Dominican Republic Guide

Dominican Republic – A Place Where Everything Is Possible

If you still did not make up your mind where to go for a vacation, I would strongly suggest the Dominican Republic. The Carribean region is always a good choice, where you simply can’t make a mistake if you decide to spend your holidays in a new, unexplored destination. But if you want to have the absolutely best time ever you should go to Puerta Plata – a northern province of the Dominican Republic.

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Geography and Nature – The Main Advantages of Puerta Plata
The Carribean region is perhaps the most beautiful part of the planet thanks to its picturesque scenery, pleasant climate and fabulous sandy beaches. The island of Hispaniola, where the Dominican Republic is located, is the second biggest isle in the region, just after Cuba and Puerta Plata is holding its northern, most beautiful part. Puerta Plata is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on one side, and the incredible hill called Isabel de Torres on the other. This small hill is perfect for catching a fantastic look over the city skyline and even more astonishing Atlantic shore. On top of the Isabel de Torres, you can visit a fabulous botanical garden that features over 600 various species of tropical plants. Plus, you can also see a smaller version of famous  Christ the Redeemer from Rio de Janeiro.
You will not have any issues coming to Puerta Plata, so you can choose to get there either by plane or boat. The Dominican Republic has excellent infrastructure, and travelling around the country will also be an easy job. You can even hop to neighbouring Haiti. Why not?

Fascinating History

Puerta Plata is one of the oldest settlements in the New World, and some records suggest that the city was founded as early as 1502. Christopher Columbus called this area “Plata” which means foggy, and that name was preserved even today. During the 16th century, Puerta Plata Port was a base for various pirates who used to roam the entire Carribean seeking fame and treasures. In the later period, the city was under Spanish, Haitian and American control until it finally became part of the independent Dominican Republic back in 1924. From that moment Puerta Plata has transformed into an important centre of trade, culture and especially tourism that has been flourishing for decades now. It is a cosmopolitan area today, which nourishes its rich history and cultural heritage of different nations that have left their trace in the city.

The Must- See Places

There are really many places you should not miss when visiting Puerta Plata but some of them are quite exceptional, so you simply must see them. The City Fort built in the 16th century is a National Monument and something every citizen in Puerta Plata is very proud of. But, it is also tourists’ favourite. Museo del Ámbar is something you don’t see every day because it is located in a Victorian building that used to be a hotel called Villa Bentz. There you can see fossils of creatures that used to walk on our planet millions of years ago whose remains were found in the amber mines in the Northern Mountains. El Faro or the iron- cast lighthouse is also an impressive building, especially with its high Doric columns.

Accommodation Suits Your Budget And Expectations

No matter how high your expectations are, Puerto Plata will undoubtedly offer you different types of accommodation to exceed your demands. Having a well-developed tourism and giving its best to improve it on an annual basis, Puerto Plata will offer you hotels, hostels, B&Bs, resorts, private apartments and luxury villas. It is entirely up to you, your desires and, of course, your budget when it comes to choosing the best type of accommodation during your stay in Puerto Plata.

The resorts are perhaps the most popular type of accommodation in the Dominican Republic, and the vast number of them is created to suit everyone’s needs. For instance, Cofresi Palm Beach & Spa Resort is made in such a way to suit both, couples and entire families. The complex contains five pools, excellent white sand beaches, a tranquil spa, and various additional activities for children. Hence, in Confresi, you can either have a calm, relaxing vacation, or you can engage yourself in an adventure and experience the adrenaline rush offered by the resort’s polite and professional staff. The same is true of other resorts and complexes such as ClubHotel Riu Bachata, The Tropical At Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort, Iberostar Costa Dorada Hotel and many, many others. The important thing to bear in mind is that hotels are mostly luxurious, with all inclusive service, excellent location and a spectacular view.

It is praiseworthy to mention that, apart from the regular all-inclusive service which considers indoor and outdoor pools, gyms, spas, exclusive restaurants and nightclubs, each of the hotels will offer you a service you would not normally expect. You can thus spend your spare time playing tennis with experienced trainers, playing golf, enjoying water sports like kayaking, windsurfing and diving.

The good thing about Puerto Plata is that tourists have a broad range of possibilities when it comes to finding place to stay. Therefore, you can also find somewhat modest hotels that  offer you clean and comfortable rooms with air condition, outdoor pools, and beautiful surrounding suitable for relaxation.

If your budget cannot afford you a stay in luxury hotels, Dominican Republic will make sure you have an excellent vacation even if you stay in one of the hostels. Just to mention that most of them have their own pools as well, so if you are travelling with your kids, they will not be disappointed. On the contrary, they will undoubtedly enjoy spending their free time in the garden, and swimming in the pool. Hostels are perhaps a better option since most of them can have up to 15-20 guests. So, you will have more privacy and more quietness.

Cuisine – A Blend Of Spanish, African And Taino Gastronomies

Tourists who have already visited the Dominican Republic will agree in one thing with everything else: The food is excellent. Since the cuisine in the country is a blend and mixture of several other cuisines, it seems that Dominicans have taken all the best and tastiest features of the Spanish, African and Taino gastronomies. Therefore, in case you visit the Dominican Republic, you should inevitably try several meals before you leave.

The first of them is the so- called La Bandera – the dish contains stewed meat and white rice, usually with red beans, fried green plantains and salad. Such a combination will surely satisfy your appetites and make you eat the same meal for the rest of your stay in the country.

