Barcelona beaches

7 things to do in Barcelona

7 things to do in Barcelona

If you’re looking for a great vacation this year, you can’t just ignore Spain. Not only is it one of the most famous tourist spots in the world, it’s absolutely genuinely beautiful. There are tons of things one can do over at Barcelona, but it’ll take forever if we tell you all of them. So here are the top 7 things to do in Barcelona:

Drop by at the La Sagrada Familia:

You absolutely cannot visit Barcelona and not see this. It is perhaps the most iconic tourist attraction in Barcelona, and also in a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the best-known works of Antoni Gaudi, who was a Catalan architect famous for his radical architectural designs. The church, however, is still under construction even after its master has passed away. Projected date of completion is predicted to be 2026.

Get a bite to eat at the food market:

Every town in the world has a food market where people, you guessed it, get food items and ingredients. And Barcelona’s food market is known as La Boqueria. Its located at Ciutat Vella district and holds an entrance to the famous Las Rambla, which is THE party place if you want to let loose. Coming back to the market, you can get all assortments of fresh goods ranging from seafood all the way to veggies. You can also get some cheap snacks on the way to go as well over here.

food market barcelona

Camp Nou Stadium:

You cannot come to Barcelona and not mention this stadium because it is home to none other than the Barcelona football team. If you’re lucky then you can catch a game while you’re there. If not, then you can book a stadium tour along with the FCB museum. Camp Nou also has one of the largest Nike stores in Europe packed with Barca merchandise. This place is unmissable for Barca fans and football fans in general, a must visit.

Wander around in Gracia:

The Gracia is actually a district that is made up of several neighbourhoods in it, sounds boring for a traveller? Not exactly because there are several attractions you can visit here. Most of the well-known attractions here are designed by none other than Antoni Gaudi (about whom we already talked about), notably the Parc Guell and Casa Vicens. In addition to these, there are several notable squares in the district that are worth seeing.

The El Raval:

If you’re looking to party then El Raval is the place to go, just two blocks away from the famous Las Rambas but why would you go there when you can go to the Rambas? Well, the El Raval is very close to the port AND it is known as Barcelona’s Chinatown. It was once infamous for its nightlife, cabarets and prostitutes and now years later the place has changed but the beautiful architecture is still there and the ‘party spirit’ as well. Now it is a lively place, home to artists, backpackers, students and more. There are plenty of bars around the area, so if you want to do a pub crawl, this is the place.

Gracia barcelona

Free museums on Sundays:

If you have a thing for art or history, then I have a treat for you. Usually, during the weekdays the museum fees are quite hefty and might damage your budget, but on Sunday the museums are free. There are quite a few around the city and you can visit them all and learn something new, without paying even a penny.


Barcelona is known for its lively festivities that are dating back from history. There is always something happening in Barcelona throughout the year, so no matter whenever you go you’ll find something. One of the most notable fiestas is the Fiesta de Barceloneta, which happens in June during midsummer celebrations. There you can witness castellars (human castles) amongst many other things. You can also enjoy fireworks at the beach during this time. Now for this purpose, Las Ramblas is the place to go where the streets are filled with people in their devil costumes dancing to the beat of the drums, having a good time.

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7 Things To Do In Fuerteventura

7 Things To Do In Fuerteventura

The Canary Islands are one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, with thousands of people flocking there for their vacations. The oldest and the second largest of the Canary Islands, Fuerteventura, is situated in the Atlantic Ocean. Geographically its close to the African continent but it has plenty of its Spanish spirit. There are tons of things to do in Fuerteventura, but we’re limiting to only 7 here today. Here are the 7 things to do in Fuerteventura:


Fuerteventura Beaches:

This one is pretty obvious and the first thing you’d expect from any coastal area. Fuerteventura has 50 km of gorgeous shorelines, with crystalline waters fading into the horizon. The characteristics of the beaches differ along the island, but you’ll find something for you so don’t worry about that. The beaches of Jandia, Playa del Coete, El Cotillo and La Concha are worth a visit.

Fuerteventura Beaches

Corralejo Natural Reserve:

If there’s one thing you cant absolutely miss, its this place. It’s a must-see, and it contains the largest dunes in the Canary Islands. The dunes stretch for about 10km from Puerto Remedio to La Salina and a host to an array of protected local animal and plant species. The dunes’ origins are organic because they formed from the disintegration of molluscs’ shells and other sea creatures. Because of the strong wind, the reserve’s beaches are some of the most favoured spots for surfing.

Corralejo Natural Reserve

Fuerteventura Sports:

The Canary Islands are well known for their surfing and windsurfing opportunities, and the best place to do that is Fuerteventura thanks to its strong winds and high waves. If you want to have the absolute best experience, then the optimum place on the island would be the western and northern coasts of the island where the waves are higher. If you still want something more then you can try the local sports, such as the el Juego del Palo, a local martial art form played with a stick, and Canarian boules.

Fuerteventura Sports

Explore the Rural area of Fuerteventura:

One of the best experience of visiting an area, any area is visiting the locals and spending time with them. But not just any locals, the ones that live in the country, the rural areas. You’ll have a great opportunity to do so in Fuerteventura as the island is widely known for its rural tourism. You’ll have no trouble finding rural accommodations where you can experience a more authentic Canarian experience.

Explore the Rural area of Fuerteventura

Isla de Lobos in Fuerteventura:

Located only 2 km from Fuerteventura this is a wonderful day trip destination. It’s easily accessible by a ferry that leaves every day from Corralejo on the north coast. It is a picturesque mini-paradise for fishermen, sun-lovers and adventurers alike. The place was home to many monk seals which gave the island its name. An important landmark for the island is the Punta Martino Lighthouse, which once housed the last human inhabitants of the place; the lighthouse keeper and his family. They left the island and then the lighthouse became automated in the 1960s.

