things to do in riga

7 things to do in Riga

7 things to do in Riga

 With the holiday season right upon us, a lot of people are taking the opportunity to go on vacations and trips to enjoy the holiday season with their families, friends, loved one and in some cases alone. One of the best places to visit in this season is Riga in Latvia. Riga is filled with beautiful architecture and rich in history. Here are the top 7 things to do in Riga, Latvia:

1. Unbeatable view from St Peter’s church:

Riga is a city filled with churches and some cathedrals as well; while they are a sight to behold and offer great views from their tall spires, the view from St Peter’s is unbeatable. Visitors can reach the top by using the stairs, where they can admire the red roofs and cobbled streets of the Old Town, and matching the red colour from the land is the vivid blue of the Daugava River, which separates the city’s left and right banks.

things to do in riga

2. Take a walk in the Art Nouveau District:

If you have a thing for 19th-century architecture and art, then this is the place to go; presenting the Art Nouveau District just north of the Old Town. Here visitors can see the red brick and grey stone is replaced by the tall and colourful late 19-th century buildings with a wealth of sculpted details, often found with Classical influence. The district itself is large and central, making it the optimum place if you want to go for a long walk. If you want to go to the main spot then Alberta Street is where you should go; the district is also home to the Art Nouveau Museum.

things to do in riga

3. Have a sip of the Riga Black Balsam:

No trip is complete before one indulges in the local drinks of the place. Presenting the Riga Black Balsam, a liqueur made with many different plants mixed in Vodka. It is a must experience, and the good news is that it is available all over the city and is found easily is restaurants, bars and shops all over Latvia. You can drink it on its own or in cocktails, but be warned as it is quite strong and packs a big punch.

things to do in riga

4. Free Walking Tours:

This is a must do on any trip, not only do you get to walk around town and be shown the hottest spots around town, you also find out and learn about a tonne of hidden facts and information which you wouldn’t have otherwise known on your own. Luckily, there are free tours in Riga every day at 11 am and 12 pm.

things to do in riga

5. Have a peek inside the Sun Museum:

The name itself is enough to garner the attention of almost anyone you tell; the rather odd museum is entirely dedicated to how different countries and cultures view the sun. Even if the sun plays an important role in traditional Latvian culture, the museum’s big collection of almost 400 depictions of it comes as a surprise, as does the idea that someone travelled extensively just to look for them. All in all the place is best for some unexpected lessons in astronomy, at least will make for a decent anecdote.

things to do in riga

6. Enjoy the Colours of Central Market:

If you’re on the tour of Riga and want to buy mementoes or supplies, then this is the place. The Central Market consists of five pavilions built upon the old German Hangars in Art Nouveau style. Visitors will find plenty of opportunities to shop for supplies, souvenirs and will find quite a lot of hidden treasures. Not only is it a fascinating place for tourists but, unlike many markets in popular European cities, a real place of trade for many Latvians, who buy their groceries and everyday products there.

things to do in riga

7. End your day with the Charismatic Nightlife:

No tour can ever be complete without checking out the nightlife of the place, and thankfully there are plenty of opportunities where one can indulge in. There are many bars and clubs worth visiting such as the Rock Café, the I Love You bar, Space Dog, Nabaklab and ONE ONE to name a few of the places worth visiting to check out the nightlife.

things to do in riga

There are lots of great things to do in Riga and this is just a fraction of what Riga has to offer. Do you have a favourite thing you like to do? Can you add to my list? What do you recommend to do in Riga?

Riga castle

Ten reasons to visit Riga

Ten reasons to visit Riga

Riga also was known as ‘The Paris of East’ is the capital and largest city of Latvia. Riga is the land of beauty, Art and history coupled up with the diversity of people as it is the most populous city of the Baltic states. Visiting Riga is unquestionably one of the most amazing experiences that you will ever witness.

