History of Santorini and why should have it on your bucket list

Santorini greece

History of Santorini and why should have it on your bucket list

Santorini is a Greek island located in the southern Aegean Sea. It is around 200 km away from mainland Greece. Santorini is a part of the 220 islands which form the Cyclades, a name given to the group of islands in the Aegean Sea. In the past, Santorini has gone through phases of development and destruction. The island has transformed from the Minoan Akrotiri (Santorini as the homeland of culture), the Bronze Age (Thera volcanic eruption in Santorini), the Ancient Period (the time of Greek takeover), Medieval and Ottoman period, World War II to the Santorini as it is today. Even though the island was one whole called Thera during the 17th century BC, today the Santorini is made up of a group of smaller islands including Kameni Islands, Aspronisi, Therasia and Thera.

Santorini greece

The island has a long history of excavation and discovery, so it is of great importance to archaeologists and geologists who are interested in historical artefacts and land formation. Santorini’s rich history has allowed it to open a number of museums and excavation sites to tourists. These sites include Akrotiri Archaeological Site, Museum of Prehistoric Thera, Archaeological Museum Fira and the Akrotiri Archaeological Excavation Site. If you are a history lover hungry to learn about the land and people around the world, Santorini must make it to your bucket list!

Santorini greece

While Santorini attracts history lovers from all over the world, its scenic beauty also helps it boost its tourism. Whether it is Venice in Italy, Honolulu in Hawai, the Maldives or Santorini in Greece, there is one thing common in all of these places, their association with romance. Santorini is not just famous as a romantic destination but has also increased the interest of tourists towards it by being voted one of the world’s most beautiful islands by 2015 Travelers’ Choice Awards. The site has spectacular views of nature which offer peace and calm hence making it perfect for romantic getaways. While some of the spots on the island are busy and can be crowded such as the Red beach and the Kamari beach, there are beaches such as the Kolumbo beach which are more secluded and will allow you the comfort of some privacy with your loved one. Adding a cherry on top, it might be a good idea to enrich your experience of the island even further by renting a villa at a private beach to enjoy more exclusivity and tranquillity.

The gorgeous views of the sea and the sunset from a villa located on the seaside will help you make your honeymoon extra special. The chef, butler, private transfers and beauty and health services at your villa will not only make you feel extra special but will also give you the opportunity to sit back and relax. You may book for Santorini villas for rent including all these services on websites such as Loyal Villas Luxury.

Santorini greece

The multitude of options you have as ‘places to visit’ in Santorini makes it suitable for all types of visitors. The natural beauty, gorgeous beaches and the breathtaking sunsets can be enjoyed by not just couples but also families and individuals alike. Having activities such as hiking, boat trips and water sports such as scuba diving, the place must be a must visit on every traveller’s bucket list!

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Zante – The Gem Of Greece

Zante – The Gem Of Greece

Greece is always a good choice for travelling because no matter what taste you might have, this country will simply mesmerize you. This might be so simply because Greece has absolutely everything: culture, nature and history, and even more. You can explore it for decades and still miss at least a dozen of top tourist destinations. But the one place you should not miss is the island of Zante. Make sure you put it high on your list of locations because you must visit as soon as you can.

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The Ionian Gem

Zante is an Italian name for a Greek island of Zakynthos which is one of the true tourist Meccas. Some Greek islands are well known for wild parties, and others are more family oriented. Well, Zante is somewhere in between which makes it perfect for all the visitors. It is the third largest island in the vast Ionian Sea, located some 20 miles from the Peloponnese peninsula. If you look it from the air, you will surely notice its distinctive shape which resembles the top of the arrow. Half of the island is covered with high mountains and cliffs and the rest is covered with fertile plains. The entire island is surrounded by amazing beaches which are the main reason tourists come here.

The only real city on the island is the Zakynthos Town but there are many small villages all around it. Despite that, there is a modern airport placed on the island which allows people from all around the world to reach Zante without any difficulties. Other means of transport to and from Zante are the regular ferry lines. Once you are there, you can explore the area by using the public bus lines. You can also rent cars or scooters since these are cheap and available on every corner. But renting a car might be a better idea, though, since the island is hilly and you will need something more powerful than scooters.