Isla de Lobos in Fuerteventura

Salt Museum in Fuerteventura:

Yes, you heard that right. South of Calesta de Fuste you’ll find the Salinas del Carmen and the Museo de la Sal. Here you will see every step of the process of making salt out of the ocean waves. You can take two tours here, one inside the museum and one outside in the actual salt sea mines. In the museum you can explore the long history of salt, the uses its served across the ages and continents and the beliefs and superstitions attached to it. You’ll have a rare opportunity to see how the salt mines work up close.

Salt Museum in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura  Sculpture Park:

Have a thing for art? I have the perfect thing for you. Presenting the sculpture park, this curious open-air sculpture park is located in the capital city Puerto del Rosario and has around 100 sculptures made by different local artists. The sculptures are set up along a pathway for visitors to explore, which makes it very pleasant to stroll around as you enjoy and appreciate the natural beauty of the plants and trees, with the manmade beauty of the sculptures in tandem.

Sculpture Park Fuerteventura:

mallorca nightlife

Things To Do In Mallorca

Things To Do In Mallorca

Mallorca is a place on this earth that has been visitors with sun, sand and sea for over 60 years. Sure, everybody knows that but not a lot know that there are tons of adventure activities, superb architecture, diverse watersports and an amazing very hospitable culture. It has 10 million annual visitors so it’s doing something right. Here are the 7 things you can do in Mallorca:

Hike up the Serra de Tramuntana Mountain Range:

This mountain range is one of the most natural and unspoilt areas on the Balearic island of Mallorca. It is populated with deep pine forests and rich olive groves, and the steep limestone cliffs and deep valleys are dotted with traditional Spanish farmhouses. Want to have the best experience? Start your hike in Lluc, Soller and Pollenca and then hire a local guide as the limestone mountains can be difficult to navigate. Or alternatively, hire a bike and consider camping out under the stars.

Serra de Tramuntana Mountain

A Cultural exploration of Palma de Mallorca:

Up next we visit the capital city of Mallorca known as Palma, which is home to half of the island’s population! And over here you will find a hub of historical and cultural sights. You will find an interesting museum with classical sculptures and archaeological artefacts at the Bellver Castle, aka Castell de Bellver. Then there is the massive Catalan Gothic Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma, and lastly, we have the Fundació Pilar I Joan Miró a Mallorca and this is an art museum dedicated to the late Joan Miro. This is just scratching the surface, the rest you will have to see for yourself.

Palma de Mallorca

Train Ride:

A train ride is excellent, and a little bit nostalgic, way of visiting places. You can do so when you visit the town of Soller. The train coaches are wooden and feature sash windows. You’ll be reminded of the old Swiss chocolate advertisements from days long past.

mallorca train ride


The Balearic Islands have a very classic combination with nightlife, and Mallorca has its fair share as well with many bars, clubs and restaurants. The Paseo Maritimo is where you want to be like the name suggests this is a port area, where amongst the yachts you’ll find many all-night bars and clubs, where it is believed that Frank Sinatra used to party. So you should definitely check them out, you never know you might be sitting where he sat once.

mallorca nightlife

Drop by in Alcudia:

All that partying can be stress relieving but will make you tired. Want to unwind and relax? Look no further, and just drop by in Alcudia. Its located on the north side of Mallorca and there are tons of things you can do. Explore 270 bird species at the S’Albufera Natural Wetlands Park, there is a 12km walking trail which will provide you with the ample opportunity to do so. The town was surrounded 13th-century walls, there are parts still there along with some Roman ruins as well. A perfect opportunity to just have some quiet time and explore.

mallorca Alcudia

Pull an all-nighter in Pollenca:

No, not for work or studies but for a totally different reason. You will spend Saturday night in the city of Pollenca sampling freshly caught fish, then head out to the Formentor Peninsula to either watch the sunset or watch the impressive sunrise. Then on Sunday morning, head to the Pollença Sunday market in the main square which sells locally made produce and souvenirs. If you have energy left, then climb up to the hermit monastery atop Puig de Pollenca, which dates back all the way to 1348.

Exploration of Manacor:

Manacor is Mallorca’s second city and lies east of the island and is pretty famous for its pearl factories (artificial, that is) and its rich in furniture shops. This is off the main tourist trail so it offers a more relaxed and laidback experience. Top sights include the 19th century Church of Our Lady of Sorrows, the artisan market at Sa Bassa each Saturday morning and the Enagistes Tower which houses the Manacor History Museum. This town makes for an excellent end to an otherwise very active visit to Mallorca.

Manacor mallorca

I  could have made this list a lot longer, there are hundreds of things to do in Mallorca, enough to keep you active everyday for the next 5 years. So, why not tell me in the comments what your favourite things  to do is?


