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10 Reason to visit Turkey

10 Reason to visit Turkey

The country which is located both in western Asia and Southeastern Europe and connected with eight borders Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq and Syria. Due to the area of the land it is considered as 37th largest country around the world. The country’s official language is Turkish. Which is the Latin word Turchia, which mean “Land of Turks”
The Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia nd Bazaar, and Spice Market are the main things that made Turkey a famous country.Turkey is famous for its exotic beaches; Antalya the capital of Turkey has many beaches which can be best for the tourist to spend an amazing vacation with their must be thinking that why should one visit Turkey? So here are some fascinating reasons so get ready for a ride!

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⦁ City of seven Hills

Istanbul city of Turkey is known as Constantinople. Istanbul has seven hills which are connecting to the walls, the first hill begins from Seraglio point and extends over area Hagia Sophia. The second hill is divided from the first and comes in the form of deep valley running from Babialli on the east Eminonu. The third hill mainly consist of buildings to the Istanbul university, and the Suleymaniye Mosque. The fourth hill consists of churches and holy Apostles while the fifth and sixth hill are separated into the valley. The last hill is known as Dry hill. These hills represent natural beauty a one who wants a vacation should definitely visit these fascinating hillside.

⦁ Ankara:

As Ankara is known as the capital of Turkey it is called as the most modernized city. Which is an industrial city as well and it is called as green city the name for this city is not because of the climate, it is because most of the people living there has 72 meter green area per land. This city is famous for the wool which comes from the Angora goat and it is known as Mohair. The historical side of Ankara lies within Sangrius River which combines to form a Hill which they named as rocky hill.

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⦁ The City of Antalya:

A Turkish resort which depicts alluring beaches alongside large hotels what can be more tempting for the tourists that they can now refresh themselves by exotic scenes and delightful food. The Turkish culture is being adore by the people all around the world. Kids love the beach park and the water falls. The most fascinating resort in Antalya is Delphin palace hotel. These are the most amazing hotel and best for the families who are on vacation. Who cannot just deny the soothing effect of cool breeze and the infinity pool and the beach?

⦁ Turkish Artistic culture

The Turkish paintings are the real symbol of art. The paintings represent expressions and the story lies within the picture. These painting lessons are delivered in Istanbul Technical University. The paintings are kept in museum for the amusement of tourists. The main region which presents arts is Anatolia which represents the Turkish people culture of nights and their festivals which depicts many arts-cuisines workshops. Their cultural night’s main stream was to maintain the urge into people to know about their customs and Turkish traditions. The skits, and folk dance and workshops on different Turkish cuisines developed the sense of love for their own culture.

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⦁ Delightful Cuisine

Most of the Turkish people eat homemade food but if it comes to their most delicious food their cuisine is filled with spicy meat, garlic and yogurt. The most mouthwatering dish is Borek. Which is layered like Lasagna and filled with minced meat and can be rolled and can be served in breakfast, lunch and dinner. The main thing whenever we go for a vacation a healthy and delicious food is the priority so if you are a pasta lover you should simply try this one and yes, one just cannot resist eating it, it’s flaky and delicious!

⦁ Sports in Turkey

If you are planning to have a vacation but, you are confused that you might not be able to maintain your health and fitness, So Turkey has the solution for this too, there are many fitness clubs and sports club which would help you in maintaining your health in the vacation. The main sport club is named as crown plaza which is one of the high ranking fitness clubs maintains the equipment’s and their machines. While the sports club has many interesting of the main games Turkish is fond of is is a game which is played everywhere. The game consists of 11 players, with a if you are a Sport lover you must plan a visit.

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⦁ Night life in Turkey

What a tourist wants if he is planning for a vacation what is the first thing pops into the mind? How would be the nights like at the place he is planning a vacation? Nothing is more exciting than the Nightlife in Turkey. People have many joyous activities the ones who are shopaholic get ready for that and for those people who are party lovers there are many exotic restaurants, Bars and Nightclubs. The most entertaining destination in Istanbul is Reina. An amazing nightclub,with the most alluring venue. How cannot one have fun in this place?

