7 Things To Do In Oslo

Hey, you! Do you have a thing for Nordic countries? Have you taken a liking to beautiful fjords? Have you been dying to watch one of the auroras? Then Oslo is the perfect place for you, the capital of Norway is the perfect place to go this holiday season, with tons to do and loads of fun to have. But if you need a place to start, here are the top 7 things to do in Oslo:

Fram Museum in Oslo

First of all, get the Oslo Pass that will make visiting a lot of places free including the Fram Museum. The Fram was a ship used in expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic by a handful of Norweigan explorers in the late 1800s / early 1900s. The museum is not only named after that very ship but holds the very thing inside! The entire ship, inside the museum!

farm museum oslo

Go on a Fjord Cruise in Oslo

Norway is a country that is home to a lot of breathtaking fjords, and so if you’re in Oslo, you have to take a cruise around the fjords. Take a two-hour guided cruise around the fjords and back along the Aker Brygge harbour. You’ll learn all about the little houses on the islands, where the royal family live and how the Oslobergers spend their time in this beautiful area. Refreshments are served on board and there are plenty of blankets to go round. In case you have no idea what a fjord is, don’t worry you’ll find that out as well on the cruise.

fjord cruise oslo

Oslo Viking Ship Museum

The Nordic people sure love their history and their boats, and so going to this place will take care of them both. This whole museum is filled with beautiful historic boats used by the Vikings. The place is quite vast, open, beautiful and peaceful, and you will get lost in the beauty of the ships on display and wonder if the Vikings really were all those violent pillagers.

Viking Ship Museum oslo

Nobel Peace Centre

Remember when I talked about the Oslo Pass? Well, this is another place where you can visit for free using that. As the name suggests, the place houses dedications and memorials to all the Nobel Peace Prize winners in history; the award is given out every year at City Hall just a few steps away from the Centre above. At the Centre you can watch videos dedicated to the current prize winners – in 2012 it’s Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee and Tawakkol Karman – learn about past ones, and offer your wishes for peace and unity by writing on a card and sending it down the wire loop.

Nobel Peace Centre

The Royal Palace

If you wanted to see where the royalty of Norway lives, then here’s your chance. For the tour of the interiors of the palace, there’s a one-hour tour that covers all the spots for a small fee. However, if you want to experience something free then you can see the changing of the guards on the outside. The whole place looks like its straight out of a Disney movie, and though the experience is not free completely, it’s worth looking at.

history of oslo

Visit the Vigeland Sculpture Park

Normally when you’ want to see some sculpture, the place to see what would be an art gallery or a museum but in Oslo, you can experience all that in a park! Named after Mr Gustav Vigeland who in 1939, carefully modelled 212 naked life-size figures out of bronze, granite and wrought iron; along with a team of carvers and casters to finish them off.  The result is the incredible Vigeland Sculpture Park. It’s the largest sculpture park in the world and took Gustav 10 years to craft and place everything.

Vigeland Sculpture Park oslo

Have a sip at the mini bottle gallery

By far the weirdest sounding activity on our list, the experience is as weird as it sounds in a good way. The Mini Bottle Gallery houses thousands of mini booze bottles in every shape you can imagine. There’s a whole section dedicated to bottles from different countries and there are even bottles shaped like pretzels, clowns and footballs. There’s a bar inside where you can order a real drink and you’ll also get a few samples to try on the way in too.

mini bottle gallery


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