Amsterdam – The City That Writes Memorable Stories

Amsterdam – The City That Writes Memorable Stories

Amsterdam is one of the most vibrant cities in the world and a place where you won’t need a lot of time to get used to the amazing and memorable attractions and events. It is the absolute synonym of freedom, liberal and interesting lifestyle and a true cosmopolitan centre of the world. Amsterdam’s essence and way of living will definitively conquer your soul but those are not the only reasons. You will simply adore this city. Amsterdam has a long and interesting history and its architecture makes it one of the most memorable places on Earth. So if you are ready for an amazing adventure the Dutch capital is definitively a place you want to visit!

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The Place That Defies Nature

The Dutch Metropolis is located on the shores of river Amstel and it is the largest city in the Netherland. You can often hear people calling it Venice in the North since the city’s area is carved with numerous canals just like in the Italian beauty. Amsterdam is an important tourist centre in Europe, so there are many cool events throughout the year. But still, you might try to avoid coming here in winter. The days are quite shorter and it can get very cold, hence you may not be up for a lot of sightseeing. And that would be a great loss for every traveller.

Of course, reaching Amsterdam is not difficult and you can literally come here by ground, air or sea. Whatever choice you make, it will not be a bad one since you will be enjoying the trip. Roaming around the city is also a piece of cake thanks to a modern, affordable and efficient public transport.

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The Frenetic Development of the City

Once you visit Amsterdam it will be almost impossible to accept the fact that this amazing city used to be a small fishermen village. It was mentioned in the 12th century for the first time, and it had almost no significance for the next few centuries. But in the 17th century, there was an immense change. Amsterdam’s Golden Age had started and the city soon became the first true centre of the world.

 The Netherland managed to gain its independence from Spain and Amsterdam became the capital of the young state. It became the world’s biggest trading centre and a starting point of numerous trading and exploration missions. Vast new buildings were erected, dams and canals were built, the port kept being busy and people from all around the world started to settle in here. Amsterdam soon became the centre of art, science, and culture. Today, Amsterdam is one of the most vibrant cities in the world and a place where word “boring” does not exist.

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What You Should Not Miss

You should probably stay for a year in Amsterdam to see most of its top attractions. The city has amazing landmarks on every corner and we will just give you main directions for places you must not miss. We have already mentioned Amsterdam’s incredible architecture and visiting its untouched historic centre. The historic heart of such a lovely city is packed up with medieval wooden houses which will bring you back in the ancient times.

Roaming over the canals will be a unique experience and will lead you to many unique buildings in Amsterdam. The Canal Ring is perhaps the best quarter for visiting if you want to see impressive 17th-century mansions.

Probably the most famous quarter in the world is the famous Red Light District which does not need any special introduction. Also, this is the area where you can find some unique museums such as Sex Museum or Hash Marijuana & Hemp Museum. If you are in the mood for the more mainstream type of museums then Rijksmuseum is the place for you. Try not to miss the Vincent Van Gogh Museum or the Anne Frank House.

And just to mention, this was a very, very short list of places you should visit while staying in Amsterdam. But as mentioned before, there are awesome things in every corner of the mesmerizing city of Amsterdam, so be sure to check them out as soon as you get the chance.

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Find Your Best Accommodation Option

In an active, popular and perfectly organized city like Amsterdam, it is impossible not to find a perfect match when it comes to lodging. The city offers all kinds of accommodation, and no matter what are the purposes of your visit, you will always have a wide variety of possibilities that suit every budget. For instance, if you are visiting the city either for a romantic weekend, for business purposes or just because you are a travel enthusiast, there will be a vast number of accommodation choices to suit your needs and demands. If you are visiting for the first time, you will soon see it for yourself that Amsterdam’s hotels are in the range from the basic to the most brilliant ones, which is why travellers all over the world are attracted to the Netherland’s capital.

Hence, if you are travelling on a budget, a great alternative to hostels and hotels are the numerous campsites placed on different locations within the city. There are various kinds of pitches including youth campsites, family oriented camps and so on. Therefore, travellers need not bother with where they will leave their motorcycles or caravans. The good thing is that campsites are concentrated both in the centre of Amsterdam, as well as on its borders.

