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ethiopia future travels

On the 15th of January, I will head to Ethiopia and I will be visiting different regions.

I will be taking a tour of Addis Ababa, visiting the National Museum, the world’s oldest humanoid skeleton, dating back over 3 million years, St George’s Cathedral,  Holy Trinity Cathedral to see the tomb of Hailie Selassie before finishing at the Red Terror Martyrs Museum.

I will be visiting  Dire Dawe and taking a stroll around the city to see what I can discover making sure to stop by the Dire Dawa Railway Museum, I shall also visit the khat, camel and spice markets.

UNESCO listed city of Harar is on the list,  I will visit the tomb of Sheikh Abadir, the Arthur Rimbaud Centre, City Gates, Ras Tafari’s house, Ras Makonnen’s Palace, Jamia Mosque, Smugglers’ Market and finally the Harar Brewery. The highlight of this area to see and hopefully hand feed wild Hyenas. Yes, you read that correct, hand feed wild Hyenas. Hopefully, I’ll let you know how that goes.

After I’ve finished exploring Ethiopia I will head into Somalia.

somaliland future travels

Somalia is broken down into three regions,  South Somalia, Puntland, and Somaliland. Somalia has the longest coastline in the continent stretching 1,880 miles, many of the landmark places that I will visit will be beaches.

Once I have crossed the border into Somalia I shall head towards the second largest city of Somalia, ”Hargeisa”. Whilst there I shall head out to the livestock market to witness the spectacle of hundreds of camels and other livestock being traded. I will take a stroll around the city centre where I have heard the moneychangers have their piles and piles of Somalian shillings.

Leaving the city behind I shall visit Naasa Hasblood or Virgin Breasts Mountain,” twin hills”. Once at the top of twin hills, I will see the beautiful scenery of the Somalian desert.

Heading to Laas Geel to view the ancient artwork cave paintings. They date between 9000BC and 3000BC and are some of the best-preserved paintings in the world.

The coastal city of Berbera, Berbera I will view some of the English and Russian colonial architecture.

Bombed and abandoned ships that remain from the Somalian civil war are on my list.

I will head into Puntland to explore some of their beautiful coastlines, civil war ruins and more….

north korea future travel

I have a plan in March to visit Bejing, China and  North Korea.

I will start this trip in Bejing and head into the unknown North Korea, visiting Pyongyang, Panmunjom, DMZ and the Military Demarcation line; ”an area that Bill Clinton described as ‘one of the most dangerous places in the world’

Well, that’s sort of the plan, I still need to plan this trip a little bit better, so we shall see.

 One other note, during my time in North Korea they will be holding a  marathon so perhaps  I will see if  I can partake. Not that I’m a good runner, but hell that will be one story to tell.

portugal future travels

In June I shall be taking a small vacation to Portugal, I know Portugal has some beautiful areas to visit. Whilst here I hope to do a little bit of kitesurfing in their stunning waters, as well as see some of their famous sights such as; São Jorge Castle, Belém Tower, Praia da Marinha and whatever else I can fit in.

I am a little bit unsure which part of Portugal to visit. If you have any tips, advice or any must do’s then please let me know in the comments section.

iceland future travels

I have visited Norway, Sweden and Finland but I’m yet to see the Northern lights. Ok, I didn’t really set out to see them in these countries but still.

I have heard that Iceland is great in November and the perfect time to see the Northern Lights. SO, I have it planned that in November I will set out to see the Northern lights and mark them off my bucket list.

Have you seen the Northern lights? was it incredible? please share with me in the comments.

January, February and March are all going to be spent exploring South East Asia. I shall start my journey in Malaysia and head down to Singapore, then into Indonesia visiting some making sure to visit the beautiful island of Bali before heading to Philipines.

As with most of South East Asia, the best way to travel is unplanned. So, I will start in the north of Malaysia and let the wind take me in any given direction.

Have you been? any recommendations?

malaysia future travel
philippines future travel
indonesia future travel
singapore future travel

Do you have any tips or advice to any of the countries list above? Have you been to any of the above countries? I would love to hear about where you’re going in your future travels.



No travel experience can start without the resources.
After a lot of hours spent searching the internet for the cheapest flights and how to get the best experience from travelling with a limited pocket, I have now found what I would consider the best sites for the best deals, from hotels to hostels, transport, to insurance it’s all here to save you the hours I’ve spent searching.
I’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to.

