Cyprus – The Bond of Civilisations

The Mediterranean Sea is not only the most memorable but also the most beautiful sea in the world, many people would say. Pleasant climate, warm sea and many great places with interesting culture and history are just some of the advantages. And one of the countries on the Mediterranean Sea is Cyprus. People call it the pearl of the Mediterranean, and that should be a reason enough for you to consider it for your vacation.

Cyprus - The Bond of Civilizations

Cyprus – European Portal To Asia

Cyprus is an island country with a very specific position. Namely, despite being geographically much closer to Asia, politically and culturally it is a part of Europe. And that is not all since Cyprus divided into two parts: a Greek and Turkish one. The Greek part of the island, which is on the south, is a member of European Union. Nevertheless, the situation in Cyprus is not even close to bad and this island country has become one of the top tourist destinations.

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, well known for its beautiful beaches and pleasant climate. Its capital Nicosia is located in the centre of the island, and other major cities include Larnaca, Limassol, and Paphos. There is a modern airport in Larnaca with numerous international connections. You can also reach Cyprus by ferries from Greece, Israel or Egypt. And once you get there, you should use bus services for roaming around since they are affordable and very comfortable. Another cool means of transportation in Cyprus is a bicycle. There are many nice tracks reserved only for bicycles since they are quite popular among the natives.

Cyprus - European Portal To Asia

The History of Cyprus

Cyprus has been a home to various people and civilisations over the course of time. Humans have settled here during the prehistoric times, and the Mycenaean Greeks have set a path to the first civilised form of living. But they were not the only one who have left their mark here. Assyrians, Egyptians, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, French, Italian, Ottomans and finally the British have all influenced the development of this colourful island. Only a few places on Earth can measure their heritage with the one being nourished in Cyprus.

The country finally gained its independence in the 1960 but unfortunately, that was just the beginning of different turmoils on this amazing island. The struggles between two native communities have soon escalated leading to a full-scale violence. The final result was the division of the island in 1974, but the situation has become much more relaxed in a few past decades. Today, Cyprus is a modern country which is completely tourism-oriented.

The History of Cyprus

Top Attractions in Cyprus

There are many cool places for visiting in Cyprus but some of them are truly amazing and definitively should not be missed. History lovers will simply adore Cyprus because there are relics of the past in every corner. The ruins of ancient city Kourion should be the first stop on the history tour. The amazing vast Roman theatre will be a very cool place for taking some amazing photos.

And if you are ready for a bit of hiking, then you should see the St. Hilarion Castle. Located on top of a mountain this castle used to be a Crusader bastion. There are many myths and legends connected with this place that will sparkle your imagination. But the ruins are not the only impressive view you can get from St. Hilarion Castle. On the contrary, you will be able to see almost the entire island and witness the true beauty of the Mediterranean Sea.

Larnaca is also a nice spot for exploring the rich history of Cyprus plus there are amazing beaches here as well as the astonishing salt lake. The lake is home to extraordinary pink flamingos who can be seen in huge numbers here particularly during the spring.

These are only a few major attractions you simply must-see but there are many other you will be able to explore once you arrive in Cyprus.

Top Attractions in Cyprus

Where To Stay In Cyprus – What Are Your Options?

A well-developed tourist destination such as Cyprus undoubtedly has many options when it comes accommodation capacities. The country is simply suitable for every budget, and exactly for that reason, tourists all over the world decide to spend their free time and vacations in this lovely country. Thus, if you are visiting Cyprus and wish to have a luxury vacation, you are welcome to book or rent some of the villas built in the most attractive parts of the country. Most of them have private beaches and both, indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Many luxury villas have one or two bedrooms, suitable for couples or small families, but of course, families with more members will easily find villas with at least two or three bedrooms. If you opt for a villa, you may first search the areas of Paphos and Famagusta.

The most popular accommodation in Cyprus is, of course, hotel accommodation. Ranging from the most luxurious to somewhat modest hotels, each and every of them will offer you the best possible service. The hotels mostly overlook the sea, with beautiful sand beaches and crystal clear water. In case you don’t know where to start, you can check out, for instance, Almyra Hotel, Grecian Park Hotel, Londa Hotel, The King Jason Paphos, or Constantinou Bros Asimina Suites Hotel. There are, indeed, many more luxury hotels to look for, but these are just suggestions that can lead you to the hotel which fulfils all your demands and wishes.

If you are travelling on the budget, there are numerous mid-range hotels, hostels, and private apartments to rent. They are mostly a bit distanced from the beaches, but still not too far, and you can go on foot and arrive in a couple of minutes time to the desired beach.

hotels in Cyprus

Most Popular Meals And What To Eat in Cyprus

Greek and Turkish influence left its mark not only on the architecture and customs in Cyprus but also on its cuisine which involves a lot of meat as well as fruit and vegetables. That is why anyone who visits Cyprus will surely enjoy tasting traditional meals and dishes, and should you decide to pay your visit to this country, we bring you several tips on what to eat while in Cyprus.

Souvla or souvlaki is a very popular dish among the tourists. It basically represents a meat dish made of thinly sliced pieces, usually lamb, beef or chicken. The meat is served with a pita bread and pickled salad, with hummus and tzatziki.

Another lamb dish with a very interesting preparation method is kleftiko. It is baked in a kiln and baked for a minimum of 24 hours in the clay oven. But what is specific about kleftiko is that the meal is marinated in a mixture of lemon juice and cinnamon. If you choose to eat kleftiko, you won’t regret it for sure.

And if you are a fan of stews, don’t miss the opportunity to taste the best rabbit stew in Cyprus. The meat is simmered in vinegar, wine, onions, and some of the spices such as oregano and garlic.

There are numerous other traditional meals in Cyprus, including moussaka, kebab, koupepia as well as desserts like ekmek kadayif, and drinks like ouzo, and of course, traditional Cypriot coffee, a well known and popular beverage all over the country. Therefore, visiting Cyprus means inevitably tasting its excellent cuisine and enjoying its coffee. Don’t dare to miss these heavenlike benefits.

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What Can You Do While In Cyprus?

After seeing all the tourist attractions, you are welcome to plan a list of fun and interesting activities while in Cyprus. But, what can you do there? One thing is for sure, you will never get bored in this lovely and amusing country.

Apart from scuba diving and boat riding, you can also go horse riding. The activity is quite fun, and you will not only learn how to ride, but you will also visit some mountain regions, especially if you are visiting Paphos.

And if you are not a fan of mountains, perhaps you can settle in a fun waterpark. There is an excellent water park in Limassol, called Fasouri Watermania. A great time is guaranteed here, especially if you travel with your kids.

Numerous castles are settled all around the country, so no matter where you go, you will have the chance to visit one of them and hear the stories and interesting legends related to the Cypriot castles that are simply breathtaking.

Of course, national parks are not excluded. Throughout the country, there are many national parks, and if you are going near Ayia Napa, you will surely witness the mesmerising beauty of Cape Greco National Forest Park.

Indeed, Cyprus offers something for every visitor, and no matter how old you are, the country will show you numerous attractive spots, unforgettable landscapes and expose you everything it has to offer. So, visit Cyprus at least once in your lifetime.

cyprus food