Best Croatian Islands for Cruising Holidays

What makes Adriatic cruises the most popular are the miles and miles of coastline dotted with idyllic islands to explore and historical sites and towns. Look forward to a perfect cruising trip in Croatia and get ready to explore the beautiful region.

Cruising Croatian coastline means an island-hopping cruise that takes you to one of the gorgeous islands. The lifeline for the islands relies on an impressive ferry network that can take you to one island to the other within a couple of hours.

Here are a couple of islands that are the most popular among the cruisers.

Korcula island

Korcula island belongs to the group of Dalmatian islands and is the sixth-largest island the Adriatic. The Romans, the Venetians, the Russians, and the British eyed the island with great interest because of its strategic location. The island is lush with greenery and boasts of different flora types like olive, oak, myrtle, and aromatic plants. According to a legend, it was here in Korčula, where Marco Polo was born. You can make a day trip to Dubrovnik and Hvar from the island. Take an island tour and explore some scenic sites, beaches, and lakes.

Mljet Island

Covered in dense woods, this is a nature lover’s paradise. Visitors can hike or cycle through the Mljet National Park and enjoy spotting the wildlife. If you love swimming and fishing, then Mljet Island is just perfect for you. Visit Pomena village on the western side of the island and get familiar with the farming lives of the Govedjari people. Take a short walk to Small Lake or Malo Jezero. This is a very safe place for anchorage, and tourists love to explore the islands with restaurants, souvenir shops and coffee bars, and more.

Brač Island

Brač inland is located in central Dalmatia and is famous for its dramatic cliffs, sleepy villages, and pine forests. The island makes for a great starting point for your cruising trip because of its location. The island has become immensely popular among tourists because of the most iconic beaches and fishing villages. Relax on the soft golden beaches and enjoy water sports and swimming as the weather conditions here are perfect for water activities like windsurfing. Look forward to an amazing experience in an amazing island.

Elaphite Islands

The geographical position of the Elaphite islands makes them just perfect for island hopping. Surrounded by untouched islands, the Elaphite Islands offer an amazing experience to the cruisers looking for true island life. The Elaphite islands are a group of eight islands, and most of them remain uninhabited. Swim in the crystal-clear seas, or explore quaint hamlets and enjoy local cuisines on the way. Take a tour of the island to explore the best spots of Elaphite islands that are covered with dense pine forests and surrounded by crystal-clear waters. You can hike on the inland walking trails or swim and snorkel around natural sea caves.

Hvar Island

Hvar Island is already a top holiday getaway for Croatians, and it is easy to see why. After all, the island boasts of lavender fields, sparkling coves, and beautiful viewpoints. The island boasts of the famous Hvar Town, where you can enjoy gourmet meals as well as admire Venetian architecture. The town of Jelsa is located towards the north of the island of Hvar and is the only location with plenty of freshwaters and luxuriant vegetation. For your information, Hvar happens to be the sunniest place in Croatia and boasts of exciting nightlife. Some of the must-see attractions include Hvar Fortress, Hvar’s Theater, St. Stephen’s Square, and ACI Marina Palmižana.

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