things to do in Hurghada

Things to do in Hurghada, Egypt

7 things to do in Hurghada, Egypt

Egypt is one of the most exotic vacation destinations on the planet. Thousands flock there every year to gaze at the pyramids of Giza, but the country has much more to offer which most people don’t focus on. One of such places is Hurghada, which has tons to offer but today we’re settling for only 7 things. Here the 7 things you can do in Hurghada:

Giftun Islands:

These islands are a popular activity from Hurghada offering snorkelling, diving, sunbathing and a break from the mainland hustle and bustle. There are offshore reefs which provide spectacular drop-offs for experienced divers, and there are always moray eels and fish hiding in the corals. Coral reef snorkelling is a great experience.

Giftun Islands Hurghada


Modern Egypt is great but its true beauty is found in the past, presenting Qena. The ancient city which was once known as Cainepolis and has many Islamic buildings, but today the place is best known as the closest town to the well-preserved ruins of Dendera. The temple complex at Dendera includes the immaculately intact and impressive Temple of Hathor and is well set up for visitors with an information centre and cafe. Qena is located 155 km inland from Hurghada, and because of its proximity to Dendera, it’s a favoured day trip location.

Qena Hurghada

Old Hurghada:

Egypt’s real essence is in its past, and Hurghada is no exception. You will find many tourist facilities and modern resorts, but the real essence is in Old Hurghada. Located north of the resorts, you’ll find Old Hurghada or Ad-Dahar. Most locals live there and you’ll find many authentic restaurants and hotels there. The highlight of the old town is the souk, or market You’ll find tons of souvenirs, and local crafts. You may be able to sample spices and fresh local produce.

old Hurghada

Mahmaya Island:

Want to get away from the hustle and bustle and want to enjoy the peace and quiet waters? Look no further, I have just the thing with Mahmaya Island. Accessed by boat, the island has food and lounge facilities and places to get snorkel gear. Snorkeling in this area is a must, as the underwater life is bright, colourful and active and it is less crowded than in other snorkel spots.  The area below the water is filled with many reefs, and dozens of tropical fish and a variety of coral types can be seen just of the island’s beach.

Mahmaya Island Hurghada

Careless Reef:

One of the best-known dive sites, for both sea life and beautiful reef gardens. An active underwater hotspot, octopus and rays, as well as turtles and dolphins, are common sights. Dense populations of fish, including jacks, tuna, barracuda and the occasional hammerhead shark make this a popular spot for viewing aquatic life. The reef is most famous for an active population of moray eels. Average visibility is over 65 feet (20 meters) in the area’s clear waters.

Mons Porphyrites Hurghada

Mons Porphyrites:

This is a considerably short trip but one that you can’t miss out on, presenting Mons Porphyrites. Egypt’s rare porphyry was highly valued by the ancient Romans, and these former Roman quarries were mined for their precious purple and white crystalline stone used to decorate columns, sarcophagi and temples. Once this was a thriving town consisting of houses, temples and workshops; today you can see remnants of the time past and signs of the quarry activity. That not only involved not only quarrying the semiprecious stone but also dragging it for miles across the remote desert sands to the Nile, from where it was shipped to Rome.

Mons Porphyrites Hurghada

Diving Ocean Makadi Bay:

Arguably the top scuba diving location on the Red Sea. The best part is that the Diving Ocean dive centre offers training, facilities and staff ready to help visitors experience the underwater life, hidden away from your eye but now you can experience it. Some of the marine animals that can be spotted include lionfish, moray eels, squid, barracuda, mackerel, white-tip reef sharks and even hammerhead sharks. Some of the best dive sites in the Hurghada and Safaga area, including Gota Abu Ramada, Abu Hashish and Ras Abu Soma, are best accessed from Makadi Bay.

