Bulgaria – The Perfect Chance To Visit The Unforgettable Sunny Beach Area

Travellers who are up for some new hot destinations should book a ticket to Bulgaria since this country is truly a hidden pearl. Located in the south-eastern part of Europe, Bulgaria is one of the fastest growing tourist markets on a global scale. They have everything – beautiful mountains with fantastic sky resorts and even more gorgeous coastline along the Black Sea with many great destinations. But the top of the top destinations is definitively the incredible Sunny Beach region which is soon to become a real tourist Mecca.

bulgaria sunny beach

Why Is It So Special?

Sunny Beach is a resort built a few decades ago on the coast of the legendary Black Sea. Its pleasant climate with hot days and refreshing nights over the summer make it a perfect place for a nice vacation. There is a boulevard along the sandy beach which is ideal for long walks before the sundown. The whole area is surrounded by fantastic nature, and you should not miss a chance to visit the protected area of Irakli with its dense forests that are campers’ heaven. Many nudists also love this area since it offers them a much-needed privacy.

The best way to reach the Sunny Beach is by plane, and once you arrive there, you can easily reach any destination with a taxi or a bus. The closest place you can visit is the calm and quiet town of Nessebar which is entirely different from the frenzy in the Sunny Beach. A bus ticket for the city of Nessebar will cost you around 50 cents, so be sure to visit it day after a wild night out in the resort.

bulgaria sunny beach

Vivid History Of the Area

Sunny Beach and its area were attractive to various nations throughout the history. The ancient people of Thracians were the first to come here, and they were followed by the Greeks, then the Romans, the Byzantines and by the Bulgarians. But that was not the end because the imperial armies of Ottoman sultans soon conquered the area which was then under their rule for centuries. All of these people have left their marks on the region, and that is what attracts tourists to come to Sunny Beach.

There aren’t many localities in the world that have such cultural diversity in a relatively small area.

The main attractions are mostly located in the nearby town of Nessebar where you can see the famous  Basilica Saint Sofia that was erected in the 5th century on a small peninsula. Visiting the historical part of the city will give you a chance to see many ancient ruins and buildings such as the remnants of once impregnable fortifications that have protected the town from the invaders. You can also see the ruins of the Byzantine Terms from the 6th century as well as many other basilicas and small churches. And if you want to learn more about the past of the entire region, go to the Archaeological or the Ethnographic Museum in Nessebar. The Old Windmill is one of the town’s symbols as well as the Old Fountain that once parted the mosque and Turkish baths built during the Ottoman reign.

But Sunny Beach also has other attractions that have nothing to do with history. The most popular location, in particular among the young ones, is the incredible Action Aquapark located in western part of the resort. The more adventurous people will totally enjoy the visit and everything that this place has to offer.


Resorts, Hotels, Or Private Appartments – Anything You Want

Sunny Beach area undoubtedly makes your wishes come true, even when it comes to accommodation, since the place is in tourism for years, and it still improves its offer on an annual basis. Searching the Internet and thus pursuing the right lodging in this magnificent Bulgarian place will bring you so many excellent options, that you will indeed have a hard assignment in choosing the best one. As any other developed and popular touristic destination, Sunny Beach area offers its visitors a choice between marvellous and luxurious resorts, super all inclusive five-star hotels, and those with fewer stars but almost equally good in providing excellent services. Of course, there are always private apartments for rent in case you want to feel like a local. And if you really give it a try, you can find a perfect location to suit your needs as well as your funds.

For years now, tourists book their rooms or apartments in the famous Majestic Beach Resort. This is not only a place to stay – this is a place where you feel like in heaven. An excellent complex with literally all the additional amenities provides you indoor and outdoor swimming pools, gyms, spas, bars, restaurants, and beautiful private sand beaches. The location of the complex is excellent, but in case you want to feel the magic of the mad Bulgarian nightlife, you will have to walk 15-20 minutes. What you will inevitably receive is more than excellent service, comfortable rooms overlooking the sea, and the royal-like treatment.

Of course, there are many, many other resorts and hotels on offer, including Barcelo Royal Beach, Iberostar Sunny Beach Resort, Neptun Beach Hotel or Aqua Nevis Clubhotel. They are all luxurious and will unavoidably provide you more than you even expected.

Private apartments are a great opportunity to decrease your expenses, and yet to have all you need while on a vacation, including irreplaceable quietness and privacy. There are numerous websites where you can rent a flat with a location in the centre of the Sunny Beach area, close to the beaches, restaurants, and bars. So, it is entirely up to you when it comes to accommodation options. The crucial fact you should be aware of is that no matter what you choose, you will surely be satisfied with both, service and the price.

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Plenty Of ‘To Die For’ Meals In Bulgarian Restaurants

Sunny Beach area abounds with such a number of restaurants one can easily say that all the world’s cuisines are undoubtedly present. However, what most of the visitors are interested in are the restaurants and places with the tastiest and the best food. Having in mind that you are visiting a new destination, perhaps it would be interesting to try some new, domestic and traditional recipes. For that reason, you should start searching some of the restaurants who specialise in Bulgarian cuisine. Let us help you by suggesting a splendid restaurant, located several kilometres away from the centre of Sunny Beach. Its name is Hanska Shatra, and you will find it at the top of the hill, decorated in a traditional way. The waiters in Hanska even wear traditional costumes and serve excellent domestic dishes such as banitsa, musaka, shkembe chorba and tarator. You should know that Bulgarian cuisine has its own flavour, and even if you find some of these meals in other cuisines on the Balkans, Bulgarian dishes will still be quite different, with a lot of dairy products and a wide range of mild spices. Apart from using a lot of vegetables, Bulgarians also love meat, so all of you who yearn to try special Bulgarian grill will surely enjoy kebapche, that can be found in almost every restaurant. Of course, international meals such as pizza, seafood, spaghetti, Chinese or Mexican food are also on the menu in Sunny Beach area. Hence, just like with accommodation, the same happens with food: you indeed have many options, it is you who decides which one to choose. But, don’t forget to try something traditional.

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Broad Range Of Activities And a Mad Nightlife

The entire coast of Sunny Beach area offers different activities during the whole season. Therefore, one can always find an offer to go diving, kite-surfing, horseback riding, biking, or even renting a boat and fishing. There are also various picnics to the nearby cities and places, so if you have enough money, you can spend your holiday actively, enjoying every moment of it.

But what is really fascinating in Sunny Beach area is the mad nightlife. The destination is already famous for its clubs, their wild parties and unforgettable adventures. There is always something going on in Sunny Beach area, and all you have to do is to take a short walk around the place and read the announcements. You will inevitably find the most attractive parties advertised on every corner. What tourists surely don’t expect when entering Bulgarian clubs is a messy night, the one you may even not remember until you reach for the gallery of your mobile phone and see all the crazy pictures there. If you are ready for partying, then don’t miss the chance to book your seats in Disco Orange, Corner Bar, Grabarna Buss or Lazur.

And the best part is that Bulgarian clubs have a great habit of throwing a few free shots of drinks to their visitors. No wonder that the tourists just adore visiting Bulgaria.

Photos From Many Many Years Ago

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