Top 10 best places to visit in India:

India is a culturally enriched country with lots of beautiful destinations and places which must b visited on a tour to India. If you have an interest in culture, history, and heritage than India is a must place to visit, but before going to any place you must list down the best places to visit in India.

India is most diverse country and has different religions and cultures living together. Therefore there are any choices which you can select to travel and explore.

1.    Delhi Monuments:

Delhi is the capital of India and in the past, it was the centre of the Mughal Empire too, for those who want to explore the Mughal buildings, historical landmarks and architecture must visit the number of monuments. It might take an entire day or two but surely will pay off. These landscapes include mosques, forts, monuments, gardens and Old Delhi area which has a beautiful heritage of past.

Delhi Monuments

2.    Taj Mahal – Agra:

If you want to explore India and didn’t go to the iconic Taj Mahal, you surely miss the essence of India. Not only this beautiful mosque is included in the seven wonders of the world but one of the most visited tourist place of India. The Agra has the top tourist attraction Taj Mahal which is visited by the thousands of tourist around the world.


3.    Golden Temple Amritsar:

Sikhs are one of the communities living in India for hundreds of years, their spiritual temple is called the Golden Temple. It is located in Amritsar and found in 1577 by the fourth guru of Sikhs named Guru Ram Das. It is also famous for the name of Holy Pool of Nectar which is the body of water inside the Golden Temple. Not only it is a spiritual place but the architecture and building are also beautiful, the dome is made from the gold.

Taj Mahal

4.    Beautiful beaches of Goa:

If you are looking for affordable vacations than the Goa is just the right place for you, not only it will offer many beautiful beaches but each year thousands of tourist visit Goa for the picnic, vacations, and parties. The other exciting thing about Goa is the beautiful beaches, resorts, hotels and adventure activities which not only attract the tourist but also keep them engage throughout the vacation.


5.    Udaipur’s palaces:

If you want to explore the glimpse of Mughal era in the modern Indian times, you must visit Udaipur. This place has beautiful palaces and lakes. According to many experts, this is the most romantic location in the India which allows you to explore the regal experience. The Udaipur has beautiful palaces and locations which will provide you a complete essence of Royal India.

Udaipur’s palaces

6.    Varanasi Spiritual experience:

India has the majority of Hindu population and if your want to explore the holy places of Hindus, you must visit the Varanasi. This place is the centre of Hindu religion, customs, and spirituality. You will find numbers of riverside Ghats in which the holy bath is taken place; it is considered and important spiritual custom for the Hindus. Other than this, these Ghats are used for the burning the dead bodies as well as placing the ashes in the river.


7.    Caves of Ajanta and Ellora:

The caves of Ajanta and Ellora are the world’s famous for its history and architecture. These caves are located near the Aurangabad, in the north of Maharashtra. These caves are beautifully carved and a human eye will stunt after seeing such a talented and detailed work done many years back from hands. This place is a must visit to explore the really cultural heritage as well as architecture and designs.

Caves of Ajanta and Ellora

8.    Culturally enriched Madurai:

The South Indian culture is also an important element of Indian diversity. The ancient Madurai is the heart of beautiful history and culture where you will find Meenakshi temple. This place is more than 4000 years old which is the center of South Indian history and culture. This place is located in Tamil Nadu and beautifully expresses the Tamil culture.


9.    Kerala, Indian relaxation place:

If you want to explore the wildlife and backwaters of India then you must visit the Kerala. This place is equipped with the most beautiful rivers, houseboats, green landscape and wildlife to explore. You can enjoy exotic villages, house, and farms, moreover, if you are a fish curry lover, do try fish curry made with the coconut milk.


10.     Kashmir – heaven on Earth:

If you want to explore beautiful rivers and greenery of India, you must visit Kashmir. The culture and natural enriched Kashmir is a must place to visit in India. The famous boathouse is a must try, also the beautiful embroidery shawls are the must buy. This place has beautiful sceneries, mosques and spiritual heritage which are rich in culture too.

Kashmir india

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