bucket list victoria falls

1. Drive Route 66

2. Drive highway 1, big sur, California

3. Drive the Atlantic road Norway

4. Drive Chapman’s peak drive, Cape town

5. Drive great ocean road, Australia

6. visit Victoria fallsVictoria Falls was an incredible experience that I will never forget, I was lucky enough to find myself on a safari tour in Africa travelling across Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, and Tanzania. You have to experience this waterfall yourself to appreciate the natural beauty of  Victoria Falls

7. visit Niagara falls

8. Walk on a glacier

9. Climb a mountainI was backpacking Thailand from south to north. Whilst I was in Chaing Mai I quickly learnt about Doi Inthanon, which is the highest point in Thailand at 2565 metres. Ok, it’s not a huge mountain, but I set out to climb it, after a very easy scenic trek I reached the top in 1 hour 54 minutes. I will set out to climb a better mountain but for now, this will do. 🙂

Bucket list mountain climb

10. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge

11. See the sunrise and sunset in one dayI was on one of the prettiest islands in world ‘’Dominican Republic’’ and I knew this had to be the place to see the sunrise and sunset in one day. Sunrise was at 7 am followed by sunset at 6.30 pm. The sun setting across the ocean was a romantic peaceful experience.

12. See the northern lights

13. See Machu Picchu

14. See the amazon

15. See the temples of Angkor

16. See the Serengeti migration

17. see wild wales: I took my Daughter on holiday to Tenerife and to our surprise you can enjoy a boat trip to see Piolet whales along with  Bottlenose dolphins. Sun, sea, relax and viewing some of the  Oceans Marina life makes for a great day out.  

18. See wild dolphins: Whilst on holiday in Goa I was exploring a small harbour in Candolim when I was offered a boat ride to view the dolphins on a ”no see no pay” basis. How could I say no?  I jumped on aboard and headed just outside the harbour walls where we spotted some Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins.

19. See the Taj Mahal: Taj Mahal is like nothing you have ever seen before, ignore all the pictures you have seen or clips on t.v as the Taj Mahal is so much more. I was amazed at the beauty and size, this really is something that needs to be on every bucket list as viewing it with your own eyes is like no other. Just wow!

20. See the grand canyon 

bucket list dolpins and whales
bucket list dolpins and whales

21. See the great wall of China

22. Go on a hot air balloon

23. Go quad biking in a dessertTunisia is one of the best places that I have done quad biking. There are lots of tours offering this exclusion, being a speed freak I couldn’t resist. I had the luxury of a one on one with a tour guide and we had a great time kicking up the dirt.

24. Go white water rafting I have done this twice in Turkey as once wasn’t enough. White water rafting is a heart racing experience as you speed down the rapids trying not to tip. Once you have felt the ice breaking cold water, you too will not want to capsize.

25. Go parasailing

26. Ride in a Tuk Tuk: Where else to ride in a Tuk Tuk other than India. A few Rupees and you can almost go anywhere. I always look out for Tuk Tuks with a blow horn. These are so much fun! for me at least! 🙂

27. Ride on a GondolaHow can you go to Venice and not ride in a Gondola? You can’t. I had a nice long weekend away with my girlfriend in Venice and enjoyed the Gondola man gently rowing us down the quiet back canals. Perhaps a little overpriced, but certainly an enjoyable experience. 

28. Ride on a long boatSomewhere deep in Thailands jungle, I stayed at a floating house and the only way to gain access to the house was a long boat ride. The thing that has always amazed me is, to steer the long boat everybody must shift their weight to the given direction. Such a fun experience. Try it!

29. Ride a segway

30. Ride a camel:  Egypt, Sahara desert and Camels just all seem to fit together. I will admit, I had the hump that day as I forgot to bring some water, nevertheless, it was an incredible experience to ride a large docile aminal across the Sahara.

bucket list gondola ride
bucket list horse ride

31. ride an elephant: As I write this now and I’m far more experienced in travelling I’m not so proud of this one due to learning the way they are trained. My elephant did look healthy which was a good sign and after a long ride in India, I got to give my elephant a nice good scratch and scrub in the river. Which I know for sure he enjoyed!

32. Horse ride on a Beach

34. Bungee JumpThe first two jumps were lonely but this time her screaming made it all the more memorable. Now thinking about the initial jumps, I wished she had been here all along. I did my bungee jumps in France and I will never forget the screamer (Emily) on the tandem jump. France holds the highest bungee in Europe.

35. go on a zip wire

36. go paragliding

37. go hang gliding

38. go parachuting

39.  learn to Stand up paddle boardI first learnt to SUP in Barcelona after a lot of practice. Sup is a fun sport to learn, and very amusing for sunbathers watching you fall after fall. SUP is pretty cool, especially once learnt and you can paddle to catch a wave to shore. The view of the ocean bed is far better once standing.

40. learn to KitesurfJust over one year in and I really can’t get enough of kitesurfing. I love the feeling of jumping high and being at one with the ocean. Whilst learning I became a pro at becoming a sea drinking body slamming mess. But, now it is the best sport I ever learnt. Cape Verde is the best place for learning.

bucket list bungee
bucket list kitesurfing

41. learn to surf

42. learn to ski

43. learn to snowboard

44. learn to wakeboardThis is where my love for kitesurfing started, I learnt to wakeboard in under 1 hour whilst on holiday in Hurghada Egypt

45. learn to scuba dive I have now achieved over 200 dives all around the world. Scuba diving for me started at the age of 12. My dad used to Scuba dive and listening to some of his stories made me want to learn. Best dive to date? Has to be with the hammerhead sharks in Egypt.

46. scuba dive with great white sharks

47. Stroke a monkeyWild monkeys can be found all around the world,  and Thailand has one of the best places ”Lopburi” be careful as the little buggers love to nick all of your belongings. The experience to go here alone is incredible. The city is overrun by monkeys.

48. stroke a giraffe: Whilst visiting a zoo in Fuerteventura a rather friendly giraffe decided to lick my face. I was also able to stroke the giraffe as much as I liked. For me it was pretty cool, as strangely it didn’t let anybody else.

49. stroke a tigerI  spent some time with a few Monks in Thailand that protected Tiggers. Spending time with the monks and tigers was a memorable experience that I will never forget. Whilst on the subject of this, Please be careful of the tigers in Thailand, there are a lot of bad places that drug tigers. Find a rehabilitation centre!

50. stroke a loin

bucket list wakeboard
bucket list scuba diving

51. throw a hand grenade

52. Shoot a machine gun

53. shoot an ak47

54. Shoot a bow and arrow

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