Another excellent option for all those who travel to Amsterdam, but have saved a decent amount of money for their trip is a B&B. Depending on the purpose of your trip to Amsterdam, you can book B&Bs in different locations of the city. So, all of you who want to see the beautiful natural landscapes and green surfaces are welcome to make a reservation in Heerlijck Slaapen op de Zaanse Schans. Here, you will also witness the unique area of 17th-century houses and churches that simply lure you to visit them. There are plenty of B&Bs in Amsterdam, and perhaps you should first check them all, before deciding on the best one. Among other options, we also recommend Wladimir Studios, Urban Lodge Hotel, WestCord Art Hotel Amsterdam, Art’otel and La Remise.

When it comes to hostels in Amsterdam, they are as liberal as the entire country. Hence, you can choose among many hostels where there are options of sleeping in the dormitories or in private rooms. If you are liberal enough to sleep with other people, sometimes even unfamiliar ones, then dormitories are a better and cheaper option. However, if you still yearn for some privacy, don’t hesitate to book a private room that will surely fulfil all your expectations. So, if your first demand is the central location of a hostel, then you may choose Amsterdam Hostel Annemarie or Flying Pig Uptown. But if you opt for a special location, then make a research and find the desired hostel. It is important to know that almost all the hostels in Amsterdam are budget friendly with an excellent service and a nice atmosphere. If you are more for a youth hostel, don’t miss the chance to stay at Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark.

Regardless of the fact that thousands of tourists visit Amsterdam on a daily basis, the city still has a lot of accommodation capacities, and when we talk about hotels, it has to be mentioned that the city disposes of more than 350 hotels in all locations. If you don’t have a limit on your budget, you will first have to check Hotel de l’Europe, which provides you with all-inclusive and best of the best service. With the view over the Amstel river, and with tremendously spacious rooms, balconies, and toilets, you will enjoy every second of your Amsterdam tour. Apart from Hotel de l’Europe, you may also look for The Dylan Hotel or  Waldorf Astoria. Be that as it may, there are numerous options for you. Hence, you don’t have to be worried about not having the place to stay at during your visit to the capital of the Netherlands.

The novelty in accommodation options in Amsterdam is the lovely houseboats that are placed on the canals of the city. These can be both, affordable accommodation and a whole new experience with a lot of advantages.

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Cuisine – An Inevitable Part of Your Visit to Amsterdam

No matter how weird, scary of already familiar the name of the meal in Amsterdam may sound, you should definitely give it a try because the food in the Netherland’s city is simply awesome. Apart from the international restaurants or those based on only one type of a cuisine, there are many places that offer only traditional meals, specific for the region of the Netherlands and its capital city.

One of the meals praised by all the visitors is the raw herring. At first, it looks perhaps unattractive, but be sure that once you try it, you will instantly have the desire to order another portion of this extremely tasty dish. It is served with onions and pickles, and if you like, you can even get it served as a sandwich. Raw herring can be found on the numerous stalks, as well as in the restaurants. Once you try it, you will be thrilled.

Should you want to feel the ultimate comfort while in Amsterdam, find a place that serves stamppot dish. It is also a traditional Netherland’s dish made of mashed potatoes as well as other vegetables, including kale, carrot, onion, and sauerkraut. You will usually get a sausage served with the meal, so all those who enjoy eating meat will not be deprived of pleasure.

All of those who just adore soups should try Netherland’s most famous soup, called snert. This is a perfect mixture of peas, celery, pork, leeks, and onions. If you visit Amsterdam during the winter, you will find snert all over the city from the street vendors.

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Things To Do While In Amsterdam

It is impossible to be bored in a city with a vibrant climate, hundreds of events, thousands of attractions and sightseeing destinations. That is why Amsterdam should be among the first ticks on your ‘to-visit’ list. However, if you are tired of visiting historic, cultural and artistic spots, you can still have a lot of fun in the capital of the Netherlands.

The first activity you have to do is canal cruising. If you have arrived at the city, and seen the lovely canals, it is a pity not to cruise as well. So, contact the operators in charge of cruising in Amsterdam, and book your cruise ticket, which will lead you to investigate some of the city’s UNESCO protected sites. Perhaps the best operators in the city are Stromma and Blue Sky.

You can also hop on the bike and experience the city as the locals do on a daily basis since Amsterdam’s residents just adore biking through the town either on business purpose or in their leisure time.