Riga is ranked as one of the most popular tourist destination of all times, but why is Riga a must-go destination? Here are 11 tempting reasons to pack your bags and visit Riga!

1. Architecture:

Riga is famous for its splendid architecture from its medieval town to the modern marvels whose prime example can be seen in the glorious The Stockholm School of Economics Riga is built upon centuries of history which reflects in the very buildings of this city. Another aspect of Riga is its fame in wooden architecture and people all over the world travel to Riga just to witness some of the oldest buildings following wooden architecture.

Architecture riga latvia

2. Riga Castle:

Ever wondered what it would be like to visit a castle so ancient that it almost sounds like a fairytale? Well, The Riga Castle was built in 1330! It is one of the oldest castles in Europe, situated in the medieval town of Riga this castle will most certainly take you back to the days of Kings and Queens!

Riga castle

3. Art Nouveau Buildings:

This particular reason makes the entire tour an appealing one as Riga is known for its finest collection of Art Nouveau buildings in the world! It actually makes up one-third of the buildings in central Riga. As Art Nouveau developed as a reaction against Eclecticism the buildings provide a glimpse of Ancient Riga.

riga latvia

4. Theatre and Opera:

Like all great cultural cities, Riga and its citizens highly value and appreciate opera. It is a fact that opera is something that is relished by the majority of the residents of Riga. The Latvian National Opera which was built in 1918 is considered as one of the oldest opera houses in Riga. This opera house is not only famous for its Opera but also it’s Ballet Troupe which is adored by the residents.

riga latvia

5. Sports:

The Residents of Riga are the craziest when it comes to sports! All kinds of sports are embraced by the city as Riga has hosted many global sporting events including the 2014 World Choir Games. Riga is also famous for its basketball and that’s for a reason as Riga has a rich basketball history. ASK Riga used to be the best club in Europe!
Some other sports are popular as well including football and Ice Hockey.

6. The Freedom Monument:

The Freedom Monument is a symbol of glory for the entire nation of Latvia as it represents their independence. Thousands of soldiers have died sacrificing their lives in the name of honour for this country. Hence the Freedom monument is a representation of all those who died for the freedom of Latvia.

rig latvia

7. War Museums:

Latvia has a great deal of history associated with wars including World War one and a lot can be learned by visiting one of their war museums. The Latvian War Museum is famous for its extensive collection of rifles that are a hundred year old. The interesting thing about this museum is that it initially started out as riflemen museum but later on developed into one of the finest war museums in the entire world. Several other museums can be visited as well including the Riga Aviation museum and Latvian Museum of National History.

riga museum

 8. Parks and Recreation:

If by any chance you are overwhelmed by the rich history, culture and traditions of Latvia then why not simply visit some of the most beautiful parks in the city. A major proportion of residents living in Riga like to go to parks for recreation and quite frankly the climate of Riga is so good that you might end up spending an entire day in parks. Some of the well-known and MUST visit parks in Riga are Kronvalda and Uzvaras Parks.

9. Vērmanes Garden:

The oldest public garden in Riga is the Vermanes Garden; this garden is essentially a reflection of the city itself. The statues, memorial of Anna Wohrmann and countless green trees is what make this garden a special place to visit.

riga park

10. Daugava River and Central Riga:

A trip to central Riga with a view of Daugava River in the background provides a surreal experience of the vast culture, diversity and history of this ancient city. Make sure that you and your family have a little picnic here!

riga latvia river view

 11. Nights in Riga:

Riga offers a unique nightlife experience from highest rated bars and pubs in the country to the madness that surrounds the locals in the old medieval town. And if you’re into poker then you have just hit the jackpot as you can play with party models of Riga! Furthermore, don’t forget to visit the Riga Strip Club as the night is just about to start!

Don’t forget the amazing skyline of the city; it even looks better at night!

All the reasons mentioned above have one thing in common and that is the amount of diversity the culture of Riga represents and the best part is that the people of this city are friendly and the company of them in a park or a theatre is an experience that anyone would relish.

