I’m always looking for any level travel writer/blogger’s, to write for this website. The subject of your choice. I will give you a full page on my site.

Why write for me? Because I’m an upcoming website with great information, with already increasing visits and if you’re at entry level this would be perfect to possibly get noticed.

Q. How many words does the article need to be?

A. As many as you like, I would recommend 500 words minimum, as this is your chance to show off your writing skills.

Q. Do I need to be a professional writer?

A. No, I accept any level writer, my readers and I just want to hear that you’ve had a great time and place’s you recommend.

Q. What do I want articles on?

A. Anything you like as long as its travel related.

Q. My grammar is not great can I still send you an article?

A. Yes, join the club. I will look over everything and will change any spellings that I notice and together it will become a great article.

Q. Can I send something that I’ve already written?

A. Yes, as long as it hasn’t been published elsewhere.

Q. Who will design the page?

A. You, there are some templates once logged in ready to use, but you are free to do the post as you like.

Q. How long will it take you to publish my article?

A. Normally within a couple of days.

Q. How many links within the content?

A. Normally a maxium of to links, I don’t want to flood the site with links.

Q. How many links will you do to my blog/website?

A. I give all of the writers a full bio at the bottom of their post and they link to their own website and media sites. So anyone interested can see more of your writing and contact you direct.

Q. Can I link to my Facebook or Linkedin?

A. Yes, you can link to anywhere you want, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and anywhere else you would like.

Q. Why do some writers not have a link?

A. Because they didn’t want to or don’t have a website.

Q. Commercial links throughout the content for SEO, Advertising or sponsored posts.

A. I do accept all of the above, however, there is a very small charge which is donation based to help keep my website live. see the link below.

My terms and conditions page can be seen here.

Agree with all the above and would like to have your guest post on my blog then click here.