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Inspiration behind my cause

My love for travel started when I was a young boy while on family holidays.

Before working in the hotel industry my plan was to someday get aboard cruise ships, but dues to a hidden tattoo, that dream, unfortunately, slipped through my hands. I knew I wanted a career that would enable me to travel and it is my passion for travel that got me into hotels. Since then I’ve never looked back.

The hotel industry is very dynamic and the opportunities to travel that it provides are endless. This left me no choice than to make catering my first choice career, while still embarking on long distance explorations around the world during vacations and annual leave.

My travels have taken me across the globe where many could only dream of visiting.

When I am fortunate enough to have leave from work as a hotel manager, it’s rare to find me in England. Don’t get me wrong England is beautiful, and I live a stone throw from the famous Camber Sands. Known for its beautiful beach with great golden sand dunes, but now I have exhausted England and set my sights for new overseas adventures.

Being a very active person, my hobbies which I enjoy include scuba diving, kitesurfing, travelling to new destinations, fishing, and karting, just to name a few.

Another interesting hobby of mine is developing websites which this site is a testimony to.

Being in the catering trade and working for a famous hotel with a two rosette restaurant, another great passion of mine is to enjoy dining out in some of the best restaurants.

football in zambia
north thailand

About Me

My passion for travelling has already taken me across the globe all the way down to Zambia. One of my fondest memories of my travels of Zambia is also one of my most unexpected. I stopped in a small village for refreshments where the locals were kind and inquisitive people. They invited me to spend some time in their homes giving me an insight into their lifestyle. Fortunately, I found a local store to buy the children a football so that I could join them in a game and in a way give something back to them for their generosity.

I found the game to be a memorable one, it was quite hilarious to see them playing with no positioning which ultimately leads to a stampede on the football pitch.

In retrospect to my stay in Africa, I am grateful to have been able to spend some days in Gambia, know to be the smallest country in mainland Africa. Here, I ran into a great man in his early twenties who volunteered willingly to show me around some local attractions such as the National Museum, Katchikally Crocodile Park and one of Gambia’s most ancient monuments referred to as River Gambia National Park. To this day I have the fondest of memories of my travels to Africa and was truly humbled to be given the opportunity to study the lifestyle of Gambia’s people.

To show gratitude for the man’s kindness and generosity I bought a family-size bag of rice which made his mother sob while showing appreciation. This implored me to spend my last evening with them and I was treated to home cooked Gambian chicken YASSA and fresh Palm wine.

My utmost priority lies in meeting and rendering any form of assistance to accommodating individuals that I’m privileged to meet during my tour.

It amazes me how something as little as a bag of rice to me becomes priceless when viewed from an alternative perspective.

My tour route also took me further to North Thailand where I spent a couple of days. During my stay there, my tour guide’s were some young ladies whom I presented a birthday cake to one of them on her birthday to spice her party up as a way of saying ”thank you” to them.

Working With Kevin’s Travel Diary

More than ever the internet, and specifically travel blogs are a great way to gain visibility for your brand and
business. I am committed to providing the best travel information and experiences for all of my followers and
would love to discuss ways in which we could work together. I am open to press trips or special events. I am
interested in partnering with PR boards, brands and companies and I am always open to new and innovative
ways to work together. That could include placing text links within my website, advertorial, sponsored posts.
I’m also happy to provide honest reviews on travel products, destinations and services.

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