Diving Ocean Makadi Bay Hurghada

Hurghada sunset

Things To Do In Sharm el-Sheikh

Things To Do In Sharm el-Sheikh

Looking for top diving destinations in the world? Look no further, I have the perfect thing for you. Introducing Sharm el-Sheikh, Sinai Peninsula’s major tourism centre. The diving and snorkelling opportunities over here attract thousands here every year. This is also one of those locations in Egypt when you just want to relax and chill out. Though most people are under the misconception that the only attraction in Egypt is the pyramids, the truth is quite the opposite and the Sharm el-Sheikh is a proof of that. Here the 7 things you can do in Sharm el-Sheikh:

Ras Mohammed National Park:

If Sharm el-Sheikh is on the map, its due to this place. Surrounded by some of the world’s most incredible dive sites, this peninsula is home to glorious beaches with excellent snorkelling just offshore, the world’s second most northerly mangrove forest, and a saltwater lake. A trip here is a must-do for anyone staying in Sharm el-Sheikh. The best beaches are Old Quay Beach and Aqaba Beach.

Ras Mohammed National Park

Naama Bay:

Surrounded by the white sandy beach and swaying palm trees in the wind, Naama Bay is the focal point of Sharm el-Shiekh’s resort life. There are tons of restaurants, cafes, and souvenir stress if you get bored of the beach. But its because of the beach, the sun and sand that this place is famous. For those looking for a holiday full of sloth-like sunbathing, Naama Bay is one of Egypt’s top choices.

Naama Bay

Shark’s Bay:

Want to experience luxury and the five-star lifestyle? Look no further, Shark’s Bay is the place to be. Just north of Naama Bay, the Shark’s Bay is home to the most luxurious five-star resorts and hotels. This is where you head if you want total tranquillity on your holiday. The recent Soho Square Centre in the area means you don’t have to miss out on the buzz if you choose to stay here either. This is where you’ll find the top dining restaurants.

Shark’s Bay

Jackson Reef:

Looking to go scuba diving? Want to know which is the best diving site and where to find it? Look no further, Jackson Reef is the place to be. Over here not only can you see reefs, but also masses of large pelagic fish. If you’re lucky you can catch the sight of a hammerhead shark or two. The reef is also home to the wreck of the Lara, and exploring this freighter ship wreckage adds an extra element to this dive if the reef and hammerhead sharks weren’t exciting enough.

Shark’s Bay

Sharm Old Market:

Like most of the destinations you’ll visit, you’ll find an old market where local goods, souvenirs and antiques can be found. Presenting the Sharm Old Market, where one can find twinkling Arabic lamps, traditional shisha pipes and finely engraved woodwork, which can be found in abundance. Best to come here at sunset or later, unless you want to catch the searing heat. Along with the goods, you’ll find cheap and cheerful restaurants and café, so it’s a wholesome activity. The market is imbued with a much more higgledy-piggledy local atmosphere than the rest of the city.

Sharm Old Market

Gardens Reefs:

As mentioned earlier, the Sharm is best known for its dive sites and this is one of them. Introducing the Gardens Reefs, located at the northern end of Naama Bay. This reef system is actually three different snorkelling and diving sites called Near Garden, Middle Garden, and Far Garden that can be accessed by both the shore and by boat. For snorkelling only, Near Garden is your place. It’s also the easiest to access and has amazing coral pinnacles with plenty of flitting clownfish and butterfly fish over there.

Gardens Reefs

Nabq Protectorate:

Want more versatility in your attractions? I have just the thing, with the Nabq Protectorate. It is a coastal desert landscape of arid beauty and home to the world’s most northernly mangrove forest. You will find wide vistas of sand dunes, lonely beaches and arak bushes. It is also one of the country’s most important protected wilderness sites with a huge amount of birdlife. As like the attractions before it, there are also excellent snorkelling opportunities offshore from the beaches there.

Hurghada sky view


The Egyptian City Of Hurghada – A Phenomenal Place To Rest Your Soul

Egypt is among the top destinations for tourists coming from every corner of the world. This country was the home of one of the oldest civilizations, but its marvelous history is not the only reasons people simply love Egypt. Beautiful sandy beaches along the coast of Red Sea, vibrant nightlife and numerous engaging activities are also some of the most popular tourist’s magnets.  And among hundreds of top destinations is without any doubts Hurghada.

Hurghada sky view

How To Find It?

Hurghada is the third largest city in Egypt, located on the banks of the Red Sea and it is one of the country’s major tourist destinations. Its hot climate makes it perfect for holidays, especially for those people who enjoy in various water activities. Hurghada is surrounded with other small resorts creating a fabulous Red Sea Riviera. The best way to get there is by a plane, and once you are in Hurghada, you can easily get around by cab. Taxi drivers will spot you from a great distance without any problems, and they are relatively cheap.

