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Travel Guide For Langkawi

Travel Guide For Langkawi

Langkawi located on the west coast of Malaysia is an archipelago made up of ninety-nine islands. The interiors of the main island are filled with jungle-clad hills and picturesque paddy fields. Surrounded by turquoise sea, it is a paradise for the nature lovers. There are plenty of tropical gems hidden in this treasure trove that comes with excellent diving opportunities. Well known as the “Jewel of Kedah.” Langkawi is all about trees, beaches, and sunsets. Once here, you will never feel like leaving the paradise. All you need to do is to book cheap hotel in Langkawi and feel at home in the lush forests, waterfalls, caves and white sand beaches, plus, not to forget those mangroves. Different resorts and hotels are priced differently so as to fit in all kinds of tourists and visitors, based on their price ranges and preferences. You could easily get a budget hotel or make extravagant spend on a lavish hotel.

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The best time to go to Langkawi

Weather always plays an important role when planning a vacation. Langkawi weather stays stable among all Malaysian islands, and the temperatures are fairly consistent and remain at 30-35°C during the day. This is what makes it anytime a perfect time to visit Langkawi. The dry season lasts from December to February while the rainy season lasts from March till November.

Where to stay in Langkawi

As Langkawi increases in its popularity so does the number and options of accommodation. One can find affordable guesthouses, elegant hotels, and luxury resorts, that have only multiplied in number and are diverse enough to suit every need and budget. Just look for the best booking hotel rate to find the best sunny beachside bungalow or a jungle hideaway. Langkawi accommodations and hotel come with generously sized rooms and views to die for.

Popular activities in Langkawi

There is plenty to do and see in Langkawi.  One could go for bird watching, sailing, mangrove kayaking and jungle trekking. The more laid-back travelers could just laze around on the beaches with a good book or a cocktail. The surrounding jungles and pristine beaches here are simply impressive. Get a bird’s eye view of the island from Mt. Machincang as the SkyCab car system takes you there. Telaga Tujuh waterfall is arguably the most impressive and touted as the island’s most beautiful natural attraction. Kuak Town is Langkawi’s most developed area with modern shops, hotels, and restaurants. Do not forget to visit the island’s most prominent landmark, the Eagle Square. Langkawi Wildlife Park and Underwater World are worth a visit. Another must do is the mangrove kayaking tour. Enjoy the experience as you get swallowed up by the thick and flourishing mangroves.

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Shopping in Langkawi

Apart from those pristine beaches and mountains, Langkawi’s duty-free shopping is the next best popular activity. One can buy any item under the sun such as sports shoes, perfumes, cigarettes, liquor and chocolates and more. It is indeed a shopper’s paradise, and the handmade souvenirs and apparels of the island remain much in demand. Look for authentic batik and songket prints and one can bargain to lower the prices. Langkawi hosts a night market that is organized at different locations.

Eating out in Langkawi

Food in Langkawi exists in a great variety and is reasonably-priced. There is indeed no shortage of restaurants on the holiday island of Langkawi. One can enjoy both local as well as international cuisines such as Japanese sushi or Russian borscht. There is a wealth of local delicacies to be enjoyed here. Some of the hot favorites are the rice bowl, Malay dish nasi tomato, and ayam masak merah – chicken in red sauce. You will love the pineapple and peanut salad – acar nenas.

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