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The Rich Past

As most of the Greek islands and areas so does the Zante have a long and interesting past. It was inhabited by humans from the earliest times, and it was first mentioned in the Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey. In the later period, Zante became the first democratic state in entire Hellenistic Greece, even before the Athens. After that, Zante was occupied by the Romans, the Byzantines, Venetians, French and British, and finally in 1864, the island became a part of the independent Greece. Unfortunately, Zante was almost completely destroyed in 1953 when a series of heavy earthquakes have struck the island. Only three building have survived its blows. The island was rebuilt in the following decades and today it is one of the major tourist attractions in the entire Greece.

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What Should You See?

Being a small island does not necessarily mean you can completely examine it and see all of its attractions. But some places you simply have to see. For example, the breathtaking Blue Caves placed in the north will show you the true beauty nature provided us with. Also, Cape Skinari is a part of this tour where you can see the most amazing panoramic view of the entire Zante. Be sure to bring a camera on this tour or you will be sorry for the rest of your life.

Zakynthos Town is a great place for spending your time. There are many bakeries and cafes where you can have a short break before roaming the town and its major attractions. The St. Dionysios Cathedral is the town’s landmark and one of the rare buildings that survived the terrible earthquake. There is an old Venetian Castle just above the town near the village of Bohali definitively worth visiting. You can still see the castle’s gate with the Venetian lion, plus the view of the town and island is simply incredible. You should check out the Byzantine Museum in the town too as well as the amazing Mansion of the famous Roma family.

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Lodging Capacities – Paradise For Visitors

Just like other Greek Islands, Zante offers various possibilities for your stay. And one may say that the hotels, resorts, villas, and houses are perfectly arranged all over the island, so you may well book any type of lodging anywhere on the island, except for in the hilly regions, of course. And again, accommodation providers will offer you the best possible service in order to make your stay on their island as pleasant as possible. Moreover, you will have the chance to find the best prices for accommodation. That is why even budget travellers very often decide to visit Zante during their vacation.

If you think of Zante as your possible destination for unpacking your luggage and sunbathing on the beach, then it is high time to get more information about the hotels, hostels, private accommodation as well as luxury accommodation. Every visitor yearns for a clean, spacious and well-furnished room with all the additional amenities, and that’s exactly what you will get in any of the suggested options.

Should you decide to save money of accommodation and this book a low price room or suite in one of the Zante’s hotels, then check out Hotel Castello Beach, Hotel Lestos, or Callinica Hotel & Apartments. They all have an excellent location and clean as well as spacious rooms, with caring staff who make sure that nothing will lack their guests. Hotel Castello Beach does not have a swimming pool but it is beachfront, so you may well sip your morning coffee from the balcony overlooking the sea. The other two hotels do have swimming pools, so in case you decide not to go to the beach, you may spend your day just being in the garden and having a short bath in the swimming pool.

In case you are in a search of a private lodging where you are given more freedom, as well as more responsibilities, such as the kitchen to cook and laundry to do, then think of Family Inn or Amoudi Studio Apartments. These cost from around $40 per night and they are more than affordable, especially if more people are traveling with you.
Zante is also well-known for its luxury lodging options. There are indeed numerous options for all those who are willing to pay more for the royal-like treatment while on a vacation. Hence, if you wish to enjoy all the benefits of the resorts, luxury villas and five-star hotels with all inclusive service, start your search right now because many of them are already entirely taken. However, we suggest you take a look at Zante Plaza Hotel & Apartments, Zante Maris Hotel, Filoxenia Hotel, Palazzo Di P Villa, Bozonos Villa & Spa and Cameron Villa. No matter which of these you might suggest, you will have unforgettable vacation and receive memorable service.

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Cuisine In Zante – One Reason More To Visit The Greek Island

Zante is among the rare places in Greece where you will have the chance to taste the authentic local cuisine, which is a must for all the gourmets coming to the island. Th Greeks simply enjoy the organic food, grown naturally and prepared domestically, and that is why anyone who comes as a guest will have the chance to eat like a Greek. The locals have always favored olive oil, fish, meat, tzatziki sauce, garlic and onion, eggplants and cheese and exactly these ingredients are mostly used when preparing different traditional meals.

