Malta – A Small But Precious European Country That Is Surely Worth Visiting

Malta – A Small But Precious European Country That Is Surely Worth Visiting


Small countries rather than the large ones seemed to be more attractive to tourists in the past few years. It might be because they are easier to explore, or their miniature size makes them more mysterious as well as interesting. Well-known is the fact that Malta is one of the smallest European countries but people simply adore it and keep visiting this incredible island nation. Indeed, there are many reasons for travelling to Malta and this post is aimed at showing you only a few of them.

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The Mediterranean Beauty

Malta is, in fact, a small archipelago located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea just of Sicily. There are many islands in this archipelago but only three of them are inhabited. Malta is the largest island, and other two are called Gozo and Camino. The landscape of the islands consists of numerous natural harbours, plains and low hills. The highest peak in Malta – Ta’ Dmejrek, is just 250 meters high.

The capital city of Malta is called Valetta, but Birkirkara is the largest and most populous city. The easiest way to reach Malta is of course by plane, but boat lovers can also use regular ferry lines from Italy. Traveling around the Malta can easily be done by local buses or taxies, or you can simply rent a bike. Renting a car is also highly recommended. If you want to move from one island to another you can use boats or seaplanes which are quite affordable and cool.

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The History of Malta

One might be very surprised to find out that this tiny country has such a long and rich history. First traces of humans on Malta are dating back to the Neolith and the earliest urban society was founded by the Phoenicians. They used Malta as an important harbour for trading all over the Mediterranean Sea. The Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Crusaders, French and the British have done the same for centuries.

 In the 16th century, Malta had become an independent state under the rule of the Knights Hospitallers who have successfully defended the island from various attackers including the large Ottoman forces. Despite long siege and mighty army, Ottoman Sultan Suleyman had to give up. But Napoleon’s forces were more efficient a few centuries later when Malta was occupied by the French. Their rule lasted for only two years and was followed by the British occupation. The British rule lasted until 1964 when Malta finally regained its independence.

Today, this small Republic is a thriving place and a member of the European Union. Plus, it is one of the top tourist destinations in all Mediterranean.

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Top Attractions in Malta – What Would You Choose?

Small country plus rich history equals hundreds of attractions. This easy mathematics is the best answer to Malta’s tourist offer. Another great thing about Malta is that you will not have to look hard for major attractions since they are literally behind the corner. You can start your adventure in Valetta, which is a huge museum in the open. St. John’s Co-Cathedral is its top landmark and be sure to get inside where you can see tombs of the famous knights. The Palace of the Grand Masters will leave you breathless and those who are into ancient weapons should definitively check out the armoury placed inside the Palace.

You should also go to the Mdina or the Silent City and witness the magnificent architecture of this impressive fort.

The Hypogeum is another cool spot which attracts tourists and so are the other megalithic temples scattered around the island. These are some of the oldest structures in entire Europe, hence it is obvious why they are popular for visiting.

If you want to see and feel the real Maltese everyday life then you should go to Gozo. It is more rural but Gozo’s authentic surroundings are perfect for trying some of the native dishes, for example.

This is why every adventurer should inevitably come to Malta and have his own Malta experience. Malta is simply a country to give you memories that will never fade away, for a good reason, of course.

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Where To Stay While In Malta?

Even though Malta is a small country, it offers an endless list of opportunities when it comes to accommodation. Before starting your journey and booking your lodging, it is advisable to decide how much money are you willing to spend on your accommodation in Malta. Then, when you finally go through your funds, you are ready to opt for one of the numerous accommodation options. Having in mind that the country is deeply into tourism, then it is no wonder that travellers are welcome to choose from resorts, luxury villas and hotels, hostels and apart-hotels, farmhouses, private apartments and host families.

It is also a good option to think about why you want to visit Malta, and once you think about your preferences and wishes, then you are also ready to decide which part of the country you want to visit. For instance, if you are a person who enjoys beaches and sea, you will feel better in the Northern part of the country, in the areas of St. Julian’s, Mellieha, or Bugibba. There are countless hotels, resorts, and private apartments readily awaiting just for you. The Juliani Hotel is an excellent chance for every traveller to enjoy Maltese hospitality, tasty dishes as well as beautiful beaches. This boutique hotel is placed right on the beach and offers rooms overlooking the incredibly beautiful sea. The Juliani Hotel has outdoor swimming pools, especially the one on the rooftop, which is extraordinary and suitable for all those who want to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and a deep shade. And the most important thing is the price, which is not high at all if you take into consideration the service and the location. One may pay only $85 for a double room, and if you are lucky enough to visit the Juliani Hotel in September, you may even pay less.

However, if you want to enjoy the culture and history of the country, plus you don’t want to stay in overcrowded areas, the capital Valetta is the right place for you, believe it or not. Valetta is not a busy town at all, but in recent years it managed to gain its popularity thanks to already mentioned cultural and historic attractions. These are all the reasons why many of the hotels in and around Valetta have been built only a couple of years ago. Hence, if you choose to visit the capital, you may think of staying at The British Hotel that offers a very cheap accommodation, from only $55 per night, but what is crucial about the British Hotel is that it has the most spectacular look over Valetta’s Harbour. Or perhaps you may want to stay at a somewhat more expensive as well as luxurious variant such as Trabuxu Boutique Living. This place that offers thematically arranged and furnished apartments will make your journey even more interesting. In Trabuxu Boutique Living, you can have an excellent and domestic breakfast that involves Maltese pastries and extremely delicious coffee.

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Maltese Cuisine – One Of The Most Important Things In The Country

You will not meet a Maltese who will not recommend you to try the local food and dishes while in Malta. The Maltese pay a lot of attention to their food and they always cook passionately. Hence, don’t hesitate to taste the local food which is said to be very healthy but also calorie-dense sometimes. Maltese bread is a must, with its hard and crunchy crust on the top. It tastes like nothing you have tried before and you can buy it everywhere you go, the whole, sliced or whatever else you like it. Maltese tasty bread is served in all the restaurants together with the main dishes, so you will not have the chance to avoid it.

When it comes to main dishes, an inevitable part of the local cuisine is, of course, fish. It has always been popular on the island, and once you reach Malta, be sure to try some of the most popular fish among the local population, such as Lampuka, swordfish, sea bass, and grouper.

A big surprise to all the gourmets who come to Malta for the first time can be a main dish that involves rabbit meat. Sometimes, the Maltese eat it with spaghetti and tomato sauce, and sometimes you can find it in a dish called Stuffat Tal-Fenek, which is, in fact, a very tasty stew. No matter what option you choose, you will ask for more and don’t eat too much if you don’t want to gain some weight in Malta.

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Plenty Of Things To Do And Try In Malta

All those who have visited Malta at least once agree on one thing: You can never be bored while in Malta, and there are always plenty of interesting activities one can do. For instance, you can take the underwater safari and get to know the aquatic life of Malta. The safari is organized from Sliema to Bugibba, and it is pretty awesome. If you love snorkelling, then Malta is the right country for you. Being an island, you can go snorkelling wherever you want, but the most popular place for snorkelers is the Anchor Bay, placed near the Popeye Village. All the car lovers are welcome to attend the Grand Mdina Prix – the races are spectacular, and they occur in October. Of course, all the water activities such as windsurfing, water skiing or jet skiing are also offered, as well as biking tours and walking tours. One can go bird watching or landscape capturing, or indeed doing whatever one wishes. Malta is really a country full of opportunities, and should you visit it, don’t dare to miss them.

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