Best Christmas Gifts for Travelers

I know that a plane ticket is the best present you can give to a travel junkie, but you can think differently this year. You can look for something other than what’s expected, and I am offering you here are a few things which will surprise them very much. I understand that you think it is hard to buy anything for some individual who loves traveling. Give me a chance to demonstrate to you my thoughts that will alter your opinion and continue to the pos of best Christmas gifts for travelers:

Tesalate Beach Travel towel

Tesalate beach towels are ultra compact, super absorbent, dry rapidly and are insatiably vibrant. Sand doesn’t stick to them, even when wet. This makes it the perfect travel trowel for any traveller that doesn’t have alot of room in their case and also perfect for someone always on the move with the quick drying.

Cork Globe

If your friend has trouble finding the next destination give him this awesome cork globe. He can choose the country he wants to visit on it, but that is not all.  He can also file every country he has ever been to on this globe. Persuade him that he does that with you, and I am sure you will have so much great time recalling encounters from each piece of the world.


The Travel Pillow

The TRTL in the name stays for “travel refreshed, travel light” and it is everything this outstandingly clever pad has to offer. Well, it isn’t technically a pad; it is a scarf with built-in neck reinforcement so a person can put around the neck. That neck support keeps the head and neck in a decent position during rest. The neck reinforcement is strong, safe and it won’t achieve any restorative issue. Think about every one of the explorers you know and which one will decline Trtl pillow? No one.

trtl pillow, travel gift

Flight 001 5-in-1 Adapter

Travelling all over the world has its pros and cons. One of the most common cons is the fact that there are differences from country to country, which means you can’t use the same power adapter everywhere. The splendid gadget called 5-in-1 connector is here to make a living during trip less requesting. The contraption contains 5 plugs that will change in accordance with any connection on the planet. Their arrangement is pretty cool because they are separated by color and they have an extraordinarily easy to storing system.

5in1-adapter traveller gift

Ounce Insulated Rambler

Ensure the travel lover in your life stays hydrated on the road with this insulated rambler. It features a double-wall vacuum insulation that keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for hours. The 26-ounce bottle also comes in 12 different colors, so it will be easy to find an option that suits their style.

‘Powerbank Charger – Portable Charger

There’s nothing worse than having your phone die while you’re exploring a new location. This compact portable charger will help prevent that from happening. Not only is it small enough to fit inside your pocket but when fully charged, the high-speed charger can provide upto three full phone charges.

Scratch Map

Have a gift exchange coming up? This Scratch Map is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. And you will be more than happy if you help someone to discover more of this beautiful world

Travel Underwear

Often neglected but comfortable undies can make excellent gifts for your travel friend. You can buy a pack of Hanes underwear at great prices and be sure they will make excellent Christmas presents.

Duffel Bag

Have you ever found yourself in a situation when your suitcase was too heavy to check on a plane? Or you bought too many souvenirs and ran out of space? I have. That’s why these days I carry a packable duffel bag as a backup. You can also use it as a makeshift beach bag, laundry bag, or grocery bag too.

Portable luggage scales

Airline baggage fees are starting to get out of control. They want to charge you for EVERYTHING these days! To ensure you don’t get hit with paying extra, always weigh your luggage with a portable luggage scale before checking in.

Travel Piggy Bank

Looking for something different? Then check out this Travel Fund Piggy Bank. Made of wood, it is durable and even has a map of the world so you can eye up your next destination.