7 things to do in Riga

 With the holiday season right upon us, a lot of people are taking the opportunity to go on vacations and trips to enjoy the holiday season with their families, friends, loved one and in some cases alone. One of the best places to visit in this season is Riga in Latvia. Riga is filled with beautiful architecture and rich in history. Here are the top 7 things to do in Riga, Latvia:

1. Unbeatable view from St Peter’s church:

Riga is a city filled with churches and some cathedrals as well; while they are a sight to behold and offer great views from their tall spires, the view from St Peter’s is unbeatable. Visitors can reach the top by using the stairs, where they can admire the red roofs and cobbled streets of the Old Town, and matching the red colour from the land is the vivid blue of the Daugava River, which separates the city’s left and right banks.

things to do in riga

2. Take a walk in the Art Nouveau District:

If you have a thing for 19th-century architecture and art, then this is the place to go; presenting the Art Nouveau District just north of the Old Town. Here visitors can see the red brick and grey stone is replaced by the tall and colourful late 19-th century buildings with a wealth of sculpted details, often found with Classical influence. The district itself is large and central, making it the optimum place if you want to go for a long walk. If you want to go to the main spot then Alberta Street is where you should go; the district is also home to the Art Nouveau Museum.

things to do in riga

3. Have a sip of the Riga Black Balsam:

No trip is complete before one indulges in the local drinks of the place. Presenting the Riga Black Balsam, a liqueur made with many different plants mixed in Vodka. It is a must experience, and the good news is that it is available all over the city and is found easily is restaurants, bars and shops all over Latvia. You can drink it on its own or in cocktails, but be warned as it is quite strong and packs a big punch.

things to do in riga

4. Free Walking Tours:

This is a must do on any trip, not only do you get to walk around town and be shown the hottest spots around town, you also find out and learn about a tonne of hidden facts and information which you wouldn’t have otherwise known on your own. Luckily, there are free tours in Riga every day at 11 am and 12 pm.

things to do in riga

5. Have a peek inside the Sun Museum:

The name itself is enough to garner the attention of almost anyone you tell; the rather odd museum is entirely dedicated to how different countries and cultures view the sun. Even if the sun plays an important role in traditional Latvian culture, the museum’s big collection of almost 400 depictions of it comes as a surprise, as does the idea that someone travelled extensively just to look for them. All in all the place is best for some unexpected lessons in astronomy, at least will make for a decent anecdote.

things to do in riga

6. Enjoy the Colours of Central Market:

If you’re on the tour of Riga and want to buy mementoes or supplies, then this is the place. The Central Market consists of five pavilions built upon the old German Hangars in Art Nouveau style. Visitors will find plenty of opportunities to shop for supplies, souvenirs and will find quite a lot of hidden treasures. Not only is it a fascinating place for tourists but, unlike many markets in popular European cities, a real place of trade for many Latvians, who buy their groceries and everyday products there.

things to do in riga

7. End your day with the Charismatic Nightlife:

No tour can ever be complete without checking out the nightlife of the place, and thankfully there are plenty of opportunities where one can indulge in. There are many bars and clubs worth visiting such as the Rock Café, the I Love You bar, Space Dog, Nabaklab and ONE ONE to name a few of the places worth visiting to check out the nightlife.

things to do in riga

There are lots of great things to do in Riga and this is just a fraction of what Riga has to offer. Do you have a favourite thing you like to do? Can you add to my list? What do you recommend to do in Riga?