Easter In Australia

Three Of The Best Easter Destinations In Australia

Today’s generation spends more time indoors, immersed in technology, compared to all the other older generations. With Easter just around the corner, there is a perfect opportunity for families to spend time together in the great outdoors.

A fantastic way to escape the stresses of one’s daily routine is to explore and wander about some of the lesser known destinations in Australia. With Easter break coming, there is still time to plan for the kind of holiday vacation any person will need.

To help with that, here are three excellent travel destinations for this time of the year.

Garig Gunak Barlu National Park

Located in the northern territory, the Garig Gunak Barlu National Park is one of the most secluded and isolated destinations in Down Under. And that makes it a perfect go-to place this Easter.

During a time when it becomes harder and harder to get away from all forms of distraction, this particular National Park will help anyone achieve just that. Since Garig Gunak Barlu invites travellers with its seclusion, getting there is already a mission itself.

Located around 550 km away from Darwin, the vacationer will have to travel through Kakadu National Park and Arnhem Land. Take note too that when people are mentioning Top End, they are likely talking about the Garig Gunak Barlu National Park.

Arriving at the GGB National Park, a traveller will find picturesque sandy beaches, vast wetlands and swamps, captivating red dunes, and enchanting lagoons and pristine blue waters.

The visitors of GGB National Park will find it a fantastic location for fishing trout, salmon, mackerel, and barramundi. With its abundant resources, various fishing charters come to the place to trawl.

Visitors need not worry too if fishing isn’t their thing as there are lots of bushwalks as well as wildlife to appreciate. Just a friendly reminder, though – everyone must resist the temptation to dip into the waters to avoid close encounters with the crocs in the rivers and sharks in the surrounding sea.

Clare Valley

If anyone’s interested in quality grog as well as other artisanal products from a rustic setting, then Clare Valley in South Australia is the perfect destination. The region alone has at least 40 wineries spread throughout its villages.

Clare Valley is also just an hour and a half away from Adelaide, making it very accessible to travellers who plan on driving their 4WD vehicles. There is also a downloadable map locating all the various wineries and culinary shops in the area, making it easier for those on a road and wine trip.

For those who prefer going on walks or riding a bicycle, there is the Riesling Trail open over the weekend.

Whatever the mode of transportation, and if the booze isn’t enough, then travellers can also head over to the Mintaro hedge maze to join the Easter Bunny Hunt. It is a great event the whole family can enjoy.

Byfield National Park

When looking for the perfect combination of wetlands, semi-tropical forests, rocky pinnacles, empty dunes, and deserted beaches, then the Byfield National Park in Queensland is the place to go. The park offers the diversity of Australian landscapes that any traveller should experience.

Located around 70 km in the area north of Rockhampton, Byfield National Park provides people with a sense of adventure while being one with the amazing facets of nature.

To get to this beautiful area in the world, visitors will have to take a 4WD since most of the park’s terrains necessitate the use of this kind of vehicle. Where there isn’t a need for vehicles, the curious and adventurous ones will have to walk in its remote trails.

Byfield National Park is another perfect place to take a break from all the stresses of life. Going to the Park will take anyone off the grid. Hence, it is advisable for any visitor to bring extra batteries or solar panels that are portable to make the most of their stay.


Easter time is also about enjoying the break and spending it with the whole family on vacation. Sometimes it is great to unplug from technology and stay away from social media for even just a weekend. Doing so will help people recharge. And what better way is there than to do it this coming Easter holidays in some of the most breathtaking national parks in Australia?

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Williams A. Young is a mechanical engineer by profession. He loves to camp and go on road trips. Despite being busy, he always takes the time to rest and be one with nature, to satisfy his need for the outdoors. Williams also occasionally writes articles on behalf of Darwin4wdhire, to show the world the latest about travel vehicles and exciting off-road itineraries.

blue mountains

Summers in Australia

Summers in Australia – Top Things to Do to Make the Most of the Season!

Summers in Australia bring along a myriad of festivities. Whether you are a local resident or a foreign national, a solo traveller or are accompanied by friends or family, the land of kangaroos has a lot to offer. Go camping, hiking, explore the downtown area, surf, bask on the beach, dive and traverse the underwater reefs, go parasailing, paragliding, stroll around the ancient ruins or aimlessly wander away in the city – Australia never ceases to amaze with its numerous exciting leisure activities to indulge in.

