7 things to do in Cambodia

Located in Southeast Asia, Cambodia is a must-stop for travel in the region. From the charismatic capital Phnom Penh to the beaches of Sihanoukville, the Mekong River Delta to Battambang and the surrounding mountains, not to mention the architectural masterpiece of the buildings and the nearby city of Siem Reap, trips to Cambodia allow immersion into rich and fascinating cultures and encounters with a more hospitable people. To this end, 7 things to do in Cambodia.

  • Enjoy the serene atmosphere of the Cambodian Countryside

If you are in love with nature, Battambang, Kampot, Kratie are the destinations that will charm you to discover the hinterland and the Cambodian countryside. With a guide, by scooter or Tuk-Tuk, you can walk on dirt roads to admire the beautiful landscapes, traditional villages and taste the fresh fruits of their plantations.

  • Visit the Tonle Sap lake

This gigantic pond is a fisherman’s paradise, as it contains thousands of varieties of fish. It is one of the most fish-rich lakes on the planet. In addition, the site deploys an atypical landscape. In fact, fishermen who stay there live in small cabins mounted directly on floats. The latter thus draw the portrait of a village floating on the water, which wobbles with the currents. If you are lucky and you have an adventurous spirit, you could visit or perhaps to stay in these warm shelters.

  • Visit Sihanoukville and its beautiful beaches

If you are planning a trip to Cambodia, it is unthinkable not to include the sublime beaches of Sihanoukville in your list of sites to visit. This city, whose name pays tribute to King Norodom Sihanouk, has many beaches, as beautiful as each other, which attract thousands of boaters each year in search of relaxation and release. The most famous and most served are the islands of Koh Rong, Koh Rong Samloem, Koh Chaluh and Bamboo Island. However, the beaches of Serendipity, Otres, and Orcheutal also have their notoriety.

  • Get involved in nocturnal parties

At the edge of the beautiful beaches of Sihanoukville, nightclubs run by expatriates are a delight for the night out enthusiasts. Different activities such as dances and music are organized with great attention to details. These activities usually begin in the evening and sometimes last until early hours of the morning.

  • Have a taste of Cambodian gastronomy:

The local cuisine of Cambodia is made up of a sweet mix of different Asian specialities, and it would be a shame to miss out. The country’s specialities result from a sweet blend of Asian recipes, mostly Chinese, Indian and Vietnamese in large part. To titillate your taste buds, test the amok first. This baked fish dish is garnished with lemongrass, chilli and coconut. Then try the succulent Kep blue crab, simmered with vegetables and infused with Kampot pepper. For the most adventurous gourmets, the street-food markets at night offer noodles filled with unusual ingredients such as insects and tarantulas.

  • Get in contact with the wild landscapes

Cambodia is famous for its wild landscapes. Put on your explorer’s cap and head to the north-east of the country, specifically to the provinces of Ratanakiri and Mondolkiri so as to meet the isolated tribes in a more or less primary world. If you want to discover the Cambodian fauna and flora, visit the nature reserves, the best known are the Bokor National Park located 8 km from Kampot and the Ream National Park in Sihanoukville. At the chance of a visit, you will meet monkeys or eagles.

  • Enjoy a nice family time at the lovely beach of Sihanoukville

The tropical beach of Sihanoukville is ideal to end your stay in Cambodia. On your visit, laze on the beautiful beaches of white sand on the edge of an ocean with clear blue waters. You can also visit the lush islands, see some waterfalls, and discover many traditional fishing villages by boat. The turquoise waters of Sihanoukville rarely leave indifferent travellers.

In conclusion, Cambodia is one of those countries suitable to travel with a backpack, get lost and discover yourself. Still little known to many travelers, the country fascinates with its ancient culture, beautiful beaches and grand architecture as highlighted above.

What are your favourite things to do in Cambodia? Of course, there are many more things to do that I have included in this list, this list doesn’t scape the surface of things to do.

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