The underwater world is the home to lots of strange and bizarre things. Some have been found, while others are yet to be found. We have heard of planes falling from the skies into the oceans and never to be found or ships sinking and disappearing without a trace. If you were to take a journey to the bottom of the sea, then you would be amazed at the kinds of stuff you would find and though there have been numerous explorations in the sea beds, there are still large portions which have not been reached, and this adds to the possibility that there could be more stuff to be found still. With all the mysteries and the fascinating stuff about the underwater world, here are a few unexplainable discoveries you will find intriguing-:


Cape Garnet Birds

It is difficult to believe that birds can actually live underwater, simply because they are mammals and as such, they require to live in the surface where there is plenty of oxygen for them to breath. However, this is not the case for the cape garnet birds. These are some of the most amazing birds you will find in the deep seas. What makes them strange is their ability to dive underwater up to depths of 100 feet below the surface and at a speed of about 60 miles per hour.

Due to this, they have been nicknamed as the missile birds. What makes it easy for them to achieve this is the presence of air sacs which look like bubble wraps on their chests. With no external nostrils, they are able to easily utilize the air stored in the sacs while underwater, thus making it possible for them to comfortably adapt to the marine life.


Second World War Silver

Most people are drawn to the allure of treasure hunting, and a lot of treasures relating to the Second World War have been discovered in the oceans. One of the most bizarre and notable ones was the discovery of over 60 tons of silver whose value was approximated to be $36 million. The treasures are believed to have come from a British cargo ship which was sunk in 1941 and was believed to have been lost forever. However, researchers believe that they might have just located the lost ship where they managed to find about 20% of the treasure at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. If you are a fun of treasure hunting, you should perhaps try out your luck by going for the treasures lost during the world wars.

Rocket Engine of Apollo 11

The engine of Apollo 11 rocket has been lost for decades, and it was not until 2006 when Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon funded a research that was targeted at discovering the parts of the rocket from the Apollo 11 landing mission site near NASA’s launch site in Florida. The research was a success as some parts of the rocket’s engine was discovered at the floor of the sea. The parts discovered had undergone considerable erosion and this is expected given that they have been lying in the salty water for close to four decades when they were found.

underwater silver

Rivers and Deep Seas

Millions of people around the world go for passport renewal services just to have a chance to travel to far away countries, where they will be exploring the rivers and seas found in their travel destination. But it will interest you to know that deep at the bottom of seas, there are also active rivers and seas, and if only ordinary exploration was possible, then they are magnificent phenomena most people would love to experience.

In Mexico, a group of researchers discovered the existence of an underwater river, complete with trees and a bank right in the middle of another river. This sounds nearly impossible for every reason, but it was discovered that the river had a combination of hydrogen sulfide and sea water which made it denser than the normal sea water, thus forcing it to sink deeper and forming a flow of its own since it could not mix with the rest of the waters.

There have also been cases of deep-sea lakes found within other large water bodies. They are just like the regular lakes, complete with rocky and sandy shores and sometimes they also have waves of their own within the respective lakes they are found in.

underwater rivers

Culture Park in the West Coast of Grenada

The Caribbean is always a hot tourist destination which receives millions of visitors each and every year. Many are the attractions found in the area, and if you are going for passport renewal and you are planning a trip to this destination, don’t get lost in the allure of the tropical beaches and forget to check out underwater sculpture park found under the sea in the West Coast of Grenada. The park is the work of Jason deCaires and it was opened to the public in 2006. What you find here is a wonderful display of contemporary art featuring people engaging with one another under the sea. The park has over 500 statues and all are made from waterproof cement to resemble some form of human beings.

Ancient Underwater City

You will be surprised to know that there is an entire ancient city hidden deep in the waters of Qingdao Lake in China. The city is about 130 feet beneath the surface and it is one of the most valued treasures found under the water in the present times. The ancient city of Shi Cheng, also known as the Lion City, is believed to have existed for over 1200 years ago and it was discovered just over 50 years ago when the government wanted to build a dam for a hydroelectric power station. With the discovery, such plans had to be shelved and it is now one of the highly treasured and guarded attractions in China. If you love diving deep for treasure or just to marvel at the marine life, then this should be a reason enough to take a trip to China.

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