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Make memories in the several places to visit in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand, bordered by Nepal and Tibet, and Uttarakhand is a land of sublime natural beauty and serene spirituality. They call it the ‘Land of Gods’. Mysterious, beautiful, exotic, charming, and luxurious, that’s Uttarakhand during a nutshell. Uttarakhand is legendary for ancient holy places, lush greenery, snow-covered soaring peaks, breathtaking hill stations, magnificent temples also as picturesque lakes

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Top 5 Most Stunning National Parks of Northern Thailand

Northern Thailand boasts of several distinctive features like vast forested areas and national parks. These national parks are noted for their natural beaut, diverse wildlife, and hiking trails.

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The Benefits of Traveling During Off-Peak Times

The winter holidays are here, and once again airports and major thoroughfares will be inundated with people heading home for the holidays.

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Tips for women travelling solo

Indeed, our world is massive and offers plenty to see. Travelling alone and seeing it with your own eyes can be a therapeutic and life changing experience. Do you want to make travel plans but you wonder if you will be safe on your own?

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onwards ticket choice

Benefits of Getting an Onward Flight Ticket

Booking flights is a essential part of many people's lifestyle today. But depending on your desired destination, you may be asked to provide your Onward Flight Ticket/Proof of onward travel.

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Experience the Dazzling Dzongu

Dzongu, one of those strikingly honeymoon spots for the couples who are looking for honeymoon packages in the northern piece of Sikkim. Not far from Mangan, the place is for lovely honeymoons and considered as a villa in the Himalayas of Sikkim.

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asia moped rental

Moped Rental In SE Asia

Almost everyone who travels to South East Asia will rent a moped or motorbike during their travels. Sadly, many of them will end up have some kind of minor accident, or end up the victim of some kind of con. During our trip, we have seen plenty of other travellers with bandaged limbs, broken arms or sprained ankles.

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History of Santorini and why should have it on your bucket list

Santorini is a Greek island located in the southern Aegean Sea. It is around 200 km away from mainland Greece. Santorini is a part of the 220 islands which form the Cyclades, a name given to the group of islands in the Aegean Sea. In the past, Santorini has gone through phases of development and destruction.

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4 Medieval Cities to Visit in Romania

Romania, this lesser known Eastern European destination, had a tumultuous and fascinating history in the Middle Ages. Being at the intersection between Eastern empires and Western powers, there were many twists and turns, invasions and military campaigns taking place in our country.

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driving in canada

Holiday Tips in Canada – How to Stay Safe on the Highways

There is a lot of activity on Canadian roads during the holiday seasons. People are moving from different cities and towns to visit friends and families in other cities and towns. The holiday is a time to stay safe so that you can have great moments with your family. This is why it is imperative to be very careful when on the road since the last thing you want is to get involved in an accident that may derail your holiday plan.

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Rajasthan – The Memorable Experience Of Culture And Heritage!

Rajasthan is a desert state located in the northern part of India bordering Pakistan. The state was ruled majorly by Rajputana, and their culture and tradition are still reflected in every nook and corner. There are lots of palaces, forts, and museums offering the perfect flavours of Rajputs and Mughals.

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Top 5 Experiences for a Myanmar Luxury Holiday

Myanmar is beguiling destination which offers great inspiration to celebrate your holiday in Asia. From sundrenched tropical paradises in the south to the mysterious Himalayan mountain in the north, this beautiful country has so much to seduce its visitors.

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trip of a lifetime

4 once-in-a-lifetime trips everyone should take

Everyone has a travel bucket list. We all have an idea of the places we want to visit in our lifetime – but some experiences are ones that are truly once-in-a-lifetime. Here are four of them to consider.

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things in hong kong

Six Of The Best Things To Do In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a region of vast contrast, with ancient and modern comfortably cohabiting. You’ll discover the extraordinary art of imperial China and the showtime spectacular at Disneyworld, the stilt houses of Lantau Island and the gleaming high rise towers of Hong Kong Island.

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flight insurance

Travel Insurance: Everything You Need To Know

. Just as you find it difficult to live your normal life without a health insurance, the same seriousness should be observed about travel insurance when you make plans such as renew my passport to take a trip abroad.

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underwater secerts

Explainable Things Found Underwater

The underwater world is the home to lots of strange and bizarre things. Some have been found, while others are yet to be found. We have heard of planes falling from the skies into the oceans and never to be found or ships sinking and disappearing without a trace.

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travel via motorcycle

Motorcycle Tour: How much It will Cost you to Travel Across America

The Americas, comprising North and South America, are no less than wonder worlds for tourists. Taking up the most of the land area in the western hemisphere, over time they have evolved as a popular tourist spot for people across the globe.