Short But Intense History

Hurghada is not actually an ancient city. In fact, it was first settled in the early 20th century. But its name is derived from a plant which has been growing in the area ever since the ancient times. In its earliest beginnings, it was just a minor fishing village which started to develop once the oil reserves were found in the area. But even then its growth was not as fast as one may believe. The city’s intense development started just a few decades ago when the government began to transform it into a major tourist resort. Today it is the centre of foreign and domestic tourism with millions of visitors coming each year.

What To See?

If you come to Egypt, you will probably want to see the major ancient attractions and learn a bit more about its illustrious past. Hurghada is not that far away from the legendary Walley of The Kings in Luxor, so this is definitively a tour you must not miss. You will also be able to check out the Hatshepsut and Karnak Temple and witness their former glory and architectural magnificence. There is also a tour to Cairo which includes getting to the Pyramids and the Sphinx. You should also go to the National Museum and see some of its legendary artefacts such as mummies and gold and jewellery of the Pharaohs including the Tutankhamun’s golden mask.

There are some of the prominent places in Hurghada too where you can see its most famous landmarks such as The Big Mosque and St. Mary Church. You should inevitably take tours to the Bedouins villages where you can taste the local food and see their way of living. Plus you can actually stay overnight and enjoy the most beautiful desert sky completely covered with stars. There is no real price for that experience!

Hurghada, egypt

A Wide Range Of Resorts In The Whole City

The city of Hurghada is still a developing area, with many new resorts, luxurious hotels, and spacious villas being under construction. A large number of them have already been built, showing how beautiful, and magnificent modern architecture is. Indeed, one cannot walk 100 meters without encountering some kind of lodging in Hurghada. For that reason, once you decide to spend your holidays in this Egyptian city, you will surely find accommodation to exceed all your expectations and demands. Not only are the buildings tremendous, but the service is also extraordinary. No matter what type of housing you choose, a hotel, a hostel, a villa, resort, or private apartment, you will surely be satisfied.

When it comes to hotels, the price one pays for staying in Hurghada depends almost entirely on its location, whether the hotel is placed in the centre of the city, on the seashores, on somewhere further. Additional amenities in all of the Hurghada’s hotels are impressive, so don’t be afraid about the quality of their service. For instance, all the hotels have outdoor swimming pools, saunas, gyms, children’s playground, and a lot of shade for rest.

Perhaps a good choice for your stay would be Steigenberger Aqua Magic Red Sea resort. It offers super all-inclusive service with a private beach, as well as a separate, heated children’s pool. What is more, the resort offers the aqua park with a broad range of activities and exciting events every day. Its location is great since Steigenberger Aqua Magic Resort is placed only 3 km away from the airport. Staying overnight in the resort would cost you at least $75.

However, should you rather save money on accommodation and find a cheaper lodging in Hurghada, then a good suggestion is Le Pacha Resort. It costs only $55 per night, and the service it offers is equally excellent. Le Pacha Resort has various additional amenities, including outdoor swimming pools, private beach, and spa. Moreover, each of the rooms is air-conditioned, spacious and has a private balcony. Guests who stay in Le Pacha have only words of praise, and it can be a great host for you too.

In addition, there are many other resorts in Hurghada that can satisfy your appetite and demands such as Albatros White Beach, Bel Air Azur Resort, Hurghada Marriot Red Sea Beach Resort and so on. If your budget can handle them, then you will have the time of your life in this Egyptian city.

In case your budget is somewhat lower, you can always book a room in many of the hostels located all over the town of Hurghada. You will not have all-inclusive service, but you will undoubtedly have a decent service, with clean sheets, spacious rooms, and an excellent location.

Hurghada hotel

Restaurants In Hurghada Bring You The Most Tasteful Dishes

Having the guests from all over the world every year, the city of Hurghada has opened dozens of restaurants that offer not only traditional but also international cuisine and the number of other national cuisines. For instance, one can find restaurants that offer meals from Chinese cuisine, Italian cuisine, Indian cuisine and so on. Of course, many of the restaurants are specialised in the traditional Egyptian cuisine, which is by far the most multi-national cuisine in the world since it has been influenced by many peoples including the British, Indians, Italians, Americans and indeed much more. Don’t miss the opportunity to try some of the best traditional meals from Egypt like mulukhiyah, taro, halava, dukkah or konafah.