But should you move out from the city and visit the incredible windmills and witness the fascinating Dutch landscapes, take a boat and make an excursion to some of the fishing villages nearby. You will surely be amazed by the entire region and what is more, you will yearn to come back here as soon as possible.

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The Hague – Political Centre Of The Netherlands Will Exceed Your Expectations

The Hague – Political Centre Of The Netherlands Will Exceed Your Expectations

Although a small country, the Netherlands is quite interesting and unique, plus it is absolutely beautiful. Amsterdam is its largest city and nominal capital, but Hague is, in fact, a place where most of the crucial Government institutions are seated. Moreover, this amazing city is the residence of the Dutch King, as well as the place where International Court of Justice holds its tribunals. Hague is quite a big city and it attracts tourists from all around the world mostly because of its amazing history and even better seaside resorts.

The Real Center of the Netherlands

Hague is the Netherlands’ third-largest city, located on the shores of the North Sea. It is mostly known for its amazing sea resorts Scheveningen and Kijkduin. Also, Hague is the political as well as a commercial, cultural and touristic centre of the entire country. But in spite of all of that, Hague is not as vibrant as Amsterdam. People living here enjoy in a less hasty and quieter way of living.

Reaching Hague is easy through The Hague Rotterdam Airport – the distance between these two cities is less than 30 km, so they share the same airport. Getting around the Hague is easy thanks to its modern and efficient public transport. Most of the people use light rail or trams, but buses are also very convenient.

History of the Hague

The Hague was established in the early 13th century, and for most of its history, it was just a small town. The situation remained the same even after it became a home to the Dutch Government in late 16th century. But from the middle of 19th century, the Hague began to develop at a much higher rate. The cause for such a situation was a fact that Government institutions started to become more and more powerful.

The city was heavily damaged during the World War II due to a heavy bombardment of the Nazi V2 rocket installations. But after the war ended, Hague became one of the largest building sites in the entire Europe. The whole city was rebuilt and modernized in just a few years.

Today, Hague is the third largest city in the Netherlands and it is a home to vast green parks and other commodities, which attract millions from all corners of the world.

Top Attractions – Don’t Leave the City Without Seeing Them

Although Hague is not as vibrant as Amsterdam, it is still an awesome place to go to, especially since there are numerous attractions. Visiting its historic centre is an obligation. You will be able to see buildings from Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque period almost in the same place.

Plein is Hague’s main square where most of the government buildings are situated as well as some of the best restaurants and bars in the entire city. Right next to it lies the Binnenhof – the medieval castle turned into a seat of the Dutch Parliament. It is completely surrounded by amazing buildings from various periods of history. You can see mansions dating back to the period between 13th and 19th century.

There are many great Museums in Hague, but Museum de Gevangenpoort, with its collection of medieval torture instruments, is among most interesting and most popular. Bredius Museum is another cool spot, especially for the art lovers. Mauritshuis is also a magnificent Museum with interesting artefacts such as personal items of the King William V or the drawings of various artists, including Johannes Vermeer, Rembrandt van Rijn, and Andy Warhol.

There are many other extraordinary places to visit in this awesome city but you will have to check them out yourself. The list is simply too long for this text despite all of them being super awesome.

Accommodation in the Hague Is Easy To Find

Being the third-largest city in the Netherlands, the Hague offers a vast number of possibilities when it comes to accommodation capacities. Of course, it considers not only luxury and all-inclusive lodging options, but in addition, you can find literally anything you need in accordance with your budget. As anywhere else in the world, hotels and hostels are the most popular types of accommodation. However, having in mind that the Dutch people have somewhat freer views of life, visitors to the Dutch cities may also experience other kinds of lodging that are quite affordable.

In the last couple of decades, tourists cut on the expenses wherever they can, and accommodation is the first one where they tend to save money. The same money is, again, later directed to sightseeing tickets, museum tickets, various excursions and so on. For that reason, bed and breakfast lodging accommodation became extremely popular among the tourists. This kind of accommodation is not only cheap and affordable, but it also satisfies basic needs of the visitors – clean sheets, nice room and the most important meal of the day, breakfast. The Hague is not an exception when it comes to B&B accommodation type, and every new year, more and more breakfast and bed possibilities are offered to the tourists. Hence, if you are one of those who is happy with the service of B&B, you are lucky because the Hague will offer you the chance to book this kind of lodging even in the central part of the city. Our recommendation is Emma’s B&B. But there are also many other options. All you need to do in advance is to search the offers online and make sure there are free rooms for you and your fellow travellers.

