The Island of Krk – An Exhaustible Source of Natural Beauties, Fun, and Comfort

Adriatic coast is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on the Earth, and for decades, it has been the top tourist destination. The area is inhabited by warm and friendly people, and with continuous investments in infrastructure and with quality services, it will undoubtedly improve its popularity even more. One thing is for sure, choosing a destination to visit this year will not be an easy job because there are truly hundreds of amazing places worth seeing. However, there is a must-see place in case you are visiting this corner of the world. The most experienced travellers who have crisscrossed every corner of the Adriatic coast will tell you that the island of Krk is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Many people consider it to be the real Pearl of the Adriatic, and there is more than one reason for such an opinion!

Suitable Geographical Location
Krk is, in fact, the biggest island in the Adriatic Sea, located in its northern part near the city of Rijeka, in Croatia. It has an outstanding location since it is settled in the middle of Kvarner Bay, surrounded by the Dalmatian mainland on one side, and beautiful islands of Cres and Rab on the other side. There are more than dozens of islets, rocks and reefs around it, thus creating a real picturesque landscape worthy of paradise.
Krk has a very pleasant Mediterranean climate, and it is one of the sunniest parts of Europe with more than 2.500 hours of the sun per year. Such conditions have made it suitable for growing more than 1.400 different plant species including various types of Mediterranean fruits, olives, vineyards, and so on. Krk is also a natural habitat of rare Griffon Vulture that can be seen in the wild areas on the north-eastern side of the island.

Reaching the Island Is Quite Easy

The best way to reach the island would be from the nearby coastal city of Rijeka. One can reach it by plane. From there, you may take one of the ferries and you will be on Krk in no time. Marina on Krk is the one with the longest tradition in Croatia since it was the first one built on the island. Furthermore, for years, it has been declared as the best marina in the whole country and back in 1998, it was awarded the Blue Flag – the highest international acknowledgement for marine standards.

The Millenial Past of the Island

You will surely not be the first one that has reached Krk since the island has a long and rich history. People have settled here more than two thousand years ago and they have never left the island since. Its oldest inhabitants were the Illyrians who used to share space with the ancient Greeks. For centuries, Krk was governed by the Romans whose traces can still be seen today. Romans were replaced with the Croats in the 7th century and they still live on the island. The Venetian Republic also dominated the island for some time, as well as some other great powers such as France, Austria, and Italy. All of these nations have left some impact on the island, and this is what makes it even more attractive for the history lovers. Nevertheless, none of these influences has managed to destroy the authentic way of living of the islanders who have suceeded in keeping their way of living.

Krk’s Curiosities

Krk is truly a unique place, and it seems that number seven plays a significant role in its destiny. The ancestors of present inhabitants have settled on the island in the 7th century, and they have managed to fight off seven pirate attacks. The Island consists of seven administrative units, and there are also seven different folk costumes and traditional dances. And can you guess when is it the best to visit the Krk? Well, most of the people will tell you that it is July, but we will let you decide that on your own.

Accommodation on Krk Fulfills the Highest Demands

Finding suitable accommodation on Krk should not be a problem since there are many hotels, hostels, private rooms and apartments, as well as campsites where you can stay. All types of accommodation are spread throughout the whole island so you will have the possibility to enjoy in any part of the isle.

There are over twenty hotels on the island that vary from five to two stars, and they make Krk affordable to all the visitors. The traditional kindness of the locals will make you will feel like at home in any of the hotels.

There is no much difference when it comes to camping since there are quite modest one- star campsites, but you can also visit campsites with three or four stars that will provide you with more than a pleasant atmosphere.

Those who are planning to stay just for a few nights can settle in one of many hostels, and those who are for the more private environment should not find it difficult to book a private apartment. In any case, it may be the best to contact one of many travel agencies on the island that will be happy to help you with finding the desired type of accommodation.

Cuisine On the Island Abounds With Local Foods

Croatian cuisine, and especially the one on the isle of Krk, has been famous even in the past centuries, and some stories give a detailed description of the tasty roasted lamb served on the popular Nero’s treats in Rome.

Today, the visitors can enjoy in various local dishes, all of which are prepared with a lot of spices grown on the island. For instance, many of the local meals are seasoned with laurel leaves, rosemary, spring onions and garlic, olives and carrots. The healthiest part of the dishes served on Krk is the olive oil, since the island is very rich with olive trees. Apparently, olive oil being the ‘secret’ ingredient in meals on Krk is the actual reason for the longevity of its inhabitants.