⦁ The Wild life in Turkey

Wild life in turkey is varied it has thousands of different species in plants and animals. It is full of natural beauty as the flowers and animals are the most beautiful creatures. The most known animal there was canis iupus the Grey wolf who used to be found out throughout the country but, due to the killings of wolves now they are less to be found. The animals are getting endangered day by day but Turkish people are doing work which may be save many other animals to get extinct. The best place to take your kids to is Bosphorus Zoo which has all the animals which represents the wild life. I am sure the kids would love that.

⦁ Mosques in Turkey

Turkey is known as the country with glorious and beautiful mosques. Some of them are in Istanbul and Ankara. The most beautiful one is Faith Mosque Istanbul. The largest example of Turkey and Islam. The other famous mosque is located in Ankara known as Kocatepe Mosque.

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⦁ Architecture of Turkey

Since the foundation of the republic in 1923, Turkish culture was influenced by Seljuk and Ottoman architecture, First national architecture was named as Turkish neo-classical architecture movement. This included Germany and Austria. The second movement was National Architectural Movement, which was to promote modern but architectural culture. It was really a hard time for Turkey to promote this movement as they had inadequate infrastructure and financially they were not strong. After the uplifting of economy the circumstances get better and private sectors found a way to lead the architecture of Turkey.

Reasons to visit turkey

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Cappadocia – The Place Where The Unreal Becomes Reality

There are countries you are advised to go to in the summer, and of course, some other countries are better to visit during the winter. Turkey is a country you should visit anytime because it is absolutely fantastic throughout the whole year. From the Aegean coast to Anatolia, many places will leave you astonished. Istambul is a story for itself, the only city set on two continents. But if you really want to enjoy your vacation, you should go to the Turkish side regions, which are not as popular as they should be, and that makes them even more attractive. Cappadocia is one of these Turkish destinations and visiting this hidden gem may be your adventure of a lifetime.

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The Mysterious Cappadocia

Cappadocia is located in the heart of Turkey, right in the middle of the Asian part of the country called Anatolia. Its valleys, canyons, and hills form an unusually picturesque landscape which has been an inspiration to various monks, artists, scientist and many people for millenniums. Its continental climate makes it perfect for hiking and exploring its immense moon-like wilderness.

Coming to Cappadocia will be very easy, especially if you are travelling by plane. But if you are an adventurer and a nature lover, then you should take the bus or even better, the train. It will last longer, but such a trip will definitively never be forgotten. The best way to roam around the Cappadocia, once you reach it, is by a car or organised tours. Since the region is not densely populated, the system of public transportation is not very advanced or punctual. And there is also one more way of transportation, or better said an attraction, you should definitively not miss. And that would be travelling by a hot air balloon that may be a bit expensive but definitively worth every cent.

The Rich Past Of The Region

People have been living in Cappadocia from the earliest times, but the first major civilisation that has emerged here was the Hittite Empire. Some believe they gave the name to the region which they called the area of beautiful horses. Nevertheless, the Persians were the next to rule this area, but they were defeated and overthrown by The Alexander the Great. His successors formed an independent kingdom of Cappadocia that was destroyed by the Romans, whose rule was followed by the Bizantean. From the 11th century, various Turkish tribes started to settle here and form their own small countries. The strongest of them called the Karaman, was finally destroyed by the Ottomans in the 15th century, and ever since then Cappadocia has been a part of the Turkish state.

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The Land Of Attractions

The best approach to start your adventure in Cappadocia is to learn a bit more about its fascinating history. So, make a visit to the Goreme Open-Air Museum and check out the past of this magnificent region. Once you get the picture about the antiquity, head straight to one of the underground cities such as Derinkuyu or Kaymakli. Also, while you are in the Museum in Goreme, take a tour around this small town, and you will see the ominous Fairy Chimneys, which are completely natural rock formations with a quite weird look. You can also buy an excellent Turkish carpet in Goreme, which is truly magnificent, but unfortunately, it will not fly.

The amazing rock-carved churches in Cavusin will give you a glimpse of early Christianity. These small churches were made by the first Christian monks who sought spiritual cleansing.  Once you are fed up with rocks, sand, and desert, it will be the best time to visit the real oasis called Ihlara Valley. You should also bring a bathing suit and have a refreshing swim in the river.

