Top Seven Things to do in Vienna

Vienna is the land of riches in terms of tradition and culture, and the combination of these two things puts forward an experience that a tourist simply cannot deny. Due to the nature of people being friendly and adventurous the city itself is a place where you can avail plenty of opportunities of doing things that you cannot even imagine! Along with the culture and friendly nature of the people, Vienna has been blessed with plenty of natural and historic beauty which would make the entire experience even better. Here are the top seven things to do in Vienna:

1. Start with the Chocolate Factory:

Many people might know that Vienna has the most amazing chocolate in the world but what most people do not know is the fact that it has its very own chocolate factory which takes the art of chocolates to an entirely different level. The Xocolat Chocolate factory is a must for anyone who’s visiting Vienna as getting the taste of Viennese Chocolate in the shop is something that opens up a new world that is distinct to Vienna.

1 of the things to do in vienna

2. Visit the World’s Oldest Zoo:

Vienna is indeed home to the world’s oldest zoo and visiting this historical zoo is itself a once in a lifetime experience. Located in the Schönbrunn Palace, a visit to this old zoo is special simply because it has nearly all the animals from the seven continents of the world. From Giant Pandas to Indian Elephants this zoo is the ultimate place where you can have a fun-filled day with your family.

things to do in vienna

3. The Prater:

The Prater is the most famous recreational park in the city as it promises to be a place where anyone can have fun and joyful rides. The place is a great spot for families to enjoy rides that would just light up their mood and would contribute to fresh them up. Furthermore, if you are looking for a scenic view of Vienna then we suggest having a go at the Ferris wheel in the park. Once you are at the top you will witness a scene unlike anything else as the entire city presents will look back at you presenting you the most amazing sight.

things to do in vienna

4. House of Music:

A night spent in Vienna without any music almost seems incomplete. It is true that Vienna has always been considered as an epicentre of music whether its classical opera or even newer forms of music. The House of Music has always been considered as an important integral part of the city and has been a large influence in the musical world since the very beginning of its tradition. Even today it holds a special place in the heart of Viennese people as millions attend the opera just to get a feel of the world’s finest opera performance. Besides the amazing performances an entire museum is dedicated to numerous legendary musicians of Vienna including Mozart!

things to do in vienna

5. A Walk in Naschmarkt:

Talking a walk and buying some things from the market might sound like something that is boring and something you would not do at a vacation but walking in Naschmarkt is an entirely different experience and is something that you must do. The market is one of the busiest ones in the country and rightfully so as all types of commodities are available and also things that might attract tourists like cultural artifacts. The best thing about the walk is that you will get to experience the city from an entirely different perspective, which is actually quite enlightening.

things to do in vienna

6. Jewish Walking Tour in Vienna:

Whether you are interested in history or not, a Jewish walking tour in Vienna is a must. The walk comprises of three major places starting from the Holocaust Memorial near Judenplatz and ending with the famous museum of Sigmund Freud. In between the destination you will get to experience different cultural features of this ancient city, this walk is a must for anyone who is looking for any history and valuable knowledge.

things to do in vienna

7. End your day at a Thermal Spa:

Visiting a thermal spa might be unusual for a tourist especially when you are in a city like Vienna where there is much more that you can do but it is very important that you keep yourself well-composed and freshen yourself for the next day. In such a scenario what ending your day at the thermal spa (Therm Wien) is a treat that no one would want to miss besides who would miss the chance to relax.

things to do in vienna

These were some of the things that one just cannot miss in Vienna but do not forget the most important thing is to enjoy yourself!

Do you have a favourite thing to do in Vienna? if so let me know in the comments.

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