When it comes to national culinary recipes, Krk has indeed a lot to offer. Since it is an island, the visitors are welcome to taste fresh fish, shrimp, shellfish and crabs. All of the mentioned are prepared in a native way, with the proper seasoning and perfectly well- suited side dishes. The cuisine also uses lots of vegetables during the preparation of the meals. Thus, you will surely have a chance to taste tomatoes and peppers, new potatoes, and seasonal salads.

However, the most popular foods on Krk are lamb, domestic sheep cheese, and ham. For instance, should you want to taste the authentic meal from Krk, then ‘Presnac’ will be the right decision. The meal contains the domestic sheep cheese and those who have tried it state it is more than delicious.

Wine lovers will enjoy visiting Krk, especially if they visit the island during the manifestation „The days of wine in Vrbnik“. Besides, you are always welcome to drink Krk’s brandy, the traditional beverage offered to all the guests with the wishes of a warm welcome and a happy future life.

The visitors who yearn to eat international meals will, of course, have the opportunity to order pizza, spaghetti or any other international dish in many of the island restaurants. Hence, one does not have to be afraid that he will be stuck on Krk with only national dishes.

Having Fun While on Krk Won’t Come to Question

Geographical location and natural resources allow the visitors to enjoy the numerous outdoor activities offered on the island. Tourists usually choose between sailing, diving, and bicycle riding.


For instance, one can learn the basics of navigation and sailing in one of the largest marinas on the Adriatic, in Marina Punat. The marina contains a large area for 100 ships and it also offers the service of ship repairs. Apart from the Marina Punat, almost every place on the island includes tourist beacons as well as the possibility of renting a variety of vessels. Therefore, should you visit Krk, you will undoubtedly enjoy the exploration of the natural resources and beauties of the island.


Furthermore, tourists are welcome to attend a diving course in several diving schools with quality equipment and well- trained instructors. Diving is among the most popular sports in Croatia, and Krk offers not only organised diving expeditions but also the opportunities to explore the unseen and untouched beauties of the Adriatic Sea. One will see both, unusual plants and sea animals, but also shards of ancient ships. The local people say that underwater off the small island of Plavnik contain debris of the vessels from the time of Napoleon.

Bicycle Riding

The visitors who are not in the mood for diving or sailing can choose other outdoor activities, such as bicycle riding. The island offers many bike trails suitable for the rides throughout the whole island. Lately, bicycling has become very popular on Krk, and tourists may rent the bikes whenever they want and thus have a super fun time with friends and family.

Various Excursions Are Offered on Krk

An extraordinary touristic offer extends to the possibility of having excursions to each of the small places on Krk. Therefore, you can visit Omišalj and Njivice – small fishing villages, or enjoy the ride with a glass bottom ship.

Something Is Always Happening On Krk

When it comes to entertainment, there is a unique mixture of traditional and modern ways of entertainment. The visitors may witness the traditional feasts that celebrate the patron saints of different island places. The best known of all the traditional feasts is the „Krk Fair“, that takes place in August. In addition, there is a festival that promotes the Krk folklore. Other festivals include classical concerts, folk songs, ballet and drama.

Krk is truly a vibrant place since something is going on almost every day. Among many events, there are several of them you should try not to miss, and The Evening of Ancient Cuisine is definitively just like that. The best way to describe this manifestation is to say it is a real time machine that will take you back to Roman times. Everything is dedicated to that particular period of history with Roman soldiers and the Emperor and his retinue, food, torches, the original ancient music, street entertainers, gladiators, and so on.

There are also a few festivities dedicated to local types of wine, or olives plus an International Guitar Festival and many others. Also, try not to miss the festival devoted to the local saint called Roko where you will have a chance to feel the true spirit of the island and its inhabitants.

Indeed, there are feasts and celebrations for everyone. The youngest visitors have the opportunity to enjoy children plays, costume balls and sports manifestations.

However, should you visit the night bars on Krk, you can reach ‘Boa’ night bar in Malinska, ‘Casa Del Padrone’ in Krk, and Volsonis Cocktail Bar.
Therefore, the island of Krk is full of surprises and organised fun events, and even the most demanding clients will find something suitable and interesting to do while on vacation. The fun is indeed guaranteed on Krk.