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iceland diamond beach

Iceland Wonders: Breaking the Ice

Despite the name, Iceland is not as icy as it sounds. Glaciers cover only 10% of the whole country, and the climate is relatively mild so tourists can enjoy their vacation in this country. Iceland is located between North America and Europe and is considered as Nordic European.

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travelling at christmas

Unusual Christmas Getaways You Shouldn’t Miss

With that time of the year approaching really fast, you are probably feeling that Christmas fidgets already. If you haven’t booked or planned yet your Christmas getaway, now is the right time to do so.

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Best Christmas Gifts for Travelers

I know that a plane ticket is the best present you can give to a travel junkie, but you can think differently this year. You can look for something other than what's expected, and I am oaffering you here are a few things which will surprise them very much. I understand that you think it is hard to buy anything for some individual who loves traveling.

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Are you planning a last minute Christmas break?

I am sure you hadn't even considered this option. If you think Greece is just a summer destination, let me show you another aspect of this beautiful country.

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budget europe

Top Ways To Travel in Europe under a Restrictive Budget

If you are a traveller who enjoys travelling across the globe, then definitely budget is something which you always are concerned about. Traveling in budget can be a life-saving option for those who enjoy roaming across the borders without spending much on rejoice, and sparing a little for their future.

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feature home away from home

Home from Home: How to Blend in When Traveling to New Places

Whether you’re heading off on your first international adventure or you’re an avid traveler, it’s highly like you’ll want to explore your new destination without acting or looking like a bewildered tourist.

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prague travel

10 Things to do in Prague in less than 24 hours that will

Prague is a rich, historical and culture-laden city. During World War Two it managed to avoid much of the bombing and now the city lies testament to a Europe of old. Don’t think that Prague is stuffy. Not at all!

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MacRitchie Reservoir TreeTop Walk

Top 6 Singapore Hiking Trails

For those who are ignorant about Singapore’s exquisite nature excursions would be surprised to find that Singapore is much more than an urban country filled with artificially created recreations. If you are looking for something different to experience in Singapore, take a trekking trip on one of its many nature trails and witness the true beauty of Singapore’s unrivalled nature.

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Cayman Islands

First Timer’s Guide to the Caribbean Paradise of the Cayman Islands

You might’ve heard about the Cayman Islands in movies involving secret offshore accounts; but actually, Caymans are much more than just a tax haven. It’s an actual paradise on Earth, with its warm, sunny days, gorgeous beaches, white sand, fascinating ecosystems and luxury resorts.

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New Yam festival nigeria

Places to Visit for Cultural Tourism in Nigeria

Nigerians and foreigners agree on one thing alike about the country, and that is its vastness of cultures and the uniqueness of it all. But if you want to experience the cultural diversity that Nigeria has to offer, where do you go? Where can you see it all?

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friendly Cambodia

The Friendliest Asian Countries For The Budget Traveler

Wouldn’t it be amazing to visit a foreign country where you’re welcomed with a friendly smile? Well, here we have a great list on our favourite picks for The friendliest Asian countries for a budget traveler.

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loins on an african safai


Everybody urge to have an amazing vacation what else anyone need? A trip filled with fun and affordable too. If you are looking for something exciting then what can be better than a safari trip to African countries.

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Easter In Australia

A fantastic way to escape the stresses of one’s daily routine is to explore and wander about some of the lesser known destinations in Australia. With Easter break coming, there is still time to plan for the kind of holiday vacation any person will need.

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Kashmir india

Top 10 Best Places To Visit In India:

India is a culturally enriched country with lots of beautiful destinations and places which must b visited on a tour to India. If you have an interest in culture, history, and heritage than India is a must place to visit, but before going to any place you must list down the best places to visit in India.

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Spa Days In The Philippines

Apart from having a cosy and luxury home, you can also seek a satisfying session at a spa to soothe your tired mind and body. Spa and wellness centre in the Philippines has been continually growing because many people are looking for ways on how to ease their stress from their hectic city life. Do you want to experience relaxing and soothing spa experience? Check these luxurious spa and wellness centre out!

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5 Stunning Locations in Kashmir That You Must Visit

Kashmir – the bait for the boundaries, and the wait for the travellers! The crown of the Indian Geography studded with innumerable beautiful places is one of the evergreen spots for travellers like us to visit. If you are reading this, the next few points will certainly add some of the amazing and mesmerising destinations to your travel diaries.