The second dish you should try is a popular Mangu. It consists of boiled and mashed plantains.

If you are a meat lover, then you will enjoy during your visit because Dominican cuisine uses almost all kinds of meat, but the most popular are pork, beef, chicken and goat. Carne Mechada is made of roasted beef, served with onion, spice garnish, and ham.

There are, indeed, many possibilities and combinations to treat your stomach, and the Dominican Republic can boast an extensive selection of seafood. Grouper and red snapper are the two most popular kinds of fish, so don’t hesitate to experience the real magic of eating them.

Vast Number Of Adrenaline- Rush Activities

If you thought that the Dominican Republic will allow you to have too much spare time, you are wrong, because there are so many different, interesting, and must- see and –do activities. You will even shorten your stay on the beach in order to experience the unforgettable excursions, picnics, and various other activities.

Namely, visiting Puerto Plata will undoubtedly remain etched in your memory if you decide to investigate the famous Damajagua Waterfalls. A visit to the 27 cascades and rock pools contains climbing the ladders up to the falls, and then sliding, swimming, and jumping down. Of course, you will be wearing helmets and lifejackets.

Another memorable activity is a visit to Ocean World Adventure Park. It is located only three miles from the Puerto Plata, and it really pays off to go there since apart from the aquariums, you can play with sea lions, swim with dolphins, snorkel with tropical fish and so on. Ocean World Adventure Park is a true refreshment, and it is ideal for couples with kids.

In case you want to go kiteboarding and windsurfing, then a picnic to Cabarete is inevitable. The Bay is 15 miles away from Puerto Plata, and it is a hotspot for people who enjoy all kinds of sport and activity. You can also go surfing and diving in Cabarete, and a significant number of visitors on a daily basis is a strong proof that the place has a lot to offer.


Reasons To Pack Your bags And Visit The Caribbean Now

You Must Visit The Caribbean Once in your Lifetime

“You Must visit The Caribbean once in your lifetime.” You have probably heard Someone Saying it. And if you are a Travel-Buff like me, then you have heard it well over a hundred times! Which might make you wonder , “What is so special about the Caribbean? Why is it on everyone’s Bucket List? Why , “What is so special about the Caribbean? Why is it on everyone’s Bucket List? Why the Caribbean?“ Let’s dive into 7 amazing Reasons to pack your bags and Visit Caribbean.



There was a time, when Beaches meant deposition of Sand and other Sediments due to river Flows. Umm…Not so exciting right? Today Beach means blue seas, white sand and alluring Sun. Modern definition of Beach was born in The caribbean,  when first English settlers came across Shimmery Sand Stretches and crystal Clear Waters,  Modern definition of Beach was Popularised, If not born.Umm…Not so exciting right? Today Beach means blue seas, white sand and alluring Sun. Modern definition of Beach was born in The caribbean,  when first English settlers came across Shimmery Sand Stretches and crystal Clear Waters,  Modern definition of Beach was Popularised, If not born.

One of the main reasons to visit  Caribbean is perfect Beaches, which make Great Holiday- Destination in any weather. You can enjoy the same Weather all year long, except some minor hurricanes and  Storms!

If you are looking to Relax during Holidays, there is no better place than warm Sandy Caribbean Beach!

Adventure Sports and Snorkelling

Adventure Sports and Snorkelling

If you don’t want to relax and Want Memorable adventures, then Caribbean is at your rescue! You can enjoy wide variety of adventure sports in The caribbean, ranging from Scuba Diving to snorkelling, Bungi Jumping to Paragliding and even Skydiving! You can have amazing Adventure Tour without compromising the Luxury.

Caribbean is home to some of the rarest Ocean species, Swim with turtles with snorkelling  or spot Bottlenose Dolphins  on a boat Tour. or Dive deep and explore the Corals. For a true Adventure Lover, There are endless opportunities in the caribbean.



Festivals are important part of any Culture and Civilisation. And caribbean is no different. Festivals here reflect rich and diverse culture. Most of the Festivals have Lots of Colors, Carnivals and Costumed Parades.  The most famous of all, Trinidad and Tobago festival, you will be amazed with Steel Drum Bands playing all night long and nonstop dance by locals. Costumes often reflect rich heritage and have very vivid colors and Long feathers.

Hindus celebrate Diwali and Phagwa, Where as Muslims celebrate ID- UL- Fitr and Christmas is common among all natives. But here festivals are not limited to Culture or Religion, Caribbean holds some of the Greatest music Festivals as well, Google Barbados Jazz and Jamaica Raggae to explore these amazing festivals.

Caribbeans certainly know how to Enjoy! You must visit Caribbean to be a part of Celebration!

Belly Nogging Food

Belly Nogging Food

There are wide variety of restaurants in caribbean which offer Great Mouthwatering food, from Indian Chicken tikka to Salsa, From Burgers to 7 Course cuisine, Caribbean has it all! Foodies will love this place. A Curious gourmand can find African, European, Indian, Chinese, Thai, East- Indian and Traditional Caribbean delicacies. Fusion of spices will give you the perfect satisfying, Belly Filling Eating experience.  Some dishes might be spicier than others, so keep water handy!  And do not tell the chef to make your food spicy, no matter how spicy you can eat. Please trust me on this one. 🙂

If you are someone who ‘lives to eat’, then Caribbean awaits you!