Agadir is a city along Morocco’s southern Atlantic coast. In the foothills of the Anti-Atlas Mountains is the capital of Agadir-Ida-Ou Tanane province. It’s a tourist resort area known for its beach and seaside promenade filled with cafes, restaurants/bars and shops. Due to the devastating earthquake 50 years ago it was rebuilt with its modern architecture.

People come to Agadir in Morocco as a well-chosen beach getaway with over 300 days full of sunshine. The summer heat is pleasantly tempered by the coastal breezes that blow off the Atlantic.

morocco dessert
morocco dessert

Agadir is a friendly location with a huge, five-mile wide stretch long beach that draws many people from around the word so you will never fell crowded. The beach is perfect for an array of activities with its 300 days of sun, such as jet skiing, surfing, and many other water sports, or just to soak up the sun with all that sunshine on offer.

I stayed in a huge 5-star resort (Royal Atlas) which was beautiful, with its beach front location. Plenty of pools including a children’s splash area, The hotel arranges a variety of trips however, I found the best deals by going for a walk around town and finding a tourist excursions shop and making deals with them. From boat trips to RTV off road trips they really have it all and normally at the best prices around.

The excursions I got involved in was…..
2 scuba dives in Morocco and there was plenty to see, sting rays, octopus, crabs and eels in the reef. The dive site was Taghazoute and being a scuba diver it was worth the dive however 2 was plenty, both dives I saw the same things.

I strongly recommend if you do go scuba diving go to a certified pada dive centre.
A fast paced buggy ride in the Moroccan countryside, A very fast and fun filled trip. Just be repaired to get dusty from all the back  spray from the buggies in front. Take sunglasses, old clothes and plenty of sun cream.
A day of surfing, I had a very  good teacher that managed to teach me to surf in one day and had  me riding small waves.
A day out at a nearby market where I could haggle for those bargains just watch out for any scams.
A day out at an aqua park (Atlantica Parc) which had plenty of slides, If you’re a water baby and love water parks this really is a must do whilst you’re in Agadir.
A trip to Grenier Fortified Agadir, With lots of little cabby holes where people would hide their precious things, best to go at sunset when it’s a little cooler and great views with a romantic setting.
A Moroccan themed restaurant with belly dancers, which was an insight into their culture.

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