So, don’t get back home without tasting the traditional moussaka – made from eggplants, bechamel sauce, and minced meat, pastitsio – baked pasta dish or skordostoumbi melitzana – which is a hundred cloves of garlic and eggplants dish. You will not only have the rich and large portions of these meals, but you will also enjoy the best taste ever.

And if you enjoy having desserts as well, have various fruit salads with yogurt or bought – puff pastry stuffed with cream and covered with icing sugar and cinnamon.

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Plenty Of Things To Do Besides Having Crazy Parties

Having different places to see, you will surely not feel bored while on Zante because there are also various activities you may attend either alone or with your friends and family.

One of the most famous excursions in Zante is the popular Zakynthos Shipwreck Excursion. It allows you not only to boat sail but also to explore the new sandy beach with a huge shipwreck. The sea is crystal clear and the beach allows you to have an excellent day full of sun and island research.

Apart from shipwreck excursion, you are also welcome to have a cruise for spotting the turtles. The activity is well-organized and people who get you to the place where you can spot turtles of all kinds will also provide you with the best possible service.

If you have children, you may take them to the Aqua Park in Zakynthos. There are countless water activities adjusted to the even youngest visitors.

guide on zante

I hope I have given you all the essential information in this Zante guide for a fulfilling trip. If I have missed anything out let me know in the comments section below.

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Rhodes – The Place Where Greece Is At Its Finest

Rhodes – The Place Where Greece Is At Its Finest

There are countries that you simply cannot miss, and you just need to choose them as your next vacation destination. Greece is definitively one of them due to the amazing nature, beautiful seaside with incredible beaches, rich history, and colourful culture. There are many regions in Greece you can visit, but the island of Rhodes is the crown jewel of the entire country, and surely for a good reason.

All you need or desire can be obtained in no time once you visit this beautiful island. So, start packing your bags and head to Rhodes, Greece.

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All About Rhodes

Rhodes is one of the largest islands in Greece, situated in the eastern part of the Mediterranean, just off the Turkish coast. It is well-known for its fertile soil and especially for its beautiful beaches. Many people will say that beaches here are the most beautiful in entire Greece.

The largest city on the island is the Rhodes City located in the north. The airport in the Rhodes City is well connected with the Greek mainland as well as with other countries. You can reach the island with the ferries too, particularly if you are fond of the sea. Cruising through the Mediterranean is truly a unique and remarkable experience.

Once you come to the island, you can easily explore it with a bus. There are regular lines to all areas of the island. But renting a motorcycle may also be a cool idea. They are quite affordable and popular among the natives, plus they will provide you with the complete freedom for roaming around the island.

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The Past of Rhodes

Rhodes is one of the most iconic Greek islands with truly impressive past. It was inhabited during the prehistoric period and Homer mentioned that Rhodes engaged in the Trojan War. During the Hellenistic period, Rhodes was a huge commercial and cultural centre. The Golden Age of the island was in the early 3rd century BC. That was the period of erecting the legendary Colossus of Rhodes – a 33 meters high statue of the Greek Titan called Helios – the God of Sun. It used to be the tallest building and one of the original Seven Wonders of Ancient World. Unfortunately, it stood there for only half a century since it was destroyed in a terrible earthquake. But in 2015, an idea of its reconstruction has emerged, so the Colossus may stand up once again soon.

During its past, Rhodes was conquered and influenced by various nations including Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Ottomans, and Italians. It was also a centre of Crusader Knights who have erected strong defensive walls which can still be seen today. In 1947 Rhodes was finally reunited with the rest of Greece and since then it has slowly transformed into a huge tourist destination.

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Rhodes’ Top Attractions – You Need To See Them

There are so many amazing places on the Rhodes one should visit, that it is almost impossible to count them all. But there are places you really should not miss to see. For example, the historic part of the Rhodes City with its labyrinth of old medieval streets is a must-see. You will definitively feel the essence of medieval times while walking down the narrow roads. Palace of The Grand Master is a great place for taking a few good photos and so are the incredible fortifications around it.

Epta Piges or The Seven Springs is a beautiful natural resort where you can enjoy in picturesque surroundings while taking a short walk. The Valley of Butterflies is another amazing place for all nature lovers. This is truly a unique experience so it would be a great shame to miss it.