When it comes to restaurants in the city of Hurghada, by far the most popular one is The Felfela. Not only will you receive an excellent service and enjoy in several panoramic terraces with breathtaking views, but you will also be amazed by the seafood and meat dishes. The speciality of the house are stuffed pigeons, and in case you find The Felfela, don’t hesitate to taste this delicious meal.

Another excellent choice is El Mina restaurant. It offers the best fish dishes in the entire region, and the visitors rate the restaurant as one of the most quality in the city. El Mina offers numerous kinds of fish, shrimp, and squid. What is more, the interior is warm and homely.

And if you rather enjoy eating fast food, then find the restaurant Momen. Here you will have the chance to eat a full range of sandwiches, salads, and desserts. Momen is also a perfect match for all the budget tourists who prefer spend their money on excursions, and other fun activities.

Hurghada sunset

Hurghada Abounds With Water Activities For All Age Groups

Hurghada is the best place in the world for people who love all kinds of water activities. Those who love scuba diving will remember their visit here for the rest of their lives. Some of the diving spots you should not miss are, for example, Gota Abu Ramada. Some also call it “the Aquarium” since there are so many fish and other water animals you will feel like you’re diving in one. Also, near the Shadwan Island, you can check out the shipwreck of the sunken British ship from the 19th century. There is another ship but this time from the WWII located in the Straits of Gubal.

But there are also other activities which don’t include water in Hurghada too. For example, you can join a Desert Jeep Expedition and explore the vast sandy regions around the city. Also, getting a quad bike can be a cool idea since there are many sand dunes near which are perfect for some freestyling. And those who are not in the mood for high-speed acrobatics we would strongly recommend camel rides. They will give you the best glimpse of true desert life and memories you will never forget.

sea view Hurghada
camel in Hurghada
Hurghada beach

sharm el sheikh beach

Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh – A Paradise On Earth

There is something mystic in Oriental countries and cultures that simply lures people to visit them. Egypt is definitively one of these countries, whose incredible nature and amazing history equally attract tourists from all around the world, seeking new adventures and a lot of fun. Sharm El Sheikh is a pearl of Egypt and its most popular tourist destination for the last couple of decades surpassing even the pyramids.

colored canyon sharm el sheikh

All You Need To Know About Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is located in the most southern part of Sinai Penninsula which is surrounded by the astonishing Red Sea. Sinai is quite interesting itself since it connects Africa and Asia, and it is also a region with extensive history. Most of the Sinai is actually a huge desert with high mountain ranges that are divided from the Red Sea by a flat sandy strip. For that reason, most of the people get a sense of being on an entirely different planet. The climate is warm and dry and thus makes Egypt perfect for enjoying in the various sea activities and especially scuba diving.

The undoubtedly best way to reach Sharm El Sheikh is by a plane, and once you arrive, there will be plenty of travelling options for roaming around. You can use the public transport, but it may be wiser to take a cab since they are quite modern and more reliable.

jackson reef sharm el sheikh

Rich History

Sinai Peninsula is one of the major historical regions in the world which is of particular importance for the past and present of Abraham religions. It is believed that this is the place where Moses crossed the Red Sea during the Exodus and that is why there are many monasteries all over the region. Sinai has always been a place where various cultures have met, so many nations have left their traces here. They include ancient Egyptians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Muslims, British and so on.

But unlike the Sinai, Sharm El Sheikh has much shorter history since only 40 years ago this was a small Bedouin fishing village. It was also damaged during the war between Egypt and Israel, and the entire region was occupied by the Israelis in 1967. The occupation had lasted for more than a decade, but during that period Sharm El Sheikh started to develop as a prospective tourist centre.

And after the occupation ended in 1982, the Egyptian government has continued the intensive development of Sharm El Sheikh which soon reached a population of around 10 thousand. Since then, it has become a major centre for tourists from all over the world and in particular among the British, and there are many reasons for such a trend.

The Primary Attractions

Sharm El Sheikh is a true Mecca for tourists since there are so many attractions to visit and cool things to do you will have to make a list of priorities. But there are a few places you should definitively not miss such as the Mt. Sinai with the famous Monastery of St. Catherine on top. People believe that the location of the Monastery marks the spot where Moses got the ten commandments. The view from the top can’t be described so you better go up there and check it out yourself.