7 things to do in Tenerife

7 things to do in Tenerife

This new year, many people will make plans to go on a vacation or a holiday to a variety of places. Some will be well-known, while others will be less travelled; and there’s a chance you’ll be one of these people. In case you’re making plans to travel and haven’t made up your mind yet as to where to go, I have the perfect place. I speak of none other than the largest and most populated island of the Canary Islands, Tenerife. Here are 7 things to do in Tenerife:


Visit a Volcano:

Ever wanted to visit a volcano? Well, now you can in Tenerife, presenting the Mount Teide. Not only is it a slumbering giant volcano, its is also Spain’s highest peak which rises 3718 meters above sea level to touch the sky. The sight is extraordinary, not only the mountain itself the major attraction but the view itself is breathtaking as well, as you can see the whole of Teide National Park from up top.

tenerife volcano

Take a dip in Garachico’s rock pools:

Following up on the volcanic theme we have another attraction which is a result of past activity, the rock pools at Garachico. It happened in 1706 when an eruption sent tow destructive molten rivers flowing through the town to fill the harbour with lava instead of ships. This caused a formation of pools for which hoards if visitors flock there. The depths of the pool vary; some are suitable whereas others will require you to have a good set of lungs to reach the bottom.

Garachico’s rock pools tenerife

Go Nuts at the Carnival:

Want to let loose? We have just the thing, but you’ll have to able to keep up with it. Presenting the carnival, which can only be described as big, brash, loud, colourful street parades and all-night street parties; it is exhilarating and good-natured fun and the biggest fiesta in the calendar. Takes place in either February or March and is held in Tenerife’s capital Santa Cruz.

tenerife Carnival

Discover a lost world at Masca:

And now take a break and discover this quiet little hamlet called Masca, the second you step here you’ll feel like you’ve reached a whole other world. You can’t help but feel that there’s something quasi-prehistoric about the place like you’re discovering a lost world. Its beauty makes Masca a tourist hotspot, so arrive late in the day to experience the hamlet at its best.

tenerife Masca

Roaming at a Romeria:

We make a return to fiestas but something’s different here. You’ll find that almost every historic town in the place holds a romeria at some point during the year. But what on Earth’s a Romeria? These are a type of a fiesta in which everybody puts on traditional clothes and elaborately decorates ox-drawn carts before taking it to the streets to hand out local goodies which include (but not limited to) gofio amasado  (these are savoury cakes of toasted grain flour mixed with honey and almonds), papas arrugadas (these are wrinkled potatoes), boiled eggs, vino del pais (this is a country wine) and juicy barbecued pork and beef fillets.

tenerife Romeria

Picnic in the Pines:

Take a breath, kick back and relax with a picnic in the pines, at zonas recreativas. Each Sunday, locals head over there for a picnic and a sing-along in the pine forest, where the trees are a welcome retreat from the sun in summer. All zongs recreativas have chunky picnic tables, stone barbecues, fresh spring water and toilets. Most people arrive laden with food, but you’ll find even the simplest of meals will feel like a5-star restaurant dining experience at the pines. If you want the facilities to yourself, go midweek.

tenerife Picnic in the Pines

Feast your eyes upon the thousand-year-old Drago tree:

No one actually knows how old is this tree exactly, some say its stood there for 5000 years, while others argue its been around for merely 650 years. No matter the age, it’s a fine specimen of a tree that was once said to have been sprouted from the blood of the slain dragons. The millennium Drago (as its mostly called) is the multi-crowned king of Canarian flora and will make for a great anecdote.

tenerife thousand-year-old Drago tree

mallorca beaches

Ten Reasons to Visit Mallorca

Ten Reasons to Visit Mallorca

The largest and most populous island of the Balearic Islands in Mallorca, with the climate suitable for tourists throughout the year. Mallorca is the most attractive Balearic Island. Statistics indicate that around eight million tourists visit the golden beaches of Mallorca around the year and obviously this number is astounding!

Mallorca is ranked as one of the most popular tourist destination of all times, but why is Mallorca a must-go destination? Here are 10 tempting reasons to pack your bags and visit Mallorca!

1. Palma

If you visit Mallorca your first stop must be the city of Palma! This city is perfect for you to get rid of your jet-lag and getting used to the surroundings of the islands. From luxurious hotels to friendly locals this city is an essential part of Mallorca.

palma mallorca

2. The Beaches of Mallorca

Every single time the word Island is mentioned we draw up a mental picture of white beaches and a crystal clear ocean. The good news is that this mental picture of the perfect beach is a reality in Mallorca! The twenty beaches of Mallorca are a paradise for windsurfers due to its stable winds around the year and give the perfect opportunity to have an adventure of a lifetime.

mallorca beaches

3. Cuisine

Seafood is definitely a big reason why you would want to visit Mallorca! Due to the Ocean being crystal clear and completely pure you get to taste a wide variety of seafood that is cooked in the traditional flavours of the locality. From Sobrassada to Ensaimada the island offers everything that a seafood lover can wish for.

mallorca food

4. The Island of Literature

Literary giants such as Agatha Christie and George Sand have both stayed on the island and its particular setting has inspired them to write novels. If you by any chance are interested in literature or maybe you are a writer, this island might just be the perfect environment to inspire the writer in you. Many other influential works have been written in Mallorca and the tradition still continues.

5. Bellver Castle

Did you really think Mallorca only offers serene beaches and good food? Well, you are wrong! The Bellver castle is located north of the capital city and is one of the most amazing historical architectural structures on the island. Due to its unique location surrounded by the vast ocean, the circular shaped Bellver Castle has become a major tourist attraction.

Port de Pollenca mallorca

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6. Port de Pollenca

There’s one thing that you just cannot miss on the Island of Mallorca. What you have to do is to wake up before sunrise and visit Port de Pollenca. Once you reach there, have some patience and when the first ray light emerges from the hidden clouds you will witness the most mesmerizing sunrise in the entire world. Surrounded by beauty and the sound of birds, this is truly an unforgettable experience!

7. Culture and Arts

You might be thinking that Mallorca’s attractions are limited to nature and it cannot offer something that is related to its culture as it’s just an Island. Well, you’re in for a surprise this island is famous for its involvement and acceptance of various forms of art including paintings, crafts and especially literature! The very island’s culture reflects the amount of diversity present in the form of art!

