The Egyptian City Of Hurghada – A Phenomenal Place To Rest Your Soul

Egypt is among the top destinations for tourists coming from every corner of the world. This country was the home of one of the oldest civilizations, but its marvelous history is not the only reasons people simply love Egypt. Beautiful sandy beaches along the coast of Red Sea, vibrant nightlife and numerous engaging activities are also some of the most popular tourist’s magnets.  And among hundreds of top destinations is without any doubts Hurghada.

Hurghada sky view

How To Find It?

Hurghada is the third largest city in Egypt, located on the banks of the Red Sea and it is one of the country’s major tourist destinations. Its hot climate makes it perfect for holidays, especially for those people who enjoy in various water activities. Hurghada is surrounded with other small resorts creating a fabulous Red Sea Riviera. The best way to get there is by a plane, and once you are in Hurghada, you can easily get around by cab. Taxi drivers will spot you from a great distance without any problems, and they are relatively cheap.

Short But Intense History

Hurghada is not actually an ancient city. In fact, it was first settled in the early 20th century. But its name is derived from a plant which has been growing in the area ever since the ancient times. In its earliest beginnings, it was just a minor fishing village which started to develop once the oil reserves were found in the area. But even then its growth was not as fast as one may believe. The city’s intense development started just a few decades ago when the government began to transform it into a major tourist resort. Today it is the centre of foreign and domestic tourism with millions of visitors coming each year.

What To See?

If you come to Egypt, you will probably want to see the major ancient attractions and learn a bit more about its illustrious past. Hurghada is not that far away from the legendary Walley of The Kings in Luxor, so this is definitively a tour you must not miss. You will also be able to check out the Hatshepsut and Karnak Temple and witness their former glory and architectural magnificence. There is also a tour to Cairo which includes getting to the Pyramids and the Sphinx. You should also go to the National Museum and see some of its legendary artefacts such as mummies and gold and jewellery of the Pharaohs including the Tutankhamun’s golden mask.

There are some of the prominent places in Hurghada too where you can see its most famous landmarks such as The Big Mosque and St. Mary Church. You should inevitably take tours to the Bedouins villages where you can taste the local food and see their way of living. Plus you can actually stay overnight and enjoy the most beautiful desert sky completely covered with stars. There is no real price for that experience!

Hurghada, egypt

A Wide Range Of Resorts In The Whole City

The city of Hurghada is still a developing area, with many new resorts, luxurious hotels, and spacious villas being under construction. A large number of them have already been built, showing how beautiful, and magnificent modern architecture is. Indeed, one cannot walk 100 meters without encountering some kind of lodging in Hurghada. For that reason, once you decide to spend your holidays in this Egyptian city, you will surely find accommodation to exceed all your expectations and demands. Not only are the buildings tremendous, but the service is also extraordinary. No matter what type of housing you choose, a hotel, a hostel, a villa, resort, or private apartment, you will surely be satisfied.

When it comes to hotels, the price one pays for staying in Hurghada depends almost entirely on its location, whether the hotel is placed in the centre of the city, on the seashores, on somewhere further. Additional amenities in all of the Hurghada’s hotels are impressive, so don’t be afraid about the quality of their service. For instance, all the hotels have outdoor swimming pools, saunas, gyms, children’s playground, and a lot of shade for rest.

Perhaps a good choice for your stay would be Steigenberger Aqua Magic Red Sea resort. It offers super all-inclusive service with a private beach, as well as a separate, heated children’s pool. What is more, the resort offers the aqua park with a broad range of activities and exciting events every day. Its location is great since Steigenberger Aqua Magic Resort is placed only 3 km away from the airport. Staying overnight in the resort would cost you at least $75.

However, should you rather save money on accommodation and find a cheaper lodging in Hurghada, then a good suggestion is Le Pacha Resort. It costs only $55 per night, and the service it offers is equally excellent. Le Pacha Resort has various additional amenities, including outdoor swimming pools, private beach, and spa. Moreover, each of the rooms is air-conditioned, spacious and has a private balcony. Guests who stay in Le Pacha have only words of praise, and it can be a great host for you too.

In addition, there are many other resorts in Hurghada that can satisfy your appetite and demands such as Albatros White Beach, Bel Air Azur Resort, Hurghada Marriot Red Sea Beach Resort and so on. If your budget can handle them, then you will have the time of your life in this Egyptian city.

In case your budget is somewhat lower, you can always book a room in many of the hostels located all over the town of Hurghada. You will not have all-inclusive service, but you will undoubtedly have a decent service, with clean sheets, spacious rooms, and an excellent location.

Hurghada hotel

Restaurants In Hurghada Bring You The Most Tasteful Dishes

Having the guests from all over the world every year, the city of Hurghada has opened dozens of restaurants that offer not only traditional but also international cuisine and the number of other national cuisines. For instance, one can find restaurants that offer meals from Chinese cuisine, Italian cuisine, Indian cuisine and so on. Of course, many of the restaurants are specialised in the traditional Egyptian cuisine, which is by far the most multi-national cuisine in the world since it has been influenced by many peoples including the British, Indians, Italians, Americans and indeed much more. Don’t miss the opportunity to try some of the best traditional meals from Egypt like mulukhiyah, taro, halava, dukkah or konafah.

When it comes to restaurants in the city of Hurghada, by far the most popular one is The Felfela. Not only will you receive an excellent service and enjoy in several panoramic terraces with breathtaking views, but you will also be amazed by the seafood and meat dishes. The speciality of the house are stuffed pigeons, and in case you find The Felfela, don’t hesitate to taste this delicious meal.

Another excellent choice is El Mina restaurant. It offers the best fish dishes in the entire region, and the visitors rate the restaurant as one of the most quality in the city. El Mina offers numerous kinds of fish, shrimp, and squid. What is more, the interior is warm and homely.

And if you rather enjoy eating fast food, then find the restaurant Momen. Here you will have the chance to eat a full range of sandwiches, salads, and desserts. Momen is also a perfect match for all the budget tourists who prefer spend their money on excursions, and other fun activities.

Hurghada sunset

Hurghada Abounds With Water Activities For All Age Groups

Hurghada is the best place in the world for people who love all kinds of water activities. Those who love scuba diving will remember their visit here for the rest of their lives. Some of the diving spots you should not miss are, for example, Gota Abu Ramada. Some also call it “the Aquarium” since there are so many fish and other water animals you will feel like you’re diving in one. Also, near the Shadwan Island, you can check out the shipwreck of the sunken British ship from the 19th century. There is another ship but this time from the WWII located in the Straits of Gubal.

But there are also other activities which don’t include water in Hurghada too. For example, you can join a Desert Jeep Expedition and explore the vast sandy regions around the city. Also, getting a quad bike can be a cool idea since there are many sand dunes near which are perfect for some freestyling. And those who are not in the mood for high-speed acrobatics we would strongly recommend camel rides. They will give you the best glimpse of true desert life and memories you will never forget.

sea view Hurghada
camel in Hurghada
Hurghada beach

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