Now that the summers have arrived and the season’s festivities are taking their toll, here’s your guide to making sure that you make the most of your time and do not miss out on anything happening this year.

  • Deep Sea Diving at the Great Barrier Reef

Australia is home to the world’s largest coral reef sanctuary that is a natural habitat for thousands of marine flora and fauna. Spanning over 1,500 miles, the Great Barrier Reef is an underwater paradise for scuba divers and deep-sea explorers and is considered as one of the most exquisite natural wonders of the world.

great barrier reef

    • Whale Viewing in Sydney

    With an abundance of water and the wildlife it houses, cruising is one of the most preferred options Australia has in store for locals as well as tourists. A marked increase has been observed in the number of whale pods sighted around Sydney, a sure-tell sign that this will be a great season for whale viewing in Sydney.

    The cruise starts at the Sydney Harbor, passes along the coast and lush green suburbs and into the open sea. Get yourself a good place on the deck and watch the Orcas, Humpbacks, Minkes and Bryde’s somersault and do some awesome stunts around the cruise boat.

whale watching

  • Open-Air Moonlit Movie Night

Watching your favorite movie in a closed cinema is one thing and watching it under the star-studded and moon-lit sky is a completely different experience. Moonlight cinema shows are organized every year throughout the season at multiple venues in Australia. Take someone along or go solo as the movie night is a good event to eat, drink and socialize.

  • Hiking in the Blue Mountains

Aside from its enthralling downtown fun, the serenity of nature is situated at just a two-hour drive from Sydney. If you are a nature lover and wish to devour the scenic surroundings, put on your hiking boots, grab your backpack and set out a course for the rocky Blue Mountains. Explore the wildlife in its natural habitat, take a cruise across the river banks or admire the famous Three Sisters, the Blue Mountains has more to offer than trailing and hiking.

blue mountains

  • Experience Skydiving

Jumping out of an aeroplane from a high altitude will upsurge your adrenaline and make for an experience of a lifetime. Performed under the supervision of professionals with complete precautionary measures, skydiving has never been this safe and exciting. If you have not tried it yet, make sure you add it to this season’s bucket list.

oz skydive

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Sydney Opera House

7 Places to visit in Sydney

7 Places to visit in Sydney

Sydney, the capital of Australia is one of the world’s most eminent vacation destinations. This metropolitan city is a wonderful blend of time-honored culture and innovations. From old churches to the modern skyscrapers of Sydney, this tourist spot has a lot to offer, if you are mentally geared up to pack your bags this winter holidays. Above all, it is a very perky city with lovely citizens, who offer superb hospitality to their foreign guests.

Get your selfie stick ready to explore the top 7 places to visit in Sydney:

  1. St Mary’s Cathedral

Picturce source from Pixabay

Those, who are spiritual by nature love to spend most of their time visiting religious places when they are on a vacation.  Are you one of them? There is no holy better place in Sydney than the St Mary’s Cathedral. Located next to Hydra Park in the heart of the city, it is a great spot to attain peace of mind and relaxation. And, this church also represents the religious origins of Catholic Church in Australia.


  1. Sydney Harbour Bridge

Picturce source from Pixabay

No travel bucket list of Sydney is complete without the Sydney Harbour Bridge, built in the year 1932; this exceptional structure is the largest and most dynamic steel arch bridge on this planet. Accountable for transporting people and goods from Sydney harbor’s south to north shore and vice versa, it is an undisputed lifeline of the city. And, over the years the Sydney harbor bridge has become a premiere tourist spot in the world.

  1. Shelly Beach

There is no better leisure spot in Sydney than this one, it’s a local’s secret. Here you can discover the real wacky side of otherwise reserved citizens of Sydney. This tourist place is very popular among the youth of the city, and generally heavily packed on weekends.

The Shelly Beach offers its guests a perfect combo of relaxation and enthusiasm, as you can sit back on a comfy couch sipping cocktails, or try water sports to have some real fun.  Clear blue water and turquoises will force you to spend hours in this impressive place. And, if you are good at swimming, then don’t hesitate or wait to have a dive!

