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Motorcycle Tour: How much It will Cost you to Travel Across America

The Americas, comprising North and South America, are no less than wonder worlds for tourists. Taking up the most of the land area in the western hemisphere, over time they have evolved as a popular tourist spot for people across the globe. Riding across the country is a fun idea. Add a motorcycle to double your fun.

Conquering 4000 miles on a motorcycle is very adventurous. Begin your planning with safeguarding your motorbike with quality accessories. Planning the trip properly is as important as actually setting out on it. A lot of questions need to be answered first – do you have that bike for traveling 4000 miles or do you plan on renting one for the trip? Will a sports bike be a good choice? How many days do you plan to spend? Have you properly understood the route? Are you going to do it alone or plan on taking someone along? What about the fuel and food? What about the lodging? Can you drive through all the landforms ranging from islands to plateaus, from beach sides to planes? Read on to find out about the various expenditures you will incur.

When it comes to calculating the cost of the trip, the expenses can vary from fuel to food, from basic medication (in case of any injury or sickness) to pay for an overnight stay. Estimating the cost for the key expenses involved, it can be concluded that they include the rent of the motorcycle (in case you rented it for the trip), gear and accessories involved (including everything from helmets to gloves), lodging and all other self-care expenses, food and most importantly the driving factor – the fuel!

⦁ Estimating everything according to average standards, the fuel is approximately going to cost $300 considering that your motorcycle gives a good mileage and is fuel economical.
⦁ Moving on to the food, the cost entirely depends on what you eat. Unlike fuel, nobody can estimate the cost of the food you eat. You can save a lot here if you consider food just as a biological necessity rather than an indulgence. On the other hand, you can even end up spending a lot more than the average. A pro tip here – Carrying bottled water with you and some packed food can save you a lot of trouble and expenses on the road. On an average, it is expected to cost you less than $20 per day taking care of your timely cravings. Also, make sure that rather than munching on carbohydrates and fats, you remain full of minerals and energy drinks
⦁ Next on the list is lodging. A night stay can be a costly affair. It can cost as much as a whopping $60 per night. So, it’s good that you compare your options before setting out on the road.
⦁ Another major expense comes in the form of the accessories required for the trip. Everything ranging from your Bluetooth set to camera, from helmets to gloves can contribute a lot to the final bill. Approximately $1500!
⦁ The cost of the trip also depends on the route you chose. The route you undertake decides the cost. Also, don’t be in a rush. Ideally, you can take 2 weeks (or even more) for the trip. Make sure the bike tires have enough life left in them to support the trip. The comfort a bike offers should be the deciding factor while selecting the bike for the trip and not the look or size of it.
⦁ Summers are not the ideal time for the trip. However, if you can’t wait for spring, then buy a cooling vest. Don’t put the trip off anymore. Life is short. Go for it.

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