Paradise in Thailand: Koh Samui

Koh Samui Island, also known as Coconut Island, is located in the southern province of Surathani, in the Gulf of Thailand, approximately 400 miles (700) kilometers southeast of Bangkok.

Koh Samui has developed an international reputation for sun worshippers in the past 2 decades. The island offers a wide range of holiday experience available from affordable bungalows to the most affluent luxury five-star hotels. The island has a global reputation as a health retreat offering luxury spas, nutritional, fasting, yoga, herbal and traditional Thai massages. The island is clean, exotic, serene and relatively crime free.

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To get there

Samui is located about 80 kilometers from Surathani, the nearest mainland city. Bangkok Airways flies directly from Bangkok, Phuket, Krabi and Singapore. Thai airways fly to Surathani and then one has to get a ferry across to the island.

Those on a limited budget can take trains from any Thai city for minimal cost and moderate comfort. There are many sleeper trains running throughout the night from Bangkok to Surathani. From Surathani train station, one can catch the ferry for the 90 mins trip to Koh Samui.

For those with even less money but wishing to see more of Thailand, buses are the least expensive option, but also the most dangerous. Most buses are driven at reckless speeds and rules are rarely observed. For those who are meek, the buses should be left to those who love riding roller coasters.

Driving with a rental car to Surathani from anywhere in Thailand is not recommended. The roads are all marked in Thai and traffic jams are not worth the aggravation.

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On Samui 

The capital town on Samui is named Nathon. Here one can find everything including banks, post offices, ATMs, restaurants, shops, hospitals, pharmacies and rentals. Nathon is not the best place to stay. The majority of Thai reside here and give a good perspective of life. However, there are numerous beaches all over the island; almost all have soft pure sand and are covered with swaying coconut palms. Most hotels and beach resorts are located within walking distance of the beach.

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Things to do

Samui is an ideal place for a holiday, but not for those seeking Buddha. No traditional Buddhist temples or WATS are located on this island. For those with girls on their mind, perhaps they should go to Pat Pong in Bangkok or Phuket or Pattaya. The name of the game here is fun in the sun. Samui is the ideal resort if you want a holiday without exorbitantly priced hotels and easy to get in nightclubs, where one can find great beaches, exotic Thai food, friendly people, gorgeous girls and all night bars. Most people, who visit Koh Samui once, always return again.

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Where to go

On the beaches, the sand is invitingly white, soft and gentle. The only drawback to this holiday is numerous tourists. Almost every type of water sport is available and includes dive centers, jet skiing, parasailing, and waterskiing. During the months of January through to April, the waves are large and windsurfing is fun.

Every type of restaurant can be found on the island and most food places are open till late with daily nightly entertainment. Bars, night clubs, and discos are plentiful.

For those who have trouble sleeping, Samui has its share of nightclubs and discos. Most bars and restaurants have females to cater to almost everything. The girls may appear shy, but most will do anything for money. It is part of life in Thailand.

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Scuba diving

On Koh Samui, one will discover some of the best diving and snorkeling sites in the South East Asia region. The water is rich in colorful corals and has an impressive fish life. The weather is normally great for scuba diving. It can be a little windy from Oct-Dec and the visibility is not always great.

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Island Scenery

Asides from the beaches, there are other things to see on the island. Monks are held in great reverence in Thailand, and years ago Samui chose to mummify two of them. Their bodies can be seen in their well-preserved forms some 20 years after their deaths at Wat Kiri Wongkaram and Wat Khunaram.

High in the hills in the interior of the island lies an extraordinary art gallery. The inspiration and creation of Nim Thongsuk, decided at the age of 77, to create a little piece of heavenly nature in the hope that many of the increasing visitors would appreciate not only his vision but the extraordinary beauty of the island’s hilltop forests.

Some of the Artwork creations are immediately obvious; others are either so small or so immense, one may miss them as while concentrating on the narrow footpaths. So it is highly recommended that one takes a pair of good hiking shoes.

In the interior, the island has several natural waterfalls which can be viewed from the mountain paths. The volume of water at the falls will vary, depending on the time of year and recent rainfall.

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