8. Tourists and the Locals

One of the best things about touring another place is to have diversity among the people that you meet. This is exactly what is offered in Mallorca, not only will you get friendly and jolly locals but also tourists coming from different parts of the world. In the distinct cultural setting of Mallorca, the unison of different cultures of the world provides an atmosphere that is unmatchable.

9. Music

Music is a popular form of expression among the locals of Mallorca and the best part is that even though there have been notable musicians from Mallorca the local music that is played in the streets is simply spellbinding! In addition to that, there is a rock music festival that takes place on a yearly basis!

mallorca music

10. Sports

Mallorca is not boring when it comes to sports. Many sports are played around the island which makes it a popular destination among tourists that are attracted to sports. The warm beaches and strong winds together form the perfect climate to try some watersports like Surfing, Diving, Sailing, Fishing and Swimming. Interested in observing the diversity of water life? This is your perfect chance as you will not be disappointed!

11. Palma Cathedral

It’s always great to visit religious places especially when a lot of history is associated with it. The Palma Cathedral is the most important and historical church of the island. Even if you’re not a religious person this church is a must-go place as it exhibits Gothic architecture and it was constructed in the 12th century!

Palma Cathedral mallorca

Ok Ok, so that was 11, now you can see why you should pack your bags and head to Mallorca. No matter your background & Preferences, Mallorca has something for you! So what are you waiting for?

Kite Flying Fuerteventura:

Ten Reasons To Visit Fuerteventura

Ten Reasons to Visit Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura also known as the island of ‘Great Adventures’ is one of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean and is considered as a part of Spain. The world sees Fuerteventura as a grand destination and tourism is a major part of its economy. Its capital Puerto Del Rosario has a population of thousands but it’s still a great city and when combined with Fuerteventura they have a lot to offer for someone who’s looking for the time of their life!

Fuerteventura is ranked as one of the most popular tourist destination of all times, but why is this island a must-go destination? Here are 11 tempting reasons to pack your bags and visit the Island of Fuerteventura!

1. The Carnival of Fuerteventura:

Like all the Canary Islands Fuerteventura’s traditional holiday season is something you cannot miss! As Celebrated every year in the months of February and March Fuerteventura offers this tradition with themes and activities that are alien to anyone who has not visited this island. Accompanied by traditional parades and galas this carnival finishes off when the new Carnival King has been appointed!

The Carnival of Fuerteventura:

2. Music on the Island:

The interesting thing about Fuerteventura is that the island although having low population provides great music as the music itself is an integral part of the island. Fuertemusica is one such festival that promotes local bands and gives them an opportunity to showcase their talents on a grand stage. The music no doubt is distinct and special!

3. Kite Flying:

Fond of flying kites? Well, Fuerteventura is characterised by its beaches and strong winds and gives exceptional kite flying conditions throughout the year. The International Kite Flying Festival is held every year in November on the warm beaches of Corralejo and is an attraction to kite flyers from around Europe! If you have not experienced the joys of kite flying then this is your best chance!

Kite Flying Fuerteventura:

4. Performing Arts:

There are three auditoriums specifically built for the purpose of performing arts which tell how much Art, in general, is appreciated by the locals. Fuerteventura’s culture and tradition together combine to make up art performances that are not only special but they also tell a story that this island is an adventurous one!

5. Museums:

An island with museums, sounds unreal right? Due to its colonial history and evolution of its beautiful culture, this island has a lot of history that needs to be shared with the tourists. For this purpose, several public museums have been inaugurated over the past few years. The Salt Museum and Atalayita Archeological Interpretation Centre are the two museums that one cannot miss!

 6. Sports:

Fuerteventura is not boring when it comes to sports. Many sports are played around the island which makes it a popular destination among tourists that are attracted to sports. The warm beaches and strong winds together form the perfect climate to try some watersports like Surfing, Diving, Sailing, Fishing and Swimming. While diving you get to see the purest diversified species of the water world!

sports Fuerteventura:

7. Sea Food:

Seafood is definitely a big reason why you would want to visit Fuerteventura! Due to the Ocean being crystal clear and completely pure you get to taste a wide variety of seafood that is cooked in the traditional flavours of the locality. From Pejines to Sanchocho the island offers everything that a seafood lover can wish for.

  8. The Sculpture Park:

One of the biggest attractions to locals and the tourists is the Sculpture Park located in the centre of the island’s capital Puerto del Rosario. This is an open-air sculpture park that consists of hundreds of sculptures specially designed by artists from all over the world! International Symposium of Sculpture is a festival celebrated every year on the island which is attracted by influential artists from around the world.

Sculpture Park Fuerteventura:

9. The Beaches of Corralejo and El Jable:

Every single time the word Island is mentioned we draw up a mental picture of white beaches and a crystal clear ocean. The good news is that this mental picture of the perfect beach is a reality in Fuerteventura! The two beaches are a paradise for windsurfers due to its stable winds around the year and give the perfect opportunity to have an adventure of a lifetime.

The Beaches of Corralejo and El Jable

10. Canarian Wrestling:

Canarian Wrestling in Fuerteventura is a popular sport among the locals and is a major form of tourist attraction as it is considered as the finest form of wrestling in all of the Canary Islands. The skilled wrestlers will make sure that you have a thrilling experience in terms of the quality of wrestling being provided and do not forget that the wrestling ring is made up of sand!