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Berlin on a Budget – Top 5 Free Attractions to Visit

Berlin is a fantastic city full of vibrancy, history and culture. However, not everyone has the budget to match everything that Berlin offers. Luckily Berlin is a city that can suit the budgets of any traveller, no matter how small.

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adventure in fiji

Adventure Found Us

It’s not all the time we go looking for adventure. Sometimes it finds us.
Let’s take our drive from the Coral Coast, Fiji to the international airport in Nadi for instance. One adventure I could have lived without and am happy to report - lived through.

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philippines surf

The Philippine Surfing Scene

Summer is coming and that means you have to start planning trips with your friends and make the most the sun has to offer. Thanks to places like Tablas Island resort it is so much easier to find accommodation in different beaches.

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great wall

Historical Wonders

Whether you liked History classes in High School or not, It is an integral part of Human Society and Civilization. Without making this post super boring, let’s quickly summarize why history is so important, before disembarking for a Journey through various Locations and Time!

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travelling glamping

Glamping Destinations

In the Philippines, glamping or glamorous camping is gaining popularity because it provides unique and exceptional outdoor experience to many people. Contrary to the conventional type of camping, glamping luxurious style of relaxation and the convenience of a five-star hotel situated in a campsite.

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blue mountains

Summers in Australia

Summers in Australia bring along a myriad of festivities. Whether you are a local resident or a foreign national, a solo traveller or are accompanied by friends or family, the land of kangaroos has a lot to offer.

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party on the harbour

Birthday On A Cruise

You might probably be thinking that this would be like a dream come true, so why not make it happen? Birthdays are a special occasion because you are celebrating the arrival of a wonderful person such as yourself on this planet. Rather than going with the same old boring routine of cutting a cake and blowing out the candles in a dimly lit room, why not turn this particular tradition into something memorable by doing it on a cruise instead?

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southeast asia travel

A traveling mom’s perspective

Like all us moms know, the idea of “me” time pretty much goes out the window immediately after your little ones are born. The first few years are especially challenging, as you’re likely going to have to sacrifice a considerable part of your identity in order to fulfil all the requirements of motherhood. This makes things such as travelling practically impossible unless you’re willing to drag one or more easily distracted toddlers along.

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new year

New Year Rituals

When we start discussing New Year rituals around the world, we would have to admit that travelling is the commonest ritual which brackets a whole lot of people in the same category around the world.

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Sydney Opera House

7 Places to visit in Sydney

Sydney, the capital of Australia is one of the world’s most eminent vacation destinations. This metropolitan city is a wonderful blend of time-honored culture and innovations. From old churches to the modern skyscrapers of Sydney, this tourist spot has a lot to offer, if you are mentally geared up to pack your bags this winter holidays.

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take a vacation


Call it a Vacation, a Holiday, travel, tour or a journey, taking time off can’t be avoided. You, me – we all need to take vacations every once a while, to relax, enjoy ourselves, replenish ourselves with new ideas and energies. Sadly not everyone does, according to a survey almost 40% Americans don’t use their vacations.

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solo travel

Travel and Friendships

One of the things that keep people from enjoying their travelling experience, is the fear of going on alone. The fear is understandable but takes heart as your journey will not stay that way, as you’ll meet someone who will be your companion on the way.

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Kids Attractions in Sydney

Being the most populous city in Australia and the capital of New South Wales (NSW), Sydney has something for everyone to suit their needs, temperament and interests. Other than the famous landmarks that give the city its name, Sydney has countless attractions that are both, adult and family-friendly.

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Historical Places In the Philippines

Historical Places In the Philippines

To represent the Philippines’ triumph against the colonizers, here are some of the historical places you should visit.

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being alone at christmas

Overcome being alone at Christmas

instead of staying at home feeling sorry for yourself while everyone around you is filled with joy, why not try something different and treat yourself to an unforgettable adventure, that a trip to a country filled with sunny beaches and exotic experiences.

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log cabin at branson camping

A Perfect Weekend Getaway With The Family

Convincing kids to partake in a family getaway is always challenging. Teens, in particular, develop their unique interests and are not keen on joining the family for a vacation as they would rather be with friends or spend time on social media. But a weekend trip to Branson will change their mind.

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female koala and her baby in Australia

Australia Travel Planner

Sure, you can visit any of you nearest travel agencies and book a Vacation right away, but they are brutally Expensive and Hectic. In this Travel Guide, we will talk about how to spend two fabulous weeks in Australia, and have a Once-In-A-Lifetime-Trip!