And when you become tired of adventures, go to the town of Urgup, which is the biggest city in the entire region. There are many shops, bars, and cafes where you can enjoy and refresh yourself after a busy day of roaming through the wilderness of Cappadocia. You can buy many interesting and useful stuff here, but don’t forget to bargain, it is an important tradition here. There are other small towns you can also visit such as Ortahisar and Uchisar where you can try climbing on rock towers.

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Unusual Accommodation Will Exceed Your Expectations

Just like any other tourist destination, Cappadocia has a range of possibilities, depending on the city you decide to stay in. No matter on your choice, the Cappadocian cities will inevitably bring you a whiff of rural Turkey. You need to know that your lodging depends entirely on your budget. You will have various options, from budget, bouquet, luxury or private accommodation, so take some time to make a decision on what you really want and need. Once you set the vacation goals, you will easily find the suitable hotel, hostel, resort, or private accommodation.

However, those who are experienced with visiting Cappadocia always advise us, newbies, to visit Goreme if we want to spare money on lodging. The city of Goreme has the cheapest accommodation in the region, and what is more, it is well connected with the other cities but also to the surrounding villages that will bring you the vivid picture of the real beauty of Turkey. An unusual type of hotels in Cappadocia are the so-called cave hotels, and you will see them almost in every corner. These are the buildings carved into the rocks, and most of them are beautifully decorated and remind to the life of past times. Perhaps you should consider booking a room in Legend Cave Hotel, or the more luxurious Stone House Cave Hotel in Goreme.

On the other hand, if you want to enjoy a pleasant vacation in one of the luxurious hotels in the region of Cappadocia, then consider the city of Uchisar. This is quite a peaceful town, but with lovely luxurious hotels, and small streets to wander through the whole day. Taskonaklar Hotel is an excellent example of a lodging with a spectacular view and of course, super all inclusive service with bilingual, polite staff.

And if you are an adventurer, and you really want to explore rural segments of Turkey, then don’t hesitate to pay your visit to Ortahisar. The city abounds with small boutique hotels with the services usually being provided by the owners. An excellent example of a boutique hotel in Ortahisar is the Castle Inn.

But if you yearn for renting a private apartment, or even a villa or a house, you will find dozens of ads on the Internet, as well as on the spot. So, it indeed does not matter what kind of accommodation you choose because we are sure you will love your trip to Cappadocia.

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Cappadocian Cuisine Will Make You Gain Some Weight

If you have ever visited Turkey, then you know well that Turkish people enjoy having meaty meals with a lot of spices, especially the domestic hot, ground paprika spice. And, visiting Cappadocia will not differ very much from the rest of the country, with the exception that perhaps some of the dishes are tastier than anywhere else in Turkey.

That is why we recommend you ‘menemen’, the meal usually served for breakfast. It is a kind of an omelette, but with tomatoes, onions, and inevitably peppers. Those who try it once, end up ordering menemen for breakfast almost every morning during their stay. For lunch, you should try another traditional Cappadocian dish, ‘guvec’. This is a stew-like dish and contains mushrooms, eggplant, onion, and garlic. The ingredients are mixed in an earthenware dish and then baked. The good thing about ‘guvec’ is that it can be made with different kinds of meat. Thus, in Cappadocia, you may order ‘guvec’ with lamb, chicken, or beef. Try each and every kind of these and you won’t regret it. Turks are widely known for their famous ‘mercemek’ soup. It is, actually, the lentil soup, which in Cappadocia tastes especially good. The secret is that they squeeze a lemon juice, as well as red pepper and yoghurt.

In addition to all the above mentioned, you will find other Turkish dishes on offer, especially in traditional restaurants. Hence, if you are more of a modern cuisine type, then try Turkish ‘pide’ or ‘lahmacun’, both of which are Turkish varieties of pizza. A must-try meal in Cappadocia is also a ‘testi kebab’, but we won’t reveal you what it looks like. You need to see it on your own why exactly this meal has become so popular.