  1. Sydney Opera House

Picturce source from Pixabay

Sydney Opera House, a UNESCO heritage site is a treat, if you have some craze for opera nights. Not just in Australia; it is world’s best opera house where top opera groups have given their best performances. This house which is truly a magnificent piece of “art” is encircled charmingly by water, and one can’t stop looking at it over and over again without a blink! Tourists, who visit Sydney, never go back without discovering and witnessing the real beauty of Sydney Opera House.

  1. Queen Victoria Building

Do you want to discover the history of Sydney? Yeah, then you probably won’t accomplish that without spending some time in Queen Victoria Building.  This structure built in the late nineteenth century by the architect George McRae, consists of a huge central dome encompassing of 20 domes in different sizes.  Even though it was built with an intention of establishing a market corridor, have around 200 shops of multiple categories, but this place has become a hotspot for tourists from around the globe.

  1. Royal Botanic Gardens

This nature spot sits in the center of the city at farm cove, is quite near to the eminent opera house is always famed as one of the most interesting places to visit in Sydney. The Royal Botanic Gardens is residence to many sky-high trees, striking flower plants, and shrubs, and the nature lovers out there most not miss this opportunity to observe magic and the beauty of nature.

  1. Chinatown

Most of you might be wondering what it is. What is the connection between china and Australia, other than the trade deals?  For your curiosity, Chinatown is a place located between the Central Station and Darling Harbour, is a place where you discover Chinese’s rich culture and delectable cuisine. Plus, a great tourist spot Stroll through the streets to buy some Chinese products, and to mention the Friday night sales.  Therefore, visiting Chinatown can be both exciting and rewarding for any tourist.

The above seven places to visit in Sydney are enough to advocate why it is such a great tourist spot, but there are much more things to do in Sydney.

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Janice Cook is a travel blogger who loves to explore new places, cultures, people and food. Janice says, “Travelling and writing about my travel experiences is my passion and I love to add new destinations to my travel book”.

Kids Attractions in Sydney

Top 7 Kids-Friendly Attractions in Sydney

Being the most populous city in Australia and the capital of New South Wales (NSW), Sydney has something for everyone to suit their needs, temperament and interests. Other than the famous landmarks that give the city its name, Sydney has countless attractions that are both, adult and family-friendly. One can choose to visit the national zoos, wildlife parks, botanical gardens, marine life parks, museums, restaurants, observatories and more. However, what many tourists don’t know is that there is more to the city than some renowned architecture which makes it one of the liveliest of places on earth. In this blog, we will list down 7 such places that are great to visit with kids as they are informative and fun to visit.

1. Luna Park


Restored in the 1930s, Luna Park is an amusement park in Sydney with a spectacular view of the Sydney harbour. Get on the crazy rides, such as the nostalgic ferry wheels, tango train, space shuttle and the giant slides, to have the time of your life. Other than these rides, the amusement park also hosts carnivals and sideshow games, such as the Laughing Clown and Goin fishin’, where kids, as well as parents, can try their luck and win cool prizes.

2. Bondi Beach

One can’t simply travel to Sydney and not go to Bondi Beach for a day well spent! A coast that has the perfect picnic spots with aqua blue waters and pearly sand, Bondi Beach welcomes everyone with fresh water hugs. A testament to its popularity can be determined by the fact that it is visited by approximately 40,000 people on a hot day during peak vacation season. Stroll alongside the coast and walk up to Tamarama – the view from there is spectacular.

3. Taronga Zoo

This award-winning zoo houses about 4,000 animals. It houses rare and native Australian species and is one of the most popular family attractions in Sydney. Open every day of the year, the zoo has more than just animals to look at. There are many activities one can do; one can take a Sky Safari Ride – the only cable car in Sydney, and watch the Free-flight Bird Show featuring some of the most stunning bird species you will get to see in your entire life.

4. Australian National Maritime Museum

Located at the northern end of Darling Harbor, the museum promises a spectacular day for the whole family. Being an indoor/outdoor museum, it features many great artefacts such as witnessing underwater warfare on a submarine ride, big gun destroyer adventures, the fastest boat in the world and Captain Cook’s vessel of discovery, to name a few.

5. IMAX Theatre Sydney

If you are looking for the ultimate movie experience, you have got to visit the IMAX theatre located in the heart of Darling Harbor. Screening crystal clear images, it is the world’s largest screening cinema. A wide range of stunning movies in different formats, such as 2D and 3D, are played regularly to cater to every movie lover’s needs. Other than that, kids can also have a great time climbing the highest peaks of the world via simulations and experience what it would feel like to be in space alongside astronauts. What more could one want?

