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10 reasons to visit Harar

10 reasons to visit Harar in Ethiopia

Ethiopia still has to be the most underrated country in the world in which to travel. Harar is an ancient city in eastern Ethiopia that is immensely rich in culture and traditions. Harar (sometimes spelt Harar or Harer) has a population of about 75,000 people. Visit the city of Harar and it won’t be hard to understand why Arthur Rimbaud, the famous French poet, decided to make Harar his home until his death. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider making it your next travel destination.

1. There are no security risks

Yes, that’s right. There are no security risks in Harar, Ethiopia. It is safe to walk around the city even at late hours after dark. The crime rates are low and the people are friendly. No one will rob you as Harar is a peaceful place, considering it is considered one of the holiest places in Islam.

2. A pleasant temperature

Harar is one of the very few places where the temperature is just right. The average temperate in Harar is close to 27 degree Celsius, you can easily walk around in the sun without feeling too hot and sit around indoors or in the shade without feeling too cold, especially at night. This makes it ideal for a much needed long vacation.

3. The architecture

The buildings and houses in the Jegol gimb, as well as the ancient cobblestone roads in the city, will give you the feeling that you are in one of Indiana Jones’ movies. The buildings give off an ancient vibe and a feeling of adventure to anyone who visits. Not to mention the beautiful architectural design of that time period when the city was constructed.

4. You can feed hyenas with your own hands

Soon after nightfall, you will find hyena’s wandering around in the main streets of the city. This animal is widely known to be shy and keeps a distance from humans. The hyenas in Harar make an exception and give the impression that they are domesticated like cats or dogs and other pets alike. There is one particular spot in Harar where you can experience feeding hyenas from your own hands. The tradition started developing soon after a night in the 1960s and now has become a nightly feeding show for the benefit of tourists. Costs are 50 Birr to the hyena man, 50 Birr extra if you have a camera. You can go without a guide, or get a guide to take you there – usually another 50 Birr. I have written about my time feeding hyenas.

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5. Notable Residents throughout history

Harar has been the home of many notable personalities through the course of history. Some of the big names include :

  • ‘Abd Allah II ibn ‘Ali ‘Abd ash-Shakur, Last Emir of Harar
  • Abadir Umar Ar-Rida, Muslim Cleric
  • Ahmad ibn Ibrahim al-Ghazi, Leader of the Adal Sultanate
  • Mahfuz, Imam and General of the Adal Sultanate
  • Bati del Wambara, Wife of Imam Ahmed
  • Nur ibn Mujahid, Emir of Harar
  • Abdullah al-Harari, Leader of Ahbash Movement
  • Malik Ambar, Leader of Ahmadnagar Sultanate
  • Ali ibn Da`ud, Founder of Emirate of Harar
  • Haboba, First Emir of Harar

Arthur Rimbaud, the French poet, settled as a merchant in Harar between 1880 and 1891

6. The Coffee

A specific breed of coffee is famous in Harar. It is one of the oldest coffee beans still produced and is known for its distinctive fruity, wine flavour. Its shells are used in a tea called hasher-qahwa. The bean is medium in size having a unique greenish-yellowish colour. It has medium acidity and full body and a distinctive mocha flavour The processing is done by hand and the labourers are extremely knowledgeable of how each bean is categorized. Harar is a dry processed coffee bean with sorting and processing done almost entirely by hand.

7. Best time to visit

The best time of the year to visit Harar is anytime. It isn’t like it snows in the winter so you have to go in winter to see the snow. The climate in Harar is fairly consistent. You can visit Harar in January or in June and it’ll feel pleasant none the less. You can go right now and not regret it.

8. The mosques

Harar is also the home to some of the most beautiful mosques in the world. The city has a whopping 110 number of mosques, each more beautiful than the next. Every mosque is constructed with thought and attention, giving praise to all that is divine. One of the most notable mosque, a mosque that stands out from the rest is the Grand Jami Mosque with its tall white minarets.

harar mosques

9. The food

Harar and Ethiopia have a traditional cuisine which is unique only to her. The food is usually rich in flavour, combining different spices both which are produced and imported. The food gives off an aroma that can be smelled throughout the bazaars. Eating out is a sort of tradition in Harar, people don’t like cooking at home and prefer to go to their favourite eating place to have a taste of it the vast meals of injera bread with spicy sauces which cost only pennies.

