So you’ve decided to do a guest post on Kevin’s Travel Diary.

Many thanks for reaching out.

I love guest posts and so do my readers.

I am open to any guest post as long as it is travel related. Stories, things to do, guides, reasons to visit, anything!. We, me and my readers love them all.

If you would like to do a guest post, the answer is yes, I’ll publish your guest post if it is anything travel related.

Your guest post once published will be sent out to my email list (50k+) Facebook & Twitter (15k)

Sorry in advance to this next part but I want to make it clear!. I receive around 15 emails a day just for guest posts.

I do have some guidelines. See here ;

Please read the following pages in this order and then it will explain how to guest post diy, login and post your post.


You will create the post yourself on my blog with the login details. If you would like me to login and post then it would cost $5 usd

Your guest post will then be sent out to my email list (50k+) Facebook & Twitter (15k)

If you’re looking to add a commercial link then of course as expected there is a charge. Now with the charge I am open to any sensible offer that you would like to offer me. The charge for commerical links buys me a coffee and a beer for the time and effort that goes into my website and of course helps with the running costs of the website.

Again read the links above and post your post. If you want me to post this post then there is the extra $5 as mentioned above.

I really do look forward to reading your articles and nothing makes me happier than publishing your articles on my blog.

If submitting a guest post also be sure to check my terms and conditions

  • Decide if it’s a commercial link, if so then make a payment to [email protected] for donated amount in usd via Paypal, per every two different links.
  • login using these detaills -Username: guestpost – Password: Guestpost123
  • Once loged in, click posts and add new
  • Create your post, if required you can use the template which will match the other guest posts. You are free as you wish.
  • Fill in the expcerpt
  • Add a featured picture
  • Click your category for your post and make sure to add guest post
  • Add focus keyword
  • Edit snippet and add your meta description
  • Send post for review


All posts related to travel will be published.

If you submit a guest post with commercial links within the text and without paying a fee via paypal, by submitting the guest post you are handing over all rights to this post. I will remove the links and the bio and then post. To claim the post back will cost 50 usd.