Another great option, which provides you with a complete freedom and privacy is to rent a private apartment. The possibilities are endless and no matter what time of the year you decide to visit the Hague, you will surely find a suitable apartment, that not only has all you need but also does not cost a fortune. One of the suggestions is the Scheveningen Delight, located around 2 km from Maurodaum. It is easy to reach all the major parts of the city, and the apartment is well-equipped with kitchen appliances as well as other supplies. Another excellent option is Calliope Apartment, being only 500 meters away from New Babylon. It will undoubtedly make your stay in the Hague an unforgettable one since it has everything you may need. The Calliope Apartment will simply make you feel the homelike atmosphere, and the best part is that you may quickly arrive at any part of the city.

In case you are a person who is used to staying in hostels, we have great news. Hostels in the Hague are amazing, and for a very good price, one can get more than decent service. Visitors to the Hague can not only find central-part locations, but they can enjoy the interiors of the hostels as if they were in a range of middle-class hotels. A good option of a hostel is most certainly Stayokay Den Haag. It provides you with the possibilities to stay in the dormitories or to take private rooms. It is usually aimed at young people, but the careful, nice, and polite staff of the Stayokay Den Haag Hostel tend to attract business people as well as families. For that reason, there are special offers aimed exactly at these categories. All you need is to contact them and wait for the best offer. In case Stayokay Den Haag is entirely booked, you may try at Jorplace Beach Hostel or Kingkool.

Hotels are, on the other hand, always popular, and tourists never lose their interest in booking one of the hotels with amazing offers. The Hague’s hotels are readily awaiting the tourists, with plenty of them being built every year. However, the most popular ones are Hotel Des Indes The Hague, Hampshire Hotel – Babylon Den Haag, Badhotel Scheveningen, Hotel Sebel, Carlton Beach and De Pier Suites Hotel. Some of them are luxury oriented hotels, providing their visitors with the royal-like treatment, and the others are three and two-star hotels with great service and affordable prices. All you need to decide on are the locations. Choose the one that best suits your needs, and your stay in the Hague will be the best experience in your life.

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The Most Famous Meals To Try While In The Hague 

The Dutch cuisine is not so popular and familiar in the world, yet tourists are still advised to taste traditional meals while in the Netherlands. The thing is, to really get to know the tradition, culture, and customs of a country you are visiting, you also need to know its cuisine. The truth everyone knows about the Dutch cuisine is that it is quite simple. It uses a lot of vegetables, and very often fish or some other meat is added to the meals.

Should you want to have a good traditional lunch in the Hague, try to find restaurants that offer uitsmijter. This is a phenomenal dish, made of 3 sunny sides up eggs, served on top of the ham. Cheese and bread are also placed under the eggs and ham. If you enjoy vegetables, you will get a small portion of salad next to the dish. The salad usually involves tomato pieces, a bit of cabbage, and onions.

Dutch pannenkoeken is another interesting suggestion for the gourmets in the Hague. These come in a size of a plate, and the cooks usually describe them as the pancakes that stand between French crepe and American pancakes. However, these differ in the toppings, and they are usually served with the pieces of pineapple and sugar syrup called stroop.

Apple cake is a traditional meal that falls in the dessert department. You can find apple cake in every cafe as well as a restaurant, and for all of you who are curious, the Dutch apple cake considers deep dish apple pie topped with whipped cream. It is excellent and we are sure you will simply adore it once you taste the amazing Dutch dessert.

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Choose Among The Various Things To Do In The Hague

The Hague is full of interesting things to see and do, and if you are one of the tourists who besides visiting art galleries and museums also likes to investigate the city alone, then you are in the right city. You can always buy tickets for various excursions and picnics, but our suggestion is not to miss Scheveningen en Kijkduin, a beach in the backyard of the city of the Hague. Here, you can enjoy various sports activities, paddling, kiting and surfing. But long beach walks are also a must.

What is more, the Hague is perfect for shopping tours since it has numerous centres with super high outlets and world-famous stores. One of the centres is Hofkwartier. It offers unique products and things you never dreamed to buy in the Hague.