Spain is a truly beautiful country with a picturesque environment, amazing culture and pleasant climate. It is not a surprise that tourism is flourishing here for decades and that people from all corners of the world wish to come here and spend their vacation time. But among thousands of different attractions and destinations, Mallorca is definitively the top spot for most of the tourists coming to Spain.

The Pearl of  Mediterranean

There are four Balearic Islands, and Mallorca is the biggest and most beautiful of all of them. This magnificent archipelago is located just east of the Spanish mainland, surrounded by the charming Mediterranean Sea. They are the favourite destinations for tourists from Great Britain, Germany, Scandinavian countries and others for decades, and their popularity is still growing. Mallorca is the central island in the archipelago and even its name comes from “Major” suggesting its primary position.
Its Mediterranean climate makes it a perfect place for growing all kinds of fruits and vegetables that you can buy in the local markets. Beautiful nature is something Mallorca is very proud of, especially its caves that are among the main tourist attractions too. There are also many nature areas, monuments and marine areas that are under protection but that can be visited.

And one of the reasons people love Mallorca is that you can easily reach it by air or sea, and travelling around the Island is also easy because there is bus, metro, taxi and even train stations that will let you reach any location at any time. There are numerous small towns and villages spread all over the island but the capital city of the island is Palma de Mallorca, which is positioned in the south- west. That is where most of the people search for their accommodation since most of the events also happen there.

A Vast and Rich History of the Island

Even the ancient people were well aware of the Mallorca’s beauty. The oldest traces of human life on the island date back to the early stone age. The famous sailors from Phoenicia have erected their colony here making it an important trade centre in the whole Mediterranean Sea. Romans were thrilled with its beauty so they did everything that was necessary to seize it for themselves. They have finally managed to do that in the second century BC and since that moment, the whole island had started to flourish. Throughout the centuries, Mallorca attracted various cultures from Byzantines, Arabs, Aragonians, and many others and they all have left their traces that can still be seen today.

Interesting Cultural Heritage

People who enjoy exploring the past and learning something new about various cultures will truly enjoy their stay in Mallorca. Proofs of its rich history can still be seen all over the island or in one of many museums you can visit in Mallorca. The Museum of Mallorca is the primary institution where you can get all the information about the past events that shaped the fate of the island. But specialised museums such as The Museum of Windmills or The Glass Museum will maybe be even more interesting since they are not something you can see everywhere. Also, don’t miss a chance to see the famous Cathedral in Palma and the Muslim fortress from the 10th century that is currently being used as the King’s residence. There is also a dozen of castles from different periods all around the island that can be visited. So if you are an Indiana Jones type, you will surely not be disappointed with Mallorca, on the contrary, it will be perfect for a new adventure.

Accommodation For Every Budget

Having in mind that Mallorca is a famous hotspot for many years, tourists do not have to worry about housing. The island inevitably abounds numerous hotels that range from the simple and modest to the most luxurious five- starred accommodations. Hence, Mallorca will offer suitable accommodation for every budget. For instance, you may want to spend your vacation away from overcrowded hotels, or you may rent an apartment or a townhouse with an incredible location and close to the beach. Perhaps these will not be as luxurious as you are used to, but anyone who decides to rent a house or an apartment will undoubtedly have clean sheets, and the necessary appliances. What is more, this kind of accommodation provides full privacy and the possibility to enjoy your morning coffee and peaceful surrounding on the terrace overlooking the sea.

However, in case you decide to stay in one of the many offered hotels in Mallorca, make sure you choose the one that suits your demands and requirements. The good thing about the Spanish island is that even the less luxurious hotels will make sure nothing lacks their visitors. Hence, you can find a hotel with indoor and outdoor pool, excellent food in its restaurant, and numerous amenities for a decent and acceptable price.

A Paradise For Gourmets

Mallorca offers not only beautiful nature and unforgettable beaches but those who have visited it state that the Isle is a paradise for gourmets. Once you get to Mallorca, you can be sure that the food you are eating is local and healthy. Since the local population grows different fruits and vegetables, it is often said that vegetarians hope to spend the rest of their lives on this lovely island. Thus, your meals may start with local and delicious almonds, walnuts and olives, as well as with various other vegetables and fruits. Your breakfasts will often include the so- called ‘ensaimada’ that contains yeast and icing sugar. In addition, don’t let yourself leave the island without trying local cheeses, vegetable pizza, and cocarrois – a tasteful pasta with various fillings. The meat lovers will not be denied tasty local sausages, or a must- have meal called sobrassada.

Of course, since Mallorca is an island, seafood in an inevitable part of your meals. Moreover, local Mallorcan bread will make you take it back to your country in a handbag.

Once you visit Mallorca, don’t hesitate to explore the local food and to taste it. You will surely find something you will not have the strength to resist.

Adrenaline Rush Activities

The beautiful island of Mallorca offers various activities that bring an incredible experience. If you are an adventurer, you may sign to a private diving experience in the most amazing Mallorcan spots. The event lasts for six days and gives you a chance to meet the underwater beauties and perhaps the rare species of fish and other marine animals. Choosing this activity will get you out of the crowded places and beaches, but you will surely meet incredible and exciting people.

Also, visitors to Mallorca inevitably choose to attend the beginners’ kitesurfing course. It is not only cool and fun, but it will make your adrenaline rise to the highest points. Learning to kitesurf is easy, and experienced trainers will make it a memorable experience. Don’t forget the beautiful landscapes you are to see during the course.kitesurfing course. It is not only cool and fun, but it will make your adrenaline rise to the highest points. Learning to kitesurf is easy, and experienced trainers will make it a memorable experience. Don’t forget the beautiful landscapes you are to see during the course.kitesurf is easy, and experienced trainers will make it a memorable experience. Don’t forget the beautiful landscapes you are to see during the course.

All Year Round Events

No matter if you support traditional or modern manifestations, the island of Mallorca will make sure to fulfil your wishes and aspirations. Namely, all year round, the visitors can enjoy various events that celebrate the saints, harvesting, spring, dance and so on. The younger guests will enjoy spending time on multi- day parties. So, Mallorca will provide you with different events to suit your wishes and moods. In case you had doubts about whether to visit the Spanish isle or not, I’m sure the answer is positive after reading my article.