10. The Festivals

In Harar, you can attend a festival during just about any time of the year. They offer lots of colour and insight into Ethiopian culture and tradition. Cultural affairs and sporting events abound throughout the year. Dance and musical performances are a common theme of traditional events, along with art and religion. The Timkat Feast is a three-day festival held annually on January 19 that celebrates the baptism of Christ on the Jordan River. Beautifully decorated tabots (tablets onto which the Ten Commandments are inscribed) that represent the Ark of the Covenant are paraded around the capital city. The Ethiopian Film and Music Festivals – featuring  outdoor film screens along with a series of musical events and concerts – are held in May along with a series of musical events and concerts that celebrate the wide variety of genres and styles.

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Harar – A Colourful City That Demonstrates A True Tradition Of Ethiopia

Harar – A Colourful City That Demonstrates A True Tradition Of Ethiopia

Africa is becoming more and more of a popular destination for tourists all over the world. It seems that people are attracted by its unique and a bit wild beauty. Ethiopia is one of the leading countries in Africa when it comes to hosting foreigners. That should not be a big surprise as one might think, especially if you consider its rich history and mesmerising nature. The city of Harar is particularly popular among the various travellers lately. And here is why.

harar desert

Ethiopia and Harar – All You Need To Know

The Horn of Africa is a home to many countries but Ethiopia is probably the most beautiful of them – or so the people who have been there are saying. It is hard to say what will impress you more, its rich history or astonishing nature. Ethiopia is a land of differences – on one side you can see the vast deserts, but on the other side, you will be in the middle of dense tropical forests. The Lake Tana gives the country an even more impressive landscape. Although situated near the equator, Ethiopia’s climate is cooler than in other countries. That makes it perfect for travellers who are not used to African temperatures. One of its most beautiful cities, Harar, is located in the eastern part of the country where the temperature is milder.

The best way to reach Harar is by taking a bus from the capital Addis Ababa. Once you are there you can use the local mini busses that are always coloured in white or blue.

Harar kids withh a new ball

History – As Colorful As The City Itself

Harar is one of the oldest cities in Ethiopia which was founded more than three millenniums ago. The legends and ancient chronicles say it was founded by the mysterious people who originated from the Arabian peninsula. Ever since its establishment, Harar has been an important commercial centre with trading routes leading to all parts of Africa and even further. In the 16th century, the city had its Golden Age thus becoming the capital of the Adal Sultanate. During that time, Harar was the centre of art, science, and culture with hundreds of poets and writers living there. But the period of Golden age had to end soon, unfortunately, mostly caused by the wars which tore the entire Sultanate apart. Finally, Harar lost its independence and became a part of Egypt. In the late 19th century it was incorporated in Ethiopia and has remained part of it until today. Nowadays, Harar has kept its position as an important commercial centre but it has also become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire country.


What To See in Harar?

Harar is an ancient city and its colourful past is one of its main resources. There are truly many great locations worth seeing but some of them should simply not be missed. Anyway, the best starting point would definitively be the Old Town. It is completely surrounded by thick defensive walls which date back to the 16th century. There are five gates from that period too, plus another one built in the 19th century. The Emir Abdullahi Gate is definitively the most attractive of them but you can check out the nearby Shoa and Buda gates too. The Old Town itself is a true labyrinth of twisting narrow streets so it is easy to get lost. There are more than 80 mosques hidden in these streets and two of them date back to 10th century. You should definitively find the notable Jamie Mosque as well as the impressive Medhane Alem Cathedral. Also, be sure to visit the main square called Feres Magala where you can see local women wearing traditional colourful dresses. The tomb of Sheikh Abadir is another important landmark and most of the tourists usually go to the famous Smugglers’ Market. There you can get anything you can think of – for a right price, of course. These are just some of the major attractions in the city but you will surely have a chance to check out much more yourself.

harar streets

Accommodation In Harar – Not Many Options To Choose From

Harar is a unique place for many reasons, and one of them is that the city does not offer many options when it comes to accommodation for tourists. There are, indeed, several hotels or guest houses, each of which is somewhat modest and does not offer luxury at all. However, the good thing is, you don’t spend a lot of money for lodging either.