Ok Ok, so that was 11, now you can see why you should pack your bags and head to Riga. No matter your background & Preferences, Riga has something for you! So what are you waiting for?

Have you visited Riga? What reasons would you give to visit?

history of riga

History Of Riga

Hiѕtоrу оf Rigа

Riga wаѕ fоundеd bу German trаdеrѕ, mеrсеnаriеѕ аnd сruѕаdеrѕ in thе ѕесоnd hаlf оf thе 12th сеnturу, by thе junсtiоn оf thе Daugava and Ridzene lakes.

In 1158, German mеrсhаntѕ established аn оutроѕt for trading with thе Balts оn the ѕitе thаt would bесоmе Rigа, and thе first mоnаѕtеrу wаѕ built in 1190. In 1201, thе newly-proclaimed Bishop оf Livonia, Albеrt, lаndеd in Rigа with 23 ѕhiрѕ of оvеr 1500 аrmеd сruѕаdеrѕ, and рrосееdеd tо сruѕаdе. After mаking Riga his biѕhорriс, he established the Ordеr оf Livonian Brothers оf the Sword after running оut оf роѕѕiblе shorter names. Luckily, they lаtеr bесаmе a brаnсh оf the much еаѕiеr tо remember Tеutоniс Knightѕ. Thаt ѕаmе year, Rigа officially bесаmе a сitу, аnd itѕ royalty and сitizеnѕ were соnvеrtеd tо Chriѕtiаnitу.

Thuѕ, Rigа as wеll аѕ Livonia аnd Pruѕѕiа саmе undеr thе аuѕрiсеѕ оf thе Holy Rоmаn (Gеrmаn) Emрirе. After the Rеfоrmаtiоn in thе 16th сеnturу, Riga, Livоniа аnd Prussia converted to Prоtеѕtаntiѕm. Mеаnwhilе, Rigа соntinuеd to funсtiоn mоѕtlу as a gаtеwау to trade with the Bаltiс tribes and with Ruѕѕiа thrоughоut mоѕt оf itѕ history, gаining a cosmopolitan population as wеll аѕ influences both frоm Pruѕѕiа, Russia, аnd thе Latvian population in the surrounding аrеа. Between 1561 аnd 1581 Rigа gаinеd thе ѕtаtuѕ оf a Frее Imperial Citу, but that was short-lived аѕ soon Riga саmе undеr thе influеnсе of the mightу Polish-Lithuanian Cоmmоnwеаlth.

history of riga

With nеw rulеrѕ саmе nеw religion, but thе nоw thоrоughlу Prоtеѕtаnt Latvians would hаvе nоnе оf thаt аnсiеnt Rоmаn Cаthоliсiѕm frоm the Cоmmоnwеаlth, and Riga was dеfеndеd during thе Thirty Years’ Wаr by thе King of Sweden, who gаinеd rulе оvеr the сitу in 1621 nоt оnlу fоr роlitiсаl аnd economic gаin but also in fаvоur оf Gеrmаn Luthеrаn Protestantism. Thе Ruѕѕо-Swеdiѕh Wаr оf 1656-1658 brought thе Ruѕѕiаnѕ to Rigа’ѕ dооrѕtерѕ, but mаnаgеd tо kеер thеm оut until 1710, whеn Peter thе Grеаt invаdеd thе сitу аnd аnnеxеd it intо the Ruѕѕiаn Empire, where it rеmаinеd аn industrialised роrt сitу until World Wаr I.

