7 things to do in Barcelona

If you’re looking for a great vacation this year, you can’t just ignore Spain. Not only is it one of the most famous tourist spots in the world, it’s absolutely genuinely beautiful. There are tons of things one can do over at Barcelona, but it’ll take forever if we tell you all of them. So here are the top 7 things to do in Barcelona:

Drop by at the La Sagrada Familia:

You absolutely cannot visit Barcelona and not see this. It is perhaps the most iconic tourist attraction in Barcelona, and also in a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the best-known works of Antoni Gaudi, who was a Catalan architect famous for his radical architectural designs. The church, however, is still under construction even after its master has passed away. Projected date of completion is predicted to be 2026.

Get a bite to eat at the food market:

Every town in the world has a food market where people, you guessed it, get food items and ingredients. And Barcelona’s food market is known as La Boqueria. Its located at Ciutat Vella district and holds an entrance to the famous Las Rambla, which is THE party place if you want to let loose. Coming back to the market, you can get all assortments of fresh goods ranging from seafood all the way to veggies. You can also get some cheap snacks on the way to go as well over here.

food market barcelona

Camp Nou Stadium:

You cannot come to Barcelona and not mention this stadium because it is home to none other than the Barcelona football team. If you’re lucky then you can catch a game while you’re there. If not, then you can book a stadium tour along with the FCB museum. Camp Nou also has one of the largest Nike stores in Europe packed with Barca merchandise. This place is unmissable for Barca fans and football fans in general, a must visit.

Wander around in Gracia:

The Gracia is actually a district that is made up of several neighbourhoods in it, sounds boring for a traveller? Not exactly because there are several attractions you can visit here. Most of the well-known attractions here are designed by none other than Antoni Gaudi (about whom we already talked about), notably the Parc Guell and Casa Vicens. In addition to these, there are several notable squares in the district that are worth seeing.

The El Raval:

If you’re looking to party then El Raval is the place to go, just two blocks away from the famous Las Rambas but why would you go there when you can go to the Rambas? Well, the El Raval is very close to the port AND it is known as Barcelona’s Chinatown. It was once infamous for its nightlife, cabarets and prostitutes and now years later the place has changed but the beautiful architecture is still there and the ‘party spirit’ as well. Now it is a lively place, home to artists, backpackers, students and more. There are plenty of bars around the area, so if you want to do a pub crawl, this is the place.

Gracia barcelona

Free museums on Sundays:

If you have a thing for art or history, then I have a treat for you. Usually, during the weekdays the museum fees are quite hefty and might damage your budget, but on Sunday the museums are free. There are quite a few around the city and you can visit them all and learn something new, without paying even a penny.


Barcelona is known for its lively festivities that are dating back from history. There is always something happening in Barcelona throughout the year, so no matter whenever you go you’ll find something. One of the most notable fiestas is the Fiesta de Barceloneta, which happens in June during midsummer celebrations. There you can witness castellars (human castles) amongst many other things. You can also enjoy fireworks at the beach during this time. Now for this purpose, Las Ramblas is the place to go where the streets are filled with people in their devil costumes dancing to the beat of the drums, having a good time.

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