After climbing Mount Everest, I set out to climb this mountain to understand not just how the geographies change the nature of the mountain across the globe, but to also understand myself and what goes on inside and how one behaves with less and less factors being under control.

Elbrus turned out to be the coldest mountain I have climbed, and the weather on the summit that day was horrific. The weather gave us plenty of reasons to return back down from the summit, but human persistence knows no limits. We persisted and finally we were able to climb this mountain to its summit.

Elbrus Climb

I have always found the connection between a dog and a man to be the purest when faced with the harshest survival situations. In this picture, I share a light moment of introspection with one of my dear canine friends at around 5800 meters above sea level.

Elbrus Climb

You know you are in a good place in life if your living quarters look like these. In a valley at around 6300 meters during an expedition to Mount Saser Kangri, one of most technically demanding climbs of India

” Elbrus is the highest mountain in the Europian continent. Elbrus is one of the seven summits, the coveted prize of mountaineers in which one tries to climb the highest peaks of all the seven continents. 
Lying in the kabradino-Balkaria region of Russia near the Georgian border, Elbrus is a free standing mountain.