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Well, I say

” Come Join Me On My Journey” 

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I hope this site will provide you with some new ideas and potential travel opportunities, giving you an insight into my adventurous and exciting lifestyle during my annual holiday leave.

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farm museum oslo

7 Things To Do In Oslo

Hey, you! Do you have a thing for Nordic countries? Have you taken a liking to beautiful fjords? Have you been dying to watch one of the auroras? Then Oslo is the perfect place for you, the capital of Norway is the perfect place to go this holiday season, with tons to do and loads of fun to have.

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zanzibar safari

7 things to do in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is said to be known as an island paradise as it’s actually a whole group of islands, two large one by the names of Ungoja and Pemba and the rest are the small ones.

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7 things to do in Vilnius

An Old Town? Check! Feeling and ambiance that the past meets present? Check! Visual similarity to Prague? Check! And last but not least, the Frank Zappa Statue? Also, check! Welcome to Vilnius, the Lithuanian city where you can experience all these things and much more.

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rome Colosseum

48-Hours in Rome: A Weekend Itinerary

If you are planning to take a break from your hectic schedule this year you should look for some of the best holiday destinations that offer value for money experience. If you love photography or want to take a ride back into the past Rome in Italy is one of the best places that you can choose.

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