Throughout the mаnу ѕtrugglеѕ аnd tаkеоvеrѕ, Rigа mаintаinеd its German heritage, despite the imроѕitiоn оf Ruѕѕiаn in 1891 аѕ thе оffiсiаl lаnguаgе in the Baltic рrоvinсеѕ. But thе demographics were ѕlоwlу сhаnging, and Lаtviаnѕ bеgаn to supplant Gеrmаnѕ аѕ thе lаrgеѕt еthniс grоuр in thе city in thе mid-19th сеnturу. An increasingly рrоѕреrоuѕ Lаtviаn middlе class аnd bоurgеоiѕiе mаdе Rigа a centre of thе Lаtviаn National Awаkеning with the founding оf the Riga Lаtviаn Association in 1868 and the оrgаnizаtiоn оf thе first Lаtviаn Song Fеѕtivаl in 1873.

All thiѕ wоuld change in the turbulent 20th сеnturу. World Wаr I brоught thе Russian Rеvоlutiоn аnd the German Army mаrсhing tо Rigа. In 1918 thе Treaty оf Brеѕt-Litоvѕk wаѕ ѕignеd, giving thе Baltic countries tо Gеrmаnу. But bесаuѕе of the Armiѕtiсе with Germany, Gеrmаnу аnd Ruѕѕiа rеnоunсеd that treaty, giving Lаtviа and thе оthеr Baltic Stаtеѕ thеir firѕt tаѕtе оf indереndеnсе. After mоrе than 700 уеаrѕ оf Gеrmаn, Swedish, аnd Russian rule, Lаtviа, with Rigа as itѕ capital сitу, thuѕ dесlаrеd itѕ independence on November 18, 1918. But аѕ these thingѕ соmmоnlу gо in this rеgiоn, indереndеnсе did nоt lаѕt long аt аll, аnd thоugh Rigа рrоѕреrеd аnd developed a democratic, parliamentary ѕуѕtеm оf gоvеrnmеnt with Lаtviаn as thе оffiсiаl language, Wоrld Wаr II brоught еvеrуthing сrаѕhing dоwn.

history of riga

Stаlin’ѕ shady deal with Hitler lеd the Soviet dictator to оссuру аnd annex Lаtviа in 1940, but thеn Hitlеr саmе mаrсhing bасk tо сlаim thе Bаltiс state between 1941-1944, until thе Rеd Armу ѕеizеd it bасk. Thоugh 1945 brought the еnd оf the hоrrоrѕ оf wаr аnd thе tug-оf-wаr between thе two ѕuреrроwеrѕ over the Bаltiс lаndѕ, the dаmаgе hаd been done, with thе Jеwiѕh population of Riga dеvаѕtаtеd, hundrеdѕ оf thоuѕаndѕ of Latvians dеаd аnd thоuѕаndѕ in exile in соuntriеѕ аll оvеr thе world. In аll, Lаtviа lоѕt оnе-third оf its population and itѕ independence, officially becoming a Soviet Rерubliс. Pеrhарѕ Rigа’ѕ turbulеnt history оf occupations iѕ bеѕt documented in the еxсеllеnt Muѕеum оf Occupations in thе сitу.

Thоugh Sоviеt оссuраtiоn undoubtedly changed the аrсhitесturе оf Riga, it also changed its demographics significantly. Hundrеdѕ оf thоuѕаndѕ of Lаtviаn “Nаzi соllаbоrаtоrѕ” were dероrtеd tо Sibеriа, whilе hundreds оf thоuѕаndѕ оf Russians аnd non-Latvians from other Soviet rерubliсѕ were еmigrаtеd intо thе city and соuntrу. Bу 1975, lеѕѕ thаn 40% оf Rigа’ѕ inhаbitаntѕ were ethnically Latvian. But luсkilу thе еnd оf thе 1980ѕ and thе bеginning оf thе 90s brought thе toppling оf thе Soviet Emрirе, аnd after many ѕtrugglеѕ, Lаtviа dесlаrеd itѕ full dе facto indереndеnсе оn August 21, 1991.

In recent decades, Rigа hаѕ developed intо the key finаnсiаl and trаdе сеntrе оf thе Baltics. It iѕ thе сulturаl аnd political сеntrе оf Lаtviа, home tо mоrе than a third оf thе соuntrу’ѕ рорulаtiоn аnd thе main driving fоrсе of thе Lаtviаn economy.