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Five Things You Have to Do While Visiting Australia

Australia is one of the most amazing travel destinations in the world. When you come to this incredible place, there is no end to the amazing spots you can visit. Australia is a land that offers natural wonders of every variety. There are amazing ocean attractions, spectacular country settings, bustling cities full of excitement

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Reasons To Pack Your bags And Visit The Caribbean Now

If you are a Travel-Buff like me, then you have heard it well over a hundred times! Which might make you wonder , “What is so special about the Caribbean? Why is it on everyone’s Bucket List? Why the Caribbean?“

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10 Heavenly Destinations Just Like Paris

So you have Wander lusted across inimitable streets of Paris, And you are fascinated with Fabulous Architecture, Scenic Art Galleries, Diverse Culture, Pleasant Heritage and Charm of Paris and have decided to title ‘Heaven on Earth’ to this Fabled French Capital. Then this Post was just written for you! Here we take a look at 10.

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Barcelona Steel Donkey Bike Tours

Recently, during mу tоur of Bаrсеlоnа thе capital of Catalonia, I took a fоur hоurѕ bike tоur оf Bаrсеlоnа аttrасtiоnѕ with “Steel Donkey Bike Tours. Thе tоur bеgin, with a brief intrоduсtiоn tо thе hiѕtоrу of Barcelona “hоw it wаѕ fоundеd bу the Phоеniсiаnѕ аnd Cаrthаginiаnѕ.

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Climb At Least One Mountain In Your Lifetime.

Everyone should at least climb one mountain in their life. Like Edmund Hillary said, “it is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.”
So with that thought in mind, I decided to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and I came away with not only beautiful memories but learnt a lot about myself.

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Zagreb History

From the historical point of view, Zagreb has emerged from two rival medieval villages on the neighbouring hills, Episcopal Kaptol and the bourgeois Gradec, today's city place of the Croatian Parliament, as well as the famous cathedral.

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A Serendipitous trip to Helsinki

While flying back from Moscow a few years ago, our plane encountered engine difficulties and the pilot decided to land in Helsinki. Once we arrived, we were told another plane would be arriving late that evening. Well, we decided that rather than waste half a day waiting at the airport, we would …

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It was the day we had to reach the Katora Jheel. Reaching there was a joyful experience and in itself a sense of achievement because only five people from around the world actually got there.

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My time in Stockholm.

It was early- summer in April 2007 when I caught the flight to Stockholm from Bangalore in India. The flight landed in Stockholm at 1 PM in the afternoon. The drive from Stockholm airport to my hotel in Kista suburb of Stockholm was a pleasant one.

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Travelling Tips for Europe

Europe holidays are the most sought after holiday destinations for travellers. Holidaymaker's should be aware of many important travel tips before booking their next

Europe get-away…..

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Tallinn tips from a local

Tallinn has been the major hub for political, cultural, financial and educational spots of the country Estonia. In fact, it is now famous for being called the Silicon Valley of Europe.

It is also the birthplace of the world famous Skype.

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Oslo Article

Being one of the biggest capitals in the world, the vast territory of Oslo is covered with wild forests, lakes, parks and greenery of all kinds. All this nature can be easily accessed from anywhere in the city, so take your time and enjoy the……

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Article on Riga

I was surprised to see a variety of interesting stuff in Riga, to me it was an incredible destination to spend my summer holidays where I completely relaxed and rejuvenated myself to the fullest. There’s no harm calling it a place where centuries meet as you would witness each century has significantly impacted the city, leaving behind rich historic remains. One surprising thing about Riga is.....

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Lithuania School

I was given an invite to Dominyka’s Gymnasium (school) where I would give a motivational speech in an English lesson, This was something very new to me, as much as I have visited a number of different schools across the globe and had 1 to 1 talks with children around the ages of 6 -10 years old, I have never given a speech to a class let alone to a class of around 15/16 year-olds.

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Perfect Romantic Vacation in Venice Tips

Venice is very famous among Couples & Newly-weds. If you want a love story like Romeo & Juliet, Plan your honeymoon in Venice, Period.

You cannot experience real beauty of Venice, unless you…………

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Article on Olumo Rock

Thе Olumo rock is оnе оf thе mоѕt рорulаr tоuriѕt dеѕtinаtiоnѕ I hаvе viѕitеd in Nigеriа, Wеѕt Afriса. Thе rock ѕitѕ in thе аnсiеnt сitу саllеd Abeokuta, which litеrаllу mеаn “under the rосkѕ” hаѕ bееn a рlасе оf hiѕtоrу for thе Egbа реорlе- a Yоrubа ethnic group in Nigеriа.

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