First Timer’s Guide to the Caribbean Paradise of the Cayman Islands

You might’ve heard about the Cayman Islands in movies involving secret offshore accounts; but actually, Caymans are much more than just a tax haven. It’s an actual paradise on Earth, with its warm, sunny days, gorgeous beaches, white sand, fascinating ecosystems and luxury resorts. Want to know more about this mysterious island? Lucky you, because here’s a Cayman Islands guide for beginners.

What? Where? When?

The Cayman Islands are a group of islands located in the Caribbean Sea. The biggest of the islands is Grand Cayman, that is also the most visited by tourists. There are also Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, but these islands are more remote and rural compared to Grand Cayman. The most popular location in Caymans is Seven Mile Beach. It’s a long stretch of sandy beach with turquoise water and luxury hotels, bars, restaurants, and shops. Seven Mile Beach is named the best beach in the Caribbean, so it’s definitely a must-visit!

What to do?

The Cayman Islands offer a wide variety of fun, exciting and relaxing things to do. Its blue waters, sandy beaches, and rich marine life provide a perfect adventure setting and there’s really something for everyone. For example you could enjoy some big game fishing with Key West Fishing Charters.

All aboard!

Caymanians are known as great sailors and boat makers, so it’s not a surprise you can rent all sorts of boats and enjoy the wind in your hair. You can go sailing or spend the day fishing for tuna, marlin, and barracuda. Hooking a big one is an amazing experience that will get your blood pumping like crazy, and it’s definitely worth the wait! But, if you’re more into chilling with a cocktail in hand and enjoying the view, rent a luxury yacht and simply relax.

Welcome to Stingray City

Stingray City is one of Cayman’s most popular attractions, and it’s really something you shouldn’t miss. When you arrive at this sandbar in Cayman’s barrier reef, you’ll be able to see, swim with and even touch many stingrays! Stingray City has an interesting history since it used to be a spot where fishermen came to clean their catch and get rid of the unwanted bits of fish. This began to attract stingrays in huge numbers, and that’s how Stingray City was born! Today, these creatures have developed an interesting connection with people, and while they’re still technically wild, they never attack, but patiently wait for treats from guides and visitors. There are dive shops that offer first-class scuba diving in Grand Cayman who will hook you up with all the necessary gear, offer instructions and educate you on Cayman marine life. So, make sure not to miss this adventure!

Get Zen

Once you are ready to scrub off the salt from your skin, you can go for a relaxing body and mind pampering session. Rehydrate your wind-beaten skin with some revitalizing facials and fix your hair in one of the first-class beauty salons. Also, if you had a bit too much to eat and drink, you can sweat it out by pumping iron at one of the gyms or refresh your body (and mind) in yoga class.

Get this party started

Once you’re all beautified and dressed up, it’s time to experience Cayman Island nightlife! Start the evening by having a 5-star dinner and then move the party to a nightclub filled with exotic rhythms and beats and dance the night away. On the other hand, if you prefer a quiet night with a couple of drinks, check out local bars that serve interesting cocktails (try Tortuga rum punch) and excellent wine.

Besides all this luxury and adventure, the biggest treasures of the Cayman Islands are its friendly residents and natural beauties both above and under the sea. Welcome to Caymans!

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