For instance, a very good solution for your stay in Harar would be Heritage Plaza Hotel. Once you see its building either in person or in the pictures, you will not find it very attractive. On the contrary, faded rooms are perhaps the first thing that will capture your attention. However, the place has its benefits as well, and one of them is the fact that all the rooms are extremely spacious as well as clean. A piece of advice to all of you who decide to stay in Heritage Plaza Hotel: ask for a room in the back part of the hotel, because you will have a balcony and a beautiful view on the garden.

The most luxurious and sophisticated hotel in the city is called Grand Gato Hotel. It has a decent building and offers 14 different suites to choose from. Each of the suites is spacious, it has a large bathroom as well as a balcony. Travellers will also be surprised by the modern furniture in the room, and by the polite staff, ready to assist with anything one may need.

And perhaps the most polite, interesting and traditional lodging suitable for your stay in Harar would be great Rawda Waber Harari Cultural Guesthouse. It offers warm welcomes to all the visitors and attracts travellers who wish to book accommodation in the heart of the city. All the visitors are welcome to have a wonderful breakfast in a nicely decorated living room. The guesthouse offers 4 rooms, but a not so good thing about Rawda Waber Guesthouse is that the rooms share 2 bathrooms. Hence, should you count for a room with your own bathroom, you should try finding another place for your stay.

However, in case you don’t like any of the above-mentioned lodgings, you may also try other hotels and guesthouses. For example, you can check Winta Hotel, Belayneh Hotel, Twodros Hotel, Wonderland Hotel and Ras Hotel. Or, you can visit Anisa Abdella Guesthouse and Zubeyda Waber Cultural Guesthouse and choose an option that suits you better.

In large, visiting Harrar can be a memorable journey where one will spot different things worth of his attention. But, luxurious lodging is one thing Harrar will surely not offer you. Hence, you can expect a modest, clean but in large, cheap accommodation in this Ethiopian city.

harar guest house

Cuisine in Harar – Restaurants Are An Excellent Solution To Satisfy Everyone’s Appetites

Opposite to the accommodation, the choice of food in Harrar is more than excellent. Aside from the great and tasteful traditional cuisine, the city offers a wide range of places and restaurants suitable for even the highest demands. If you want to eat well while in Harrar, try visiting some of the restaurants in the old part of the city like Fresh Touch Restaurant, or the restaurants that are located in the new town, like Hirut Restaurant. The first one offers international cuisine, and the second one is rather a place with traditional dishes.

When it comes to the traditional meals, it is important to mention injera – soft, spongy bread, served with almost any other dish in Ethiopia. The most famous dish in the country is ‘wot’. Actually, there are several variations of the dish but ‘wot’ always implies ingredients such as vegetables, spices, meat, and sauce. It is served on the top of injera and it is perhaps the most popular lunch or dinner with domestic citizens and tourists.

In case you did not know, Ethiopia is one of the countries where eating with your bare hands is extremely desirable. So, you just tear off a piece of injera, use it to grab some food, and put it directly to your mouth. At first, it may look disgusting, but after a couple of days, you get used to it.

church in harar

Cuisine in Harar – Restaurants Are An Excellent Solution To Satisfy Everyone’s Appetites

Opposite to the accommodation, the choice of food in Harrar is more than excellent. Aside from the great and tasteful traditional cuisine, the city offers a wide range of places and restaurants suitable for even the highest demands. If you want to eat well while in Harrar, try visiting some of the restaurants in the old part of the city like Fresh Touch Restaurant, or the restaurants that are located in the new town, like Hirut Restaurant. The first one offers international cuisine, and the second one is rather a place with traditional dishes.

When it comes to the traditional meals, it is important to mention injera – soft, spongy bread, served with almost any other dish in Ethiopia. The most famous dish in the country is ‘wot’. Actually, there are several variations of the dish but ‘wot’ always implies ingredients such as vegetables, spices, meat, and sauce. It is served on the top of injera and it is perhaps the most popular lunch or dinner with domestic citizens and tourists.

In case you did not know, Ethiopia is one of the countries where eating with your bare hands is extremely desirable. So, you just tear off a piece of injera, use it to grab some food, and put it directly to your mouth. At first, it may look disgusting, but after a couple of days, you get used to it.

bamboo house in harar

Get Lost In The City And Discover Amazing Things To Do While In Harar

The city as beautiful as Harar, and gifted with numerous colourful houses and small vendors is a true gem worth visiting. That is why people who visit Harar usually enjoy getting lost in the alleys, discovering magnificent traditional houses painted in any colour that exist in the world. Once you come across a traditional house you really like, check if you are allowed to visit it since many of them are offered to tourists in exchange for a couple of coins.