Canarian Wrestling

11. The Village of Cofete:

Cofete is a small village located in the western part Fuerteventura. This village is special because it is the most peaceful and serene part of the island. It has wide and empty beaches plus it has a Villa located on top of a mountain slope where you and your family could spend the vacations of a lifetime.

The Village of Cofete

All the reasons mentioned above have one thing in common and that is the amount of beauty and serenity that the island of Fuerteventura represents and the best part is that the people of this island are friendly and the company of them in the sculpture park or a beach is an experience that anyone would relish.

Ok Ok, so that was 11, now you can see why you should pack your bags and head to Fuerteventura. No matter your background & Preferences, Fuerteventura has something for you! So what are you waiting for?

Do you have any reasons you’d like to add? What are the reasons you would recommend for someone visiting?

reasons to visit terenife

Reasons to Visit Tenerife

Reasons to Visit Tenerife

The largest and most populous island of the seven Canaries is Tenerife, with the climate suitable for tourists throughout the year Tenerife is the most attractive Canary Island. Statistics indicate that around five million tourists visit the golden beaches of Tenerife around the year and obviously this number is astounding!

Tenerife is ranked as one of the most popular tourist destination of all times, but why is Tenerife a must-go destination? Here are 10 tempting reasons to pack your bags and visit Tenerife!

1. Puerto De La Cruz:

If you visit Tenerife your first stop must be the city of Puerto De La Cruz! This city is perfect for you to get rid of your jet-lag and getting used to the surroundings of the islands. From luxurious hotels to friendly locals this city is an essential part of Tenerife.

reasons to visit terenife

2. Ecological Diversity:

The Island of Tenerife has an amazing ecological diversity present in the form of various species of flora and fauna. Who would not want to observe animals and plants that they have never even seen before! There is one type of tree that is worth the mention it is called the Canary Islands Dragon Tree, we can assure you that this tree is unlike anything that you’ve witnessed before and do not forget to take a look at the Giant Tortoise!

reasons to visit terenife

3. Culture and Arts:

You might be thinking that Tenerife’s attractions are limited to nature and it cannot offer something that is related to its culture as it’s just an Island. Well, you’re in for a surprise this island is famous for its involvement and acceptance of various forms of art including paintings, crafts, and even literature! The very island’s culture reflects the amount of diversity present in the form of art that is reflected in Chicharreros!

4. Music:

Music is a popular form of expression among the locals of Tenerife and the best part is that even though there have been notable musicians from Tenerife the local music that is played in the streets is simply spellbinding! The Canarian Timple is a Ukulele type instrument but the sound that this little guitar induces is simply divine!

5. Teide National Park:

Centered on the highest mountain of Spain Teide is the Teide National Park, this park is not only the most beautiful park in the Canary Islands but is also the oldest which tells that this has been a source of attraction for tourists since ages! The wide diversity of flora and fauna present further enhances the attraction and not to forget there’s an actual Volcano in the park!

reasons to visit terenife

6. Playa de Las Teresitas:

Here’s a reason that you just cannot resist as Playa de Las Teresitas is an artificial beach! Believe us Tenerife is not on shortage of splendid beaches but this artificial beach was made by shipping white sand from the Spanish Sahara Desert! Furthermore, it is one of the most popular destinations in the island itself and is thronged by tourists from all over the world as the ocean and nearby mountains give a view that is simply mesmerizing.

7. Orotava Valley:

In the North of Tenerife lies the majestic valley of Orotava, characterized by beauty in the form of spectacular scenery to diverse species living in their habitat this valley is a must-go place. The valley covers up a distance of 10-12 Kilometer and is famous among hikers. Imagine you hiking on one of the most beautiful islands in the world with the background scene of a Volcano!

reasons to visit terenife

8. Basilica of Candelaria:

When we said that this island has everything for everyone we were not joking! Basilica of Candelaria is the first Marian Shrine of the Canary Islands, listed as a cultural monument. Every year on the 14th and 15th of August this shrine is an attraction to pilgrims who come to celebrate the Virgin of Candelaria and it is okay if you are not interested in visiting religious places but this shrine’s architecture and history alone are good enough reasons to visit!

9. Botanical Gardens of Santa Cruz de Tenerife:

Santa Cruz de Tenerife’s major attraction is its Botanic Garden located in the heart of the city. Inaugurated in 1926 this garden is one of the oldest botanical gardens of Spain and is essentially made for the purpose of providing familiarity to the tourists and locals of the wide variety of flora present on the island. Fountains, sculptures, and architectural pieces make this a garden for everyone!

reasons to visit terenife

10. Theatre and Opera:

Now this is something that might sound surprising to a lot of people that there is a well-known theater in the capital of Tenerife, Santa Cruz. Teatro Guimerá is the oldest theater in all of the Canary Islands and is well-known among the locals and a major form of attraction for the tourists.  Opera is also popular among the locals as this theater has been a venue for Opera since 1861!

11. Roque de Garachico:

Remember any film that showcased the smallest of the islands? Well, this is your chance to visit an actual small island located 300 meters off the North Coast of Tenerife. You will get the feeling that you are in some sort of an adventure!

reasons to visit terenife

All the reasons mentioned above have one thing in common and that is the amount of diversity the culture of Tenerife represents and the best part is that the people of this Island are friendly and company of them in a park or a theater is an experience that anyone would relish.

Ok, Ok, so that was 11, now you can see why you should pack your bags and head to Tenerife. No matter your background & Preferences, Tenerife has something for you! So what are you waiting for?

