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A lot of Travel Bloggers use the saying

”follow me on my journey”

Well, I say

” Come Join Me On My Journey” 

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I hope this site will provide you with some new ideas and potential travel opportunities, giving you an insight into my adventurous and exciting lifestyle during my annual holiday leave.

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the heart of the Algarve Portugal

Meet Algarve – Unique Portuguese Beauty

Portugal is the most western country in Europe placed on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a place where people from all around the world feel like at home. So, it is not a surprise that tourism is the source of income for many people in Portugal. There are many great places in Portugal and some regions are completely dedicated to tourism. One of them is the most southern region of the country – Algarve. It is the top tourist centre in entire Portugal and one of the most charming destinations in all Europe, too.

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Cyprus – The Bond of Civilizations

The Mediterranean Sea is not only the most memorable but also the most beautiful sea in the world, many people would say. Pleasant climate, warm sea and many great places with interesting culture and history are just some of the advantages. And one of the countries on the Mediterranean Sea is Cyprus. People call it the pearl of the Mediterranean, and that should be a reason enough for you to consider it for your vacation.

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Crete – A Paradise On Earth

Some say that the largest Greek island, Crete, is closest you can get to paradise on Earth. Well, they are not far from the truth because Crete has everything from a beautiful sea, amazing beaches, picturesque nature, to colorful culture and rich past. There is something for everybody, so planning your next trip here will definitively be an awesome choice.

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How And Why I blog

I travel ALOT, and my friends were always asking me about my adventures while visiting an exotic country... where did I go, what did I do, what did I learn and enjoy the most, and of course at the very end what did I bring as souvenirs for them. After a while I thought why not create an easily accessible place where they can experience my travels for themselves? It would be as much for their enjoyment as mine. Hence, my blogging journey began.

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