Another amazing thing to do while in this Ethiopian beauty is to go shopping on the market. Harar’s markets are magnificent places that offer extraordinary handmade souvenirs. These are not even that expensive and most of the visitors come back home wearing extra luggage reserved just for the souvenirs. Spices and various fabric are mostly in demand.

A lot of tourists are looking forward to the activity of feeding hyenas, which is a long-lasting tradition in Harar. Namely, you pay a 100 birr to watch hyenas as well as to feed them with rotten meat. So, if you are not too scared, don’t miss the chance for this interesting activity. You can read more about my hyena feeding here and watch the video of my experience.

hyena feeding

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ethiopia addis ababa

Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa – Ethiopian Capital On The Rise

 People are travelling more and more every year and one of the countries that have gained a lot from such a trend is Ethiopia. Located on the east of the continent, which is usually called The Horn of Africa, this beautiful country is a place you must see during your lifetime. It is a home to one of the oldest civilisations, plus it is probably the safest place on the entire continent. The capital city, Addis Ababa, is definitively the best starting destination for your Ethiopian adventure.

ethiopia addis ababa museum

Basic Info About Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a unique place in Africa for many various reasons. For example, it is perfect for travellers from Europe or North America since the climate is quite cooler than in other parts of the continent. Hence, people who are not used to hot African temperatures will simply enjoy their stay in Ethiopia. Addis Ababa is located in the foothills of a mountain called Entoto, which provides a healthy and pleasant climate to the city. Since the climate is quite the same throughout the year, you can visit Addis Ababa whenever you find the time.

Reaching the city is easy since there is a huge airport with good connections to all parts of the world. Once you arrive here, you can easily roam the city with modern trams or if you want to reach a specific destination you can hire a taxi or a minibus. They are quite cheap and in a good shape, so your trip will be more than pleasant.

ethiopia addis ababa hotels

The Unique History Of Ethiopia

Ethiopia is considered to be a cradle of the human race and a home to one of the earliest civilisations. The Old Testament has recorded a story of the ancient Ethiopian Queen called Sheba and her trip to Jerusalem. She met the legendary King Solomon and some legends even claim that she transported the Ark of the Covenant back to her country. Even today there is a monastery where many people believe the Ark is still being kept and guarded by the local monks.

Throughout the millenniums, Ethiopia was ruled by the various native monarchs and dynasties and it managed to remain the only African country that was never colonised. Ethiopia was briefly occupied by the Italians during the World War II, but it soon regained its independence under the rule of a famous Emperor Haile Selassie. Today, Ethiopia is a stable democracy and a home to the African Union. Addis Ababa is its thriving capital with numerous attractions that attract millions of tourists from all over the world each year.

ethiopia addis ababa

What To See In Addis Ababa?

Addis Ababa is still a hidden diamond which needs to be calmly explored. And the best way to do it is by visiting its National Museum. It is actually one of the world-class museums with millions of artefacts, some of which have global relevance. Probably the most famous of them is the replica of the famous Lucy – the oldest fossil of our human ancestors.

Ethiopian architecture is something that makes this country quite unique. Just take a walk from Meskel Square to Sidest Kilo and you will see some of the finest buildings in the city such as the Africa Hall (The HQ of African Union), then the Parliament building, Menelik’s Imperial Palace, The Haile Selassie’s Jubilee Palace and indeed many other significant buildings.

Ethiopia is a home to all Abrahamic religions and their temples are some of the major attractions in the city. Among many, you should definitively not miss a chance to see the truly unique Gola St. Michael Church with its famous old paintings. St. George’s Cathedral will also leave you breathless and the Anwar Mosque will do the same, or even more. While you are there, you should visit the nearby Mercato which is actually the biggest market in entire Africa.

ethiopia addis ababa

Hotels, Villas, Guest Houses And Campsites Readily Await For You

Even though Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, is not among the top tourist destinations in the world, the city still has an extraordinary offer when it comes to lodging. The good thing about Addis Ababa is that you will surely not see mobs of tourists on every corner, which in turn means you won’t have issues while booking a suite or a room in one of the hotels you find suitable for your stay. In Addis Ababa, one can find all kinds of accommodation, from low budget options, such as youth hostels, guest houses, campsites, and two-star hotels, to the most luxurious hotels and private villas. Moreover, you can find a suitable hotel in every district of the city, depending on your wishes or needs.