Also, go to the desert and see its amazing landscape which will leave you breathless and while you are there check out the Bedouin villages and learn more about their customs and way of living. Take a camel back riding tour and head straight to the Coloured Canyon where you can take a break in a hidden oasis. Spending a night out in the desert will give you an entirely new perspective about nature and especially about the sky. You will never see so many stars in the heavens; that is a promise.

Nabq National Park is a place you will remember for the rest of your life. It has fabulous beaches which are a complete contrast to those in the resort. They are almost deserted so you can enjoy some privacy which will not happen very often during your stay in the resort.

These are just the top places to go to while staying in Sharm El Sheikh since there are literally hundreds of others you will see for yourself once you get there.

sharm el sheikh sunset

Numerous Hotels, Resorts, And Villas On Offer

Being a worldwide famous tourist destination for decades, Sharm el Sheikh has managed to create an incredible offer of hotels, hostels, resorts, villas and private apartments. The tourists indeed have many issues while deciding which type of accommodation to choose since competition in Sharm el Sheikh is high. Each type of accommodation will surely offer extraordinary service, with outdoor swimming pools, gyms, spas, as well as spacious rooms overlooking the sea. Perhaps the only factor that can contribute to choosing one hotel over the other is its location and the fact that it is closer to some significant destinations.

Thus, you are welcome to choose a wide array of hotels north of the airport, in a part of the city called Nabq. Most of them are very luxurious and offer a super all-inclusive service where the visitors undoubtedly receive a royal-like treatment. Some of the hotels in this area are Laguna Vista Beach Resort, Horizon, Royal Albatross Moderna, and AA Grand Oasis. Need we say that all of them are located on the coast and own private beaches? And apart from the location, one will undoubtedly notice an extravagant architecture of the hotels in Nabq. They resemble royal palaces and contain all the additional amenities. Hence, don’t hesitate about visiting this part of Sharm el Sheikh.

Very famous part of Sharm is also Naama Bay, where one can see mostly glamour of Egypt, even though you can find some of the modest variants of accommodation. In this area, we recommend you to take a look at Hyatt Regency Resort, Sonesta Club, Naama Bay Hotel, Movenpick Hotel as well as Marriot Hotel. An excellent feature of this group of hotels is that they have vast gardens with palm trees and a lot of shade which are suitable for all the guests who want to have some privacy and rest. Therefore, it is possible to have a peaceful surrounding even in the big, overcrowded hotels. These in Egypt are perfect because of the wide area around them, suitable for spending quiet afternoons.

But apart from Nabq and Naama Bay, Sharm el Sheikh abounds with other, different parts of the city that offer hotel accommodation, like Ras Um Sid and Old Sharm. One can indeed find a large amount of information about lodging in these areas on the Internet.

Private Lodging Vs. Hotel Accommodation

Also, many visitors decide to find a private lodging, which is much cheaper than hotel accommodation. Such a decision has its pros and cons. For instance, you are to rent an excellent apartment in the central part of the city, and it is cheaper than any other option, but on the other side, there is a risk you need to accept. What if the photos on the Internet were not real? For this reason hotel accommodation is a much safer option. In the end, the choice of accommodation is really your call. You are the one to choose whether to take a risk or to play it safe.

sharm el sheikh egypt

Cuisine – A Unique Mixture Of Different Civilisations

Apart from almost all the world’s cuisines that can be found in Sharm el Sheikh’s restaurants, trying the Egyptian cuisine is simply a must. Many will state that the country is simply incredible and not only due to its ancient world and tradition but also due to its excellent food. Locals usually say that only in Egypt you can try so many different cultures on only one plate. That is why tasting ‘Kushari’ is inevitable. It is considered to be a national meal of Egypt, and contains tomato sauce and pasta, with other ingredients such as rice, lentils, garlic, chickpeas, and onions. Different parts of this dish are imported from different countries, continents and cultures such as Italy, Britain, Latin America, and Asia. The story is exciting, so don’t miss to hear it when trying this tasty meal.