6. The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

Located in the heart of Sydney, The Royal Botanical Garden was opened in 1816 and is known as the oldest scientific Australian institution. Surround yourself with the most exotic of flowers and plants in the botanical garden which is open 365 days a year and has no entrance fee.

7. Cape Solander

How can one forget to go whale watching when visiting Sydney? It is one of those attractions which most tourists come to visit from far and wide. Known to be one of the most remarkable whale-watching spots in the world, Cape Solander offers beautiful sights of humpback whales as they migrate to the warmer areas during the winters. It is surely a sight your kids will love. Sometimes, the whales can also be watched from close by, as close as 200 m away from the coast, without having to ride a ferry boat.

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female koala and her baby in Australia

Australia Travel Planner

How to Explore Australia in Just 2 Weeks

Travel planning can be tough, almost all the times. Especially when travelling for more than just a few days. Don’t get surprised, when you end up spending hours and hours planning your perfect vacation and making the reservations.

Sure, you can visit any of you nearest travel agencies and book a Vacation right away, but they are brutally Expensive and Hectic. In this Travel Guide, we will talk about how to spend two fabulous weeks in Australia, and have a Once-In-A-Lifetime-Trip!

But Why Australia?


This is the simplest and best reason to choose Australia over any other destination. Sure, Europe has more historical monuments than any other place in the world, but do they have kangaroos? No. These sweet monsters are pretty fun to watch and experience.  If you are not yet convinced, then open up Netflix and Watch “Kangaroo jack”! Go ahead, we will be waiting for you.

So are we on the same page yet? Yes? Great.

Kangroos in Austraila

Some Facts about Australia

If kangaroos weren’t enough to convince you, then here are few Fact about Australia that will surely make you pack your bags and Start Making Reservations.

Once in a lifetime Experience:
Australia will give you more Relaxed & Stress-free travel experience than any other destination.  You will also experience a greater sense of Diversity in its Rich Culture.   Beautiful Landscapes, Exquisite Wildlife & Lovely People will truly give you once in a lifetime Experience!
You can explore the Mechanical Finery of Sydney or go astray in Wonderful Great Barrier Reef!

6th Biggest Country:
Being dominant country in the Australian Continent and islands, Australia is the 6 largest country in the world. Imagine Alaska, now minus the land mass of Alaska, from the Mainland USA, and you roughly make an Australia.  Australia is so vast that its coastline is 50,000 Km with over 10,000 beaches!

There is a cattle farm in Australia that is the size of Belgium! Yes, a Metal fence runs over 5500 km in Queensland, southern Australia.  Just to keep its cattle safe!

And it is not to say that Australia is just Desert and wasteland. It isn’t. There are countless natural splendors, which will leave you in an Awe! Because of its enormous size, Australia has many unexplored Glorious Landscapes!

It’s not too far Away!
Australia is the probably the most isolated country in the southern hemisphere.  For most of the people, it would require more than 30 hours of ‘Flight-Time’, just to reach there. Being this much isolated it is often mistaken that your journey would be full of airports and useless Flight Hours.  This is the main reason why most people can’t explore the Splendor of Australia.

But this is far from the truth. If you plan your journey well you can almost certainly cover the entire Australia in just two weeks.  While we are not making any promises, you will start seeing glorious landscapes from your flight right after following this guide, but if you follow then you will save a lot of time otherwise wasted.  I Promise.

Conquer Australia: Day to Day Custom Travel Plan
if you want a more pleasant travelling experience tailored to your needs than making a Custom travel plan is the way to go!

Australia isnt that far to travel

Day-1:  Arrival in Sydney

Check into your hotel, relax and rest. Spend time recovering from jet-lag and have much-needed sleep. But if you arrive early in the morning or are not very tired. Then you can explore local cafés and restaurants. If you are really psyched about Australia, and don’t want to waste a minute, then a cab, and had to go to Sydney Harbor Bridge. You can enjoy a fabulous view of Sydney Harbor and you can do a photoshoot in front of Sydney Opera House, but don’t do too much on your first day, you have a very heavy Traveling schedule ahead of you!

However, in the night you can explore the streets by foot.