Riga has hоѕtеd numerous events of international significance, rаnging frоm thе Tаll Shiрѕ Rеgаttа to the NATO ѕummit, frоm the Eurоviѕiоn Song Contest tо a Eurореаn Cарitаl оf Culturе.

history of riga

In 2001, Rigа сеlеbrаtеd its 800th anniversary аѕ a city. Tоdау, Lаtviа iѕ a full-fledged mеmbеr оf the Eurореаn Union, a huge rеаѕѕurаnсе for a country thаt’ѕ bееn оссuрiеd dоzеnѕ mоrе timеѕ than it’ѕ bееn independent, and Rigа соntinuеѕ tо thrivе, thоugh it’ѕ Gеrmаn аnd Russian раѕt iѕ juѕt аѕ рrеѕеnt аѕ itѕ Latvian future.

In Rigа, hiѕtоrу iѕ еvеr-рrеѕеnt in thе ѕtunning hiѕtоriсаl buildingѕ, in thе tributes tо historical events, but thе atmosphere iѕ dоminаtеd by a youthful аnd сrеаtivе energy. This fuѕiоn of past аnd present can bе fеlt еѕресiаllу wеll in Rigа’ѕ numerous сrеаtivе quarters, whеrе the historical has bееn рrеѕеrvеd, renovated, уеt the еvеntѕ hеld there аrе distinctly уоung, сrеаtivе аnd соntеmроrаrу.

history of riga

Hiѕtоrу of Rigа in Dаtеѕ

12th сеnturу: Riga was officially fоundеd.

1282: Rigа joined thе Hanseatic Lеаguе.

1581: Rigа gаinеd thе ѕtаtuѕ оf a Free Imреriаl City

16th century: Rigа wаѕ lаrgеlу rulеd bу the Pоliѕh.

1710: Riga was аnnеxеd intо the Ruѕѕiаn Emрirе by Pеtеr thе Grеаt.

1918: Lаtviа gоt itѕ independence, but lоѕt it tо the Wоrld Wаr II.

1934: A соuр wаѕ propagated whiсh еѕtаbliѕhеd a nationalist diсtаtоrѕhiр.

1940: Riga was оссuрiеd bу Soviet forces.

1945: Riga ѕаw an end of thе hоrrоrѕ of wаr аnd the tug-оf-wаr between thе two superpowers.

1991: Lаtviа dесlаrеd its full dе fасtо indереndеnсе, with Rigа аѕ its сарitаl.

Riga Guide


Arrived in Riga, Latvia from Tallinn, Estonia by bus for 18 euros. It took 4 hours in total and I used the bus company, Lux Express, I found his company to be very reliable, friendly and a professional service with great free tea/coffee facilities.
Latvia is a country on the Baltic Sea between Lithuania and Estonia known for its strong national identity, diverse culture, modern cities and landscapes ranging from wide beaches to dense, sprawling forests.
Riga is Latvia’s largest city and capital, it is a cultural centre with museums and concert halls known for its wooden buildings, medieval Old Town and art nouveau architecture. Set on the Baltic Sea at the mouth of the River Daugava.

Riga’s old medieval town is a city full of pretty architectural buildings, sculptures and small pretty parks to relax.

Hotels are a very reasonable price in Riga as was everything else in Riga.

Riga is a city that has a lot to offer from exciting museums to great nightlife and streets packed full of coffee bars to sit back, relax and enjoy taking a step back in time.

The food is a very good price, you should expect to find a lot of pork offerings such as pork ribs, pork neck and pork loin as well as different pasta and pizza dishes.

Riga is a very nice medieval city and it really is like taking a step back in step.

Riga certainly has enough to keep you entertained for a couple of days.

Getting from Riga airport to city centre Riga

Riga International Airport is approximately 5 km south of the city centre.

