How to Explore Australia in Just 2 Weeks

Travel planning can be tough, almost all the times. Especially when travelling for more than just a few days. Don’t get surprised, when you end up spending hours and hours planning your perfect vacation and making the reservations.

Sure, you can visit any of you nearest travel agencies and book a Vacation right away, but they are brutally Expensive and Hectic. In this Travel Guide, we will talk about how to spend two fabulous weeks in Australia, and have a Once-In-A-Lifetime-Trip!

But Why Australia?


This is the simplest and best reason to choose Australia over any other destination. Sure, Europe has more historical monuments than any other place in the world, but do they have kangaroos? No. These sweet monsters are pretty fun to watch and experience.  If you are not yet convinced, then open up Netflix and Watch “Kangaroo jack”! Go ahead, we will be waiting for you.

So are we on the same page yet? Yes? Great.

Kangroos in Austraila

Some Facts about Australia

If kangaroos weren’t enough to convince you, then here are few Fact about Australia that will surely make you pack your bags and Start Making Reservations.

Once in a lifetime Experience:
Australia will give you more Relaxed & Stress-free travel experience than any other destination.  You will also experience a greater sense of Diversity in its Rich Culture.   Beautiful Landscapes, Exquisite Wildlife & Lovely People will truly give you once in a lifetime Experience!
You can explore the Mechanical Finery of Sydney or go astray in Wonderful Great Barrier Reef!

6th Biggest Country:
Being dominant country in the Australian Continent and islands, Australia is the 6 largest country in the world. Imagine Alaska, now minus the land mass of Alaska, from the Mainland USA, and you roughly make an Australia.  Australia is so vast that its coastline is 50,000 Km with over 10,000 beaches!

There is a cattle farm in Australia that is the size of Belgium! Yes, a Metal fence runs over 5500 km in Queensland, southern Australia.  Just to keep its cattle safe!

And it is not to say that Australia is just Desert and wasteland. It isn’t. There are countless natural splendors, which will leave you in an Awe! Because of its enormous size, Australia has many unexplored Glorious Landscapes!

It’s not too far Away!
Australia is the probably the most isolated country in the southern hemisphere.  For most of the people, it would require more than 30 hours of ‘Flight-Time’, just to reach there. Being this much isolated it is often mistaken that your journey would be full of airports and useless Flight Hours.  This is the main reason why most people can’t explore the Splendor of Australia.

But this is far from the truth. If you plan your journey well you can almost certainly cover the entire Australia in just two weeks.  While we are not making any promises, you will start seeing glorious landscapes from your flight right after following this guide, but if you follow then you will save a lot of time otherwise wasted.  I Promise.

Conquer Australia: Day to Day Custom Travel Plan
if you want a more pleasant travelling experience tailored to your needs than making a Custom travel plan is the way to go!

Australia isnt that far to travel

Day-1:  Arrival in Sydney

Check into your hotel, relax and rest. Spend time recovering from jet-lag and have much-needed sleep. But if you arrive early in the morning or are not very tired. Then you can explore local cafés and restaurants. If you are really psyched about Australia, and don’t want to waste a minute, then a cab, and had to go to Sydney Harbor Bridge. You can enjoy a fabulous view of Sydney Harbor and you can do a photoshoot in front of Sydney Opera House, but don’t do too much on your first day, you have a very heavy Traveling schedule ahead of you!

However, in the night you can explore the streets by foot.

Day-2: Explore Sydney

Start your day with an exciting climb to Sydney tower and experience Sydney’s highest tourist attraction. It can also enjoy adventurous skywalk at the height of 853 feet, the glass-floored platform at the edge of Sydney tower will surely give you a breathtaking experience.

After a splendid morning, you can head over to Taronga zoo or Sydney aquarium, for an introduction to Australia’s anonymous wildlife. There are a lot of other places you can cover work today such as Australia and New Zealand, the Australian national Maritime Museum or Hyde Park barracks Museum.

At night, you can enjoy delicious seafood and red wine at local restaurants.

Sydney opera house in Australia

Day-3: The Blue Mountains

You can take Blue Mountains Explorer bus from Katoomba. You can easily reach to Katoomba from Sydney. Blue Mountain Explorer bus allows you to explore the Blue Mountains at your own pace. If you want a guided exploration, there are numerous places in Sydney where you can find guided tours.

Make sure you save some time for the scenic world and enjoy your ride on extremely steep railway-track, situated between ancient rainforests.

