Cancun – The City Of Tourists

Summer is not far away, so you can start planning your vacation. If you did not make up your mind where to go this year, then maybe you should consider the true city of tourists -Cancun in Mexico. There is no way you will make a mistake with Cancun since it is one of the top global travelling destinations for the few past decades.

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Why Cancun?

To start with, Cancun was built for tourists, and everything here is dedicated to people who want to have a great time. Some 35 years ago Cancun was just a sandy barrier with nothing to be seen but today this is one of the leading tourist’s spots with world-class hotels, malls, bars, restaurants, resorts, and everything else a traveller might need. And of course, what makes Cancun so unique is its pleasant climate, picturesque turquoise Carribean Sea, and the most beautiful white sand beaches. Altogether, these amazing features make Cancun a true heaven on Earth.

Reaching Cancun shall not be a problem at all since there is an international airport just next to the city with regular flights to destinations from all around the world. There are also ferries that can transport you to various destinations including the legendary Isla Mujeres. Once you are there try using the bus instead of taxis since they are a bit expensive, particularly in the hotel area. You should not have any problems navigating around the Cancun since the city is divided into three distinctive zones.

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What Should You Not Miss Visiting In Cancun!

Most of the significant events will occur in the Downtown Cancun where among other happenings, you should check out the famous Bullfights. Since this is a regular event on Wednesdays, you can easily plan to visit it and enjoy this local custom.

History lovers should definitively go to the “El Rey” archaeological site located just next to the resort area. There you can witness the incredible remains of the mysterious Mayan civilization. There is a great museum there too called Museo Maya de Cancun for all of those who want to know a bit more about the Mayas.

Also, the massive interactive aquarium is one of the most popular tourist attractions, especially among the youngest travellers, and there is a good reason for that too. Here you can touch some of the animals like turtles or urchins; swim with the dolphins or even feed the sharks, from the safe distance, of course.

Nature lovers should go on a jungle tour or visit the famous coral reef, the second biggest in the whole world. There are also many national parks, botanical gardens and other natural wonders nearby. Don’t be surprised if you see some interesting species such as sea turtles, or huge groups of Sailfish, or even the amazing Whale Sharks. However, try to avoid these as much as possible.

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The City of Tourists Is Also a City of Hotels

There is an entire Hotel Zone in Cancun where you can find all kinds of accommodation, so the tourists can choose what suits them best. Moreover, Cancun is a type of a city that will satisfy everyone’s vacation and lodging requirements. No matter what type of accommodation you pick, be sure it is a high-class service. For that reason, there is a wide variety of different types of lodging, from hotels, hostels, private apartments, and villas, to the most luxurious resorts. The uniqueness of Cancun is also seen in the fact that there are hotels only for adults. In addition, there are hotels that offer only all-inclusive service, as well as those hotels that provide you with the spa treatments whenever you need them. One thing is for sure when it comes to hotels in Cancun: Regardless of the hotel you choose, be sure it will exceed your expectations. The hoteliers in Cancun pay a lot of attention to their guests’ needs and demands, and a three-star hotel in Cancun will undoubtedly offer you more than a four-star hotel elsewhere.

Tourists very often go through the Internet forums in a search of the most suitable, the cheapest and simply the best hotel in Cancun. All of them are very very good, but if we are to recommend some of them, then you may want to check Le Blanc Spa Resort, JW Marriot Cancun Resort & Spa or Grand Oasis Palm. These are, of course, the hotels that will provide you with super all-inclusive service. However, the issue is that not many travellers can afford them. That is why many tourists decide to avoid the hotel zone, and they opt for staying downtown and travelling by a 10 pesos bus to the most famous and beautiful beaches in the centre of the city. The hotels downtown are much cheaper and they still offer an excellent service. Hence, if you are travelling on a budget, as many people do, then start your search for your favourite hotel downtown in Cancun.

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Local Cuisine Plus Restaurants Serving International Food

Sea and various activities will definitively suck out your energy, so you will have to recover in one of many restaurants in the City. Everyone can find something for their taste since there is places that serve French, Italian, American, Argentinean, Japanese and of course Mexican food. There is often some live performance too, so you can enjoy fine music while recouping your energy levels.

Therefore, if you are dying to taste some local Mexican food while in Cancun, don’t miss your chance to visit Va Q’ Va restaurant. It serves traditional seafood from Mexico such as ceviche, micheladas, excellent fish and tacos. Or, you can also visit the popular El Muellecito restaurant. This place is always full of locals, so it means the food is to die for. In El Muellecito, one can have shrimps, great tacos, ceviche and other seafood prepared according to the old traditional Mexican recipes. If you are a fan of Italian cuisine, Cancun will offer you with numerous restaurants whose menus are based on this European cuisine. For instance, go to Cheester restaurant, or La Dolce Vita. Both of them are in the centre of the city – the Hotel Zone, so you will not have the trouble in finding them.

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A Variety of Activities

Cancun really has a lot to offer to all of its guests, and most of the activities are water-based, but there are also many other activities to try. You go on a cruise or take diving and snorkelling tours, or perhaps go fishing and test your luck with the Carribean fish. A Submarine Tour is something that will make you never forget Cancun that is for sure, but if you get tired of water activities, you can always go to one of many famous golf courses. There are also numerous activities for children, so in case you are travelling with your family, don’t hesitate to take your children to the amusement and aqua parks. They will enjoy it.

In the end, all you have heard sounds great, and it really is like that, but there is only one way to be completely sure. Check out the hotel offering and book yourself a room and a flight ticket and go to Cancun – a city made for tourists.

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Have you ever visited Cancun? I would love to hear about what you got up to during your time in Cancun, and what you recommend to do whilst visiting.