If you are one of those tourists who travel to worldwide destinations and stay in five-star hotels, Addis Ababa will make sure you choose the best option while staying here. For instance, some of the most famous hotel chains, like Sheraton and Hilton are situated in Addis. Thus, the Sheraton Addis is located near the National Palace, and it exceeds all the expectations when it comes to luxury. The hotel contains spacious, elegant and well-furnished rooms and suites, with balconies and excellent view on the entire city, as well as polite personnel, ready to assist you in anything you need. On the other side, the Hilton Addis Ababa is situated in the heart of the city, with an almost unimaginable offer. It provides you with superior accommodation, crystal clean water in its swimming pool and numerous restaurants to fulfil your sweet tooth in every occasion.

Luxurious villas are also a great option, especially if you find one in the richest district in Addis, Bole district. They are not only perfectly built and furnished, but they also fulfil their role, to make your journey and stay in the Ethiopian capital unforgettable, luxurious and dream-like.

Among other, perhaps less famous but most certainly very important hotels for tourists, are Jupiter International Hotel, Taitu Hotel and Ras Hotel. These are a great solution for the mid-range budget tourists who yearn for a hotel service but still don’t have enough money to afford the most luxurious lodgings in the city. All of the hotels have an excellent location and very good service.

But in case you feel comfortable while staying in guest houses or two-star hotels, then be sure you will not get disappointed. Choosing any of the guest houses will surely provide you clean and spacious rooms. So, you will save some money to cover other expenses while in Ethiopia.

The nature enthusiasts and camping lovers will find Ethiopian capital as well as the rest of the country a beautiful place to stay since there are many areas where you can put up a tent and enjoy the memorable nature landscapes. However, the price for paying a guest house or a campsite is equal. So, choose wisely between the two. Only those who truly enjoy camping will pay for a campsite in Addis Ababa.

ethiopia addis ababa

Cuisine In Addis Ababa – Perfect For Spicy Food Lovers

Perhaps you have never tried Ethiopian cuisine, but those who were lucky enough to eat a traditional Ethiopian meal will witness how excellent and tasty their food is. Every Ethiopian table is complete only if there is a large plate of ‘injera’ in the middle. ‘Injera’ is spongy flatbread made by using ‘teff’ grain. It is topped with vegetable sauce or some spicy meat. Generally, Ethiopian cuisine is characterised by various, delicious stews, so don’t leave the country without trying at least one of them.

For example, we recommend a traditional stew ‘wat’, made with chicken, lamb, beef or goat meat. What makes it so perfect is the red pepper ‘beriberi’ which comes in large quantities with this dish. Hence, if you love spicy food, ‘wat’ should be your first choice while in Addis Ababa. But, if you are one of the tourists that are not used to spicy meals, then you are welcome to try another, non-spicy version the ‘wat’ stew, called ‘alecha’. It does not contain ‘beriberi’ pepper, and this option makes many visitors full and satisfied.

Many restaurants in Addis Ababa also offer other traditional meals such as ‘iab’ and ‘kifto’. The first one is extraordinary curd cheese with herbs, suitable for vegetarians, and the second one is perfect for meat lovers since it is made of raw ground beef and it is served mostly cooked.

In case you wonder about drinks, make sure you try ‘tej’, which is a kind of a traditional drink in Ethiopia. It is made of honey and hops, and we are sure you will like it.

ethiopia addis ababa food

Things To Do In Addis Ababa

Having in mind that Ethiopia has a large number of markets, one of the things you can do here is shopping and bargaining. However, shopping in Ethiopian markets would be particularly interesting since the country has a long tradition of handicrafts and high-quality embroidered materials. Addis Ababa’s most famous market is Merkato. It is extremely large and divided into separate districts where visitors can buy distinctive goods. Therefore, clothing, food, souvenirs, or incense are all in different market districts, and one would need several days to find what he needs. But that is the beauty of Ethiopian markets.

But the most astonishing fact for all the new tourists to Ethiopia is that the country organises plenty of the festivals and fairs throughout the entire year. They are divided into cultural, sporting and religious events.