Filerimos Hill is a place in the northern part of the island. There is an impressive monastery on its peak plus it is a great spot for observing the nature and sea.

There are other places you can explore once you arrive, but these should definitively be on top of your list.

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What Are The Best Lodging Solutions?

Besides being a magnificent tourist destination that offers everything from lovely beaches to breathtaking mountains, Rhodes is also an excellent place to visit if you consider accommodation capacities. It is simply a winner for every holidaymaker who knows what he wants. And when it comes to lodging, Rhodes is a very special place because the most popular type of accommodation on the Greek island is an old-town inn. There are many inns all around the island and they are mostly placed in the centre of the cities. Their popularity grows simply because of the fact that everything is near and the accommodation still fulfils all your demands. Plus, the price is more than excellent. However, many of the old-town inns have been closed lately due to the very loud music and noise coming from the nearby clubs and bars. But, if you still choose an Inn for your lodging, there are pretty interesting ones with a great location and where it is still possible to sleep at night. Search the Internet and you will surely find the inns that are excellent for your demands as well as for your budget.

And apart from the inns, just like any other tourist place, Rhodes offers a great variety of hotels, spa resorts, mansions, and villas. Hotels range from the modest ones, with two and three stars, to the most luxurious ones, where you just need to show up, and you will get everything you need in your hotel, even a bath suit if needed. The most luxurious hotel complexes are placed near the cities of Lindos and Faliraki, but other cities are also included. For instance, you might want to check out Kokkini Porta Rosa that consists of only 5 luxurious and heaven like suites, or Lindian Village Hotel where not only accommodation but also cuisine and additional activities make you stay there forever. Should you travel alone with your partner, and without children, you are welcome to consider Lindos Blu Hotel. It has simply all, outside and inside swimming pools, an appealing spa, many bars, and restaurants, a lot of shade and balconies that overlook the sea – even in the modest room categories. The place is always full, so you may try your luck well before your arrival to Rhodes.

And if your budget is somewhat limited, then there is a whole bunch of great places to stay in. In most cases, we are talking about hotels, but why not search the web and find a private accommodation that suits your needs. Check out Chrysa Studios, Malibu Boutique Studios, Villas Duc-Rhodes, or Kouros Home which is close to the Nudist Beach, for all of you who are interested in getting your skin tanned entirely.

Rhodes indeed offers you a great variety of possibilities and it is entirely up to you to decide where to stay, and how much to pay for it. The good thing is that you can find accommodation for every budget and the service will still be very good. So, start searching your desired lodging place.

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Cuisine In Rhodes – Are You Ready To Fulfill Yous Gastronomic Desires?

Greek cuisine is a true Mediterranean one, and Rhodes is not an exception to the rule. However, what makes Rhodian cuisine so special is the fact that everything you eat on the island is grown locally, from vegetables and fruits to meat and dairy products. Hence, once you arrive at the island, you will surely have a healthy diet and a whole better way of life. Rhodian cuisine can be divided into three segments: mezedes (or appetizers), the main course and the dessert.

Appetizers in Rhodes can be various and should you spend your vacation on the island, don’t miss the opportunity to taste some of them, like meliasti, avranies, gemista or rega. Meliasti considers the well-known feta cheese which is wrapped in phyllo and served with honey and sesame. If you opt for avranies, you will get wild asparagus with onions, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. A very popular mezedes in Rhodes is also gemista that consists of tomatoes and peppers stuffed with the mixture of meat and rice. And, of course, rega is something you just need to taste, a smoked herring in olive oil.

Main dishes in Rhodes usually use either fish or poultry and meat. Fish is consumed in every corner, and there is no restaurant in Rhodes that does not offer meals made with fish meat. We will suggest you only several excellent main dishes, and it is up to you to decide whether you like them or not. For example, there is an unforgettable barbounia, excellent gemisti supia or delicious kakavia. The first one, barbounia, considers red mullet (grilled or fried). Is is extremely delicious and tourists from all around the world enjoy eating it while visiting Greece. On the other side, gemisti supia is another great dish. It is made of squid that is stuffed with feta cheese and baked in a spicy tomato sauce. And kakavia is a typical Greek dish that considers a fish soup with fish fillet. It is very special and you should not leave Rhodes without tasting it.

