Why Should You Celebrate Your Birthday On A Cruise?

You might probably be thinking that this would be like a dream come true, so why not make it happen? Birthdays are a special occasion because you are celebrating the arrival of a wonderful person such as yourself on this planet. Rather than going with the same old boring routine of cutting a cake and blowing out the candles in a dimly lit room, why not turn this particular tradition into something memorable by doing it on a cruise instead?

Well, you may not have that many reasons to celebrate your birthday on a cruise; nevertheless, here are a few reasons why you should. You can even celebrate your birthday party on the harbour.

party on the harbour

●     A Memorable Birthday

Who doesn’t want to remember their birthday? Probably everyone wants to unless you are like a grumpy old Grinch. A regular birthday celebration will mostly likely be forgotten, so if you are looking to turn your birthday into a memorable and adventurous event, plan it on a cruise.

And don’t worry about the destination; you can sail to the Bahamas, the Caribbean islands or to the Great Barrier Reef. Celebrate your birthday in style and escape to many beautiful islands at the same time.

●     Many Activities

Are you bored of the typical activities on your birthday? Are you tired of blowing up balloons or taking lots of pictures and selfies? Then a cruise awaits you. There are so many different and unique activities you can do on a cruise while celebrating your birthday; you can watch a movie on the sky deck, taste wines, gamble at the casino, or participate in cooking classes.

Many cruises offer birthday packages that can be availed. These packages offer special activities like dining in the ballroom and getting a relaxing massage at

Birthday On A Cruise

●     Delicious Food

Who doesn’t love food? And if you are a foodie, you would want to have the best foods on your birthday, rather than the same old chocolate cake and pizza that you have every year. When you choose to celebrate your birthday on a cruise, you will get to indulge your taste buds in an extensive list of different culinary options.

You can have varieties of cuisines and delicacies from various restaurants, bistros, and cafes onboard. And when it comes to cake, you will definitely love trying out an entirely different flavour. Cruises often offer birthday packages with champagne, chocolate, and cocktails to add that perfect flavour to your taste buds on your big day.

●     Enjoy Freebies

Forget about the cost of a cruise trip because your investment will pay you off in the end. Many cruise operators offer amazing birthday packages with freebies like free cocktails for everyone, free cakes, dinner, room decorations, etc. After all, everybody loves free stuff, especially on their birthdays.

Birthday On A Cruise

●     Get Pampered

No need to work and sweat on your birthday; celebrate your special day on a cruise and you will receive treatment fit for a king or queen. There are many luxury services offered by cruises such as entertainers performing for you, chefs cooking for you, and waiters ready to serve you your favourite drink at anytime of the day.