One such event is Ethiopian Film Festival, which is organised every year in May and visited by numerous famous people.

ethiopia addis ababa

Hyena Feeding In Harar


The motivation behind my most recent travels came from the tv documentary ‘Planet Earth’. I have always loved the series and dreamt about the opportunity to visit and explore each destination. One particular episode really caught my eye and instantly I knew that I HAD to do it, and that was an episode based in Harar in Ethiopia about a native man hand feeding wild Hyenas. After a lot of research and planning, my bags were packed and I was heading to Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is not only the oldest independent country in Africa but also the oldest in the world. I had set myself two main goals during my time in Ethiopia, firstly to backpack across the country and secondly to visit the hyenas in Harar. Harar is the capital of the Harari region of Ethiopia. The city of Harar is located on a hilltop in the eastern extension of the Ethiopian Highlands, about five hundred kilometres from Addis Ababa at an elevation of 1,885 meters.

Once I got to Harar, it didn’t take me long to learn all about Yusuf (whom I watched featured on Planet Earth). Yusuf has a close relationship with the hyenas, so you can imagine how excited and secure I felt.

After sunset the Hyena men would head out towards the edge of the city to the feeding spot, there are two spots for feeding, one being in the middle of nowhere and the other being at Flana Gate Slaughter House.

I arrived at the Slaughterhouse around 8 pm and watched the Hyena man call to the wild Hyenas in the ‘hyena dialect’ a mixture between English and Oromo, a unique and fascinating experience. The Hyena man has even given names to each of the hyenas which they seem to respond to.

hyena feeding

It took a few hours for the hyena man to call out the Hyenas, but it was an incredible experience to watch, he walked around the block calling on the wild hyenas to come to him. He would call to the hyenas with a basket of fresh meat from the butchers and they would answer him back, almost like pets. After a long 2 and a half hours of walking the hyenas around the block, they were ready for more human interaction, this time, from me.

I stood there watching in such amazement that I didn’t even realise he was calling me forward to hand-feed these animals. When I got closer, he asked me to kneel next to him, he held some meat above my head while the hyenas fed from his hand, just inches away from my face. I could feel the warm breath of the hyena, breathing down my neck and I can hardly express in words what I felt. But it was at this point that I felt the neck of a hyena rub against mine and for the first time I really appreciated the sheer power of these animals.

He handed me a fresh piece of meat, to feed the wild hyena from my hand. No stick like you may have seen others! Just my hand and this small piece of raw meat. Ahh, at last, the real reason I had come here, I was finally going to have the opportunity to do something I had longed to do. Of course, I was nervous, but I had to do it because I quickly reminded myself that unique opportunities only come around once in a lifetime. My first attempt didn’t go so well, mainly because I was so nervous, so nervous that I dropped the meat. Wouldn’t you after feeling a huge sense of power from these animals?

Nevertheless, I had to find the confidence and be the courageous man I have always been. I attempted for the second time and my second attempt was successful. I wasn’t as afraid this time, as I knew I had to hide my fear, especially when faced with these large and deadly animals. There were around seven hyenas nearby, but only three opted to come close enough to be fed. I would have loved to feed all of them, but the remaining four refused to comply and given that they are wild animals and could, cause serious injury or even death upon being provoked, the hyena man was wise enough not to prompt them to become violent by forcing them to come to him.

According to written records, hyenas have existed in Harar for over 500 years. Through extensive readings about hyenas in Harar, I discovered that the regular feeding of hyenas in this city did not start until the 1960s. This practice was initiated by a farmer who decided to feed the hyenas with fresh meat so that they didn’t invade his farms and attack his livestock.

Harar is presently a tourist hub for people who are interested in meeting and hand-feeding wild hyenas. Sometimes, the hyena men go as far as feeding the hyenas from their mouth just to wow the spectators. Tourists watch the show at a negotiable rate through a guide. However, recently the practice has been on a decline as a result of the reduced numbers of hyenas compared to many years ago.

Before heading off to Harar please remember these are wild animals and you do so at your own risk. Hyenas are the second largest land predators in Africa and have the most powerful jaws.

This is no game, these are wild animals and as tame as they may seem, precaution should be taken, Wild hyenas have been known to kill lions, ‘the King of the jungle’