The Best Glamping Destinations in the World

In the Philippines, glamping or glamorous camping is gaining popularity because it provides unique and exceptional outdoor experience to many people. Contrary to the conventional type of camping, glamping luxurious style of relaxation and the convenience of a five-star hotel situated in a campsite.

Before becoming popular in the Philippines, glamping is already making a huge wave in other parts of the world. Read on and mesmerise to the following beautiful glamping destinations in the world.

Treehotel, Sweden

Do you want to enjoy serenity while enjoying the luxurious relaxation in the middle of unspoilt nature? Treehotel in Sweden is the perfect destination for you!

Treehotel is located in Harads, near the Lule River. Each room in Treehotel is carefully designed to exude the calmness of the forest, which gives an instant mood of relaxation to any Treehotel guests. You can choose from a variety of room designs, such as cabin, mirror cube, the bird’s nest, the dragonfly, and the UFO. Each room is elevated four to six meters above the ground, which are accessible through the bridge, electric stairs, or ramp. Every room in Treehotel offers the breathtaking view of the Lule River Valley, its powerful river, and mist forest.

Apart from experiencing warm and comfort, Treehotel also offers a wide variety of both summer and winter activities, such as mountain biking, pine tree forest walk, northern light photography, and zip line.

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Paine, Patagonia, Chile

EcoCamp, a sustainable resort situated in the middle of Torres del Paine National Park, provides a completely extraordinary experience to its guests by giving them the chance to enjoy wildlife excursions and outdoor activities, such as horseback riding, kayaking, mountaineering, and skiing.

The EcoCamp has 25 bedrooms or “domes”, positioned in the middle of the wilderness, which offers cozy sleeping area and convenient bathroom while you enjoy the view of the stars through the ceiling windows as you fall asleep.

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Tena Tena Camp, Zambia

Are you wildlife enthusiast? Experience what it feels like to be surrounded by the wild while having your cosy bed when you go to Tena Tena Camp in Zambia.

Tena Tena Camp is located in the Great Valley Rift in Luangwa National Park. The safari camp has tents situated in a grove of trees and bushes, which offers the view of the Luangwa River where guests can watch elephants and hippos. Each tent has a private and spacious veranda, where they can do their own thing. Some of the activities in the safari camp are walking safaris, day and night drives, and visit Kawaza Village, where guests can learn and immerse themselves in the traditional African village.

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La Cocoteraie, Gili Island, Indonesia

Experience luxury escapes from the busy metro in an affordable price when you go to La Cocoteraie, located in Gili Island, Indonesia.

La Cocoteraie has beautiful tents situated in the array of palm trees and nature. This eco-lodge glamping site provides its guests a cosy and relaxing experience because of their luxury lodging, delectable food, and services, such as pool area and free using of the bike. Guests can also take a tour to the island and enjoy its beauty and view of the sunset.

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