Another excellent meal with an interesting way of preparing is called ‘Ful Medames’. It is cooked in a pot, which is buried in a hot sand or coal and considers ingredients like beans, oil, garlic, and lemon juice. Egyptians usually serve it with tomato sauce or boiled eggs. The meal can be found even on the streets, so don’t miss the chance to try it.

And if you have the opportunity, take ‘Feseekh’. It is a traditional Egyptian meal which is prepared only on special occasions, such as Sham-El-Nessim festival. The process of preparing the meal is uncommon. Namely, since ‘Feseekh’ considers fish that is dried in the sun and salted. If one prepares it in a wrong way, it can cause poisoning, so be careful to order this meal only in restaurants, and certainly not on the streets.

There are many other Egyptian dishes one can try such as ‘Mulukhiya’, ‘Fatta’, and ‘Tarro’. Each of them will surely bring you a whiff of other civilisations, but such a unique meal will always remain carved in your memory as the traditional food eaten in a beautiful country of Egypt.

Activities In Sharm El Sheikh – No Time For Taking a Rest

Sharm el Sheikh is a truly vivid place, with events being organised literally on every corner of the city. However, tourists always look for new and so far unseen activities. That is why a large part of visitors, apart from regular excursions, choose three main activities in Sharm: snorkelling, desert safari, and Bedouin adventure. Snorkelling is an exciting adventure into the underwater regions and Egyptian coral reefs. One will have the chance to see numerous shipwrecks as well as rich marine life. Desert Safari, on the other hand, allows you to explore Egyptian desert. Riding a camel is a new experience for many visitors, and in case you have the opportunity to ride, don’t miss it. And the Sinai Desert is a perfect place for experiencing Bedouin adventure. You will not only live the life of a Bedouin for several days, but you will see how hospitable these people are, and how gladly they will receive you as their guest. These are the things you can see only in Egypt, and for that reason, you should definitely visit it.

sharm el sheikh fish
sharm el sheikh beach
sharm el sheikh fish



Cairo is such a tourist trap making the busiest of city’s look like a ghost town, nerveless its worth the visit to see these great pyramids.

The 4 things that are of great interest in Cairo are

Pyramids of Giza

Egyptian Museum

Al- Azhar Park is a public park located in Cairo, Egypt. Among several honours, this park is listed as one of the world’s sixty great public spaces by the Project for Public Spaces

Khan el- Khalili is a major souk in the Islamic district of Cairo. The bazaar district is one of Cairo’s main attractions for tourists and Egyptians alike.

As with anywhere in the world be very careful of scams and remember to haggle.



Hurghada is a beach resort town stretching around 30 km along Egypt’s the Red Sea. It’s renowned for some of its scuba diving spots and has lots of cheap dive schools. There are lots of bars and restaurants in Sekalla district catering to an international crowd, while the old town El Dahar is home to traditional Egyptian with lots of souks.

I travelled to Hurghada as a beach getaway and was pleasantly surprised to find lots of  beach activities which I used to cool me off from the hot 40c sun.

I found Hurghada to be a lot more slower paced compared to Sharm el Sheikh, But it is still a great place full of relaxing bars and restaurants to enjoy and a very  good base if you are heading out to Cairo or Luxor.

I stayed in a very nice hotel called Steignberger aqua park which was just a short walk from the beach, where I spent most of my days relaxing and learning new water sports such as wakeboarding. The hotel had a few swimming pools as well as the aqua park with around 10 sides and a lazy river that took you around the grounds.

The hotel offered a few trips but they were very over price compared to what you could find in a tourist excursion shops just a few minutes walk down the road.

Hurghada is another great spot in Egypt for Scuba diving and as always I highly recommend you go with a certified PADI dive centre.

Some of the great dive sites in Hurghada are…

El Fanus (Dolphin Reef) where it is known to see Blue bottlenose dolphins.

Marsa Abu Galawa (Carless Reef) where you will see huge moray eels and reef sharks.

Oberoi House Reef is known for lots of turtles.

Fanadir (El Fanadeer) is a dropping ledge with Hurghada’s largest coral reef.

A few excursions I got involved in were…..

 A day out at an aqua park (Jungle aqua park) which had plenty of slides, If you’re a water baby and love water parks this really is a must whilst you’re in Hurghada.