10 reasons to visit Barcelona


Barcelona also known as ‘The City of Counts’ is Spain’s second largest city. Located on the North Eastern Coast of the Iberian Peninsula facing the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona is one of the largest metropolitan cities in Europe. A leader in tourism, economy, cultural centers and home to one of the biggest football clubs in the world, Barcelona the name itself enhances the allure to visit this city.

Barcelona is ranked as one of the most popular tourist destination of all times, but why is Barcelona a must-go destination? Here are 10 tempting reasons to pack your bags and visit Barcelona!

1. Barcelona Olympic Stadium:

Nothing beats the aura of sports in this city, Barcelonans are sports fanatics! Barcelona Olympic Stadium is just one of the few reminders that this city thrives on sport and how much influence it still plays in Europe. Originally built in 1927 this stadium is memorable for the Spanish nation as it hosted the Olympics of 1992.

2. Barcelonans and their love for Museums:

As Barcelona is a city that is built on centuries of history and culture the museums in the city reflect not only the nature of Barcelonans but also how much diverse the community is in terms of how much art is appreciated by the locals. Art categories such as Romanesque, Spanish and Science are an important feature of the major museums in Barcelona. The National Museum of Art of Catalonia and the FC Barcelona Museum are the two museums having highest number of visitors!

3. The Columbus Monument:

The Columbus Monument refers to Christopher Columbus’ first voyage to America; the monument is a tall one depicting Columbus pointing towards the newly found world with a scroll in his hand. The monument is a major tourist attraction for all the people around the world; also its particular style and structure showcases aspects of the Barcelonan society

4. Sagrada Família:

Declared by UNESCO as a world heritage site Sagrada Familia is a Roman Catholic Church in Church in Barcelona designed by the famous Spanish Architect Antoni Gaudi. The design of Gaudi is reflected in the building’s structure furthermore Art Nouveau and Spanish Gothic influence is a prominent feature of the Basilica. Indeed it is one of the most amazing structural designs in Europe!

5. Beaches of Barcelona:

Setting aside the historical and cultural marvels of Barcelona this city is blessed with natural wonders as well. Barcelona is ranked as number one destination for its amazing beaches by National Geographic. In total, there are seven beaches in Barcelona and each one of them is beautiful in its own way. Do not forget to visit Sant Sebastia as it is the longest beach of Barcelona!

6. Opera Houses:

The cultivation of culture, art, and other influences can be seen in the Opera houses of Barcelona as Barcelonans consider opera as an essential component of their city. The Gran Teatre del Liceu is one of the most famous opera houses in Europe! The most skilled orchestral and choir conductors along with singers such as Deborah Polaski make the entire event a spectacle and is an experience that will make euphoric!

7. Sports:

Barcelona is not just about Football as the entire city is engulfed by both indoor and outdoor sports! Looking at Barcelona’s history it has a long tradition of sports of various sorts and the present state showcases that Barcelona is the most influential city in Europe in this department. The second richest football club FC Barcelona which is a world famous club that has supporters from all over the world! And if you’re looking for to visit a stadium then we suggest The Camp Nou which by the way is Europe’s largest football stadium. Other sports such as basketball, Ice Hockey, and Handball are quite popular as well.

8. Architecture:

The interesting thing about Barcelonan architecture is that it has always been evolving ever since its inception. We can observe some of the buildings as having features similar to Catalan architecture and some having traces of Roman inspired designs. Since Barcelona has been home to several civilizations we can observe various influential styles and designs which together form the distinct Barcelonan Architecture.

9. Relation Diversity:

Statistics indicate that Barcelona is the most densely populated cities in Europe and during the last decade diversity in the form of religions and ethnicity can be seen visibly on the streets of this city. The best part is that you will get to meet people from diverse backgrounds especially in the central part of the city.

10. Night’s in Barcelona:

Are you a Night Owl just like me? Perfect! Nights in Barcelona are simply mesmerizing. From Cafes to pubs and nightclubs this city has everything. Imagine spending the evening in an opera house and then having a few beers in a local pub! There are literally countless fun ways to spend the night in Barcelona!

Don’t forget the amazing skyline of the city; it even looks better at night!

11. Aquarium Barcelona:

Located Port Vell Aquarium Barcelona is a big tourist attraction as it is a combination of 35 separate aquariums housing around eleven thousand animals! Fishes such as sharks, rays, and other large fishes can be found. You can take an underwater walk around the aquariums and see some of the most amazing species of fishes in the world!

Ok, Ok, so that was 11, now you can see why you should pack your bags and head to Barcelona. No matter your background & Preferences, Barcelona has something for you! So what are you waiting for?


Finding a perfect location for your holiday is an important task. After a year spent in hard work, the last thing you would want is a disappointing vacation. Well, Spain is always a good and safe choice but if you really want to have a nice time, then you should go to Tenerife.

The Canary Islands – a Heaven on Earth

The Canary Islands are truly the next best thing to Heaven, so going there will surely be a wise decision. Tenerife is the biggest of seven islands that together make this beautiful archipelago. Also, it is the most populous island in the whole Spain and maybe even the most beautiful one. There is one interesting fact about The Canary Islands. Namely, they are much closer to the African coast than to the Spanish mainland. And that is not all; Tenerife is a volcanic island that has emerged millions of years ago in the Atlantic Ocean. In its centre lies the highest point in whole Spain – the great cone of Teide.

With a variety of climates, Tenerife is also a unique place on Earth where some of the most amazing ecosystems survive one next to another. So once you come here, you will be able to see tropical crops, semi- desert areas with drought- resistant plants, but also vast valleys covered with pine forests. And all of that while enjoying a magnificent view over the Atlantic Sea and the coast of West Africa.