The easiest way from Riga airport to Riga old town is to get a taxi for 13 euros, you will find these right outside the airport.

Public bus no 22 runs the route of Riga airport to Riga’s city centre which will cost 2 euros.

Mini- Bus route 222 which takes you from Riga airport to Riga’s central bus station for 1.50 euro.

All tickets can be bought ON the transport method and remember to valid your ticket.

Travelling Around Riga

For travel within the old city, I would suggest to just walk. However, there are around 10 tram lines, 20 trolleybus lines and 50 bus routes taking you to every destination possible.

You can buy tickets from the bus driver at slightly more, post office, ticket machine ad supermarkets.

1/2/4/5/10 rides costing 1.20/2.40/4.50/6 euros

A 1- day ticket cost’s 5 euros (£4)

A 3- day ticket cost’s 10 euros (£8)

A 5- day ticket cost 15 euros (£12)

Do not forget to activate your travel card on the first journey or face a big fine.

Click the Logo for the great company I used for my Vienna card.

Latvia’s, Riga Card

A Riga Card gives you free travel on all pubic transport and also has great savings on over 150 things to do including museums and sightseeing tours.

24 hours: 25 euros (£20)

48 hours: 30 euros (£24)

72 hours: 35 euros (£28)

If you’re in Riga for a few days I really would recommend getting the Riga card as each attraction itself can cost around 5 euros (£4), around 4 attractions at a discounted price and you’ve saved.

Accommodation, Eating and Drinking in Riga, Latvia

Hotels and hostels budget for every price range with:

Hostel’s in the centre of Riga can be found for around 10 euros (£8) per person.

3- star hotels with 2 sharing a double room with breakfast can be found from around 32 euros (£25).

4- star hotels with 2 sharing a double room with breakfast and spa facilities can be found for around 50 euros (£40).


If you’d rather, you could find a 5- star hotel for 482 euros (£380).

Restaurants are in the central area of Riga and are not too expensive.

If you were looking for a 3- course meal in a mid- range restaurant you could expect to pay 20 euros (£15 and a beer for 2 euros (£1.50).

If you were looking for a single course meal in an inexpensive restaurant you could expect to pay 7 euros (£5).

For nightlife in Riga

Riga has great night live with good bar crawls, click this link for the pub crawl I join and I can highly recommend them for a good night

This pub crawl really makes for a good night out in Riga

My perfect hotel in Riga, Latvia.

Click, image for link.

Highly recommended,

In the heart of the old town of Riga

Professional service and the staff really know their stuff about Riga.

Museums worth a visit in Riga

A lot of museums are free with the Riga card, so if you plan to see a lot of museums and sights it’s worth getting the Riga card at 25 euros.

Latvian National Museum of Art.

Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation.

Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum.

Latvian War Museum.

The National History Museum of Latvia.

Latvian Railway museum.

Things to do and must see in Riga

St. Peter’s Church is a Lutheran church in Riga and enjosy great views of Riga

Riga Town Hall Square where you can sit back and relax with a coffee and enjoy the architectural buildings and see the famous house of blackheads.

KGB Building File No. 1914/2014 worth taking the tour and very interesting.

Cat House is just a restaurant but interesting to see the cat on top dating from 1909.

The Small Guild is a building situated in Riga, Latvia, at 3/5 Amatu Street. The building was erected in the years 1864—66 after a project by architect Johann Felsko in Neo- Gothic style.

Riga Castle is a castle on the banks of River Daugava in Riga, the capital of Latvia. The castle was founded in 1330. This structure was thoroughly rebuilt between 1497 and 1515.

Free things to do Whilst in Riga, Latvia

Take a free walking tour, yes, It’s free (tips excepted but not expected).

The Freedom Monument is a memorial located in Riga, Latvia, honouring soldiers killed during the Latvian War of Independence. It is considered an important symbol of the freedom, independence, and sovereignty of Latvia.