Finding those deal-breaking flights

Sky Scanner

I use Sky Scanner if I’m going on short haul trips in and around Europe. My best deal to date was UK – Norway/ Norway – Sweden and Lithuania to UK all for a mere £34 (bearing in mind for me to get to London, a train ticket is £52).


I use Kayak for long haul flights, I have not come across another site that has managed to beat their price. Kayak normally offer lower prices than the actual airline you’re going to fly with. My best deal from this site was in November when I booked UK – Thailand Return for £321.

My findings are, to book flights on a Tuesday night, Wednesday or Thursday. They tend to be a few pounds cheaper than on the weekends.

For long haul flights book around 8- 9 weeks before travel. I find with short haul flights I have to be very brave and hold out for as long as possible and book the flight just 3- 5 days before travel.

Don’t forget on check in, be cheeky and ask for a free upgrade. A few times I have been given a free upgrade or offered a cheaper upgrade ticket for a fraction of the price.



I always prefer to travel by train where possible, and I always find that they will take you to most of the main tourist points. Whenever I use trains, without fail I revert to seat 61 This is a very good train website with lots of information on how to work the train system’s in many countries.


An expensive one! Just be weary!, If I use a taxi I always go for a quick hot chocolate first and ask my server how much a taxi would cost to a destination, then once I find my taxi I will always haggle a price and set an agreed amount. I do this because I try to get it cheaper than the set amount and it stops the taxi driver, driving around the block and the long way to my destination. Ending in me being scammed, I can not afford to lose unnecessary money.


Whenever I visit Europe I use this method. Around £5 can buy a 24 hr ticket and you can go almost anywhere within the city, getting on and off as many times you like.


My good old favourite walking, I love to walk, Walking is a good form of exercise and I will always find interesting things on the route that I would have never found. I also see a lot of amusing things (talking people watching here) from walking that I feel I would have missed.

The cheapest way to travel other than walking is to travel like a local. Doing this you will get the true culuralexperience and also meet a lot of friendly people with great stories.

Finding  Accommodation

I never worry about finding a room, and it’s very rare I pre-book accommodation. I’ve never had any problems just wondering around to find rooms or asking a local for nearby cheap hotels/hostels. I quite often pop into the first hotel I come across and ask their room rates, even if I know it’s out of my budget. I then ask them where I could find a hotel/hostel within my budget (x amount).


I use this site if I’m after a bit of luxury. The best time to use this site is the night before your stay. I have bagged some good bargains on this site. My best bargain was a 5-star hotel in Budapest with indoor pool, sauna, steam room and all the luxuries with breakfast for £23.

Hostel World

It’s very rare that I will use this site, however, it is very good for finding a bed for the night. If I’m sticking to my budget and can’t find a room using my first option. I have seen beds in dorms on this site for just £2. If you really are looking for a budget stay then this is the site for you.

Travel guide and points of interest

Trip Advisor

I use trip advisor to find interesting things around me, I always start my search as “top 20 things to do in …”

Lonely Planet

I use Lonely planet as a guide, this site is full of useful facts and information. Lonely Planet also has a forum, which I’m pretty sure, you could ask any travel related question your wildest imagination could ask and it will get answered.

Travel Insurance

travel insurance

When travelling there is one thing that you should never skip and that’s insurance. Of course, I hope just as much as you that we’ll never need this. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry, you can never predict if you’re going to fall ill or even worse. I have found that if you take two holidays a year then you’re better off with yearly travel insurance.


Moneysupermarket is a great website for travel insurance because you can compare companies and find the best deal that suits you.

First allied travel insurance

If you travel to red zones then normal travel insurance will not cover you! so you need to find a special insurance.

The secret traveller blog

The secret travel blogger is a unique travel insurance company that offers a variety of different travel Insurance cover. Alongside their travel insurance, they offer a unique blog with great articles such as “10 ways you’re offending people overseas”.




Before you can even leave home you need something to carry all your belongings.  I have stumbled across a great website that that has every travel essential that you need, what’s even better is you can buy a preloaded backpack full of goodies. The rucksacks are of great quality and in a preloaded backpack, you can expect to find such goodies, sleeping bag, sleeping bag liner, travel towel (all perfect for hostels), wash bag, first aid kit, SOS kit, touches, knife and fork tool, a lonely planet guide of any destination and lots of other great items. In one clean swoop, I had everything I needed, well apart from my sunglasses. What are you waiting for?