But the best part is that you can reach Tenerife fast and easy, without any issues. You can do this either by plane or ferry and once you arrive you will quickly move around the island with the public bus network. In addition, it may be an excellent idea to rent a car, since it is quite cheap and there is a good network of toll- free motorways all around the island.

The Origins of Modern Tenerife

The Canary Islands were always attractive to people, even in the ancient times. The classical Greek authors wrote about the mysterious land that lies behind the Hercules Pillars. The islands are mainly famous for its strong and fierce- looking dogs called “verdinos” or “bardinos”. Even the name Canary comes from Latin word “canis” which means a dog. Tenerife got its name from the high mountain peak of Teide, which was referred to as the white (tene) mountain (ife).

Before the Spanish conquered this archipelago in the late 15th century, it was mainly inhabited by the local tribes called the Guanches. After the conquest, many of them moved to the New World and mostly to Venezuela and Cuba.

The Island of Thousand Experiences

Once you come to Tenerife, your adventure will start immediately because there is always something going on the island. But among other activities, you should definitively visit the historic centres where you will be able to see some fantastic representatives of local architecture from various periods. And among others, you should definitively go to the historic centre of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the capital city of the island. The central church dating back to the 17th century is the main attraction, surrounded by the old streets, houses and plazas where you can grab something to eat, for example. You should also take a look into one of many local museums such as the Military Museum or the Fine Art Museum. But most of the people are usually most impressed with The Museum of Science and Cosmos, which is basically a combination of traditional museum and a theme park.

Also, don’t miss the Red de Calidad Tenerife Rural, which is, in fact, a network of centres that show the guests the authentic values of the rural world by helping them visit various wineries, farms, ethnographic museums, pottery centres, etc. That way you will get to know the Tenerife in an entertaining but still informative way.

From Private Accommodation to All- Inclusive Service

No matter if you plan to visit Tenerife for a couple of days, or you intend to stay at least a week or two, the island will surely provide you with various possibilities. Visitors mostly decide to spend their vacation and holidays in hotels or hostels, but there are also people who love their privacy above everything else, so they choose to rent apartments or villas instead. As an island with a long tradition of hospitality and tourism, Tenerife disposes of hundreds of hotels that range from the modest ones to the all- inclusive hotels, providing five- star service. For instance, Tenerife offers you an opportunity to book an excellent, spacious, and well- furnished room in an old, 18th- century manor, with a peaceful and warm atmosphere. Or, if you wish to have a fun experience, then you are welcome to stay in crowded hotels with indoor and outdoor pools, sauna and high- quality restaurants, private beaches and polite staff. However, should decide for a single variant, you can always find excellently located an apartment or even B&B. Tenerife is really open to all possibilities, and you are the one to choose which suits you best.

Local Dishes Bring a Whiff of Canary Islands

Visiting Tenerife will unavoidably make your trip unforgettable when it comes to cuisine and food. Namely, you can always find restaurants that offer international and ‘already seen’ meals. But, what is specific about Tenerife is that it provides its visitors with an incredible offer of local specialities. Of course, there are not many such restaurants, but you will recognise them right away since they offer menus with soups, stews, and grilled fish. The island disposes of a great variety of vegetables and fruits, which is why exactly these make the foundation of almost any great Canarian meal. Don’t leave the island without trying the well- known wrinkled potatoes, or how locals call it ‘papas arrugadas’. Potatoes are wrinkled because they are boiled in salt water, and served with two kinds of delicious sauce – a spicy and a green one.

Fish lovers will be treated with local specialities like ‘caldereta’ and ‘sancocho canario’. These two represent salted fish served with a ‘mojo’ sauce. Everyone who has tasted fish meals in Tenerife ended up doing research back at home on how to prepare these never- to- be- forgotten recipes.

When it comes to deserts, those with a sweet- tooth will be thrilled because deserts in Tenerife inevitably consider mixing honey, almond cream, eggs, rum, and a variety of tropical fruit. Worth trying are ‘bienmesabe’ and fried bananas.

A Wide Variety of Spectacular Activities

An excellent climate and natural surrounding make Tenerife an excellent spot for doing all kinds of activities. For that reason, the local population has developed various interesting as well as exciting excursions, adrenaline rush activities, picnics and trips. No matter if you are visiting the island alone, with a friend or with the whole family, you will undoubtedly have the chance to find something for yourself. Sports that are modern today, like volleyball, tennis or even golf are available, with dozens of courts and brand new equipment. However, what is most attractive in Tenerife is the activity of whale watching. Since the south- west coast of the island is a hot spot for watching these incredible mammals, you may be fortunate enough to spot species like a killer whale, blue whale, pilot whale or baleen whale.

Apart from whale watching, one can always choose the popular scuba diving or sailing activities. Many visitors decide to take a chance to meet the underwater life with experienced trainers and guides, and in case you have never tried them, you are welcome to dive in Tenerife and discover the unseen beauties.


Spain is a truly beautiful country with a picturesque environment, amazing culture and pleasant climate. It is not a surprise that tourism is flourishing here for decades and that people from all corners of the world wish to come here and spend their vacation time. But among thousands of different attractions and destinations, Mallorca is definitively the top spot for most of the tourists coming to Spain.

The Pearl of  Mediterranean

There are four Balearic Islands, and Mallorca is the biggest and most beautiful of all of them. This magnificent archipelago is located just east of the Spanish mainland, surrounded by the charming Mediterranean Sea. They are the favourite destinations for tourists from Great Britain, Germany, Scandinavian countries and others for decades, and their popularity is still growing. Mallorca is the central island in the archipelago and even its name comes from “Major” suggesting its primary position.
Its Mediterranean climate makes it a perfect place for growing all kinds of fruits and vegetables that you can buy in the local markets. Beautiful nature is something Mallorca is very proud of, especially its caves that are among the main tourist attractions too. There are also many nature areas, monuments and marine areas that are under protection but that can be visited.