Day-2: Explore Sydney

Start your day with an exciting climb to Sydney tower and experience Sydney’s highest tourist attraction. It can also enjoy adventurous skywalk at the height of 853 feet, the glass-floored platform at the edge of Sydney tower will surely give you a breathtaking experience.

After a splendid morning, you can head over to Taronga zoo or Sydney aquarium, for an introduction to Australia’s anonymous wildlife. There are a lot of other places you can cover work today such as Australia and New Zealand, the Australian national Maritime Museum or Hyde Park barracks Museum.

At night, you can enjoy delicious seafood and red wine at local restaurants.

Sydney opera house in Australia

Day-3: The Blue Mountains

You can take Blue Mountains Explorer bus from Katoomba. You can easily reach to Katoomba from Sydney. Blue Mountain Explorer bus allows you to explore the Blue Mountains at your own pace. If you want a guided exploration, there are numerous places in Sydney where you can find guided tours.

Make sure you save some time for the scenic world and enjoy your ride on extremely steep railway-track, situated between ancient rainforests.

Head back to Sydney and have a wonderful open air dinner!

Day-4: Cairns, and the Great Barrier Reef

Check out from your hotel, Take an early flight from Sydney to Cairns, maximum flight time is three hours. From here you can check into a hotel and leave your luggage at the airport storage facility. Some of the major’s attractions here are Cairns wildlife dome and Tjapukai Aboriginal Culture Park.  You can explore traditional ceremonies, have exotic traditional aboriginal dinner, and enjoy fire show at night.

You can find many wildlife explorations, city exploration, and culinary exploration tours, throughout the city.

Great barrier reef in Australia

Day-5: A day at Reef

Time flies when you are at barrier reef, the introductory tool takes about two hours, before you can also take a Spectacular Full Day trip, you can explore all the major scenic attractions within five or six hours at the maximum. Enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling with your family.

Enjoy the glorious sunset in the evening and travel back to your hotel. You can enjoy lunch and dinner at any busy restaurants, especially seafood is mouthwatering and delicious.

Day-6 Rainforest Kuranda

You shouldn’t fly within 24 hours of a recent dive if you enjoyed a great scuba diving experience at the reef. You can explore local rainforest villages. Kuranda is a beautiful mountain village that is known for its steam train ride across the rain forests! You can also enjoy Skyway cable car and Kuranda boat tour. Wander lusting in these forests is the experience you must have.

Day-7, 8: Uluru

As early as you can, take a direct flight from cairns to Uluru. A direct flight will take around three hours to reach, but if you have a stopover at Sydney flight might take 7 to 8 hours. Now is the time to ask for a window seat to enjoy spectacular views.

Tried to reach Uluru before afternoon. You can check into your hotel and enjoy your lunch. You can climb Uluru, explore the nature. It is not advisable, as it could take 4 to 6 hours and leave you exhausted.  Visit Uluru–Kata Tjuta cultural Center to experience the aboriginal culture.

On your next day, you can take a guided tour & eat a kangaroo or other traditional Dishes. Enjoy ‘sounds of silence’ Dinner at Ayers rock restaurant. Spend the night stargazing at the beautiful sky.

From here it is advisable to hire a four-wheeler for a trip to Kings Canyon, for an unbeatable driving experience. On your way back, you might encounter herds of kangaroos running alongside with you.

Uluru in Australia

Day-9, 10: Kings Canyon & Alice Springs

Visit Watarrka National Park, after your arrival at Kings Canyon, enjoy Short Hiking. While in Alice Springs, don’t forget to visit Alice Springs Desert Park, Mbantua Aboriginal Art Gallery, and School of the Air.  End your day with Sunset Camel Ride!

Day-11 Back to Sydney

This is the best time to pay a visit to Opera house, Have a glass of Fine Australian champagne, and explore Local Art & Culture.  Enjoy the beautiful pink skies during sunset.

Day-12 Day out at Bondi Beach

Bondi is the most popular beach of Sydney, Enjoy surfing or board Bondi Explorer Bus! Relax and capture the moment. Now is the perfect time to visit Local Night Clubs!

Day-13 Shopping

Make your trip memorable, Sydney has some of the best shopping streets, to shop for your friends and family. You can also enjoy Exotic Spa or Massage and prepare for your departure.

Bondi beach in Australia

How to plan Better?

In order to get the Best out of your two weeks, you will need to plan as per your Personal Taste & Likings. Here are few tips to help you plan better.

