge. Visit Clementinum, the largest historical library in Europe and astronomical clock.   Other attractions include St. Vitus Cathedral, church of Lady before Tyn, National gallery, Municipal House & Prague zoo.

prague on a buget

6. China
China is no more just world’s Factory, it is quickly emerging as popular Tourist Destination. Especially among businessmen and Young individuals. Standard of Living is extremely high in some major cities, such as Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong. If China’s mechanical splendor doesn’t attract you, then you can enjoy Blissful Natural Landscapes in Tibet. You can explore every Culture in China, Portuguese in Macau, British in Hong Kong, Spanish in Taiwan, German in Qingdao. China has a place for everyone, and we do mean everyone!
China has become the second most visited Country after France! And it is very popular among young expats.
Currency:  RMB or Chinese Yuan
Conversion Rate:  1$ = 6.55 RMB

Major Attractions: Climb and conquer the Great Wall of China.  Visit the great terracotta army of Xi’an. Explore the forbidden city of Beijing.  Climb yellow mountains national park.  Meet giant pandas in Chengdu.  Experience purest nature and Himalayan Glaciers in Tibet. Dive back into colonial times with the bund, shanghai.  Wanderlust between “Highrise” Mega Architecture of Hong Kong at Victoria harbor.  Explore the paradise at Hangzhou West Lake.
China is even bigger than India, in fact, it is the third largest country and slightly larger than America.  Thus it is advisable to visit only small part of China at once!

travel great-wall-of-china on a budget

7.  Greece
Don’t get turned off by recent Economic Crisis, Greece’s Glory and Glamour still stands the same. And by travelling you will also help locals and Economy! The crisis has reduced inflation and made everything Dirt Cheap, That means Greece is your perfect Voyage-Destination! Make sure you bring adequate cash with you along with Cards, as banks are in a bad position. You can explore Scenic islands and Splendid Greek Architecture. Perfect for Family holiday or weakened trips.
Currency:  Euro
Conversion Rate: 1$ = 0.89 Euro

Major Attractions: Climb Mount Athos in search of Greek legends! Discover ancient Spartan Culture at Mystras. Travel back in time at Lindos Island. Dive into Magical waters of world Famous, myrtos  Enjoy spectacular landscape of Delphi from Delphi theatre. Enjoy Suspension in air from world famous ‘Meteora’. Meteora is made of 6 monasteries in central Greece. Explore the white town of Mykonos.  Church/ fortress /Mosque of Parthenon, Acropolis.  The Volcanic island of Santorini and amazing Cycladic architecture.  Don’t forget to visit Athens and other Famous Venetian architecture.

greece on a budget

Final Words:
Planning in Advance is the most important aspect pf budget travelling. While planning, you might have to think out of the box sometimes.  At these places, you can get the best value for your dollar. You can easily book your accommodation with the help of internet. And Don’t forget to enjoy the local cuisine and explore new traditions.

Let’s leave you with another Nice Quote by Saint Augustine

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine

Bon voyage!

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