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A Range of Fascinating Activities Is Waiting For You

You must have seen the amazing photos of magnificent sceneries, clear blue sky, and dozens of balloons in the air. Well, be ready to experience the same sceneries in reality, because Cappadocia is the place where balloon trips are organised more than anywhere else on the Earth. There are at least 25 balloon companies in this region, and should you need a reliable one, then contact Turkiye Balloons, or Royal Balloons. The flight is one hour long, and you will pay it between 150-175 dollars. However, if you are wise enough, then you will search for the pages that offer discounts on hot-air balloon trips, and you may well fly for $120.

Another excellent activity to take your breath away is horseback riding. Having in mind that Cappadocia abounds hills and valleys, you will conclude that the best thing to do here is to ride a horse. For such an activity you will pay between $50-60. But, be sure you get a good horse.

And of course, in case you don’t like to ride, but instead love the motor vehicles, you are welcome to rent 4-wheeler motorcycles. You will not see only the perfect landscapes, but also dusty roads, and a company to fulfil your ‘wild west’ adventure.

There are indeed many other activities on offer, ranging from biking, hiking, visiting a volcano, or visiting the famous Turkish nights. No matter what activities you choose, you will surely have a lot of fun because it is Cappadocia you are visiting. Good luck!

Turkey Trip


I was lucky enough to spend a week on an all inclusive holiday to Side in Turkey.

Side is a small resort town on Turkey’s southern Mediterranean coast. Side is an ancient port city The city is widely known for its long sandy beaches and old ruins. In the centre of Side are the remains of a 2nd century C.E. theatre, which could seat up to 18,000 people, and the white marble columns of the Hellenistic Temple of Apollo stand near the harbour.

Side has become a famous spot for scuba divers from all around the globe. Being Very close to the Mediterranean Sea, it provides some stunning underwater scenery and warm sea water. Visitors to Side can experience a variety of water activities such as diving, snorkelling, windsurfing, kite surfing, Parasailing, boating, canoeing and much more.

Side Promenade is the place for an evening stroll full of lively bars, restaurants and shops.

From water spots to casinos, bars to restaurants, water parks to jeep safari. Side in Turkey has plenty to tempt your quiet relaxing holiday into a fast fun pack adventure.

I travelled to Side in Turkey for what I thought was going to be a quiet relaxing all inclusive holiday. I was slightly surprised that there was so much to do and just had to get involved.

I stayed in a huge 5- star resort called Fulya and it was beautiful, surrounded by gardens all the way down to the beach. Plenty of pools including a children’s splash area, The hotel arranges a variety of trips however, I found the best deals by going to Side Promenade and finding a tourist excursions shop and making deals with them. From boat trips to jeep safari’s they really have it all and normally at the best prices around. I strongly recommend if you go scuba diving go to a certified pada dive centre. I used Side- Azura and they looked after me very well.

The excursions I got involved in was…..

A day out at an aqua park (Aqualand) which had plenty of slides, If you’re a water baby and love water parks this really is a must do whilst you’re in Sharm.

(go karting) I Love karting and have set many records around the world and this was a professional track which I would recommend.

A short taxi ride to Side market on Saturday is worth a visit, and with some haggling, there are some good deals to be made, just be careful of scams.

Greek Amphitheater is centuries old, Seated 15,000. It’s in good shape and very accessible. Close to the hotels and shopping areas. Takes only 20 or 30 minutes. Don’t miss it if you are in Side. Turkey.

 The temple of Apollo is breathtaking. There is a temptation for the guide to rush you through but it means so much more if you can sit a while and take in the atmosphere of this incredibly beautiful place.

From Side harbour, you can take a very nice boat tour which includes lunch on the boat and fishing. This was a great way to spend the day out at sea.

Get away from the crowds on a thrilling Jeep Safari through the Taurus Mountains and the idyllic countryside of Side. Combine nature with adventure as you take a jeep safari along challenging dirt trails.

I also did 4 scuba dives a cave/underwater museum & turtle reef. There was a turtle, various species of fish and an octopus at the cave, Great dives and I recommend having a couple of dives whilst you’re here in Side, Turkey.

This is just the tip of an iceberg of things you can do in Side, Turkey and these sure made for an interesting. holiday.