  1. Don’t Rush: Don’t rush to explore whole Australia and race from one end to the other in just two weeks, instead, focus Region specific Vacation. Spend more time in fewer places, this way you will enjoy more and Stress less.
  2. Plan a budget: No one likes an over expensed trip. Travelling Australia is not cheap, you can easily break your bank and See nothing. Thus, rigorous preplanning is required. Get an estimate of each and every expense of the trip, such as bus/train fares and hotel Bills. Always prioritize your budget, then choose location & Reservations.
    Budget is not an excuse, proper planning will allow you Just as great Trip.
  3. Nature of the trip!: Are you travelling to get a change from your regular life? Are you travelling to explore the Megacities & Majestic Architectures of Australia? Are you planning to explore the unexplored?  Is it a cultural tour? A culinary travel? Or all of these? 

It is important to decide why you are traveling.  Nature of your trip will allow you to cherry pick the important locations while leaving out the Boring ones

Decide Nature of your trip and Pick the destinations & Places accordingly.

female koala and her baby in Australia

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Five Things You Have to Do While Visiting Australia

Australia is one of the most amazing travel destinations in the world. When you come to this incredible place, there is no end to the amazing spots you can visit. Australia is a land that offers natural wonders of every variety. There are amazing ocean attractions, spectacular country settings, bustling cities full of excitement and a wide variety of landscapes that will appeal to everyone. There is so much to see and do in Australia that it can be overwhelming for first-time visitors. If you want help deciding what to see and do while visiting, here is a guide to the five best Australia travel destinations you can enjoy during your trip.

1. Scuba Dive in the Great Barrier Reef

Located off the coast of Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. This is the ultimate scuba diving destination on the planet. The Great Barrier Reef is the biggest coral reef in the world. There are more than 2,900 individual reefs that together make up the Great Barrier Reef. It is more than 2,300 kilometres long. Your best bet is to stay in Cairns or Port Douglas, where you can get all the gear and help you need to have an amazing scuba diving adventure.

Image source: huffpost via Google Images

2. Cage Dive with Great White Sharks

If you love sharks, then one of the things you absolutely must do while visiting Australia is to head to Port Lincoln, South Australia. In this town, you will find Calypso Star Charters. This company will actually let you feed great white sharks from inside a giant metal cage. They head about a mile out to sea to the sharks’ feeding grounds, and then you are fitted with scuba gear and submersed under the surface inside the cage.

Image source: wikimedia via Creative Commons

3. Explore Kakadu National Park

You cannot fail to visit the largest national park in the country, Kakadu National Park. At a size of almost 20,000 square kilometres, the park is full of geologic and biological diversity. More than a third of the bird species in Australia can be found inside the park. The park is also home to the Bininj Mungguy, the aboriginal people who have lived and cared for this land for more than 50,000 years. One of the most enjoyable parts of visiting the park is seeing the spectacular rock paintings that the Bininj Mungguy have created over the millennia.

4. Visit Fraser Island

Fraser Island is one of the ultimate destinations in Australia. Located off the coast of Queensland, Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world. It has one of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see. It is a great place to visit for wildlife lovers as it is home to 25 species of mammals, 354 species of birds and an incredible 19 different species of bats.

Image source: supercoolbeaches via Creative Commons

5. Watch the Sunset at Uluru

Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is an enormous sandstone monolith that is found in the Red Centre desert in the Northern Territory. The beautiful red sandstone has a way of shifting colours depending on the way the light hits it. When you are there at sunset, you will get to see the rock take on the loveliest red glow that will simply take your breath away. When you are visiting Uluru, please respect the sacred nature of Uluru for the local aboriginal tribe, the Pitjantjatjara, by resisting the temptation to climb the rock.

These five attractions are things you just have to see while you are in Australia. When you visit these five spectacular destinations, you will create memories that last for a lifetime. This is just a small sampling of the natural wonders that exist in Australia. There is a lot more to see and do in the countryside, and the cities have plenty to offer visitors as well. You really have to visit here yourself to see just how amazing Australia really is.

Image source: elmonomudo via Creative Commons

Article submitted by Bill Gordon

Bill Gordon is a freelance writer who likes writing articles that cover family and travel related topics. He has written numerous articles and contributed to several other blogs. When he is not writing, he enjoys spending time with his wife and riding bikes.