When it comes to desserts, don’t miss the chance to have pancakes with honey and walnuts, yogurt with honey and nuts or baklava ice-cream.

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What Can You Do While In Rhodes?

Apart from historical monuments and similar attractions, Rhodes also offers many appealing activities to its tourists. For instance, there are numerous diving centres that offer you amazing tours under the sea. You will not only learn how to dive like a professional, but you will also meet many of the sea creatures, some of which are almost extinct. Of course, there are several watersports you can enjoy while in Rhodos. They are usually offered near the most luxurious hotels and resorts. But in case you don’t want to have an adrenaline rush, try finding excellent cooking classes or yoga retreat. These two will make you calm and ready for the busy day at the beach.

things to do in rhodes

Is there anything I have missed? Let me know in the comments section below. I’d love to hear about your favourite things to do in Rhodes.

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Top 8 Places to Visit in Greece

Top 8 Places to Visit in Greece

Renowned worldwide for its rich history, unique architecture, and undying love for olives, Greece definitely nears the top of every traveller’s destination list. The pristine country has a plethora of breathtaking mountains, forests and lakes, as well as thousands of rich islands, and is rightly ranked as one of Europe’s top travel destinations. Greece has tourists pouring in from all over the globe, every month of the year – below I’ve put together eight of the most enjoyable places to visit for the next time you plan your trip to this fabulous country!


The Greek Islands

The first and foremost attraction of the ancient country, a trip to Greece wouldn’t be the same if it didn’t begin within a tour of its many glorious islands. Greece is renowned for its bountiful isles, each reputed for its own beautiful characteristics. The most popular islands include Corfu (the setting of Prospero’s Island in William Shakespeare’s ‘Tempest’), Santorini, Mykonos, Milos and many more – before to visit each of them and experience their vibrant cultures to begin your tour of Greece in a lively way.

The Greek Islands 


We’ve all heard of this one… Athens, capital of Greece since 1834, and also popularly known as the ‘historical capital of Europe’. Your tour of Athens will most likely begin at the temple of Olympian Zeus and after several stops along the way will lead to the Acropolis: the sacred rock that stands guard over one of the most famed and magnificent pieces of architecture all over the world. The best-known structure is the Parthenon temple, dedicated to the Greek Goddess Athena, whom the Athenian people considered their patron. Make sure to tour all the luxuries that Athens has to offer, including the beautiful seaside and beaches.



Widely known as the official symbol of Athens and Greece, the Acropolis is the heart of Athens. It is a rough mound of rock that is encircled by three magnificent temples, the most famed of which is the Parthenon. Leading from the foot of the Acropolis is the Archaeological Promenade – a 2.5km walkway which leads to the other main attractions of Greece: the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Ancient Agora, the Roman Forum and the Kerameikos.



The Parthenon is such a fabulous structure in its own right that I thought it rightfully deserves a separate place on this list. It is a temple belonging to the Doric order and has eight columns at its façade and seventeen at its flanks. Athenians built the temple to honor their Greek Goddess Athena. The Parthenon was cleverly built to mesmerize its visitors with its beauty – after so many years today, the ancient structure still remains standing.


Samaria Gorge

Located in the National Park of Samaria in the Whit Mountains of Crete, the gorge is considered one of the greatest tourist attractions of the whole island. However, despite its lure, travelling the gorge is not for everyone; the tour consists of a 5 to 7 hour walk along rough terrain, and therefore visitors require a certain level of fitness and stamina to enjoy it. Samaria Gorge opens around May and closes near October (sometimes earlier if there are early showers in Crete). Samaria is a lot less crowded than the other tourist sites of Greece and is perfect for those looking for a little peace and quiet.

Samaria Gorge 

Santorini Island

Santorini earns a special place on this list for being the superstar among the many islands of Greece and being unlike any of the others. With its beautiful whitewashed buildings, glorious sunsets and white (also black) sandy beaches, the island unsurprisingly hosts a total of 1.5 million tourists a year. Feel free to arrange a tour with any of the numerous agencies available, swim the coast, tan on the beach or go on an unbelievably romantic cruise and view the crimson rays of the setting sun – Santorini is waiting to greet you with open arms.

