These are some of the foods I have tried and would like to try.


Do I enjoy the foods I try?

Some, but for me it’s a real sense of culture

1. Fried Tarantula – Cambodia

2. Fried Guinea Pig – Peru

3. Balut, or Fertilized Chickens Egg – Philippines

4. Bovine Brain – Europe, USA, Asia

5. Witchetty Grubs – Australia

6. Deep fried worms (Mexico): This is a highly nutritious delicacy. They are sometimes eaten alive and raw but are very delicious when deep fried and seasoned with salt, lime, and a spicy sauce and served in a tortilla. The worms taste a little like French fries.

7. Birds Nest Soup – China

8. Casu Marzu Maggot Cheese – Sardinia

9. Insects– Insects are a seasonal speciality in Laos ranging from fried crickets to fried grasshopper, bug worms etc. The fried grasshoppers or crickets have a crunchy taste and are crispier than potato chips. They are meaty and delicious.

10. Worms– worms are very popular snacks in Thailand. Sometimes they are cooked within certain Thai dishes, but they are mostly deep fried until they are crispy, heavily salted and eaten as a protein enriched snack. The worms have an almost peanut taste and their texture is similar to mashed potatoes.

11. Kopi Luwak Coffee Beans – Indonesia

12. Boiled Sheep’s Head – South Africa

13. Grasshoppers– They are called chapulins in Mexico. Fried grasshoppers are munched as snacks in most places in Mexico, doused in mild chilli powder and lime juice. They are crispier than potato chips and are very delicious. They are very proteinous.

14. Akutaq – Alaska

15. Shark Fin – China

16. Black ivory coffee: This is the world’s most expensive coffee and is made in Thailand. Arabica coffee beans are consumed by elephants and collected from their faeces. Since elephants are herbivorous, their digestive system breaks down and ferments the coffee’s protein thereby reducing its bitterness. The coffee is smooth and not as bitter as regular coffee.

17. Yartsa Gunbu – Fungus Caterpillars – China

18. Tripe: Tripe is common in most areas of the world. In the Caribbean, it is cooked into a soup called mondogo while the French use it to make Andouilette sausage. The meat has a dense, chewy texture and the taste is somewhat neutral but has a very subtle flavour like that of a liver.

19. Blood Sausage– Black pudding- The blood sausage is commonly made from pork blood and is eaten in Britain and Ireland. The black pudding is a type of blood sausage filled with cooked or dried blood and mixed with fillers like meat, fat, bread, onion etc. It has a grainy texture, it’s chewy and a bit heavier than sausage. The taste is slightly coppery, maybe because of the blood and its aftertaste can be washed down with tea.

20. Century Eggs – China

21. Snake Wine – Vietnam

22. Puffin  – Iceland

23. Chicken feet: It is sold as a snack in most beer bars in Asia. Chicken feet are gelatinous because of the skin on it and have a distinctive texture from the chicken meat. They are usually deep fried first before stewed in a sauce, however, can be boiled and found whole in chicken soups. It is chewy just like chicken wings and the taste is not so bad.

24. Beondegi- Silk Worms – Korea

25. Duck Tongue – Hong Kong

26. Truffles (France):  Truffles are a type of fungus that grows on the root of trees (oaks), drawing nutrients from the tree. They have a musky flavour with a hint of garlic. Their oils are used in pasta and other foods. The truffles look like mushrooms and are really delicious.

27. Donkey Penis – China

28. Wasp Crackers – Japan

29. Haggis (Scotland): Is a pudding containing sheep pluck (heart, liver and lungs) minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices and salt mixed with stock. It is usually put in the sheep stomach. It has a moist, spicy, peppery and meaty taste. It’s mostly prepared in Scotland.

30. Hakarl – Iceland

31. Foie gras: It is a French term for fattened liver. It is a food product made out of the liver of a duck or goose that has been fattened. Foie gras is a popular delicacy in French cuisine. It has a rich, buttery, and delicate flavour unlike that of an ordinary duck or goose liver.

32. Durian: Durian is the fruit of several tree species. It is large with a thorn- covered husk and has a horrible smell like rotten onions. Tastes like completely rotten, mushy onions. The taste is a combination of savoury, sweet and creamy. It tastes really good.

33. Sea cucumber: They are marine animals with a leathery skin. Sea cucumbers are found on the sea floor worldwide. They are used either fresh or dry for Chinese cuisines. The sea cucumbers have a fishy smell and are bland and tasteless, so the preparation is a bit complex. The broths give it its flavour.

34. Steak tartare: it contains fine minced raw beef, an egg yolk and other ingredients. It tastes really nice and the mixture is like ice- cream; beef ice- cream.

35. The Zombie Cocktail – US

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