 Quad biking in the Eastern (Arabian) Desert, A very fast and fun filled trip. Just be prepared to get dusty from all the back spray from the quads in front. Take sunglasses, old clothes and plenty of sun cream.

A jeep ride across the desert to the far mountain for a short camel ride and a visit to the mountain people, that still live the rural way of life.

It was in Hurghada that I learnt to wakeboard which leads me to my love of kite surfing, with a great teacher I managed to be up and riding on the wakeboard just after 1 very short hour.

Speed boat tubing, Flying fish, and lots of other water sports, they had every water spot you could think of and I did them all.

Hurghada is a great location to visit Cairo and Luxor, so if pyramids are your plan then I would say stay in Hurghada, as it’s just a short drive away and a taxi return was around £50 or bus transfer was around £19

Sharm el Sheikh


Sharm el Sheikh is an Egyptian beach resort. It’s known for its long sandy beaches and clear waters.

Sharm el Sheikh has become a famous spot for scuba divers from all around the globe. Being Very close to the Red Sea, it provides some of the most stunning underwater scenery and warm sea water. Visitors to Sharm el Sheikh can experience a variety of water activities such as diving, snorkelling, windsurfing, kite surfing, Parasailing, boating, canoeing and much more.

Naama Bay Promenade is the place for an evening stroll full of lively bars and restaurants.

From water spots to casinos, ice bars to restaurants, water parks to quad biking in the dessert. Egypt plenty to tempt your quiet relaxing holiday into a fast fun pack adventure.

I travelled to Sharm el sheikh for what I thought was going to be a quiet relaxing all inclusive holiday. I was slightly surprised that there was so much to do and just had to get involved.el sheikh for what I thought was going to be a quiet relaxing all inclusive holiday. I was slightly surprised that there was so much to do and just had to get involved.

I stayed in a huge 5- star resort (Baron Palm) and it was beautiful,  surrounded by gardens all the way down to the beach. Plenty of pools including a children’s splash area, The hotel arranges a variety of trips however, I found the best deals by going to Naama Bay Promenade and finding a tourist excursions shop and making deals with them. From boat trips to viewing Saturn in the middle of a dessert they really have it all and normally at  the best prices around. I strongly recommend if you do go scuba diving go to a certified pada dive centre. I used camel drive and they looked after me very well.

The excursions I got involved in was…..

Star gazing, viewing Saturn and the moon in the middle of a dessert though what I can only describe as an enormous oversized telescope, which included a short camel ride, traditional Bedouin show, trying and baking bread.

Quad biking in the dessert, A very fast and fun filled trip. Just be repaired to get  dusty from all the back  spray from the quads in front. Take sunglasses, old clothes and plenty of sun cream.

A day out at an aqua park (Cleo park) which had plenty of slides, If you’re a water baby and love water parks this really is a must do whilst you’re in Sharm.

Ghibli Raceway (go karting) I Love karting and have set many records around the world and this was a professional track which I would recommend.

A short taxi ride to the old market is worth a visit, and with some haggling, there are some good deals to be made, just be careful of scams.

Horse riding, I went a couple of times with different stables and every horse I came across was well looked after. Each time I went I had the stable helpers come along for the ride which is good for anybody who is not used to riding, Being a confident rider I was allowed to have a couple of little gallops ahead of the group which for me was perfect. I highly recommend a sunset ride as its cooler and you get to watch the sunset, what more can you ask for.

Dolphins and whale watching, Although I would say I didn’t see any, they did but they were at such a distance I don’t class this as seeing either, but this did  make for a nice boat trip out to sea.

Ice bar in Soho square, this was a nice place to cool off from the heat. If I remember it was quite expensive to get in but with a free drink and a place to cool off it made a nice breakaway.

I also did 4 scuba dives and the one I highly recommend is Jackson reef, this is where the  hammerhead sharks hang out, Only words to describe this is WOW!! I was lucky enough to see about 20 hammerhead sharks about 10 metres above me and about 30 metres away (which for me, was close enough). With the guidance of the PADI instructor, I felt perfectly safe. Whilst scuba diving you will see many beautiful coloured fish of all sizes and plenty of corals. On one of my dives a big string ray swam past and I only caught a glimpse which was a shame nerveless they are there.

This is just the tip of an iceberg of things you can do in Sharm el sheikh and this made for an interesting holiday.