Santorini Island


Second in popularity to the Acropolis, the Delphi is also another major tourist attraction, located just 180km from Athens. In ancient times, the oracle of Delphi was considered to be a spirit of Apollo; people from all over journeyed to the temple to ask questions about their lives or affairs of the state. Steadily the temple grew in name and recognition and is now frequented by travelers from all over the world.



Our last stop is Meteora – if you are searching for a place to escape the pressures and worries of your daily life, then Meteora is the perfect place for you. The Meteora Monasteries consist of a series of huge Meteora rocks. From ancient times people have considered the cliffs a place of peaceful and meditation and refreshment of the mind.


Greece is a country with rich, ancient history. Whether you’ve done your research on their Gods or not, do remember to visit these eight spectacular tourist spots.


Crete – A Paradise On Earth

Crete – A Paradise On Earth

Some say that the largest Greek island, Crete, is closest you can get to paradise on Earth. Well, they are not far from the truth because Crete has everything from a beautiful sea, amazing beaches, picturesque nature, to colorful culture and rich past. There is something for everybody, so planning your next trip here will definitively be an awesome choice.

crete paradise

Crete – A Small Universe

Crete is located just south of the Greek mainland, surrounded by Libyan and the Sea of Crete. It has a distinctive long shape and its nature makes it truly unique. Crete is a mountainous island with vast dense forests, numerous valleys, and gorges, dozens of rivers and two lakes. All of these have also affected island’s flora and fauna which is quite different from other islands in this part of the world. For example, there are no dangerous animals that could harm humans – other islands and Greek mainland have many of these. There are many bird species though, and various small mammals and lizards are native too.

The capital city of Crete is Heraklion, and other larger cities are Chania, Malia, Rethymnon, Sitia, and Ierapetra. There are three modern airports on Crete with numerous international lines. You can also reach the island by a ferry from the mainland of Greece. They are also a good way of transportation between the Crete’s cities. You can also use the public bus lines for roaming the island.

Crete - A Small Universe

The History of Crete

Like any part of Greece so does the Crete have a long and interesting history. In fact, Crete has older past than the Greece itself. Namely, Crete was a home to a great civilisation, long before the mainland. The Minoan civilisation left many interesting traces, plus it had a huge impact on the entire Greek culture. The legendary labyrinth made for Minotaur can still be seen today as well as other amazing artefacts.

Crete was also a home for other civilisations in a later period including the Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Venetians, and Ottomans. For a short period, Crete was an independent country too, but they soon decided to unite with the rest of the Greece. Today, Crete is a touristic and agricultural centre with modern infrastructure and big perspective of further development.

The History of Crete

Top Attractions in Crete

Crete is really full of various attractions that keep astonishing people from all over the world. It is impossible to even count them all, but some of them are simply too impressive to be missed. The Palace of Knossos is undoubtedly one of them. The vast residential complex of the legendary King Minos with its incredible frescoes will show you the true shine of this ancient civilisation. No matter where you stay, you should try to visit the Crete’s capital – Heraklion. This beautiful city, with its historic centre and a large marina, is a perfect place for having a great time. Its impressive architecture and various museums will help you understand Crete’s unique culture and rich history.

Samaria National Park is a perfect place for all nature lovers, and the main reason most of the people consider the entire island a heavenly place. It is under UNESCO protection and also a very nice place for hiking. You can also explore its gorge and various caves but be sure to hire a professional tour guide.

There are many churches, convents, and monasteries you can visit and some of them are almost a millennium old. And if you really want to feel the rhythm of the island and have an authentic experience, then you should definitively visit one of the native villages. There, you will be able to see the everyday life of the locals, plus you can try some of their delicious native dishes.

There are many other cool spots worth seeing but you will have to explore them on your own, once you come to Crete. You will not regret it, that is a promise.

Top Attractions in Crete

Every Possible Type Of Accommodation in Crete

Being the largest island in Greece, Crete is so well developed that tourists cannot get enough of it. The „Great Island“, how it is also called, simply offers all the possibilities when it comes to accommodation. That is why you can unpack your luggage everywhere, from modest variants such as hostels, campgrounds and two and three-star hotels, to rural villas, apartments, traditional guesthouses, and of course, luxury resorts.