And one of the reasons people love Mallorca is that you can easily reach it by air or sea, and travelling around the Island is also easy because there is bus, metro, taxi and even train stations that will let you reach any location at any time. There are numerous small towns and villages spread all over the island but the capital city of the island is Palma de Mallorca, which is positioned in the south- west. That is where most of the people search for their accommodation since most of the events also happen there.

A Vast and Rich History of the Island

Even the ancient people were well aware of the Mallorca’s beauty. The oldest traces of human life on the island date back to the early stone age. The famous sailors from Phoenicia have erected their colony here making it an important trade centre in the whole Mediterranean Sea. Romans were thrilled with its beauty so they did everything that was necessary to seize it for themselves. They have finally managed to do that in the second century BC and since that moment, the whole island had started to flourish. Throughout the centuries, Mallorca attracted various cultures from Byzantines, Arabs, Aragonians, and many others and they all have left their traces that can still be seen today.

Interesting Cultural Heritage

People who enjoy exploring the past and learning something new about various cultures will truly enjoy their stay in Mallorca. Proofs of its rich history can still be seen all over the island or in one of many museums you can visit in Mallorca. The Museum of Mallorca is the primary institution where you can get all the information about the past events that shaped the fate of the island. But specialised museums such as The Museum of Windmills or The Glass Museum will maybe be even more interesting since they are not something you can see everywhere. Also, don’t miss a chance to see the famous Cathedral in Palma and the Muslim fortress from the 10th century that is currently being used as the King’s residence. There is also a dozen of castles from different periods all around the island that can be visited. So if you are an Indiana Jones type, you will surely not be disappointed with Mallorca, on the contrary, it will be perfect for a new adventure.

Accommodation For Every Budget

Having in mind that Mallorca is a famous hotspot for many years, tourists do not have to worry about housing. The island inevitably abounds numerous hotels that range from the simple and modest to the most luxurious five- starred accommodations. Hence, Mallorca will offer suitable accommodation for every budget. For instance, you may want to spend your vacation away from overcrowded hotels, or you may rent an apartment or a townhouse with an incredible location and close to the beach. Perhaps these will not be as luxurious as you are used to, but anyone who decides to rent a house or an apartment will undoubtedly have clean sheets, and the necessary appliances. What is more, this kind of accommodation provides full privacy and the possibility to enjoy your morning coffee and peaceful surrounding on the terrace overlooking the sea.

However, in case you decide to stay in one of the many offered hotels in Mallorca, make sure you choose the one that suits your demands and requirements. The good thing about the Spanish island is that even the less luxurious hotels will make sure nothing lacks their visitors. Hence, you can find a hotel with indoor and outdoor pool, excellent food in its restaurant, and numerous amenities for a decent and acceptable price.

A Paradise For Gourmets

Mallorca offers not only beautiful nature and unforgettable beaches but those who have visited it state that the Isle is a paradise for gourmets. Once you get to Mallorca, you can be sure that the food you are eating is local and healthy. Since the local population grows different fruits and vegetables, it is often said that vegetarians hope to spend the rest of their lives on this lovely island. Thus, your meals may start with local and delicious almonds, walnuts and olives, as well as with various other vegetables and fruits. Your breakfasts will often include the so- called ‘ensaimada’ that contains yeast and icing sugar. In addition, don’t let yourself leave the island without trying local cheeses, vegetable pizza, and cocarrois – a tasteful pasta with various fillings. The meat lovers will not be denied tasty local sausages, or a must- have meal called sobrassada.

Of course, since Mallorca is an island, seafood in an inevitable part of your meals. Moreover, local Mallorcan bread will make you take it back to your country in a handbag.

Once you visit Mallorca, don’t hesitate to explore the local food and to taste it. You will surely find something you will not have the strength to resist.

Adrenaline Rush Activities

The beautiful island of Mallorca offers various activities that bring an incredible experience. If you are an adventurer, you may sign to a private diving experience in the most amazing Mallorcan spots. The event lasts for six days and gives you a chance to meet the underwater beauties and perhaps the rare species of fish and other marine animals. Choosing this activity will get you out of the crowded places and beaches, but you will surely meet incredible and exciting people.

Also, visitors to Mallorca inevitably choose to attend the beginners’ kitesurfing course. It is not only cool and fun, but it will make your adrenaline rise to the highest points. Learning to kitesurf is easy, and experienced trainers will make it a memorable experience. Don’t forget the beautiful landscapes you are to see during the course.kitesurfing course. It is not only cool and fun, but it will make your adrenaline rise to the highest points. Learning to kitesurf is easy, and experienced trainers will make it a memorable experience. Don’t forget the beautiful landscapes you are to see during the course.kitesurf is easy, and experienced trainers will make it a memorable experience. Don’t forget the beautiful landscapes you are to see during the course.

All Year Round Events

No matter if you support traditional or modern manifestations, the island of Mallorca will make sure to fulfil your wishes and aspirations. Namely, all year round, the visitors can enjoy various events that celebrate the saints, harvesting, spring, dance and so on. The younger guests will enjoy spending time on multi- day parties. So, Mallorca will provide you with different events to suit your wishes and moods. In case you had doubts about whether to visit the Spanish isle or not, I’m sure the answer is positive after reading my article.