Head back to Sydney and have a wonderful open air dinner!

Day-4: Cairns, and the Great Barrier Reef

Check out from your hotel, Take an early flight from Sydney to Cairns, maximum flight time is three hours. From here you can check into a hotel and leave your luggage at the airport storage facility. Some of the major’s attractions here are Cairns wildlife dome and Tjapukai Aboriginal Culture Park.  You can explore traditional ceremonies, have exotic traditional aboriginal dinner, and enjoy fire show at night.

You can find many wildlife explorations, city exploration, and culinary exploration tours, throughout the city.

Great barrier reef in Australia

Day-5: A day at Reef

Time flies when you are at barrier reef, the introductory tool takes about two hours, before you can also take a Spectacular Full Day trip, you can explore all the major scenic attractions within five or six hours at the maximum. Enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling with your family.

Enjoy the glorious sunset in the evening and travel back to your hotel. You can enjoy lunch and dinner at any busy restaurants, especially seafood is mouthwatering and delicious.

Day-6 Rainforest Kuranda

You shouldn’t fly within 24 hours of a recent dive if you enjoyed a great scuba diving experience at the reef. You can explore local rainforest villages. Kuranda is a beautiful mountain village that is known for its steam train ride across the rain forests! You can also enjoy Skyway cable car and Kuranda boat tour. Wander lusting in these forests is the experience you must have.

Day-7, 8: Uluru

As early as you can, take a direct flight from cairns to Uluru. A direct flight will take around three hours to reach, but if you have a stopover at Sydney flight might take 7 to 8 hours. Now is the time to ask for a window seat to enjoy spectacular views.

Tried to reach Uluru before afternoon. You can check into your hotel and enjoy your lunch. You can climb Uluru, explore the nature. It is not advisable, as it could take 4 to 6 hours and leave you exhausted.  Visit Uluru–Kata Tjuta cultural Center to experience the aboriginal culture.

On your next day, you can take a guided tour & eat a kangaroo or other traditional Dishes. Enjoy ‘sounds of silence’ Dinner at Ayers rock restaurant. Spend the night stargazing at the beautiful sky.

From here it is advisable to hire a four-wheeler for a trip to Kings Canyon, for an unbeatable driving experience. On your way back, you might encounter herds of kangaroos running alongside with you.

Uluru in Australia

Day-9, 10: Kings Canyon & Alice Springs

Visit Watarrka National Park, after your arrival at Kings Canyon, enjoy Short Hiking. While in Alice Springs, don’t forget to visit Alice Springs Desert Park, Mbantua Aboriginal Art Gallery, and School of the Air.  End your day with Sunset Camel Ride!

Day-11 Back to Sydney

This is the best time to pay a visit to Opera house, Have a glass of Fine Australian champagne, and explore Local Art & Culture.  Enjoy the beautiful pink skies during sunset.

Day-12 Day out at Bondi Beach

Bondi is the most popular beach of Sydney, Enjoy surfing or board Bondi Explorer Bus! Relax and capture the moment. Now is the perfect time to visit Local Night Clubs!

Day-13 Shopping

Make your trip memorable, Sydney has some of the best shopping streets, to shop for your friends and family. You can also enjoy Exotic Spa or Massage and prepare for your departure.

Bondi beach in Australia

How to plan Better?

In order to get the Best out of your two weeks, you will need to plan as per your Personal Taste & Likings. Here are few tips to help you plan better.

  1. Don’t Rush: Don’t rush to explore whole Australia and race from one end to the other in just two weeks, instead, focus Region specific Vacation. Spend more time in fewer places, this way you will enjoy more and Stress less.
  2. Plan a budget: No one likes an over expensed trip. Travelling Australia is not cheap, you can easily break your bank and See nothing. Thus, rigorous preplanning is required. Get an estimate of each and every expense of the trip, such as bus/train fares and hotel Bills. Always prioritize your budget, then choose location & Reservations.
    Budget is not an excuse, proper planning will allow you Just as great Trip.
  3. Nature of the trip!: Are you travelling to get a change from your regular life? Are you travelling to explore the Megacities & Majestic Architectures of Australia? Are you planning to explore the unexplored?  Is it a cultural tour? A culinary travel? Or all of these? 

It is important to decide why you are traveling.  Nature of your trip will allow you to cherry pick the important locations while leaving out the Boring ones

Decide Nature of your trip and Pick the destinations & Places accordingly.

female koala and her baby in Australia

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