And there are numerous different regions where you can stay, each of which is unique in its own way, and depending on what you want to experience, you can choose the part of the island. For instance, if you just want to have a rest and enjoy the magnificent sandy beaches, then try with the northern part of Crete. And if you want to wander through the hills and mountains, make a plan for a southern shoreline.

The different regions and their accommodation capacities welcome their guests on a daily basis. But to find the right lodging, you first need to know where in Crete you want to be. There are indeed many options such as Iraklio – that offer non-stop party program, Rethymno – that is meant for some quieter variants with the longest and most beautiful beach, Hania – that is excellent for outdoor activities, especially if you are travelling with a family and so on.

The prices are also acceptable, and even if you travel on a budget, you can find a suitable accommodation while in Crete. For instance, there are beautifully furnished and equipped cottages for $69 per night or if you plan to have a rural accommodation, search for Vamos Traditional Village, where you can stay for less than $55. When it comes to hotels, you can find excellent, spacious rooms with balconies overlooking the sea as well as with all the additional amenities for about $65 per night. Check out the great Porto Veneziano in Chania, Crete, or Samaria Hotel that will offer you anything you might need for $90 per night.

Those with the deepest pockets have a wide range of possibilities because Crete is indeed full of luxurious places to stay in during your vacation. The service is outstanding, and the additional amenities in the resorts are just unbelievably great. Perhaps you may want to see Ikaros Beach Resort And Spa, St. Nicolas Bay Resort And Villas, Anemos Luxury Grand Resort, or White Palace Grecotel Luxury Resort. They are all unique and extraordinary, perfect for making your journey an unforgettable one.

Accommodation in Crete

Cuisine in Crete Is Perfection – Ideal For Every Gourmet

Being one of the most popular islands in the entire world, Crete is simply amazing not only with its beautiful landscapes, historical monuments, mythology, and nature but also with its cuisine. One would say Crete is a real heaven on Earth for the gourmets. The climate in Crete is a very pleasant one, so it is no wonder that the island has the best olive oil in the entire country.

A variety of delicious food is also grown here. For instance, you can enjoy cheese and wine, but also various fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, strawberries, avocados, bananas, eggplants, cucumbers and tomatoes. Hence, don’t hesitate when it comes to food in Crete. Just enter the first tavern you see and order one of the traditional meals. You will surely enjoy them.

Dakos – Greek salad made of barley rusks and olive oil, topped with fresh tomato and goat cheese are a must while in Crete. Also, don’t hesitate to taste fried snails because they are a true delicacy, believe it or not. Cretan taverns will also offer you a meal that was eaten only on certain occasions in the past. The dish is called gamopilafo, and as you can guess, it was consumed only during wedding ceremonies. It is a kind of risotto, made in a rich meat broth, with a lemon juice and a special type of domestic butter.

Once you get to Crete, simply rush in the nearest tavern and order some meal, and don’t forget to try the fiery native alcohol drink called raki.

What Can You Do In Crete? Anything You Want!

Since Crete is full of never-to-be-forgotten beaches, visiting at least three most beautiful would be ideal while on your vacation here. Our suggestion for one of them is Balos Beach. It is located in the north-west part of the island and has turquoise water as well as white and pink sands. The water is warm and shallow, and the beach suitable for anyone who just wants to have some rest.

Hiking is also an excellent thing to do while in Crete. Namely, you already know that the island has some hilly regions, great for hikers and adventurers. Perhaps a visit to Agia Eirini gorge would be a good match for you. You can see wild chamois and other animals as well as enjoy the beautiful and green pine trees. Your hike will last no longer than 4 hours, and the time spent in Agia Eirini will surely be a memorable one.

A visit to a local market is also a must while staying in the largest island in Greece. There will surely be some very worthy finds such as herbs, sage tea, oregano and therapeutic dittany. Or, a very cool gift for your male friends back at home would be pen knives, especially those from the workshops of Sifaka street or Kanevaro in Chania, Crete.

There are plenty more activities and things to do in Crete, and only after deciding what region of this magnificent island you will be visiting, will you be able to research and discover your possibilities. But one thing is sure: you will not get bored in Crete!