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iceland diamond beach

Iceland Wonders: Breaking the Ice

Despite the name, Iceland is not as icy as it sounds. Glaciers cover only 10% of the whole country, and the climate is relatively mild so tourists can enjoy their vacation in this country. Iceland is located between North America and Europe and is considered as Nordic European.

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7 Things To Do In Morocco

Few places in the world will you give the experience you will get from visiting Morocco. Maybe you heard it from a friend, or simply read it somewhere, you are now curious when you found out that Morocco is one of the few places that you absolutely must visit.

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Ljubljanica River

7 things to do in Ljubljana

One of the best places to visit in Europe is the country Slovenia, its capital to be precise which we absolutely can’t hope to pronounce correctly, known as Ljubljana.

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explore ghent

Ghent, Belgium – A Unique Combination of History, Architecture, Art And Excellent Food

Flanders is the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium and a region with incredible history, culture, and architecture. Antwerpen and Bruges are probably the most famous cities in the region, but if you truly want to feel the essence of Flanders, then Ghent is a place for you. One of the unique places in Europe,

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