The Three Brothers, Three buildings built next to each other r different times. Keep your eyes peeled as they are hard to spot.

Pilsetas canal is perfect on a nice day to kick back and relax on the greens.

The Nativity of Christ Cathedral, Riga, Latvia was built to a design by Nikolai Chagin and Robert Pflug in a Neo- Byzantine style between 1876 and 1883, during the period when the country was part of the Russian Empire.

Also plenty of churches and cathedrals to pop in, however, a few have an admission fee.

Article on Riga

Time In Riga

This time we made our way towards the capital of Latvia, Riga. Considered as the pearl of architectonics, Riga holds a significant place within the entire Latvia and Baltic. It is gladly counted amongst the list of UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage. Around 700,000 inhabitants reside in this largest city in Baltic States.
We stepped into this great place through booking a flight. Well, you can easily get direct flights to this city from Asia, Africa, America, and Europe as well. Riga International Airport is located quite close to the city centre. Moreover, Air Baltic offers simple and suitable links to this multicultural Latvian city.

I was surprised to see a variety of interesting stuff in Riga, to me it was an incredible destination to spend my summer holidays where I completely relaxed and rejuvenated myself to the fullest. There’s no harm calling it a place where centuries meet as you would witness each century has significantly impacted the city, leaving behind rich historic remains. One surprising thing about Riga is you’d see the old historic cultural heritage co-exists concordantly with modern lifestyle. Since Riga is located in the centre of the city, you can step in the city through any means of conveyance with great ease be it by air, railway or sea.

The prime reason of choosing Riga, Latvia was, I needed the perfect break comprising of great music, dining and wining altogether.

It’s a known fact that Music is regarded as an integral part of the Latvian Culture and once you’re here in summers, it’s a blast of some amazing mini music festivals and concerts that are conducted frequently throughout the summer season. I attended ballet and opera sessions and really enjoyed the sacred music.

While staying at Hotel Neiburgs, I stepped out to satisfy my hunger pangs. Heading to the roof top restaurant off the cathedral square, I indulged into delectable summary sensational main courses that were really affordable starting from £7.

Wandering in this beautiful city, I decided to visit Jurmala. You must be a bit confused about the term *Jurmala*, it actually means Seaside in the Latvian language. Walk on shimmery golden sands and relax in wondrous Spas out there. It isn’t located far away; just a quick ride by train will take you to the glimmering Latvian beach.

Wandering in this beautiful city, I decided to visit Jurmala. You must be a bit confused about the term *Jurmala*, it actually means Seaside in the Latvian language. Walk on shimmery golden sands and relax in wondrous Spas out there. It isn’t located far away; just a quick ride by train will take you to the glimmering Latvian beach.

Walking through old town’s pebbled streets; each era has marked structural scratch including segments of vigorous archaic defences, medieval churches, and flamboyant townhouses along with museum buildings. Don’t miss out to visit the spacious Dome Cathedral; I remember I had to wait in a long beefy queue to buy entrance tickets. Book your tickets in advance to avoid the massive rush.

On my way for cruising to “The Darling”, I came across an unpolished Kipsala island, where a number of wooden houses were located closely to each other. Returning back, I headed on to the Bastion Park and guess what I found…

Lovely swan houses and so many shady benches to relax and get a watchful view of park!

My next move was to explore the most popular and prominent Art Nouveau Museum, which serves as home to a cluster of Riga’s spectacular and wondrous art pieces and décor. In order to enjoy nightlife in Riga, do enter the sleek and hippest wine bar KID. Finally sipping my favourite beer with live piano in background brought an amazing night life to an end.

My trip to Riga, Latvia all over has been an amazing one.

Article submitted by “The Ghost”

For essential information on things to do and museums to visit during your time in Riga. Visit this site’s Riga’s page. All information is written from first-hand experience to give you a truly terrific trip in Latvia.